Kenja no Mago

Wise Man's Grandchild

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Alternative Titles

English: Wise Man's Grandchild
Synonyms: Philosopher's Grandson, Magi's Grandson
Japanese: 賢者の孫


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 10, 2019 to Jun 26, 2019
Premiered: Spring 2019
Broadcast: Wednesdays at 23:30 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Source: Light novel
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, MagicMagic, RomanceRomance, FantasyFantasy
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.551 (scored by 204286204,286 users)
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Ranked: #56672
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Popularity: #399
Members: 368,586
Favorites: 2,218
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Jun 26, 2019
RebelPanda (All reviews)
“The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.”

God, I’m tired.

I’m tired of all the carbon-copied isekai light novel adaptations like Kenja no Mago, but Japan keeps pumping them out because it’s what makes money.

I’m tired of the same ubiquitous ‘isekai truck’ killing some random asshole before he even gets a single character trait, all for the sake of reincarnating him in an otaku power-fantasy wet dream.

I’m tired of narcissistic overpowered protagonists, lacking any personality, only existing to be praised and loved by every cardboard cutout character in the show.

I’m tired of 12-year old level writing quality; the story read more
May 1, 2019
Krunchyman (All reviews)
Dude gets rekted by an oncoming vehicle and dies in the first episode. But at least he wasn’t wearing a green, Hillary Clinton jumpsuit with his hair slicked back like Fonzie.

OOOOHHhhhhh, it’s Mr. Spirit Gun your girl!

In an age where originality is sparse to non-existent and numerous studios rely on shocking revelations to draw in viewers. It’s refreshing to watch an anime that pushes the boundaries on what is possible. By innovating the method in which they present the story, creating interesting character dynamics, and presenting thematic elements relevant to the current culture. Philosopher’s Grandson, on the other hand, does nothing read more
May 1, 2019
ZeromaxAnima (All reviews)
(Esta reseña tiene una versión en español más abajo)
This is one of the most uninspired jobs I've seen in my life.
Any cliche of a light novel that you can think, occurs here.

There are hundreds of Isekais with an Op MC, how is this anime different from those others? For absolutely nothing, it is the same stupid fantasy of empowerment with an escapist message. At least Overlord and Shield Hero try to be their own thing, but this anime does not even try.
Creativity is more important than originality. But this anime does not have any.

The protagonist is your typical Gary sty self-insert without personality. He don't read more
Jun 26, 2019
Rich_n117 (All reviews)
Wise Man’s Grandchild, the story of another sad man from Japan getting killed and put into another world. And if it wasn’t for the purpose of this show I would criticize this. Which leads me to a point that I believe everyone that ridicules this show and other isekai never understand. COMPARE IT TO THE RIGHT SHOWS. To many people that I see criticize this show are comparing it to the wrong isekai. In my opinion if you are comparing Wise Man to shows like Re Zero or Overlord you are sadly mistaken. I will admit that yes the side characters are simple, the plot read more
Jun 26, 2019
Mythologically (All reviews)
After being killed for no reason whatsoever, an average salary-man is reincarnated into a fantasy world. Upon his reincarnation, he meets one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Entering a familial relationship with this being, the protagonist becomes extremely overpowered. Following this, every character who knows about the MC's awesomeness jerks off to his amazing powers. All the while, we have an insanely bland cast of side characters and really generic art, with barely any overarching plot.

Some dude from an insanely influential family enrolls in a magic high school. Turns out, this dude is the most overpowered creature in the universe. Not only read more
May 1, 2019
forster82 (All reviews)
"Oh boy! I can't wait for the next anime isekai!" -Trash taste Weeb.

I've seen pretty much every isekai that anime has to offer, and meanwhile some of them were not that great, I believe that I'm in the minority that truly enjoys most isekais.

Kenja no Mago follows the typical isekai storyline of being reborn in another world as an OP MC. While I personally enjoy these types of anime, I understand why the majority of weebs out there are sick of this non-unique and generic concept with only slight differences in the story. I'll say upfront that if you are one of the people that read more
Jun 26, 2019
Ryuseishun (All reviews)
In the words of Charles Barkley:

Okay, seriously, people…why does it have to be so GOD DAMN hard to write an actual good fantasy story nowadays? Where’s the sense of originality? Where’s the sense of creativity? Apparently as of right now, anime is under a mini-crisis, and it involves the all-too-familiar infamous genre of “isekai”. It’s not the genre itself that is bad, it’s just the endless supply of all these cheap knockoff shows, written and produced purely for the sake of easy cash grabs and light novel promotions. Now, in all honesty, I will not condone the lack of originality in a series as read more
Jun 2, 2019
Yen_ (All reviews)
Before we get started, I know what you're thinking. 8? You're giving this absolute cliche an 8 out of 10? Yes. Yes I am. I'll also have you know that I dropped both "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" and "Overlord"! *horrified, distant shrieking*

Here's why:

Kenja no Mago knows what it is— an unoriginal story filled with one-dimensional characters told through average animation, sound, etc. That being said, it does an unexpectedly great job of not annoying me. Our hero Shin is a bit dense, but not excessively so. It has its uncomfortable, ecchi moments (looking at you, bidet scene), but it's no Hajimete read more
May 1, 2019
H4nss0n (All reviews)
Wooooow......Wooooooooooow. This is bad. This is real bad.

Problem 1, The Gary Stu:
Usually when you write a story there are certain pitfalls you want to avoid. One of them is the Mary Sue, alternatively called Gary Stu for males. A gary Stu is a character that doesn't have any flaws and is really strong or talented at whatever you have to be talented in in their specific story in order to be successful. When you write a Gary Stu character it's hard to make people empathize with him as he never has to struggle for anything. On top of that as there is never anything read more
Jun 26, 2019
TakamakiJoker (All reviews)
The Isekai genre has a problem.

It's a problem that has been going on ever since 2016 with the release of Konosuba and Re:Zero. It is also a problem that more often or not ruins the industry image from outsiders as many people from other mediums would say that the anime medium is vapid shit that has no substance base on the self insert/waifu pandering that were shown by various Isekai anime.

Wise Man's Grandchild is the embodiment of this as it's not only a horrendously made anime that is void of passion and creativity it also shamelessly represents everything that is wrong with this genre.

The plot read more
Jun 26, 2019
Syureria (All reviews)
Get rekted by an oncoming vehicle? Green swimwear? Or hair style? What does that have to do with all this? Using pearls of wisdom like that is effective for deceiving readers? Giving one value isn't that a little excessive?

Shin was killed by a vehicle and a victim, at that time he experienced an unexpected event. Just before his death he woke up from his sleep and repeated a life from the beginning. Need to add more synopsis? Of course not. Come on, this is just a silly worksheet and what do you expect from this blank worksheet? read more
May 1, 2019
spy4killer (All reviews)
You know those dumb light novel anime if you have seen one you have seen them all. Normally I would stop watching them after the first 3 minutes, but for some reason, I stuck through this one, why? because it was so bad that I honestly enjoyed the first 2 episodes of it. the 3rd episode comes out and they sucked all the fun that it barely had. this show starts to take itself seriously. well, now I can not recommend it to anyone the first 2 episodes while they are somewhat enjoyable they are not really worth your time. on the other hand, if read more
May 1, 2019
eel-ion (All reviews)
"Ah shit, here we go again."
A spoiler-free review, by the way.

Another isekai anime with a generic plot to satiate our trashy isekai desires. After watching its first four episodes, I can already tell that Kenja no Mago, in spite of the show being a mediocre, is trying hard to be something in the realm of the isekai genre but still indeed entertaining to watch.

The first episodes of Kenja no Mago has demonstrated the capabilities of the protagonist, Shin Walford, and how broken and overpowered he is—a cheap trick to hype up the viewers but can be seen as dull and uninteresting by many. He is read more
Jun 26, 2019
Stark700 (All reviews)
If a 5 year old asked me to explain what “Kenja no Mago” is, I can easily sum it as “isekai trash”. They may not understand the term ‘isekai’ at first, but they know what trash is. It’s a shame for me to say this because Kenja no Mago could have been an actual hit, something special even. What it ended up instead is garbage that I doubt even a 5 year old can enjoy.

Without jumping too far ahead, the isekai genre often consists of several ways to set up for is main story. The protagonist usually gets transported to an alternate world. In some read more
May 1, 2019
Blackjohn91 (All reviews)
Kenja no mago is one of those generic isekai that turn out tedious due to taking the fantasy fulfillment element to an overblown extreme. IMO it falls into the same category as "Isekai wa smartphone" and "Death March to the parallel World", so if you could bring yourselves to like these then you'll probably like this one as well.

Story: 1

The premise is a generic cliche at best. The MC is an adult who gets ran over by our good ol' friend "truck-kun" and then gets reincarnated in another world as a baby.

Now the "cringy" part is that the MC, even as a child, retains read more
May 2, 2019
Siun (All reviews)
~Please don't watch this show, it just encourages and validates that these studios can pump out something this garbage and do good.~

This is just about the most cliche, generic anime I've ever seen. I want to almost believe it's a parody because it's so badly cliche. It's like an off-brand generic copy of a name brand show.

Every instance is so predictable and cliche that it's almost embarrassing to watch, I actually physically cringed for the first time ever watching this show at some of the scenes; one of the scenes was so obviously predictable that when it happened, I almost clicked out of the read more
Jun 5, 2019
daveharwood (All reviews)
This is the worst anime I've ever seen in my entire life. I've made it through Sword Art Online, Vampire Knight, Eromanga-sensei, and even fucking King's Game, and this is the one that broke me. I smiled 2 times, and they were both at parts that weren't trying to be funny. There's nothing good about this show at all. I'm writing this review at episode 8 because that's the farthest I'm letting myself get to; for my own sake, I can't continue.

Story (1/10)
The story is 100% cliches. You can genuinely predict every single thing that happens before it happens. The relationship between Kiri2 and GENERIC-GIRL-CHAN-5000 read more
May 1, 2019
MYNamehere (All reviews)
So far all I can say is this is one of the worst anime that I have seen. Personally I had high hopes for this anime and only watched the latest episode in hopes that it would improve. I don't write reviews often but I felt I had to for this one. There is no story so far and you can forget about character development. The story seems like some poor self insert fan-faction. The character seem to lack inelegance and have no flaws not to mention the poor pacing of the show. There are many pointless scenes, and no show/anime will ever be perfect read more
May 17, 2019
hhht3x (All reviews)
Tl;dr at end

Overpowered isekai are a ton of fun. At the time of writing this, I had a great time watching reincarnated as a slime (MC very OP). But kenjo no Mago doesn't hit any necessary beats to make it feel worth my time.

first epsiode was fine enough, setting up that MC is strong but dumb (has no common sense) But this never comes u again!

The first episode covers his life in a new world up to when he enrolls in, you fucking guessed it. High school (could it not be a generic anime without high school?). But it's not even fun high school. read more
May 9, 2019
Niamriva (All reviews)
The show puts in the bare minimum, which is disappointing because it had an interesting premise of combining magic and science. While the combination does persist, it seems more of a gimmick to highlight how broken of a character the MC is. The characters also lack interesting personalities, instead following typical tropes and existing either to be a damsel in distress, or praise how amazing the MC is.

If you're new to anime or the isekai genre this might be enjoyable but so far the story, setting and character all seem like a setup to have the MC as an audience stand-in for wish fulfilment, which read more