Shakugan no Shana

Shakugan no Shana: Season I

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Burning-Eyed Shana
Japanese: 灼眼のシャナ
English: Shakugan no Shana: Season I
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Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 6, 2005 to Mar 23, 2006
Premiered: Fall 2005
Broadcast: Thursdays at 00:45 (JST)
Studios: J.C.Staff
Source: Light novel
Genres: ActionAction, DramaDrama, FantasyFantasy, RomanceRomance, SupernaturalSupernatural
Themes: Mahou ShoujoMahou Shoujo, SchoolSchool
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.471 (scored by 248766248,766 users)
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Ranked: #17782
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Popularity: #359
Members: 510,301
Favorites: 4,912

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Both have Red-haired, tsundere characters who are the lead protagonists, accompanied by a brown-haired powerless male protagonist. Both of them are voiced by the same Voice Actors. Zero no Tsukaima goes more fantastical, as it is a totally different world set in the medieval ages. ZnT features more of a school environment and a larger cast of side characters. It's also more detailed in expanding its magical universe so you really get a feel of the premise. In sunmmary, Zero no Tsukaima has more of everything Shakugan no Shana has: Romance, School-life, Ecchi, Magic Rules and Universe, Better Soundtrack, More Side Characters. The only thing it doesn't  read more 
report Recommended by cardin
Both are very similar. Have the same synchro and the same character - qualities. Synchro~ Kugimiya Rie - Taiga - Shana In these animes is about love. The anime also has what funny, the comedy is there, too. 
report Recommended by Foxygirl05
The main heroines wield a sword and have fire powers which they use to take care of supernatural creatures. 
report Recommended by Canal
Action-packed anime with magic-girl as leading cast heavily supported by a guy who only looks out for her safety. 
report Recommended by VK11
Both are set in a world that is quite normal on the first look (one is a bit more futuristic though) but involve supernatural occurrences, like magicians or people with abnormal powers. The atmosphere is quite similar, though the plot of Shakugan no Shana is a lot darker/heavier at the start of the show. 
report Recommended by Mathes
The atmosphere (battles and other) is quite similar with villains popping out and a black/red-haired girl intruding on the days of an innocent male. 
report Recommended by Vizard
They both have the "boy-meet-girl" trend. They both feature a tsudere, shorty, and powerful (in terms of battles) character voiced by Rie Kugimiya. Both produced by J.C. Staff. 
report Recommended by eul721
Both male leads meet mysterious girls who have knowledge of things beyond the normal world. Flame Hazes are basically Shinigami and Torches are similar to ghosts. 
report Recommended by Karura
Some people are unlikely to see the similarities, but they are clearly there in my eyes. Both anime have extremely unique looking characters and are very colourful. They have magic, supernatural stuff and all the products of creativity and imagination a mind can think of. 
report Recommended by 5layer
Both follow male protagonists fighting in different dimension zones. Shakugan no Shana and 11eyes both have dark undertones to their plot. 
report Recommended by neopode
Both have the same character designer, Noizi Ito. There are similar elements in both stories, such as the time-space continuum and the school life scenario. 
report Recommended by chibuki
Both Anime are featuring a male protagonist encountering a girl with supernatural abilities. They also share the setting in an another world and are produced by J.C. Staff. Merry also kinda reminds me of Shana 
report Recommended by Lelouch_X
This series are similar like SOLA, main character is a girl with superpower and SHANA are too. 
report Recommended by klaudia
Like many have pointed out, a semi-inept boy brought into fighting a great bad organization via a Tsundere girl with fire powers (both played by Rie Kugimiya). Additionally, Yoshida (SnS) is very similar to Misaki Etō (DC). A shy girl in the boy's class who has some level of attraction she can't seem to get across. *IMHO, Shana is the better of the two series... watch it. Especially if you like the character of Rose.  
report Recommended by Beanieboy007
well, shana has TONS of action, complex (overdramatic) storylines; whilst kannagi is much more relaxed with nothing much happening except everyday things, however the main male protagnists are extremely similar in that they seem quite laid back average, nothing-much-going-on guys, who by some odd reason gets chased by some girls. 
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
Main female characters both have red hair. Both use fire with their main weapon and both make an alternative dimension when fighting against the enemy. Also, both main female character tell the main male character that he will not live for very long. 
report Recommended by Void0000
Basically starts off with both lead males getting killed and then fighting alongside the females that have saved them. And bad guys also feed off human life for the most part. 
report Recommended by MikethyKing
Both have supernatural creatures and another invisible "world" that cannot be seen by normal humans. Both have normal people forgetting the presence of people that were affected by the "other world." Both MCs have long "katana like" swords. The flame hazes can be the gods of Noragami. Both have a girl that doesn't fight but gets involved with the "other world." Both have antagonists that have many "pawns/weapons." 
report Recommended by Senchiro
as i saw only 1 rec for these 2 shows i guess you actually may like both. Fighting girl with sword, some spirit powers. Mix of comedy romance. even though shana maybe have more DEEP world building :p 
report Recommended by ArchNiki
Boy teams up w/ loli girl, fall in love, same sieyuus for main char, but this is more serious 
report Recommended by yukumushio
Strong and weak are not hot issue anymore in anime. I mean those two are usually implemented in the kind of hero and anti-hero characters. But only few anime that involves the strong and weak as a pair of lover. One of them is Shakugan No Shana. It is really similar with Witch Craft Work in the term of character's background. Sakai Yuuji and Takamiya Honoka are defined as weak person who know nothing about fighting. Kagari Ayaka and Shana are professional that already have goodly skills to annihilate the enemies. Their element is also not different. Both is using fire as basic attack. So,  read more 
report Recommended by Ciu
they both have really sad moments but yet really happy moment just trust me and watch it , You'll find out ;) 
report Recommended by static64
this 2 shows are similar because Narumi wants an normal life but get drags into things for some reason like in shana how yuuji get drags into things while having an normal life their also both produced from j.c. staff similar graphics too. i think their similar if u dont :) 
report Recommended by Monokoi
Felt the smiliarity directly when I watched the first episode of Ao no Exorcist. Mostly the combinations of demons/torches/Guzes no tomogaras and exorcist/flame hazes. Thought in Ao no Exorcist there misses a opposite-gender main character but that probably will be filled up by Rin's brother Yukio. Conclusion: Both have a mysterious story that you have to accept to continue and lots of action and a slight touch of comedy. 
report Recommended by keraito
There is a similar atmosphere in these two series. The character designs are colorful and bishoujo-influenced, and the action sequences are flashy and involve magic. Both series also contain drama as a main point, as well as action. They also take place in urban environments. They are both fantasy-based, but Nanoha takes the magical girl trope a little further than Shana. Shana is more of just a magic-based fighter rather than the traditional magical girl. Both series have extremely similar atmospheres and features. Both are worth a shot. 
report Recommended by Valkyrie_Wings
Both have a similar romance triangle Two lovers have a strong bond connected by a strange power they posses while another girl who is caring & supportive for the male lead gets pushed aside. Both have otherworldly powers.  
report Recommended by MixieMoon
Both are supernatural anime with a very normal protagonist who meets someone with red hair who looks human, but isn't. (Well, Rinne is half-human...) Both also involve the red-haired character battling supernatural enemies. Kyoukai no Rinne is more lighthearted, while Shakugan no Shana seems to get more serious. 
report Recommended by Nintendofan204
Both have A strong, magical female lead A weak male protagonist that becomes stronger Also the way the viewer is immersed in the story is similar.  
report Recommended by Oniifam_
Same alternate world vibes and supernatural demon creatures, the characters are competitive like Yuji and Shana. Sousei has a lot darker vibes than Shakugan no shana.  
report Recommended by darkmage_
-male and female protagonists get stronger over time -male and female protagonist share strong feelings for each other -more than one girl falls for the main protagonist overall i think if you enjoyed either one of these animes you will surely enjoy the other 
report Recommended by Unlx
Both are Magic and Fantasy Both have a situation where Magic exist Both Male protagonist are being followed by girl It's has some other I can't explain.. but this is the most similar part. 
report Recommended by LLEENN
In both shows the main protagonist finds out that they are immortal and have a time limit where there powers are refilled. In itsuka tenma... its every 15 minutes his power is restored but in shakugan no shana its every day at midnight. If you liked one you will like the other because there's a lot of fighting and some romance so it will never get boring. 
report Recommended by johnsmith1
Both have similar fighting style and the main characters falls in love with each other. They have to face life and death battles. 
report Recommended by Aleron
As much as I'd like to give you more than a list with similarities and differences, with the setting of Isuca appearing to be a direct copy of Shakugan no Shana's there is very little else to say. As such; both series have monsters from another world who need to suck out humans' lifeforce in order to be able to remain in our world. Fighting those monsters is a young tsundere with a love for the word "Urusai" helped by an everyday schoolboy with a certain mysterious power. Needless to say they end up living together. Saying it's all the same would be a bit unfair  read more 
report Recommended by samonus
Both shows are about fighting supernatural stuff and there is little romance in it...  
report Recommended by sapphirext
The idea of souls being eaten is shared by these two anime series with a narration centering on a male and female lead. 
report Recommended by arimakenshin
It's a bit of a stretch, but both shows are half fantasy/shounen and half harem/romance, and they both throw in a few epic battles and shocking plot twists that no one could see coming. 
report Recommended by _eternal
Both heroines - Shana and Nagi - are part of "The four tsudere wonders". So if you like tsudere characters, you should watch them both. 
report Recommended by Lavinnia
Many people will probably see this as huge stretch since Bamboo Blade really isn't Magical type anime. The similarity lies in the two lead characters who are somewhat withdrawn and timid yet fiery and assertive when it comes to swordplay. While Shana is a mythical Flame Haze sent to regulate the balance of the spirit and physical world, Tamaki Kawazoe is a timid and innocent Kendo savant that is almost unbeatable on during a match. Both Tamaki and Shana both have to struggle to develop their maturing social lives and learn about the opposite sex. While there genre's are different other than the slice  read more 
report Recommended by Orion1
Corticarte has the same attitude as Shana, it's kinda funny how similar they are. They are different in the aspects of the plot, but they have a similar feel.  
report Recommended by Githul
Both Shakugan no Shana and Zero no Tsukaima have very similar relationships between the main hero and heroine, even their appearances and personalities are very similar. The personalities of secondary heroines are also almost identical in both animes. Both have the heroine and hero fighting side by side, with heroine controlling a stronger power and the hero acting as a bodyguard most of the time. 
report Recommended by CUBE
It appears that the girl who acted strong but weak inside is very common in Japan. And that girl being saved by a total bum is even more regular. And if you are a bully, please be aware of that so-called total bum as he may have hidden power yet to be unleashed. 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
I kept thinking of this series while watching Shana, a boy/girl pair fighting evil, some cute romance, love triangles and lots of action (though there is no magic in FMP) but if you like one, you'll love the other! 
report Recommended by as3
Both protagonists have a "useless" human tagging along with them for one reason or another. Both use swords bigger (or longer) than they are Both have some kind of super power (wind scar, backlash wave etc while Shana has flame of heaven, her fire wings and exceptional detection of "intent to kill") Both are very fast protagonists (combat wise) Both have emotion issues and don't understand a lot of things (like how to treat a member of the opposite gender for example) Both have an excessively powerful enemy which has hordes of different enemies (Naraku's incarnations and Bal Masques army leaders) 
report Recommended by -FlameHaze-
Both anime envolves a normal boy getting cought in a battle that caused him to gain powers that changes his life, if you loved shakugan no shana give this anime a try.. 
report Recommended by yumiche
Fair rivalry between friends (Ao Haru Ride - Futaba & Yuri, Shakugan no Shana - Shana & Kazumi) but the Ao Haru Ride doesn't have a fantasy genre. Both has a long romance story before the awaited ending. 
report Recommended by Chento
Both Seirei no Moribito and Shakugan no Shana are both action/adventure series combined with comedy and romance. They have action scenes that are very plot-driven, not dragging on for several episodes like other pure action series, and both have action sequences of great animation. 
report Recommended by KholdStare88
Both shows are largely divided into different arcs, with each arc concerning the defeat of a specific foe. Both series allude to a deeper meaning/scheme behind the events in the story. Both series contain a female/male pair as main characters. Both series have a sense of darkness and mystery to them. 
report Recommended by arilando
Aside from the obvious loli tsundere female leads, both series alternate between comedic slice-of-life scenes and dark, intense fights, which actually give off pretty similar atmospheres. 
report Recommended by We-are-all-crazy
Both of these animes involves a guy coming across a super-powered female lead, from an entirely different level than him. The female lead possesses a strange power or ability, which in turn explains that the world is NOT as it seems, and strange things are happening.  
report Recommended by Shadolance
The magical fighting girl and the character development is very similar. Both shows make it very easy to fall in love with the characters and both have very interesting plots. 
report Recommended by Reya
They both involve romance, but I highly recommend watching Shana BEFORE watching Nogizaka since there are quite a few moments in Nogizaka that require having watched Shakugan no Shana (well, there's others as well but this is the most prominent).  
report Recommended by regithegamer
tons of actions scenes, crazy monsters which pop up, and complex political situations. also, love interest between 2 main characters, much more well done in kekkaishi though 
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
Both have lots similarities, like the disappearance of people, in Shana people totally forgets about you under certain circumstances and in this one is through the lose of your shadow. They both set an alternate version of the real world for battles and both even have a Tsundere relationship between the main characters. If you like one for the comedy and battles formula, then you should give a try to the other too. 
report Recommended by Yizien
Both "A boy meets girl" animes. Male lead character development is similar. Whiny boy at the beginning becomes a hero(he-he) at the end, willing to save his girl and the world at the cost of his own life. Both have some ecchi episodes, though in Guilty Crown characters are more grown-up. Both male leads also have done some dark deeds to archive their goals. Guilty Crown is better in the part of soundtrack and also has less fillers. Both great animes really which leave with lots to think of. 
report Recommended by palasataja
Although the storyline isn't similar at all, both share some similarities: The main male character seems to be normal at first, then he is presented to a completely different world. Both share a main heroine that had her name given by the main hero, getting in love with him because he is the first to behave like that. Also, although SnS is way less harem-directed and less ecchi, both have lots of girls/women around the main hero. Both main heroines are jealous about the main hero, but Tohka takes it way better :P (due to the storyline, probably) 
report Recommended by 6hell6saint6
Both shows revolve around a group of warriors who fight enigmatic creatures prone to preying on humanity. The heroines (Shana and Clare) are introduced as cold warriors who prioritize their duties over protecting the innocent but after meeting a weak but kind human boy (Yuuji and Raki) they defrost and become more heroic. Both shows are also quite dark in tone, though "Claymore" is definitely the darker of the two. 
report Recommended by Joe_Devaney
Both of this series were done by the same director named Takashi Watanabe. This series have similar character - qualities. Both of this first season of this have similar pacing and world building expect Shana are more modern. Both were done by J.C Staff 
report Recommended by TakaTempest
Both shows revolve around a secret world that's in plain sight but goes unnoticed by the general public- the Crimson World and Nabari. The main characters are seemingly ordinary teenagers who discover that they have an extremely powerful magical object within them (the Midnight Lost Child and the Shinra Banshou) which makes them a target for pretty much everyone. Fortunately for them, they both gain a group of allies, who are determined to prevent the power from falling into the wrong hands. But while Miahru's situation may be similar to Yuji's, he shares his Japanese voices actor (Rie Kugimiya) with Shana and his English voice actor  read more 
report Recommended by Joe_Devaney
The main girl is very similar in many respects. I couldn't help but think of Shana whenever I saw her. 
report Recommended by Conquerorofdoom
Connecting to supernatural affairs. Blood Lad and Shakugan no Shana give a supernatural MC to pair up with a clueless human MC, of who ends up pairing up with the supernatural being during their new irregular lives. In Blood Lad, the vampire Staz finds the human Fuyumi, who ends up dying. With this, Staz vows to resurrect Fuyumi, of which, proceeds for him and Fuyumi on a long journey to resurrect Fuyumi. However, Shakugan no Shana puts Yuuji in the same situation, though, it is impossible for him, as a torch, to come back to life. Due to this, he follows Shana and her missions as  read more 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
The only thing that I really want to say is Sakai Yuuji's and Shinji's glow-up. Like, in the beginning, they are just some whatever with hidden powers, but as they progress they do be kinda glowing up. They are also paired with tsundere queens which is something to take note of I guess.  
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both are romantic dramas about a girl who fights with special powers. SukaSuka has more of a romantic focus, while Shana is more focused on action. 
report Recommended by goldenfox231
Both share the topic about "existentialism", but with different approaches. Characters die and their memory is erased from the earth. In both the main character is a girl who fight with supernatural powers, and also both have grim turns of events even though the art style can be considere "cute".  
report Recommended by whiteteeth
- Both Shana and Ririchiyo are similar - They are both Tsunderes - Both are romance anime - Both are supernatural anime - Both are fantasy and comedy anime 
report Recommended by Yuzurumin
Both have a very cool art style,both have a main male character who's life before this certain 'first episode incident' is a mystery. Also both anime are referring to a silver king (in shakugan no shana is more on the sequels) and the main character's existence is somehow erased. 
report Recommended by adrianime17
They are both anti-heroines who are trying to, not save Earth, but make sure evil beings don't harm humans. They both were sent to Earth on a mission with fire as their element. Despite having no feelings for humans, they both befriend some and disguise themselves as school girls. There is also a dark motif where humans die, and Shana and Miyu don't feel any sorrow for their death. Also, they have a male compainion who helps them.  
report Recommended by mistress_reebi
If your a fan of either anime then your sure to love the other. Both anime have the same feeling and fighting and story line, with Tokyo Ghoul being a little more darker and more graphic. Both anime have the same weak/STRONG main male characters. And the love for a girl. Both anime have the fight against humans and monsters. Both anime have amazing endings. 
report Recommended by Pigbull
simliar main characters in a way. both fantasy+ comedy + a littleromance. Slayers next ratherthan slayers cause slayers next is bettter... 
report Recommended by midori-
If your a fan of either anime then your sure to love the other. Both anime have the same feeling and fighting and story line, with Tokyo Ghoul being a little more darker and more graphic. Both anime have the same weak/STRONG main male characters. And the love for a girl. Both anime have the fight against humans and monsters. Both anime have amazing endings. 
report Recommended by Pigbull
A main character who learns that they're dead or about to die, and ends up helping a hunter of sorts (zombie hunters in Zombie-Loan and Flame Haze in Shakugan no Shana). More similarities I am too lazy to list. :)b 
report Recommended by Numi
- Marlene/Shana are indifferent to Yuuji/Yuji at first. - Marlene/Shana develop feelings and emotions throughout the show. - Marlene/Shana tries to save Yuuji/Yuji. - Yuuji/Yuji are trained and become better fighters. - Romance. 
report Recommended by The_Dark_Hadou
While Shakugan no Shana is less serious than Ga-rei Zero, they both deal with the concept of keeping balance to the world by eliminating the beings that throw it off. In both, there are instances where personal feelings get in the way of duty and responsibility. 
report Recommended by TheShamelessMiko
There are many things alike in these, the fighting girls. The boy who always appears when she is fighting and he is not meant to know about it. The contract between the fighter and their "owner". Overall this anime reminded me a LOT of shana. 
report Recommended by keirapop
they both meet a girl with super powers............they both use guns , swords and have to deal with many strong and powerful enemies 
report Recommended by tsuna-sawada
A guy is "forced" to have a supernatural girl stay at his house. also, both Shana and Ren loves melon bread.  
report Recommended by moeichi
Both of these shows feel pretty similar, what with their action scenes, similar themes/tones and their plots have a bit in common as well. A high-school age battle couple that has to overcome the fact that one (or both, in SnS) aren't humans, everyone wants to kidnap one of the main characters, and both tend to have a bit of humor from the awkward sexual tension. 
report Recommended by robfoster
They both have a "girl with sword" main character. And there's magic and love triangles too! 
report Recommended by moeichi
some what both follow a storyline thats destined, and each other of the characters of the stories have a plot where they have to figure out who they are and what they are. 
report Recommended by edeiku
If you liked Polyphonica, you'll probably like Shana too. They are both very similar animes, although they have their differences too. Although, the main characters of both have crimson hair. LOL. And have the same kind of temper. Tsundere. 
report Recommended by wacqy
Pretty similar anime. The main character is also a little girl with special power that enable her to fight for protecting another people. Such as Sakura does, Shana finds a boy who will fight at her side and falls in love with him. The main trouble, besides the enemies (of course), is Shana/Sakura doesn't find the way to get as close as she wishes to her beloved one. Hope you like it! 
report Recommended by Ruichi-san
Well both are supernatural anime. Ordinary guy meets supernatural girl. Both shows have romance, Shakugan no Shana has more action and Seto no Hanatome more comedy. Awesome shows! 
report Recommended by xyakaix
Same genius idea about people that disappear when they die and everybody forgets they ever existed. 
report Recommended by ninryu
These series are similllar because: *The drawing ofcourse similar *The main character Kenichi and Yuji over series are getting stronger and stronger *From really weak persons they are getting unbelievable strong *Both girls who are teaching them to fight are realy strong, nice and kind of in love with the main character Shakugan is more serious and has the mystical-supernatural part and Kenichi has the feeling of many different martials arts combined together it is realy nice. 
report Recommended by ShintouX know, I'm guessing that (in Ookami Kakushi) the scythe girl is transforming into, actually, you know, can't spoil actually o_O it's like (in Shakugan no Shana) shana transforming into a red-haired, blazing-eyed girl o_o so it's kind of similar...XD 
report Recommended by Skylavis
All about battling beautiful girls, but in Sekirei the male prontagonist was weak person  
report Recommended by nekoyaki
There's nothing really that similar but both has fights, the guy some sort of feelings for Shana/Shinku, both are comedy....... don't know what else but both of them are really good. 
report Recommended by FallenAngel2
both fighting and super natural and funny but mostly fighting 
report Recommended by jpconanan
+Both have a supernatural besides main male character. +Both have barriers to avoid people from noticing the fights and supernaturals things. -Both have same setting of plot but totally different. 
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
Both series share a similar plot, in the sense that there are magical (or supernaturally powered) girls fighting monsters which feed upon people. Madoka is rather more refined than Shana though. 
report Recommended by Spagglespook
"I'm so weak, but I want to protect you." to the "I'm such a nice guy" and all the overly exaggerated harem with a samurai girl. They're like the same thing! Though they switched the loli samurai with the big breasted "normal" Girl. 
report Recommended by KyaOtakuSama
fighting somewhat look the same there's more than one world 
report Recommended by pakin
VK is darker than Shana, but both series have supernatural, action and romance and school-life aspects that will keep you hooked until you get to the last episode! 
report Recommended by as3
While they aren't exactly similar story wise, I found some characters to have similarities as well as some of the things they did. 
report Recommended by The_Dark_Hadou
The show contains a bad-a_ _ female main who does not perform fear through any of their actions. She goes to the same school as male main, and has a mission to accomplish. Which anime am I talking about? Show your admiration to these feminine beauties as they push through all the conflict and drama the only way they know how. 
report Recommended by The_Destroyer
though DTB is darker (obviously) than SNS theyre both about people who contract with ......things and both have a lot of action. 
report Recommended by sarcastic_neon
There are demons and organizations who hunt them in both anime. Both anime also revolve around extremely powerful demon, who helps humans to fight his own kind. Another similarity is that protagonists in both anime have to spend their partner's lifespan in order to manifest some kind of power. 
report Recommended by Nifrigel
this is very similar to shakugan no shana because nagi and shana are almost exactly alike. and hayate and yuji are almost alike. :D 
report Recommended by banished4eva
Boy meets girl, girl has weird superpower, girl is insensible at first, then becomes more human-like, girl fights bad guys, boy helps however he can, at the end boy fights for the sake of the girl. Amazing music, very distinguishable atmosphere, although KnK movies are a lot more serious than Shana, they take more on the psychological side of the story, while Shana is more about the story itself. Both have similar art but KnK comes from ufotable, so yeah... it is definitely better. 
report Recommended by TheHollowShrine
Although for most things, the two anime aren't that alike, but they both feature a girl who protects the boy and both have awesome music. ^_^ 
report Recommended by DistantTraces
Both are with demons and swordplay 
report Recommended by Black-Flash
Flames, Flames, Flames XD both main characters use Fire Power and whant to protect the one there love fighting scenes in both anime are really good really need too see both ;P 
report Recommended by Black-Flash
Another great action/magic/romance series. The plots, characters and ideas are very different in these two, but the series explore similar themes, so you'll like them both! 
report Recommended by as3