Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

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Synonyms: SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online
Japanese: ソードアート・オンライン オルタナティブ ガンゲイル・オンライン


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 8, 2018 to Jul 1, 2018
Premiered: Spring 2018
Broadcast: Sundays at 00:00 (JST)
Producers: Aniplex, Egg Firm
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: Studio 3Hz
Source: Light novel
Genres: ActionAction, FantasyFantasy, GameGame, MilitaryMilitary, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.081 (scored by 207723207,723 users)
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Ranked: #33272
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Popularity: #314
Members: 409,175
Favorites: 1,351
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Jun 30, 2018
RebelPanda (All reviews)
As someone who aspires to work in the video games industry, I find Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online incredibly fascinating. Unlike most virtual reality stories, GGO actually explores video games in interesting ways beyond just a flashy action spectacle. And yes, it has the spectacle as well.

GGO is far different, and better than the rest of the Sword Art Online franchise; for starters, you don’t even need to watch the originals to watch this spinoff. There are no related characters, no Kirito. The only similarity they share is the world they take place in. The original SAO is mentioned a few times read more
Jun 30, 2018
Stark700 (All reviews)
6 years ago when Sword Art Online first aired, that piece of work caused controversy that still generates discussion to this very day. Then Summer 2014 came and we got the sequel known as Sword Art Online II. While being an improvement of the original series, it didn’t really amplify itself as a big improvement. Four years later, here we are again. Except this time, it’s not an actual continuation of the main series. Instead, we got this spinoff known as Sword Art Online: Alternative Online.

To be clear, you don’t need to watch any of the previous series in the franchise. In fact, it doesn’t read more
Jun 30, 2018
Zaber_san (All reviews)
Video games have been part of our everday life. Either from anime and to our real world, this type of entertainment have grown massive for years and it is still growing until now. Back in Summer 2012, the whole anime community was stunned as the first season of Sword Art Online came.
With its mixed reviews saying it was either the worst or the best series, the whole community is divided until now even a season 2 came, along with the movie Ordinal Scale. Looking back to the past recent season which was Spring 2018, we were given a ton of new shows and sequels. Along read more
Jun 30, 2018
TakamakiJoker (All reviews)
Sword Art Online or SAO for short is the most polarising anime series of all time. It is the definition a series that you will either love or hate. Like with many people on net I have a very low option of Sword Art Online because it was a terrible series. While I don’t completely despise the series anymore mainly because I have seen anime that are in my opinion worse than Sword Art Online it is still a series that I really dislike with a passion

When I first heard about this series being announced a couple moths back after I watched the painfully subpar Sword read more
May 27, 2018
afkchaos (All reviews)
After seven episodes I am...
1. Not attached to any characters.
2. Still don't know the plot and I hope TO GOD they're not pulling another video game anime where they venture into irl.
3. No character development other than P-Chan (the gun LOL)
4. Haven't seen any difference in their online persona vs. their real ones. Which really defeats the purpose of an isekai?

I started out the anime same as all of you, wanting to see if they could recreate the magic from episode one, two and half of three. However they couldn't. Pulling a Kirito (not a spoiler it happens multiple times in the span of four read more
Jun 30, 2018
KANLen09 (All reviews)
In 2012, we are introduced to the world of Sword Art Online, where it features the most hated over-the-top OP character Kirito, the main MC along with his shenanigans of fantasy-drama with the cast of SAO, and his foundation brings him over to 2014 where we have SAO Season 2: the world of Gun Gale Online (or GGO), with an entirely new cast (but not without the original cast (since it’s a cross-over)) that manages to do well but garner less attention from the original series, but in all essence, Kirito stood still: He saw, he came, and he conquered…ALL, with much hate from the read more
Jun 22, 2018
nouman (All reviews)
This will be my first review on MAL. What compelled me to write this reivew is not because I enjoyed SAO Gun Gale, but rather what an abhorrent disaster it is. Few of the animes I have watched in mylife time where I get to the point of throwing up just watching it. Recenlty SAO-GG & Tokyo Ghoul:re are top on that list.
Story: 0/10
People who have watched SAO series do know the basic formula how SAO series is based around MMORPGs or JRPGS games. It's much appealing to individuals who have played such games they can kind of relate to it. SAO-GG is not based read more
Jun 30, 2018
Its-Maki-kun (All reviews)
For years, Sword Art Online franchise told us a story about being inside a VRMMO game (or ARMMO in Ordinal Scale case) and while the setting or the world building is very good enough, they never have given us any good story or protagonist characterization (I'm looking at you, Kirito). Suddenly an adaptation of a light novel spin-off based on Sword Art Online franchise came to us and exceeded its original story it based on. Using the game setting of Sword Art Online : Phantom Bullet arc, the VRMMO game called Gun Gale Online, I will tell you why this spin-off is far more better read more
May 6, 2018
william6108 (All reviews)
This anime is aimed towards children. Plot development doesn't really exist because the story is just way too predictable, though next to nothing happens in the first place anyway. Character development doesn't really exist also because of these reasons. This is true especially given the fact that the MC is a speed-hacking, invulnerable teleporting omnipotent 4-dimensional nano-hitbox with an annoying voice. Nothing interesting happens in the game when its focus is on the MC because every event is predominantly determined by her speed hacks. This anime would tell a more interesting story if the SAO theme of it didn't exist.
May 12, 2018
MasterTrash (All reviews)
After 5 episodes in which is almost half of the whole series, GGO still fails to give us the motivation of protagonist(Karen). What is Karen fighting for and why should we care and root for her? The premise is she play GGO because the character that she got is short and cute, and therefore she is playing GGO. However, beyond this, I can't really find why Karen is playing this game, which leads to the character being boring and uninteresting. What does winning the tournament means to Karen, and what does she gain from it? Well... All I see is nothing. All I know read more
Apr 30, 2018
Kouichi_Nanaya (All reviews)
TL;DR at the bottom

Well for the people that hate Kirito he is not here so good for them, but it does not make the show better for it. Instead the show is centered around a girl with a height complex. So how tall is she you may ask is she 6'2" maybe a even 7' feet tall? No she is 6' tall which is very big for a girl but is about 3" bigger then the average Japaneses male. People say this show dose not have have any of the old SAO cast but the main is sinon with a height complex instead of a read more
May 2, 2018
LeaOotori (All reviews)

When Sword Art Online first came out, I was still an anime newbie. Ignorant to harems and perfect Gary Stu characters, I was impressed by Kirito, and just like most young kids, I thought he was great.

In hindsight, I decided I didn't like him for the same reasons I used to like him. I assumed that if he was written better, then Sword Art Online and Gun Gale Online would have been better-- but alas, even when he's not even in this show, I find myself bored to tears.

As a geek myself, I thought I would enjoy the whole Gun Gale read more
May 17, 2018
Karuparu (All reviews)
The fact that the original SAO has a higher score than this is frankly appalling.
Looking around reviews on here and Crunchyroll, as well as several anime discord servers, I usually see people rating this anime negatively either because it is SAO, or because it isn't SAO enough, rather than being judged on it's own ("Alternative") merits.
I don't need to go through the flaws of the original SAO, it's already been beaten to a pulp in the anime community. What I do need to say though, is that besides the immediately noticeable decreased production value, Gun Gale Online is a clear improvement over the original SAO read more
Jun 30, 2018
kyzrs (All reviews)
Honestly this anime is insanely enjoyable. This review is spoiler free by the way.

After finishing this show I went to write a review immediately because of how much I loved the ending and how it wrapped up.

First the ending. This is the most complete, wrapped up, and satisfying endings I have seen in a while. I felt so complete after watching it. The characters ALL grew and developed and it fit so perfectly that I wouldn't have ended it another way. In the trend of seasonal, 12 episode anime; this is definitely one of the most complete anime I have seen.

The story progressed very well, read more
Jul 1, 2018
SoraSenpai (All reviews)
Story: The story takes place a few years after the release of Sword Art Online. It centers around our main heroine Karen Kohiruimaki. She enters the world of Gun Gale online to get away from the issue she has being a very tall woman. She tries many different games but each one gives her a tall default character. That is until she enters Gun Gale online and becomes the Pink Devil LLENN.

I actually liked the idea of why Karen wanted to play games. Because honestly thats what we do. When we are sick of dealing with situations we don't want to deal with we turn read more
Jul 1, 2018
NoizyFrog (All reviews)
This show is a spin-off in Sword Art Online franchise and features a completely new cast in next “death game lite” scenario. Do these major changes mean improvement over the original? No. SAO:GGO tanks story and characters as spectacular as its predecessor, minus those action sequences, that made SAO at least serviceable.
RATING: 3 – bad.

STORY: We did not forget the obligatory café info dump & rape scene.
I do not research upcoming shows, or the names behind a project, often I don’t even read the synopsis; the only entries I may recognize are the title and the studio. After several weeks I learned, that apparently read more
Jan 16, 2020
tamslu (All reviews)
“ GGO: Alternative has a lot of potentials, specifically near the mid-end of the series, but it ultimately leaves the viewer unsatisfied. “

GGO: Alternative begins a bit slowly - to the point where I almost dropped it - but the first few episodes are effective in establishing characters, real-world settings, and virtual game mechanics. The action scenes in the Space Jam competition (revealed at the beginning of episode one) are lacklustre, mainly because there isn’t much purpose behind the battles aside from the basic “I’ll beat them all and become the winner!” idea behind all contests. I stuck with the anime because of the protagonist’s read more
Dec 24, 2019
MossyPlanks (All reviews)

I had the highest of all hopes going into SAO Alternative: GGO. SAO II brought in a cool, adventurous mechanic to VRMMO gameplay--guns--that was showcased well by our main characters. I think this installment to the series ultimately fell flat in the grand scheme of things.

Story (2 - Dreadful):

This season's story was a bit lackluster. The main story itself revolved around preventing the death of a dear friend, but the way it was conduced made it feel as if the plot was never going to head in that direction anyhow. Certainly, there were times when the story fell grim because of what was happening, but read more
Nov 23, 2018
JiangHaoyi1979 (All reviews)
Repost 3rd Time in a row

Has some spoilers in it.

WTF were Studio 3Hz thinking when they come up with shit like this? the story plot was basically this was a drker version of Net Juu where prople were finding an escape from reality and enter to a a level of excitement away from the mediocre in the virtual world. So pretty much, the plot is cliche and pretty much lack any excitement since the characters were safe behind their console. anyway the fact is this anime's story plot was as boring as Isekai wa Smartphone. The art was no concern of mine, since read more
Jul 15, 2018
CanAKATheIndigo (All reviews)
SAO Alternative GGO: A fun series that served as the opening act

SAO Alternative GGO had only one function: to warm up the public for the arrival of the main dish of the franchise, Alicization, which is coming in October. And the series fulfilled.

The novel written by Keiichi Sigsawa (known for novels like Allison and its sequels "Lillia and Treize" and "Meg and Seron", which resulted in the anime Allison & Lillia) and supervised by Reki Kawahara (creator of SAO) was never ambitious nor did it seek to overshadow the original story

Therefore, it was foreseeable that after the announcement of the start of Alicization for next read more