Megalo Box

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Japanese: メガロボクス
English: Megalobox
German: Megalobox
Spanish: Megalobox
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2018 to Jun 29, 2018
Premiered: Spring 2018
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:28 (JST)
Licensors: VIZ Media
Source: Original
Genres: Sci-FiSci-Fi, SportsSports
Themes: Adult CastAdult Cast, Combat SportsCombat Sports
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.881 (scored by 266267266,267 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #7882
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Popularity: #427
Members: 499,020
Favorites: 3,484

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Preliminary Spoiler
Jun 28, 2018
*Minimum Spoiler Hidden Gem Review*
TL;DR: If a young Hajime no Ippo made an illegitimate baby with the sexy cougar, Cowboy Bebop, in an 80's themed love hotel with Samurai Champloo music blasting in the background, then Megalo Box would be the gorgeous mixed bastard child that will emerge from the Redline ambulance nine months later. Such a hidden gem but packs so much hype. "JOEEEEE!"
[Story: 6/10 , Characters: 7/10, Art: 9/10, Sound: 9/10, Enjoyment: 8/10]

"They don't make tombstones for stray dogs" - JD

Yes Yes Yes. This is that shounen sports anime this season badly needed to remind what real anime is all about. You don't ...
Jun 28, 2018
Art, in its purest form, is a catharsis of imperceptible cognitive entities onto a “canvas” for the purposes of provoking reactions from others. Sometimes that reaction involves laughter, other times it is sorrow, and on rare occasions, profound enlightenment, in either case, it is the responsibility of the artist(s) to determine the desired reaction, and how best to achieve it through their intended medium. As one would expect, it permits a copious amount of creativity to take place, yielding unexpected outcomes that one would rarely see in the real world. Antithetical to this branch of human intrigue, is the world of binary ...
Apr 26, 2018
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
Edit: After two/three months of not watching anime, I finally got around to finish this masterpiece, and I still stay behind my 9 for this anime. I only changed one small bit in my review: I notched up the story from a 8 to a 9 for its great ending (well, at least in my opinion).

I am a sucker for Moe/Slice of Life/Romance/Comedy type of anime, but once in awhile I like to tip my toes outside of that safe area. It introduced me to some great anime like Made In Abyss and not so great anime (*cough cough* Citrus *cough cough*). I tipped my ...
Apr 26, 2018
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
Megalo Box is an anime adaptation of the Nintendo Switch game 'Arms'. Not really, but it could as well be since both are about tool-assisted nu-boxing.

First thing I have to mention is that I don't like this series very much unlike the 7 billion other people who are watching it. My favorite anime genre has been Sports since 2012, but this series is much closer to the Game genre. It mainly reminds me of 'Robotics:Notes', you know the 'Steins:Gate' alternative robots battle anime no one likes, and represents various things that I do not appreciate.

I have several problems with this series. These ...
Jun 28, 2018
There’s an infamous quote in the wrestling community that was said by the legendary Ric Flair. “To be the man, you gotta beat the man!” While Megalo Box is not wrestling, there’s definitely an iconic meaning that can be applied here. As I was watching Megalo Box, it reminded me the excitement of fighting. A few years ago when Hajime no Ippo returned on television, it became a glorious showstopper that lived up to all expectations. For Megalo Box, this was like a feeling of deja vu.

The premise of the series involves Junk Dog, an underground Megalo Boxer. He participates in a popular sport in ...
Jun 28, 2018
If there was one anime that I would love to get a remake it would be Ashita no Joe. I really series especially the manga for its great boxing matches, amazing rivalry, and wonderful and realistic character development. The series also had great darker portrayal of boxing as sport where not all matches will not end pretty as boxers can potentially get injured to a point where they get they lives destroyed. Thanks to these elements that the show offers as well being a great realistic coming of age + underdog story Ashita no Joe is currently my favourite sports anime/manga series period even ...
Apr 26, 2018
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
I thought I'd throw in my two bits of info. Megalo Box is set in kind of this steampunk futuristic type setting where boxing apparently is still big...of all things. We've got our run of the mill down-and-out character who just wants to have a good fight. You might be thinking "Boxing? Eh, not really my thing." To be honest, boxing isn't really my thing either. BUT, the character writing in this story is very well done. The animation is well done. Voice acting, at least right now, is believable. You might stray away from it because of how the art looks but don't let ...
May 5, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
So what I'm about to say is controversial and make people angry, but Megalo Box is a boring mediocre anime and is such.

Arc 1: Story;5
It's simple and not really to revolutionary. It's about our MC trying to prove he's a good boxer and wants to participate in Megalo tournament to step in someones ring. And to add insult to injury the execution isn't really great. The decisions in anime are admittedly retarded and how can anyone call this a future great is beyond me. Compared to HnI or AnJ it really pales a lot in what it's supposed to do. Really not much ...
Apr 30, 2018
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
This is an outstanding anime. It feels nostalgic without feeling old, it feels gritty without feeling rusty, it feels grounded without feeling basic. Everything it sets out to do it does perfectly - and at that point it never forgets what it wants to be.

Story is a 9/10 so far because it gave itself enough time to give us setpieces, and made them easy to understand. We have clear motivations for all characters and we dont just have "good guy, bad guy". We have a clear goal for the whole series and the struggle is very apparent as well. It is told without hesitation, which ...
Dec 22, 2022
Despite all the hype that Megalo Box created from its first few episodes, it became one of the biggest disappoints of the season. At first, it presents a familiar inspirational sports story with a vague setting to get you interested in the well-directed boxing matches. But by the end, the writing is still incredibly shallow. Megalo Box is just a carbon copy of the generic underdog boxing story but slightly worse than the classics it desperately tries to imitate.

Aside from the addition of Gear (exoskeletons to enhance the boxers fighting), Megalo Box tells the familiar tale of a misfortunate boxer, Junk Dog. He had long ...
Jun 29, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Megalo Box has very little to do with the art of fighting itself. There is no emphasis on technique. There is no weight training. There is no satisfying payout following the arduous process of a fighter desperately trying (and often, failing) to improve their skill. There is the bizzare inclusion of gear technology that grants fighters additional strength at cost of speed - a useless consequence with speed being paramount in combat. So how can an anime that revolves around fighting, but offers none of the impertinent detail of fighting, and is decidedly worse than its predecessors Hajime no Ippo and Ashita no Joe in ...
Jul 2, 2018
...I gave it a few days to think about. I cannot give Megalo Box any score higher than a 4. I really wanted to enjoy Megalo Box. While I initially did, the excitement I had for the series steadily died out with each passing week. The characters got less interesting, the fights got less intense, and it just became so predictable and lackluster.
Let’s start with the characters. We have Joe, the main character and focus. For some reason, he’s basically made of adamantium so he can take hundreds of blows, get his ass knocked to the ground, but will always magically get right ...
Jul 5, 2018
Warning this review contain spoilers for Megalo Box

Tribute is a way to celebrate old works, by taking ideas of the thing is was inspire by, try to modernize its theme, and setting. That what Megalo Box is it’s a tribute to manga that was made in 1968 known as Ashita no Joe. For those who have never heard of it, Ashita no Joe was a shounen sports manga that ran in Shounen Magazine Weekly. It spanned for 20 volumes and had 171 chapters, it got an anime adaption in 1970 that ran for 79 episodes, it later got a second season during 1980 and it ...
Apr 26, 2018
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
Megalo Box is an incredible watch which sets the stage for you to want to kill for the next episode. It is the epitome of an original action-packed thriller boxing anime and will not disappoint in any major way. If you have the time of your life to lose, Megalo box should be the thief that takes your damned free time.

Scores~ Story [8] Art [7] Sound [9] Character [9] Enjoyment [10] Overall [8.6]

Story [8]:
Megalo introduces a new approach to the boxing genre as it incorporates an entirely new mechanic into the physical sport. This mechanic allows the series to pan out quite interestingly as ...
Jun 28, 2018
Spike Spiegel retires from bounty hunting and decides to become an underground boxer! Reel Steel meets Hajime No Ippo!

Megalo isn't mega-awesome in any facet of the game, but it does provide enough entertainment for me to consider it a good show. Our protagonist is similar to any deadbeat, wannabe protagonist in the history of anime except for the fact that he has cool scars and rides a motorcycle to get his mind off of spicy tentacle porn.

"Joe" is tired of being a boxer who has real potential, yet continues to throw it all away by partaking in fixed fights within the underground ...
Jun 28, 2018
-Note: English is not my native language, I apologize for possible mistakes. (Review in English and Spanish)

Megalobox is the sports anime of 2018 surely, this presents us with a world located a couple of decades in the future, in which boxing probably suffers even more support than it receives in our world. In this reality boxing has been transformed into something called Megalo Box, thanks to the technology that Shirato has created, the box has evolved due to the incorporation of a kind of exoskeleton known as "Gear" which provides its user with greater resistance , strength and performance. Of course, this technology was not ...
May 11, 2018
Preliminary (6/13 eps)
For me, Megalo Box is the perfect combination of both new and old anime. The animation is stylistically textured and resembles that of Cowboy Bebop or Samurai Champloo. It is in honor of the 50th anniversary of Ashita no Joe. Megalo box starts off in the slums of what looks like a steampunk futuristic city, where "Junk Dog" or our no name hero lives. Throwing fights for a living, he has long desired to enter the pro boxing tournament that is "Megalonia". One day while he is lost in thought on his motorcyle he has a chance encounter with the Champion Yuri. Later He fights ...
May 17, 2018
Preliminary (5/13 eps)
Are you thinking of watching Megalo Box after seeing the high ratings and all the hype? Think again. This is not going to exceed or even reach any expectation. Unless you're an older anime viewer who's watched Cowboy Bebop and can be easily mind-tricked into believing this is an estimable production almost solely because of the not-so-subtle nod Megalo Box gives towards Cowboy Bebop.

So, I am an older anime viewer and I watched and loved Cowboy Bebop as a child. Also since I kickbox, Megalo box centering around boxing interested me as well--I thought I would be able to relate more and even get ...
May 25, 2018
Preliminary (8/13 eps)
This is a bilingual review about my experience with Megalobox, I haven't seen Ashita no Joe which is what this series is giving tribute to, but that's not the real point of my review, this is probably the best candidate to anime of the year that I ever seen so far and you are gonna see why.

La reseña está en español, ve un poco más abajo para leerla.

Megalobox is one of those animes that are not seen very often in the modern anime, we can not always see a protagonist with an underdog style who has to beat people in street fights to survive through ...
Jul 20, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Megalo Box started off as a really cool anime. The most noticeable thing to anyone at first glance is the art, which if I remember correctly was just the art being down-scaled and then up-scaled to give it the aesthetic it has. Don't quote me on that. Either way, the artstyle was interesting and the idea of a 50th anniversary project for Ashita no Joe sounded interesting. So why did it end up like it did? There'll be spoilers, btw.

The first few episodes were great, personally. The soundtrack alongside the art made the first few episodes seem badass and hype, and I was really rooting ...