Soul Eater

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Alternative Titles

Japanese: ソウルイーター
English: Soul Eater
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Type: TV
Episodes: 51
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 7, 2008 to Mar 30, 2009
Premiered: Spring 2008
Broadcast: Mondays at 18:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Bones
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, FantasyFantasy, SupernaturalSupernatural
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.841 (scored by 789637789,637 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #8092
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #59
Members: 1,497,647
Favorites: 24,779

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Preliminary Spoiler
Mar 9, 2009
Preliminary (46/51 eps)
Soul Eater is an impressive anime. It's one of those where you will no doubt enjoy watching

After watching some of the first episode you'll think Soul Eater will have your typical Shonen story. Basically, human weapons and their student technicians reside in Shibusen and have to collect 99 evil human souls and 1 witch soul, the reward being that the technician's weapon will transform into a Death Scythe.

It seems pretty formulaic, nothing you haven't seen before. The way the first few episodes pan out will make this seem like the main goal, but soon after you'll realise there is actually a deeper story developing. ...
Apr 23, 2009
Mixed Feelings
Soul Eater is about a group of students who attend a school for aspiring demon hunters, Shibusen. The story follows Maka, an scythe weilder and her partner, Soul, who transforms into the scythe she uses. Each hunter is paired with a partner who can turn into a weapon, and the two must fight in unison. The other main characters include Death the Kid, and his weapons Liz and Patty who become twin pistols, and Black Star, along with his partner Tsubaki, who has the unique ability to transform into several weapon types as a jack of all trades. These students as well as their teachers ...
Nov 17, 2009
Here we have Soul Eater, a shounen anime produced by Bones (Wolf's Rain, Full Metal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club) that came out in 2008. I've never read the manga, so this is based solely on the anime. Set in the fantastical Death City, Soul Eater focuses on the Shibusen Academy, where students both work together and compete in order to turn their partners - boys and girls that can turn into various different weapons - into world-class Death Scythes. My university pally and I blasted through all 51 episodes in about a week, if you don't count the days that we were too ...
Apr 16, 2008
Short and Sweet Review:

Soul Eater is one of the most unique anime’s I have ever seen in the sense of graphics and story. The graphics are ultra-high quality, along with very interesting anime cut-scenes. Soul Eater has a little taste of everything an anime should have – a first-class story, superior graphics, a modest bit of pervert, and a VERY interactive world. Camera angle and character motions are very musical, flow very well with each other, and so on - which is one of the biggest plus sides to this anime. The characters are very fun and surprising - which is a big part of ...
Aug 9, 2008
Preliminary (18/51 eps)
Okay, I'm not a fan of reviewing shows in their early stages, but when I read the other reviews here; I just had to write up one, because I don't find it as great as most of the reviewers here on MAL. I find Soul Eater to be a bit of a rip-off from Bleach. It's still decent, though.

Okay, so some people have criticized my opinion that Soul Eater is a rip-off of Bleach (though making an entire review for that is a bit over the top). I'm fully aware that Bleach is very similar to a few older animes too, but the fact still ...
Jan 24, 2010
Mixed Feelings
Ultimately my main complaint about this series lies in this area. And I am going to be a little hard on it because of how much potential I saw that it could have had. I guess I should start by saying that what the story lacks is organization and commitment. Throughout the entire series, different conflicts would be shoved on the backburner right in the middle of their climax, the conflcts would be built way up and then fall flat within a single episode or two, and sometimes conflicts would be forgotten about all together without any resolve being made at all. It became ...
Nov 24, 2008
Preliminary (34/51 eps)
Dazzling animation, zany characters, seductive story-lines, awesome music scores - these acclamations yet still fail to justify Soul Eater enough as my favourite anime of the current season.

Produced by Bones, who brought us Ouran High School Host Club and Darker than BLACK, Soul Eater is adapted from the manga by Ookubo Atsushi. It is of personal importance to mention the manga for the animer is a very close adaptation of the latter. In a nutshell, the story follows three student weapon technicians and their respective partners, as they embark on a journey to combat evil, and yet grow up with each other at the ...
Jun 4, 2008
Preliminary (29/51 eps)
Soul eater, soul eater, soul eater. What can I possibly say about thee?! The description at the top tells you the base of the story but it doesn't nearly touch on how great and truly entertaining it really is! As I continue to watch this anime is never ceases to make me laugh and I just want more and more and more.

This story takes place in a area called death city where a shinagami helps humans destroy eggs of kishin by turning them in meisters and giving them weapons to obtain these eggs of kishin and one soul of a witch and turn there ...
Oct 31, 2008
Preliminary (30/51 eps)
This is my first anime review!!! X )

Story: While Soul Eater does have an pretty good story line, it seems somewhat stereotypical. There is an organization that was created to protect the world from bad guys, and some evil organization is plotting against them and trying to destroy them. (Other examples are Bleach, Naruto, Tokyo Mew Mew, etc). Then suddenly out of nowhere, collecting almightly weapons all over the world comes into play, and now it seems that the characters are tied somewhere between Tsubasa Chroncle and Bleach, and are doing too much at once.

Art: The art is probably one of the most unusual characteristics ...
Jul 12, 2008
Preliminary (13/51 eps)
I respect the opinions of all the people who find this show interesting. After all, people are allowed to have different opinions. However, I find it hard to understand when someone claims to hate Naruto yet at the same time loves Soul Eater. Sure, Soul Eater is not as a huge rip-off of Naruto as Nabari is, but it still incorporates many elements that make Naruto unwatchable in the first place. My point is, don't let Naruto-bashing become a trend. It's not like you have to hate Naruto just because a lot of people on the forums dislike it.

As mentioned previously, I find this show ...
Jun 5, 2008
Preliminary (7/51 eps)
I completely redid this review since we are now at the half-way mark of the series. But my mind hasn't changed much: This series went from amusing to downright exciting.

Story: 7 (Good)

Let's face it, Soul Eater doesn't have a really strong plot. We're half-way through the series, and I fail to see (thus far, anyway) why characters such as Excalibur were even introduced, since at first he seemed that he might be a major character eventually, but we hardly ever see him do anything. This might well change of course, who knows, and this goes for more than one character, such as Blair for example.

Anyway, ...
Nov 10, 2008
Preliminary (30/51 eps)
Soul Eater succeeds in delivering large amounts of entertaining filled with a combination of fine comedy and action in every episode. Aside from the few obvious shonen-ish vibes there aren’t many flaws that I can find. I, myself, am certainly not a fan of the shonen genre however that does not stop me from finding this anime to be greatly remarkable.


Possibly the second strongest point is the music department. It’s fast paced and has a nice beat. I rarely skip the opening theme when I watch SE, thing that not always happens when I watch other anime. The new ...
Jul 1, 2008
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (48/51 eps)
- - [ Soul Eater - 6/10 ] - -

One liner: "One wacky anime you really got to see, just for the non-confirmism in it"

UPDATE: I have brought down the rating of this anime. Why? Because the ending was simply pathetic and did not follow the manga, which is still very good.

UPDATE2: A user mentioned on my profile that I shouldn't bring down the score of the anime just because I didn't like the ending as compared to the manga. He/she is right. Am sorry for that. But I still don't want to raise the score up, because this review represents my opinion and I ...
Apr 23, 2011
Soul Eater is a good series with a great sense of humor, art style, and an excellent cast of characters but lacks the strength to be an over 50 episode series. What really stops this series from being a great series is that the story is dull and you feel like that the show is moving like a snail on a freeway in the middle of the series.

Story: 6
From the beginning, Soul Eater threw you the three meisters and their weapons. These short "monster of the week" episodes were exciting with tons of action and humor which kept me laughing and admiring the direction this ...
Apr 2, 2010
Preliminary (5/51 eps)
Well well.. here we have the most overrated, over-hyped show probably ever coming to existence. Soul Eater is much more those than Gurren-Lagann or One Piece, which are already more than you can comprehend. Both have their strong sides among all the weak however, but from Soul Eater I really didn't find any of such.

It's reasonable to say Soul Eater is practically Bleach x FLCL, neither of those I have been able to enjoy. I thought maybe two minuses equals plus here, but it didn't.

The story is as cliché as you can get. It's a combination of Pokémon-esque 'collect them all' and sports-shounen-esque seemingly incompetent ...
Jul 25, 2008
Preliminary (16/51 eps)
OMG!! Another masterpiece in 2008!!!!! This anime is simply the best!!!!
Unlike Bleach and Naruto which has a more slow and simple battle style, Soul Eater is much more faster and the battle style is much more interesting!!!!


This anime begins as Maka Alban (protagonist) and Soul Eater (also protagonist) hunts for 99 eggs of kisshin and a soul of a witch. Maka is a meister and Soul is a weapon who take form in a human form. If they succed in their mission, the weapon (Soul) can become the Death Scythe. If you want to know more, XD you can watch this anime yourself ^_^..!

Art & ...
Feb 25, 2015
Mixed Feelings
This truly is a unique anime, but it lacks something in all departments. I found this anime quite overrated, considering how much potential it had. The pacing is horrible, the music (especially the piano score) is annoying and some of the voices sound so unnatural (Patty, Soul, Maka), and the art varies a whole lot (the character's noses annoyed me). Still, I've never had so many mixed emotions about a show. I found myself annoyed, confused, curious. bored, excited, sleepy, refreshed, amused, intrigued and laughing. Mostly because the episodes varies so insanely much.

But the show indeed has a cool feel to it, with a unique ...
Apr 9, 2014
Mixed Feelings
In our community there exists animes which receive a large amount of hype, ones which everyone knows and most have watched. Soul Eater falls into this category. But why? This is what I am to explore in this review. (Please note, I have not read the manga, so this review will be written looking solely at the anime)

Story: 6/10
Soul Eater introduces a very interesting and unique plot. Students who fight evil sprits with their companions who transform into weapons to fight said spirits. Going into Soul Eater, I loved this idea. The students aimed to fight 99 spirits and one witch in order to transform ...
Apr 21, 2009

Yes, that's the annoying scream you will have to endure when watching this anime, the one who screams is the main character of Soul Eater, Maka Albarn. Now before writing this review I was thinking about in which order to put the good things and the bad things that this anime contained. I decided I'd start with the bad feautures. First of all; Soul Eater is a shounen anime, hence it has shounen screenplay which is to say it exists not to be either good nor bad, it's just there so that the characters have something to say. In truth though, the screenplay/script of the ...
May 1, 2013
Soul Eater is a relatively famous anime based on a manga written by Okubo Atsushi. Now, it is from Bones studio. So far the only reviews I've done of their stuff have been Darker than Black, Fullmetal Alchemist and Wolf's Rain and while that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to like this it does bode well. Let's take a look at Soul Eater and see if the trend of quality continues.

Soul Eater follows a group of students at Shibusen Academy, a school that trains living weapons and their masters. The goal of the students is to collect 99 souls from evil humans and a ...