Grand Blue

Grand Blue Dreaming

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Japanese: ぐらんぶる
English: Grand Blue Dreaming
German: Grand Blue Dreaming
Spanish: Grand Blue Dreaming
French: Grand Blue Dreaming
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 14, 2018 to Sep 29, 2018
Premiered: Summer 2018
Broadcast: Saturdays at 02:55 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Zero-G
Source: Manga
Genre: ComedyComedy
Demographic: SeinenSeinen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.431 (scored by 350386350,386 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #1482
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Popularity: #252
Members: 647,998
Favorites: 16,399

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both takes place in a school and are about boys who are dying to get to know girls, though prison school may a have a more exaggerated course of action than grand blue. &&&& this is insignificant but the main character from both series look reaaallly alike.. 
report Recommended by 0-chibi
Grand Blue = Daily Lives of College Boys. Both are good for a laugh  
report Recommended by Adub217
Both series have a ... f'd.. up sense of humor that had me rolling on the floor dying. 
report Recommended by KustyKabs
While the world and story are very different,if you like comedy then you're very likely to enjoy both of them. Ridiculous yet funny situations happen,charming and engaging characters 
report Recommended by Nagatopower
one is about college idiots drinking alcohol, the other one is about idiots in general, the one real thing they have in common is that they are fucking hilarious, both make my face and stomach hurt too much because of their sheer stupidity 
report Recommended by Zero_r2
Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou and Grand Blue are comedy story about a young man who came into an environment full of weirdos. He has to live under the same roof with them. The relationship between the main male character and the main female character is also similar (though in Grand Blue they are cousins, so it's less romantic). If you liked one, you'll definitely like the other. 
report Recommended by renzospark
If you just chill and enjoy some pure gold chaotic comedy, it is highly recommended to watch. It will practically explode your lungs and stomach, and break your jaws just from laughing too hard and keeping your sanity from the weirdness to on a whole different level, just check em out! 
report Recommended by makisanora
Similar art style and comedy. Both anime also has some nice muscles. =P 
report Recommended by asianMekai
Both have mc about the same age, and with similar condition, the comedy feel is similar to each other, i really recomend both of this anime 
report Recommended by Felixford
College life is indeed different from High School Days because this age is the epitome and the last light of youth. In college, it's really important to enjoy life to the fullest because there can never be a time like this afterwards. Golden Time may be a close description of college life since it contains the slice of life in dormitories, extra curricular activities romance, etc. If you found that series too serious and dramatic, then you might be able to enjoy Grand Blue. It feels that Grand Blue is the remedy needed if you are still hungover after finishing Golden Time. Well that's just  read more 
report Recommended by Midget_King
Just another random but very funny comedy show. Both don't really have interesting plots. But both have unique characters and lots of funny moments. It's a different setting, story and characters, but watching both shows will feel pretty much the same. 
report Recommended by WeeziMonkey
As a diver, 18 meters under the sea surface is one of the least likely places for me to encounter otaku. Grand Blue and Amanchu are the two anime about diving, except that they really aren't about diving. Both are mostly comedy/SoL anime with a few diving episodes; GB focuses more on the comedy aspect while Amanchu focuses on the SoL aspect; and I can tell you that both are top anime in their respective genres so I can really recommend you to watch them. So still it's one of the best ways for hikkikomori to discover the beauty of 18 meters under the sea  read more 
report Recommended by Khalan
Absurdity of the jokes Covers everything on their theme (Diving, Men being men, Youth life). In Seto no Hanayome (Gangster, Sea life, Parodies) Great interaction between all their members Absurd facial expressions  
report Recommended by Firdaus_Rushdi
Both shows are extremely funny, probably the only two shows that made me lol literally 
report Recommended by rade775
Both are extremely funny, with the protagonist getting caught in the most ridiculous situations possible 
report Recommended by Furo6448
Genshiken and Grand Blue are arguably the best examples of college club life and all of their chaotic everyday lives and somehow complex web of relationships who won't fail you to make you laugh. Mostly Genshiken centers about otaku life and the insides of the Society of Study of Modern Visual Culture, a club who basically doesn't do nothing. Grand Blue has the similar theme of the Diving Club, where all happens but the actual diving, also there's quite a liking in GB for drinking alcohol. In both animes, the males are the ones who actually lead the comedy their respective shows, the new guy (Sasahara and  read more 
report Recommended by tlato_but
Both are comedic anime, perfect for getting a good laugh at the end of the day. With each of them having characters with unique and interesting quirks, never a day goes by without some random and stupidly dumb events occurring. Grand Blue is probably more age-restricted, as it contains content not suitable for younger children (such as drinking, nudity (censored) and suggestive ideas). However, this anime would definitely not be complete without such idiotic themes. It creates a large part of the plot and sets up the scene for many situations. Saiki Kusuo has some supernatural elements and is a crucial factor in its own right. The  read more 
report Recommended by IchiR7246
Both are pretty laid back humor and have memorable character lineups. Both are most definitely something to look for when looking for relaxing shows. 
report Recommended by Bloomberry
What does a show about diving and a show about supernatural, telekinetic powers have in common? The body improvement club! While they serve different purposes narratively, the muscular dudes in both Grand Blue and Mob Psycho serve as the lovable guidance in the series that help the protagonist grow into a better person through their sheer kindness and willpower. 
report Recommended by MistaPolitics
Both extremely funny shows that occur in the college era. Uzaki is still going on tho. Both shows have a cool casting characters, and barely do diving. 
report Recommended by RagonWest
Same passion for diving, also MC are college students.  
report Recommended by Braliton
Both of these animes have an unapologetically below the belt way to tell a joke that will make you laugh like a hyena on steroids. 
report Recommended by TheDivineGhost7
Do you like comedy genre? these two anime are the solution, because these two anime both have dirty comedy but can make you laugh out loud 
report Recommended by Dartz1
Beer, sake, alcoHOL. that's it, they’re all addicted 
report Recommended by anighoul
MC in both series get to the sports club. But crazy characters do anything but a sport. In both series humor is perverted and dirty.  
report Recommended by Gokudo-kun
Both has great comedy had me going to mars 
report Recommended by de_dencin
Both has great comedy but Grand Blue is on different comedy level had me choking litteraly every second 
report Recommended by de_dencin
Both anime have hilarious jokes and the jokes will make you laugh your heart out. They both have Dirty jokes. Both are a slice of life and both of the MC's are experiencing something new they never tried One is Diving and the other is seeing ghosts 
report Recommended by Siens-
Honestly, the humor is gold in both of these. Grand blue has a very low chance of continuing the anime but the manga is gold. Gintama is heart touching at times but it’s mostly hilarious. 
report Recommended by Gyroe
Comedy and Colourings and similar aspect in the anime  
report Recommended by DaRealHakashi
Both are very funny and make you laugh hard, it’s not a boring comedy 
report Recommended by InvisiblePsycho
absurd comedy with plenty of silly faces grand blue is more focused on the individuals instead of a group of main characters 
report Recommended by Chika_tetsu
Both shows are comedies and take place in college. Grand Blue focuses on diving, whilst RikeKoi focuses on science. Otaku character found in both shows too. Grand Blue has more slapstick style kind of humour though. The main characters in RikeKoi are also slightly more intelligent. 
report Recommended by Ao18
NHK ni Youkoso! and Grand Blue are not so similar to each other BUT! They both have great comedy (sometimes embarassing tho) Romance is not so similar to each other, but you can find some in Grand Blue If you want a "dark" comedy and little romance then Grand Blue is perfect for you! 
report Recommended by Vinzesco
Naked strip gods torturing MC and his unique blonde bestie . Escaping isn't the choice thou . Perfect comedy shows if you are a normal bored dude .  
report Recommended by BeingHappy
Both don't have a plot and are meant for casual viewing. Both are about a group of friends doing their thing in school, Grand Blue being college whilst K ON is high school. 
report Recommended by Bloomberry
when Iori and imamura join into the diving club it reminded me so much of when toono join into the the photography club, they were confused to see so many men but little by little they were coupled and in a certain way yuri ayato could represent the personalities of all the mens in grand blue since they are just as crazy and yaguchi could represent chisa since they saw both of them as the most tender thing in the club and had a possible relationship with mc and nanaka a tooru since they are both obsessed with a character 
report Recommended by popa_shounen_ai
Just the fact on how both shows had me dying with laughter just seemed so familiar. Although I prefer Grand Blue more, just if you'd like to explore I'd recommend this one :3 
report Recommended by deviantSPIRIT
Both have a crazy sense of humor of getting to the point with over the top characters and one mc who has brains and uses them, reacting to the chaos around themselves. 
report Recommended by Reisho-Teki
Both shows have similiar comedy that is mostly dark/extreme. Both shows have a dynamic cast where you won't hear a voice that's out of place. 
report Recommended by ciiviic
You're sure to laugh out loud with the two of these. They have quite the crazy vibe to them. Great characters, quirky and definitely loveable. While the comedy is what stands out primarily, they both have some depth, allowing them to really stick with you. I definitely recommend if you're looking for something else engaging and hilarious.  
report Recommended by flobadobadoo
Light hearted comedy (about everyone misunderstanding a shy mc) 
report Recommended by rxn4290
Both will give off high school vibes. Have double meaning jokes and the plot smartly moves keeping it's humor.  
report Recommended by Rainbowsalt007
Both has sense of humor, hajimete has more fanservice but trust me if u wanna laugh Grand Blue is perfect.  
report Recommended by Scharpes
They are just having and plus the comedy revolves around on their friendship 
report Recommended by Lookwest
If you're the type who loved Ishuzoku Reviewers, you're definitely gonna love Grand Blue! Honestly, both shows don't have plot lines in common at all. But their overall vibes and sexual humor were created in the same image. 
report Recommended by Alex796
The comedy styles are vastly diffrent but if you liked the message of Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei, then I have a feeling that Grand Blue might resonate with you. Living a relaxed and care-free life style is what both of these anime promote. As some people take anime way too seriously and more than just japanese cartoons or a form of media they might think that Grand Blue can't be nearly as good as an art project such as The tatami galaxy. Well I ain't here to tell you if it is or isn't I just like reccomending anime. 
report Recommended by Maki-Roll
Both protagonist move from a city to attain new school, and the comedy really feel the same , the way protagonist react to other and slowly make a bond to each other, i really recommend watching gin no saji (silver spoon) if u like this anime 
report Recommended by Felixford
In both shows main characters try to change they lifestyle. Both shows have dirty jokes. Both main characters meet a lot of weird people and become weird themselves. 
report Recommended by UselessSakura
The amount of hysterical humor that goes into both anime makes the comedic tropes a lot more entertaining and it occasionally goes over the top in certain situations when it comes to both of their respective main characters 
report Recommended by albertbrown
Both are extremely funny animes with sometimes offensive jokes. 
report Recommended by CrackHead69
As funny as GB, School Rumble is a comedy about students with love triangles ( more love dodecagon in School Rumble ). Even if the humor is less ecchi than in GB, the weirdness of the MCs ( especially Harima Kenji ) reminds me of this anime. Truly, you should give a try. 
report Recommended by BreakBuilder
Both are crazy, nonsensical and over-the-top comedy that has ridiculousness built into it. While Grand Blue has a premise of college life, drinks, diving and everything in it. Ben-To has convinience stores as a premise. 
report Recommended by juliuschai
Araburu Kisetsu is more light in its ecchi referencing, and is more of a drama than a comedy. Of course, comedy is still etched in there, otherwise it would be nothing like Grand Blue at all! Simply call it a softcore version with an all-female main cast. 
report Recommended by Mr_Monokuba
Both are fast-paced comedy shows with sexy scenes and many misunderstandings. Grand Blue is more of a slice of life genre, while Shokugeki no Souma is more competitive tournament genre (with foods) though. 
report Recommended by Lopika
Hilarious gag anime where the character often gets themselves into weird situations and their reactions produce laughtable results. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Has a seaside vibe to it similar to Grand Blue. The comedy isn't the same type of crass humor but a bit more zany, quirky, or cute. It also, unlike Grand Blue, sort of has an actual story. The story isn't the greatest but it also makes for a show that isn't purely gag based as Grand Blue is. 
report Recommended by LightIsKirai
I found the comedy and the overall atmosphere of the shows to be similar in a lot of ways. Watching Grand Blue reminded me of Great Teacher Onizuka and I really enjoyed both anime. 
report Recommended by wzTK64
First you may say what are similarities of those anime if they are totally different genres? Well there are some, first it's sense of humour and lot's of jokes. Another one is that both of them are anime about young people that are exploring and learning life in different ways. And oh last but not least Sawamura is loud person, same like many of characters used in Grand Blue series. 
report Recommended by junmisugi
-both anime are about water sports -the main characters are both somehow obsessed by the underwater world -both have a few female cast  
report Recommended by Hiru_Napyeer
I would say that "Sakamoto Desu ga?" is something that would get some laughs similar to "Grand Blue" out of you. They both feature over-the-top characters and the "weird and bizarre" form of comedy. 
report Recommended by PandaUwU
it is an awesome comedy anime like gintama, where univeristy guys enjoy their dailuy lives, it is the most funniest anime i ever watched, so if u like comedy animes then grand blue is the one for you 
report Recommended by Sumanth192
Both are hilarious and have very random extra humor. 
report Recommended by AniYuki
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu or Grand Blue With both share the Gag and Slapstick tags as there main style of comedy. In very different ways, which is mainly due to the premise of each anime, they both deliver some serious laugh-out-loud moments. 
report Recommended by Zonecommander26
Both had good comedy - fooling around with your friends. The only difference is that Grand Blue adopts the real world's humor. Best watch with your gang and drinking buds. 
report Recommended by ravy15
Both needed to pretend they are in a relationship. 
report Recommended by THE_kruger
Similarites: The same summer setting. Beaches Swimsuits and Hot bodies. Dissimilarites: One is pure comedy while the other was more of a slice of life. Hot bodies in HR involves cute girls, while in GB it also inculdes guys in their birthday suits. One was more of a sports thing, while the other was more like a college life. 
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
The same plot where guy finds a place to live only to get more than what he bargains for.  
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
This is an odd recommendation, but both of these are hilarious without relying on cuteness or grossness. Grand Blue is humour for an adult audience while Angel Beats! has more tame jokes (still gut-busting though). If you've seen Angel Beats! are looking for something that is actually laugh-out-loud funny, then watch Grand Blue. If you've seen Grand Blue and are looking for hilarious comedy that is not gross (like the top Prison School recommendation), then watch Angel Beats! (just be aware that it is more dramatic and has an actual plot). 
report Recommended by TMoane
They both use the same plot device of having no real plot, rather they construct situations in which they put the characters like providing copious amounts alcohol to a tennis match or introducing the most beautiful dog to the most emotionally broken student and seeing the bitter sweet but hilarious healing of both parties. These shows are just beautiful in general. 
report Recommended by JaydenC
Both Grand blue and Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san Lots of jokes and some darker humor. Episodic, but has some light character and story progression. And the funny face changes depending on situations.  
report Recommended by Zonecommander26