Golden Kamuy

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Alternative Titles

English: Golden Kamuy
Japanese: ゴールデンカムイ


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 9, 2018 to Jun 25, 2018
Premiered: Spring 2018
Broadcast: Mondays at 23:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Geno Studio
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, HistoricalHistorical, SeinenSeinen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.821 (scored by 8264582,645 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #7962
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Popularity: #684
Members: 207,889
Favorites: 1,568


Both have Gorey action, teamwork of male and female Cooking, lot of cooking in both shows and some comedy, Both have mystery themes finding out more and more as you go along Both even a have character called nikkaido  
report Recommended by The0penBook
A lot of common points: - Seinen - Characteristics of the main character - Feminine second character - Historical setting with references to famous events and people - Similar sense of humor 
report Recommended by Oonokami
Both are historical adventure series based on acclaimed manga series that while action packed and goofy, are not afraid to get violent and bloody. The heroes in both are daring and clever (Sugimoto is essentially a synthesis of Jonathan and Joseph), and the villains in both are crazy insane. 
report Recommended by Dewelleric
While Golden Kamuy is much more comedic (Vinland Saga has basically no comedy at all) they are both great adventure tales about burly men in the snow. If that sounds appealing to you, then either show will probably feel right at home on your completed list. They both have fantastic and interesting characters, and both feature lots of moments where you aren't quite sure who you should be cheering for. I found myself rooting for both the protagonists and antagonists in both series. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
They've got a similar feel to them, the dynamic between the two main characters in each show feels the same, and they carry a similar objective (to collect everything of something).  
report Recommended by hashigamon
Both are set in a hysterical background  
report Recommended by Alzec
Both have somehow similar vibe. Both are adventurous. Story, art, action in both anime are splendid. 
report Recommended by michiko-chan
Almost every single character in both of these shows can be described as a "lovable weirdo". The humor is quite similar in both, though Gintama is 90% humor and Golden Kamuy is 40%. The full casts are given decent attention, not just a few main characters. Good action mixed in with the comedy. They also both feature very interesting worlds and cultures, though for different reasons.  
report Recommended by Xaeveax
There's something about the mood of these two that is sometimes similar. Golden Kamuy has a lot more humor, but both have entertaining battles that often involves the terrain/forest around them. If you are looking for superficial similarities, both main characters have scars on their faces and are good in a fight. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Both shows can be considered comedies but they have real plots, tho in city hunter is in an episodic format. The MCs have a partner and they have a strong relationship. Both shows have great OPs and EDs. They have a kind of adventure feeling that really makes you want more. The supporting cast it's interesting. Both have a good amount of action scenes. Both MCs are badass af and "too cool for school" XD 
report Recommended by DaCraziGuy
Golden Kamuy has a serious atmosphere to it, similar to Hellsing's own atmosphere, as well as a good amount of imaginative bloodshed. If you like the type of action that's in Hellsing, you'll definitely like the action in this, though at some points there seems to be less (at some points, that is). The main characters are very likable and, just like in Hellsing, there are comedic or light hearted moments that take place within a plot that you originally wouldn't expect it from. The art and character designs are also somewhat reminiscent of Hellsing Ultimate; yet, where I would give Hellsing Ultimate 12/10 on  read more 
report Recommended by PhoenixA
Both shows are like an adventure, they have a great and unpredictable plot, and they have a lot of comedy. The cast it's HUGE but all the characters are interesting and get some kind of development. Both can get gory sometimes. Both have a meh beginning but they pick up really fast and it seems like out of nowhere. And they have a good amount of action. 
report Recommended by DaCraziGuy
Both anime display a great showing of men(Sugimoto, Guts) going through the struggle that is life and overcoming various obstacles. And In my opinion, both anime are shows I think every man should watch because it showcases key elements of what it means to be a man. When watching closely these two shows through the MC explore and question the "Philosophy of Man" .  
report Recommended by Stick-Enter
Both shows feature a semi-episodic action-adventure. Golden kamuy is a more mature series that incorporates historical & slice of life elements without sacrificing "high tension" moments. Full metal panic is a more conventional shounen-esque adventure that is more plain by comparison but nevertheless effective and not without substance. Both have great characters you will grow familiar with, each equipped with "light" but effective character arcs (i.e. don't expect Vinland saga level writing but you won't be disappointed). Although there are many differences between the two shows somehow I have a hunch they appeal to the same type of person. 
report Recommended by Anjuro
- Both of similar action genre - Same vibes in general, although each have a completely different plot. 
report Recommended by angiesimms
Similar to my first recommendation of 91 Days and Baccano!, Golden Kamuy is a historical themed anime. Even though it is historical it is set in a completely different time period and focuses on a completely different topic of war and the search for a hidden treasure of gold and riches. 
report Recommended by h0n3ys3npa1
Both Golden Kamuy and Durarara!! are well written and beautifully animated, involve an eccentric cast of characters and sweet action in a specific locale of Japan, and have a twisted sense of humor. Golden Kamuy is historical and kind of gory, while Durarara!! takes place in modern Japan and has supernatural elements. 
report Recommended by UsernameWithheld
Big beefy men? Check. Odd-ball casts of characters? Check. Random tangents about interesting facts that the writer threw in there because they thought it was neat? Oh you betcha. While both series are wildly different in setting and story-telling, both shows are quirky action series that manage to balance tension, brutal violence, and comedy all at the same time. 
report Recommended by slackjawmaw
If you enjoy character-focused series with a great sense of mystery and intrigue, both Baccano and Golden Kamuy have these in spades. You have a large cast of characters, all with their own unique quirks, motives, and goals that frequently cross over each other. The action is fast paced and grizzly, and you're never quite sure what the fate of each character is going to be! Both also feature really likeable characters too, where even the villains are a lot of fun to watch! 
report Recommended by slackjawmaw
Ripped dudes doing brutal stuff and being wholesome. A balance between chill, lighthearted slice of life and cruel drama. Both are also set in the past. 
report Recommended by Varjosoturi
While Golden Kamui is way more comedic in tone and Kamui no Ken more dramatic, plots of both revolve around hunt for enormous treasure, which could potentially change the course of Japanese history. Both also feature an Ainu (or part Ainu) main character. 
report Recommended by Gwathgor
While the stories are vastly different, the mood is surprisingly similar between the two. A good balance of serious storytelling and absurd comedy at the same time. Lots of well written and distinct characters. They also both take place in Hokkaido, and are heavily rooted in the culture of the area (though from different time periods). 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Yes, their genres are really different, Monster is a thriller whereas Golden Kamuy is an action adventure. But I find similarity in how the story told.. Both shows are focused in character, and driven by characters movements/journeys. Every character have something in mind and we as a spectator follow each of their journey.. I mean, in majority of animes, we only follow main protagonist/group and see the story from their point of view, and only in a really minor part that the focus shifted to side character and antagonist, but in Monster and Golden Kamuy we have a set of characters and the story always shifted from  read more 
report Recommended by Jim_Heart
Both shows feature lots of hunting, cooking, and slice of life with action mixed in. The food is very important in both, and most episodes will leave you wanting a meal yourself. Golden Kamuy is the better show by far, but if you enjoy one you will likely enjoy the other.  
report Recommended by Xaeveax
This may seem strange, but the attention to detail in the slice of life moments of Golden Kamuy always remind me of Hakumei to Mikochi. Super detailed cultural descriptions, food preperation, and world building. Lots of nature and outdoor scenery. While the core shows/stories are very different, this aspect is very similar. If you watched Golden Kamuy and loved the slice of life moments, give Hakumei to Mkiochi a try. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Golden Kamuy takes its slapstick comedy from the pages of Hajime no Ippo, and like Ippo, punctuates this with very well-written suspenseful arcs filled with action and intrigue. Kamuy comes into its own with the incredibly unique and eventually beloved characters, most of whom are crazy in a fun way. The personalities of Kamuy shine throughout and by the end of season 2 it becomes a true diamond in the rough. 
report Recommended by Marquis_D_Luffy
Both shows have veteran soldier characters, similar climate and sense of humour. The setting of both is based on early 20th century. 
report Recommended by bmw830
Different styles of shounen, but MC is charming and generally OP. (Immortal eh?) In general action packed and great soundtrack. 
report Recommended by Kaguyachinchin
The heroine of Samurai Champloo and Golden Kamuy are nothing alike in terms of personality, but they share the same determination in finding their father. Wandering through Japan, both girls find companions to aid in solving the mystery of their father's circumstances while searching for food, shelter, meeting rivals and old acquaintances. Both shows feature moments of extreme brutality and gore, slapstick comedy and drama. Both are history-rich anime showcasing the Ainu, Japanese and Western culture. If you liked the mystery of the hunt and converging story-lines of Golden Kamuy, you'll probably enjoy Samurai Champloo.  
report Recommended by Rukiko
A child and her parent-figure go on a journey to find out about the child's birth father, meeting people and getting into sometimes bizarre situations along the way. The real heart of these series lies within the growing familial relationship between the two leads. 
report Recommended by Neko-Hoshishima
-Two traveling companions in a Samurai era. -Main male characters are immortal in their own way; Sugimoto can fight his way through everything basically without dying while Mugen is indeed immortal and his wounds are instantly healed. -Both anime have deep and amazing story and characters -Animation is decent to very good as well. 
report Recommended by Walter_White18
Although the settings are different, both are enjoyable historical adventure anime focusing on characters who are searching for a hidden treasure. Both contain lots of action, twists, and funny moments. 
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Both Stranger and Kamuy follow a typical escort-mission scenario, wherein the warrior (Nanashi, a ronin and Sugimoto, an ex-soldier) work with an orphan (Kotarou and Asirpa) to traverse historical Japan (Sengoku Era and Meiji Era) on a journey, all the while evading corrupt villains (the Chinese militia and the Hokkaido 7th Division). Other similar aspects include gritty, realistic violence and gore, such as dismemberment and torture. 
report Recommended by Dewelleric