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Japanese: バビロン
English: Babylon
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 7, 2019 to Jan 28, 2020
Premiered: Fall 2019
Broadcast: Mondays at 22:00 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Revoroot
Source: Novel
Genres: MysteryMystery, SuspenseSuspense
Theme: PsychologicalPsychological
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 6.761 (scored by 4674546,745 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #49942
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1427
Members: 128,629
Favorites: 525

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Jan 28, 2020
RebelPanda (All reviews)
Throughout my high school years, I struggled with an illness in my mind I couldn't put into words. The way I thought of it was a roller coaster that I could never get off. My whole life has been a series of peaks and valleys.

For weeks, the roller coaster would be at a peak. I would have an endless supply of energy. I was able to make friends and enjoy every day to the fullest. Then everything would crash down and suddenly the roller coaster was stuck in a valley. For weeks, I would be exhausted and depressed. Making friends was the easy part, but read more
Jan 27, 2020
SpikyTurtle (All reviews)
Review contains some spoilers:

This is going to be a short review/rant about Babylon.

I remember when the first 3 episodes came out everyone was impressed since this show had amazing cinematography and direction, a dark and thrilling atmosphere and the story was executed very well. It continued to be very good until the 7th episode, then it had a long break and everything went to shit.

Babylon would have been great if if was just a political thriller with mystery elements. But the suicide law going worldwide and the law in general ruined the show. It is just very unrealistic that people would react to this law read more
Jan 27, 2020
SingleH (All reviews)
This review is best consumed pretending you hadn’t just seen the score it’s headed with.

This one’s going to be real prosaic, because Babylon is a very dense, logically tight show for adults in a way you don’t often see in media, especially anime, and is certainly not for people even among older audiences who cannot keep up with sociopolitical factions and legal jargon, as it is a premiere example of a political thriller, a genre both elusive in the medium and almost never laudably delivered on therein or out. Every facet of the show is oozing with a thick sense of seriousness and often boils down read more
Jan 27, 2020
Marinate1016 (All reviews)
Every now and then a show comes along and has an absolutely amazing start, dazzles with great narrative, action, characters, etc and then it throws it all away at the end. Unfortunately, this is one of those. Babylon offers one of the most interesting examinations of the classic philosophical debate of Good vs Evil I have ever seen. While on paper, it’s easy for us to say what’s right and what’s wrong, in reality, it’s often much more difficult. Life is more often in shades of grey than black and white. Babylon does a really good job of making you question everything you thought you read more
Jan 27, 2020
literaturenerd (All reviews)
Babylon is one of the oddest series of early 2020. That's impressive considering the fact it's competing against Ishuzoku Reviewers! Babylon is odd because it's tonally all over the place. An adult discussion about the ethics of suicide and euthanasia becomes a poorly written, Shonen cat and mouse game between Japanese Batman and an evil psychic who uses mind control powers to kill people. Did I mention her mind control powers work by being so incredibly sexy? Trust me, it's as dumb as it sounds.

The story begins with Japanese prosecutor named Zen, investigating wrongdoing by a pharmaceutical giant. This leads to him discovering a murder read more
Oct 28, 2019
Krunchyman (All reviews)
Babylon is quietly becoming (one of) the best anime of the fall 2019 season. That’s because it’s taking itself seriously, in a way that is not pretentious or quirky. Two common traits that are recycled time and time again in psychological/thriller based anime.

One of the key themes in Babylon is the dichotomy between what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong.’ This concept is fleshed out in episode 2, when Seizaki is interrogating Ai Magase, and he agrees to answer her questions in exchange for her confession. Seizaki — a good intentioned, self-sacrificing prosecutor — discovers that his ‘firm’ beliefs, are quite read more
Jan 28, 2020
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)

Approaching this show is a difficult task. This isn’t because the show tackles harsh subject matter involving the likes of suicide as one of its fundamental talking points. It’s not because the show isn’t exactly good at doing so, either. It’s because I’m still coming to terms with what an absolute shitshow this series has become. There’s this immense swirl of emotions that come about from watching a show crumble before your very eyes, keenly aware that there were signs of trouble from the beginning. Babylon showed promise of being a fascinating police procedural with some of the most noteworthy directing of 2019...or at least read more
Nov 5, 2019
JermasShort (All reviews)
Since this show seems like is treating itself as a serious show with important message to convey, so I will compare it with the greats, not just an anime show. Also, this is just some thoughts 5 episodes in.

Why I think it is sub par at best (includes heavy BIAS and SPOILER of course):

-Commercialsed TV Violence
Borrowed the term from David Lynch, meaning the effects of violence in this TV show is completely shallow, just a means to an end. Let me elaborate, there are 60+ normal people and 1 very close colleague to MC died, read more
Jan 27, 2020
Zerity (All reviews)
After just finishing Babylon I am honestly at a lost for words, this show is actually amazing and still love it after it's ending. It leaves you with many questions which are open to different interpretations depending on how you look at things. That is generally what a good mystery does, granted the first half was more intense and the second half went into a different approach focusing on another character but It was still as good.

After thinking about the series for a bit I can't really find and complaints I had, it was interesting, raised themes which left me thinking and hearing the read more
Oct 28, 2019
Ilovebeanbag (All reviews)
This show was written by the guy who made "Kado: The right answer". Although these are totally different shows, both have the same structure... A very interesting premise, gradually becoming a disaster of story telling and destroy everything it stood for.

Please read my view on the show and it's structure:

It is not as clever as you think it is. It's really not. It just gives if the illusion that it's a good show. Nothing more.
The only character which undergoes an character change is the main character, but it shatters all it's development... For what? For a catastrophic anticlimactic ending.

To give the positives, the morality it read more
Jan 27, 2020
sushiisawesome (All reviews)
Babylon is yet the latest in a series of blunders courtesy of the seinen demographic that in many ways sum up exactly why the majority of people shun it in favor of its younger brother in the shonen demographic. It's not that I personally think seinen can't be fantastic; plenty of series have done a marvelous job living up to what the demographic, well, implies and providing interesting characters, a level of maturity not normally found in their younger contemporaries and fantastic storylines. After all, one only needs to look at the likes of Berserk, Vinland Saga, Boogiepop and Others as well as Ghost in read more
Oct 30, 2019
Ellenwitch (All reviews)
This is my first time watching something new of this genre as it's been airing, and I'm so glad it's this.

The characters and setting are really great, and the plot points just leave me wondering what else is going to happen. I honestly get the same vibes as I did while watching Death Note. Not that I'm saying it's the same. But the type of shows in general. I also get the same vibe as a recent movie, but won't mention it for spoiler reasons. I'd say if you're into crime, drama, and mystery, then you should give this one a shot!

The main character read more
Nov 19, 2019
KingiousWeebious (All reviews)
I have never written a review, and I do not know the lingo or really have much to say. However, I felt compelled to write this review based on the ending of episode 7.

This anime is the first good psychological thriller I have seen in a while. It does a good job creating characters and inter-character relationships, and the story is very intense.

I have watched a good amount of anime, and in that anime is a lot of gore and other concepts that are not for the faint of heart. What I really came here to say though is: 𝚍̲𝚘̲ ̲𝚗̲𝚘̲𝚝̲ ̲𝚠̲𝚊̲𝚝̲𝚌̲𝚑̲ ̲𝚝̲𝚑̲𝚒̲𝚜̲ ̲𝚊̲𝚗̲𝚒̲𝚖̲𝚎̲ read more
Jan 27, 2020
DarthInvader (All reviews)
*Minimum Spoiler Review*
TL;DR: Psycho Pass meets Mirai Nikki before they have a child so horrible they decide to leave it at the philosophy class for freshman's to decide what religion the child will have.
[Story: 6/10 , Characters: 5/10, Art: 5/10, Sound: 4/10, Enjoyment: 3/10]

“a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was full of blasphemous names, and it had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and jewels and pearls, holding in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the impurities of her sexual immorality. And on her forehead was written read more
Nov 19, 2019
Ken_15 (All reviews)
Its been a long time since I've seen a good psychological show so I didn't expect that much from this show, but after the first 3 episodes I knew it had potential to be the best this season, and so far at 7th episode, it is still that good. as it is on amazon prime not many people are watching it and its not as famous as it should be, but its actually better than most of the anime this season
its psychological detective mystery and our main character is Seizaki-san, he's in some kind of special investigation force and is investigating the case we are read more
Jan 27, 2020
OugiRevolution (All reviews)

Story: Psychological thriller anime are so few and far between, that if you like the genre it is possible you have seen most of them to date. Babylon provides a twisted, dark, yet philosophical story that easily sucks its watcher in deeper with each passing episode. I can't recall ever seeing an anime quite like this one. The pacing for episodes 1-7 is flawless, but 8-12 can feel slow at times if you are only in it for suspense. Personally, I didn't mind the slower episodes since I found the topics of discussion interesting. The storyline's clarity (especially the ending) read more
Jan 29, 2020
maxiburger (All reviews)
Never have I seen an anime this contrived yet so far up its own ass.
I'll admit that the first few episodes were deceptively interesting, but the show jumps the shark too many times just to stumble its way into a community college's condescending philosophy 101 class.

At the beginning we're tricked into thinking this is supposed to be a criminal thriller - the cops are onto something that's going all the way up to the mayor's office. Good, a classic. Then it veers into political conspiracies, which is still a compatible side plot. However, it is then revealed that the villain's ominous plans are 100% supernatural, read more
Jan 27, 2020
anime-prime (All reviews)
Babylon is like a plane crash. It takes off well, flies in the air for a nice while, but in the end it just couldn't stick the landing and it just flopped down in an explosion. What could go wrong for a show with such potential, lets find out.

Babylon is about a detective who is trying to catch a woman who can kill with her voice. That is it. Imagine Death Note flipped where the main focus is on L who is trying to catch Kira but we never get Kiras perspective. He is just a character who stays in the background. That is read more
Jan 27, 2020
Ackermanml (All reviews)
What is good ? What is evil ? What is the meaning of life ? If any of these questions pique your curiosity, I recommend you watch this show.
But if you wish you have a wholesome comprehensive dark tale which with a satisfactory conclusive narrative, you are in the wrong place.

My reviews would contain spoilers from this point on.

So, the ending left people really disappointed. But honestly, the kind of direction this show was going, I was anticipating precisely this. First of all, this is not the kind of story with the most unique premise of 30 episodes with several seasons where we invest read more
Jan 30, 2020
PriusKiller2 (All reviews)
This is perhaps the biggest disappointment of 2019 and considering Carole & Tuesday exists, this is saying something. If I ever wanted a prime example of why I show a lot of hesitation to recommend something as a show is airing this is why. So to start properly let's go from the beginning.

Babylon started off initially as something that is actually an interesting idea, covering suicide. The way the show treats suicide seems like it'd be very similar to the marijuana debate which is actually a great idea if it wants to present suicide as something inherently morally gray. Especially the proponent of this Kaika read more