Macross F

Macross Frontier

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Alternative Titles

English: Macross Frontier
Japanese: マクロスF(フロンティア)


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2008 to Sep 26, 2008
Premiered: Spring 2008
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:25 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Satelight
Source: Original
Genres: ActionAction, RomanceRomance, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Themes: MechaMecha, MilitaryMilitary, MusicMusic, SpaceSpace
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.901 (scored by 6067060,670 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #6932
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Popularity: #1286
Members: 135,065
Favorites: 1,767

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Sep 10, 2008
KaminaKai (All reviews)
*A Stunning Revival of a 25 Years Old Series.*

"Simple, easy to comprehend plot. Skillfully developed love triangle. Masterpiece level animation and music."

To those who are new to the Macross franchise, you can find some info on it here. Now first to clarify a thing for those who are confused with the "Macross Frontier Deculture Edition". The difference is simply that the Deculture Edition is the "pilot episode" of the TV series. Another way of putting it is an OVA version of episode 1 of the TV series which was aired ~3 months later.

Taking place 47 years (story-wise) after the original series, Super Dimension Fortress Macross. read more
Nov 19, 2008
Splitter (All reviews)
Macross Frontier, the latest installment to the 25-year-old mecha franchise, is so promising in every aspect early on that once the flaws become more apparent and begin to hinder to the series, it still remains watchable. But despite the rough patches the series hits, it is ultimately a very worthwhile watch.

One of Frontier's most endearing aspects is that it carries the Macross mythos while never alienating new audiences. Bringing with it all the cliches and plot devices that relegate the Macross universe, Frontier tells an solid stand-alone story that still connects well with the previous series before it. Frontier also succeeds in carrying as many read more
Oct 30, 2012
Starisu (All reviews)
--- Warning: Contains spoilers ---

Most series can be summed up in a few words, and regardless of their implications, some descriptions may throw you for a loop. When you hear the words triangles, music, missiles, more music and even more missiles, what is it that you think of? Most well-versed anime viewers should be thinking of the Macross franchise, as this can effectively sum up a great portion of what it's all about, ranging from the original series to the latest installment entitled Frontier.

Macross Frontier happens to be a fairly ordinary anime that in its simplicity, loses direction as it progresses, only to attempt read more
Jun 2, 2016
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)

If you asked someone if they`ve seen a Macross show, chances are, they`d say no. If the say yes, then ask them what their favorite one is. Some might say Macross Plus, others may say the original Macross from 1982 (my personal favorite). However, it`s undeniable that the most popular Macross series is Macross Frontier. I`ve already covered the alternate timeline movies that came out after this, so why not look back at the show that spawned them. So, did this soar into the skies, or come crashing down like an idol career? Let`s find out, shall read more
May 29, 2008
az_0k (All reviews)
Being the most anticipated anime of the spring season 08, I am NOT a bit surprised that MF turned out to be the most disappointing one. Except the incredible CG-implemented starwar-like battle scenes, there is nothing else to it, absolutely nothing. Even the music is average. The plot and the characterization are terrible too...Wait a minute, what am I talking about? There is no plot and characterization in this show. I can summarize the plot of the first eight episodes I watched into one sentence: two girls whoring around one guy plus some random battles against aliens. I'm sorry if I offended the fans but read more
Dec 1, 2008
Thaiberium (All reviews)
This review is from the point of view of someone who does not like mecha anime and has never watched the Macross series from the beginning because when people mention Macross, they mention mecha. This fear was unfounded as I sat down to watch the first episode. Variable Fighters aren't mecha. I will say it again, Variable Fighters are not mecha. With my bias firmly established, let's go into my review.

The story itself is well executed with small revelations trickling in, tying together a bigger mystery. There's even a love triangle involved, which also insinuates itself very well to the action. read more
Feb 19, 2009
chrwin (All reviews)
Watched this show 3 times now, and I have to say, it just may be my favorite anime to date. With a great story, the best sounds track i have ever heard, fantastic animation quality, great character design that i will never forget, I almost feel bad for those who have not gotten to enjoy the show yet. I need to comment on the music. If you're a macross fan you know that the show revolves around music and the power of song, and these tunes are rockin. With the second OP "Lion" or Sheryl Nomes Diamond Crevasse, The music keeps the flow of the read more
Mar 14, 2013
camerawr528 (All reviews)
This is my first review, so hopefully I don't say anything to out of place. I've heard a lot about Macross from a lot of my classmates and I decided that I wanted to take a shot at it. I will say that I was not disappointed at all.

Story 8/10
The story of Macross Frontier features colonies of people that are scattered around the galaxy in mega-sized domes similar to earth. The story overall wasn't completely original. Hostile Aliens threatening to exterminate the human race. Mecha units that are reminiscent to StarScream of the Transformer series. The thing that caught my eye was how music read more
Nov 23, 2008
Kit-Tsukasa (All reviews)
Where to start....So it's been essentially 4 years since the last Macross installment and a 12 year time skip since the prequel of this series: Macross Dynamite 7.

Story: After the Deculture Special during Christmas in 2007, I was rather impressed with the series alone with just that one episode, especially with the introduction of another member of the Nome family. However, it was almost obvious from not only the deculture episode, but the first few episodes of this series that it was going to turn into a love triangle series...a big no-no since it began to carry too much of the weight of the read more
Jun 1, 2008
LarryS (All reviews)
As a guy who grew up on the original SDF Macross some 18 or so years ago, it isn't really a surprise that I would end up watching this show. I was wondering when we would get a next Macross series.

A little disappointing that the story is moving at a snail's pace but it seems to be taking a much needed boost, after episode 9 threw a whole boatload of information at us. Seems like Macross Galaxy (related to General Galaxy?) could be Frontier's Weyland-Yutani...? Who knows, but it's starting to be a whole lot more interesting.

Much like SDF read more
Jul 18, 2008
EXEs (All reviews)
Allow me to say: epic final battle was epic, spoilers abound, etc

Story: Definitely interesting. In broad, it seems quite cliche (Aliens attack space colony, humans fight back), but if looked closer and given more detail, it's actually quite an intersting, but not totally original story. So far, it had focused a lot on developing the characters while throwing out the occasional dogfight and twist (Episode 13 = major twist), but it is laid out so it fits together well, and it's very interesting. Unfortunately, it suffers pretty bad pacing, which is very noticable towards the end, where they crammed tons of information and sudden revelations, read more
May 30, 2013
BetaEx (All reviews)
Love mechas? Love-Triangles? Dog-fights? Memorable soundtracks? Jaw-droping CG?
If you answered yes to 2 or more of the above then you'll find Macross Frontier and anime worth your time and heck it might even end up being on your top favorite animes.

To start the story itself does a pretty good job to start by explaining everything that has happened to mankind in this version of reality, so I much give this anime props for not being one that simply throws its viewers into a sea of information and drama for us to sort out ourselves.

To put it simply the story revolves around a galaxy-known singer named read more
Jul 17, 2008
nosfertauman (All reviews)
I tried to like the story but it opted for cheesy melodrama, bad action sequences and a love triangle that I did not care about. It tries to go for gut wrenching emotions but falls short because it does not bother to establish a conflict we truly care about, nor does it establish characters that I really cared about much at all.
The art ranges from absolutely awful, to pretty good, sometimes varying wildly between episodes. One thing that I absolutely hated was the CGI dogfight scenes, the action and the choreography were well done, but the computer generated graphics felt clunky and out read more
Oct 30, 2008
lamppost59 (All reviews)
A real great sequel to the Macross Series done in the full tradition of the Macross series. Traveling the Galaxy, Mecha fighters, Love Triangle, Unconventional weapons (Singing) and outstanding soundtrack.

Story: Really great story but I knocked off a point because I feel they stuffed too many events into the last episode. They should have done it over 2 episodes or made the 25th episode longer (like the De-culture extended 1st episode). I wish they also resolved the Love Triangle at bit better.

Art: Fantastic CG effects and battle scenes with great shots all over. Very little or no shots were "repeated" scenes. read more
Feb 8, 2009
vault2049 (All reviews)
I'm not really into mecha oriented type animes. But this one, as it's predecesors, has love-drama and some others elements that are taken to such a high level of importance and just become essential in the development and coclusion of the anime itself. I think that this is what makes it different from almost any other mecha-type animes.

The story starts up strong, full of mysteries and incognits but as it develops it downfalls a bit and concludes poorly at the end. The theme is the same as the other Macross series in the saga, In a galaxy far away in the future. But read more
Feb 7, 2010
CtrlAlexDelete (All reviews)
OK so heres my first review, i'd like to set straight that Frontier is the only Macross series ive watched so i have nothing to compare it with.

Story - I loved the story here, just when you think you've sussed where its going it twists some more. Also not too much time was focused on backstory but enough for me to understand the setting without watching the previous Macrosses.

Art - The artwork and animation was incredible, i was actually recomended this anime on the basis of the artwork and I have to agree with the guy, HD is well worth it here. For anyone read more
May 22, 2013
Zackstrife2 (All reviews)
Music - everybody love music, it's a way to get through people heart, an universal way who transcend langage, and everybody knows it.

Indeed I was listening to some Macross Frontier's music since some times ago, without even knowing this was from an anime.
Two weeks ago I was looking for a good mecha anime, and I heard about Macross Frontier, then realised where these musics came from.

The story of Macross Frontier is pretty a basic one, humanity who seeks to expand to survive, put a male protagonist who is a pilot who fight for humanity's sake and two lovely girls with it. There, you got a read more
Mar 18, 2011
DueTomorrow (All reviews)
I like campiness sometimes. Macross and Robotech were campy but enjoyable. Sure I never liked most of the main cast but there were elements that made me enjoy the series, both when I was a kid and later when I grew older.

Problem is, I haven't seen a Macross that's captured the same spirit as the originals except from possibly Macross Plus. I never could understand this, it's not a difficult formula but it's never executed the same.

Let's start with the premise: it's a love triangle story (coincidentally, the 1st opening theme is called "Triangular") where you the three main characters read more
Jun 13, 2009
Tanta (All reviews)
~My second review~

Hello, everyone! Today I am going to throw out the review on Macross Frontier!

This anime from the get-go brings much nostalgia from (Original) Macross, Macross Zero and Macross 7.

If you question the validity of this review you are welcome to do so. I have NOT watched the Macross (original series) but I have watched the movie. I HAVE watched all of the Robotech series and the Macross (Do you remember love Movie)
So on that context, let me start my review.

As I stated earlier, there are many points that I found from both the Macross movie and Macross 7. I personally enjoy all of read more
Nov 9, 2008
lonehunter88 (All reviews)
There are really no comparable animes worthy of the Macross series.. It's a whole new genre, combining intense mecha battles with intense singing..

The first Macross series was more about relationships.. However, in Frontier, it has changed all that. The Valkyrie art is superb, the plot and setting is realistic, the music and songs, oh the songs are just too good to be true!!! The characters are amazingly interesting, cute and loveable too..

In just 25 episodes, Macross Frontier has brought a whole new genre up front. It's a genre never before explored, not in Gundam, not in Evangelion, not even in FMP.

It makes read more