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Persona 5 the Animation

Alternative Titles

Japanese: PERSONA5 the Animation


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 8, 2018 to Sep 30, 2018
Premiered: Spring 2018
Broadcast: Sundays at 00:30 (JST)
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: CloverWorks
Source: Game
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 6.731 (scored by 25,687 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #48912
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #854
Members: 118,804
Favorites: 436


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May 12, 2018
RebelPanda (All reviews)
So far, this adaptation has been a massive disappointment.

A-1 pictures are known for their generic character designs and cutting corners when it comes to animation, so when adapting a game as stylistically brilliant Persona 5 it was obvious they wouldn't live up to the game’s highs. I never expected it to excel or even match the game’s quality, but with a director as talented as Masashi Ishihama (Shinsekai Yori) expectations were raised and this adaptation’s first six episodes have flown far below them.

Story: 5/10
A 100+ hour game stuffed into 24 episodes will inevitably have pacing issues, and this has its fair share. The read more
Sep 29, 2018
dotta (All reviews)
Unfortunately for game anime adaptations, they have a steep hill to climb to recapture the magic you get from playing through them.

Persona 5, another addition to the long time SMT/Persona series was a huge success in both the west and in Japan. It won 2017 Game Awards “RPG of the Year” And was ranked at was of the top games of the year by many gaming outlets. Even with that, the anime was considered a disappointment from the start. With its cheap animation, off-pacing at times, and generally its lack of what made the game special.

However, my expectations played a part in the viewing experience. read more
Sep 29, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
Persona 5 is the newest addition to the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. Its source material had around 5 hours worth of actual content like is implied in its name, yet playing the whole thing takes around 140 hours because it's a classic J-RPG game that relies on repeating the same thing 18500 times.

Unfortunate for the fans of the game, the anime end up being 26 episodes long when it should have been 500, and unfortunate for anime fans, the anime end up being 26 episodes long when it should have been 13.

As far as fillers go, filler is canon content I mean, Persona 5 read more
May 20, 2018
magaiverix (All reviews)
I immediately say that, I have not played the game, because I have only a PC and no consoles, but in good time back I already heard the sea a good comment about this game, most said that the game is worth it and the time went so fast that an animation about this game was already appearing and I decided to start watching this piece of work..... ok lets start with>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>-OP intro- 9/10- impressive and interesting created, I really liked it.

Story 7/10- For the moment everything is fine except for the main storyline- he has not yet appeared (although it was shown whose one read more
Sep 29, 2018
ggesus (All reviews)

Hoy lads, I was quite excited to see my first review make it front page so thanks for that but now that the anime is done I guess I have to write this again. Most of my opinions haven't really changed so bits and pieces will remain the same. Swearing to Brahman didn't really help save this anime and P5A only slightly picked itself up towards later episodes. Atlus still should not be tolerating this kind of quality and I do sincerely hope they get out of whatever sort of contract they're in before they decide to ruin another property.

Let's read more
Sep 29, 2018
Snapshot426 (All reviews)
It's no secret that adaptations from video games tend to suck. Which is understandable due to it being difficult to cram so much storytelling into another form of media and condense it. There is also the fact that they bring the problems of the video game and try to adapt it into another form of media with those problems. Some examples include the adaptation of characters, their backstories, personalities and glossing over key plot points, believing that the viewer or reader already knows the details.

Now I've always admired the Persona games as an outsider since I have never played the games. So this was read more
Feb 8, 2019
TakamakiJoker (All reviews)
I'm not going to waste my time with the introduction piece of the review so I'm just going to start with the review.

The story follows Ren Amamiya who is sent to Tokyo to stay with family associate Sojiro Sakura and attend Shujin Academy during his year-long probation. After his arrival, he is drawn into the Velvet Room, where Igor warns him that he must "rehabilitate" to avoid forthcoming ruin, and grants him access to a supernatural mobile app that leads the protagonist into the Metaverse and from there him along with his group of friends that he recruits must now steal corruption from the hearts of adults read more
Sep 30, 2018
GianisSenpai (All reviews)
Persona 5 was one of the best RPGS I've ever played in my life, sensational gameplay the story is very good, have very few holes and plot twists sensational.
The characters are great super well developed, as long as the player has an interest in socializing with a certain character.
Already in the adaptation made by CloverWorks was different, first of all in the adaptation they decided to adapt 26 episodes until near the end of the game, which would be about 80 hours of history inside the game, of course it was very rushado, the problem is that Person 5 is a slow game that has read more
Sep 29, 2018
LegendAqua (All reviews)
For a game that's about "stealing your heart", Persona 5: The Animation on the other hand was nowhere close to capture LA's heart...

LA only recently gotten into Persona 4: The Animation LA was hyped about Persona 5 as LA didn't play the game, so the anime was a good look into Persona 5, however...

Persona 5: The Animation on the basis tries to relive the events of the game, truncating any of the minor events, and with that LA will at least say that trying to cram in a 90 to 120 hour game into a 26 episode anime IS gonna have these kind of limitations, read more
Dec 17, 2018
Cyxnnn (All reviews)
I had higher hopes. I played the game so I know the storyline already, but when I watched the anime it was boring and messy. If you want a better story, you should just watch the gameplay.

{Story 8/10}
I gave story 8/10 not because of the anime but because of the idea. Sadly the anime didn't portray it well and had many scenes were I just got bored and stopped.

{Art 4/10}
Horrible art, messy and bad, and in each episode there are probably 20 pictures were the characters look stupid and deformed. I hoped they would use the anime scenes from the game and use them read more
Sep 29, 2018
RiccyKid (All reviews)
Persona 5 is a good game but does the anime do it's part and show how good the game is? Yes and no. The first episode is one of the best episodes in the show with it's fast pace. The rest of the show should have followed the fast pacing of the first episode but had major pacing issues. Too slow for some parts and way to fast on others. The palace episodes are about one to one in a half episodes which are pretty good lengths. The outlier here is the very first palace which is in the first four episodes but this works read more
Jul 30, 2018
genjimainFhanzo (All reviews)
just play persona 5 its a 10/10 game
they somehow managed to ruin everything good about p5
story 4/10: the story fells rushed wierd pacing and they somehow ruined the main storyline of the game cause off course a 100+ hours game wont fit in a 24 ep show so they cut alot of corners
character 4/10: well they decided to cut almost all of the characters personality and development so they are all deep like the dead sea
sound 7/10: the game sound truck is good but used incorrectly in a way that makes the scene fell weird and the new trucks read more
Jun 20, 2018
LSSJ_Gaming (All reviews)
"I am thou... Thou art I ... From the sea of thy soul I come ... Call upon my name, and release thy rage! Show the strength of thy will to ascertain all on thine own, though thou be chained to Hell itself! I am the pillager of twilight, Arséne!"

So I recently got into the Megami Tensei multiverse. I knew it existed for a couple years, heck I even played Persona 2 (Innocent Sin) for the original Playstation. Back then I really had no idea wtf half the demons and spells were, how to pronounce character names, or why Hitler was in the fucking game, read more
Apr 21, 2019
GrimmusReaperino (All reviews)
Persona 5 was one of the best games that I have ever played, and was a hit both in Japan and in the West upon its release, and continues to gather attention with spin offs and possible sequels based upon the loveable characters the game presents you with, along with the fantastic music crafted by Shoji Meguro (which luckily makes its way into this animated adaption).

It was a hard job to handle, cramming a 90-100 hour game into only 26 episodes, but as we have seen with Persona 4 the Animation (also handled by A1 Pictures), it can be done well.

But wherever the previous read more
Dec 31, 2018
AntarcticRuler (All reviews)
You cannot condense 95 hours worth of content and story into a 26 episode anime.

The anime adaptation of Persona 5 was so boring I couldn't finish it.

The show was trying to be like the game and because of that it was terrible.
- The pacing was off because arcs that take in game hours to pan out happen in at most an hour in this show.
- The few fight scenes were just boring to watch.
- Characters had no development what-so-ever in the short amount of time that I watched this show.

The only good thing about this show is that Dark Sun was a good song. read more
Sep 30, 2018
OtakuOne (All reviews)
(Please note this review is from someone who played the RPG before so it might be a little bit biased)

This anime is good...

Well, it should've been.

But no, they had to just to ruin a wonderful piece of work into an average adaptation
Let me tell you why, all of the cons cover up all the pros!

Let us start with the plot, if you compare it with 280+ hours of gameplay to this anime, the thing they did is actually good, but it still confuses anime-only viewers, such as why Joker get the other personas without even us seeing him getting that persona. The problem is that read more
Jul 9, 2018
for_soren (All reviews)
This adaptation is riddled with issues, ranging from fairly minor to really irksome, but my biggest problem with it is the direction.

Seiji Kishi did P4: The Animation a hell of a lot of justice. It may not have had the biggest budget or the highest-quality art, but the slice-of-life episodes were hilarious, and there were several really memorable (and emotional) action scenes. One need only recall the remarkably well-handled summer episodes, which retold several social link arcs in a really entertaining and satisfying manner, to realize the core strengths of the show. The anime ended up capturing the tone of the game perfectly and, for read more
May 13, 2018
jimmyedagawa78 (All reviews)
I went into this anime expecting the worst as I had nightmares with the god-awful animation of the OVA but it was a pleasant surprise to see the animation was actually halfway decent (compared to the OVA) for what its worth. It's nothing groundbreaking but it works. The animation is a bit stiff to my liking but it must be because I'm coming straight off the heals of binging Violet Evergarden (I highly doubt it) but the aesthetics are right on point (I am in love with the look of the velvet room.). You won't get most of the character development as the story has read more
Oct 26, 2018
akirakishitani (All reviews)
I wonder if i am justifying the 8 rating i gave but please there be a season 2.

This review is coming from someone who has never played the game before or pretty much any game using the console. If i see this purely from an anime POV with no source material to fall back on, i would say its a fairly decent story with some average CG for action scenes The story is also well paced and it has some interesting premise. The ending was also unexpected.

Story: If i compare P5A with P4A, the former has at least a semblance of a plot while read more
Oct 11, 2018
ShadowStealer7 (All reviews)
TL;DR: Works better as a companion to the game, anime original scenes or changes from the game are generally pretty good but the rest can be seen as average in terms of writing. Art is mediocre overall but gets better too late. Enjoyable if a Persona fan, just don't expect P4A 2.0

Persona 5 the Animation has been the subject of ridicule with the quality of the art and animation along with the rushing of a 100+ hour game into 26 episodes plus an unspecified amount of OVAs later on, and from this you would think that CloverWorks has somehow managed to make the worst anime read more