Yo! Daitouryou Trap-kun

Hey, President Trap-kun!

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Alternative Titles

English: Hey, President Trap-kun!
Japanese: よ!大統領トラップくん


Type: ONA
Episodes: 2
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Mar 15, 2017 to Mar 22, 2017
Producers: Shogakukan
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: DLE
Source: Original
Genres: ComedyComedy, ParodyParody
Duration: 44 sec. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 3.721 (scored by 36903,690 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #116362
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #6138
Members: 6,555
Favorites: 19

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Jul 30, 2019
Tyumace (All reviews)
When I was a kid, I noticed a pattern, a law of sorts, that every so often I would look back on my self from 2 years ago and cringe. I would see my former self for a fool and be ashamed of how stupid he was. This law definitely didn’t keep holding true forever, but upon re-watching this weird anime I watched 2 years ago, I suddenly had that same feeling again. I don’t feel it quite as strongly; I definitely don’t feel I was an idiot for looking at this anime the way I did, but I do feel like I was far read more
Apr 21, 2017
RoryBurrows (All reviews)
I think talking about your favourite anime is quite a hard topic to ponder on; especially when you are so up taken by the features of the show to find any negative aspects that others hold against the show. Here is my example of this factor, a show that stand above the others and which I hold high on a pedestal. “Yo! Daitouryou Trap-kun”

Featuring the highly beloved main character Trump-sama, we get an insight as to what he would be like on a regular basis if he was the combination of Japanese, a high schooler and simultaneously a rapper. I found myself in disbelief when read more
Mar 20, 2018
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)
This is literally just some dumb bullshit you do a “try not to cringe” video on. You'd watch this dreck being reacted to by teenagers on a Fine Bros. video. It's ugly, with pathetic gross-out humor even kids wouldn't laugh at, and the rap music is fucking garbage thanks to whoever is rapping; Crap-kun isn't even good shitposting.

So yeah, 2017 out of 2016; China Walls in Mexico and we paid for it. It's basically like Utsu Musume Sayuri and other short, worthless, infamous bile that barely constitutes as “necessary bad viewing” material that aren't even meme worthy anymore. There’s nothing left to add to this read more
Aug 23, 2017
literaturenerd (All reviews)


Every now and then an anime arrives that completely changes the medium forever. Angel's Egg helped usher in postmodernism and heavy religeous symbolism to a medium that until then wasn't being taken very seriously. Evangelion forever changed the face of Shonen and anime in general with its character psychology and exploration of human depression and the search for self acceptance. Now in 2017 we have this....MASTERPIECE.

Plot: 10/10

Donald Trump raps in a classroom and teaches us all the brilliance of his political vision. I admit, until now I've always been a tad skeptical of Trump's political competence. I was once a total normie. I seem read more
Apr 20, 2017
Progenitor-Mx0_0 (All reviews)
hahaha just wow... i have no words... watch it for yourself people i just wanted to claim the historic first review slot on this historic piece of film...

Beware of Smut~
~this is a work of comedy and not a parody of anything...
~We welcome mr japanese white boi trump kun sama to the stage

Don't watch if you are offended by anything of the following subjects, Cringe puns,
Toilet humor, public urination... and japanese nigge... i mean black i mean... rappers?
Ore wa no... Watashi~> rate this Autism out of a really bad knock off srushri place

Just remember Allahu Akbar and this review was only for the first read more
Apr 21, 2017
Ericonator (All reviews)
Just when you think you've seen everything, this show comes along.

If you didn't already know, this is a 1 minute anime about Donald Trump rapping, which to be frank is hilarious and horrifying at the same time.
Since the episodes are only 1 minute long, basically nothing of importance happens, unless you consider Donald Trump rapping to be very important.

The animation style reminds me of shows like Onara Gorou and Andou of the Forest, which are certainly unique, but nothing spectacular.

This is the weirdest thing I've seen in a while, and I can't wait to see what more ridiculous things will happen.

No matter if you think read more
Mar 2, 2021
Nacknock (All reviews)
"People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non subjective viewpoint it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbley ... timey wimey ... stuff" - The Doctor

When it comes to entertainment, one of the easiest things to get wrong is the concept of time travel. Part of the reason for this is because our scientific understanding of "reality" is still in its infancy, and this means that the writers for shows like Doctor Who, Quantum Leap, even Star Trek, must apply their imagination and creativity in order to resolve some of the inherent paradoxes that read more
Dec 4, 2018
sodomized (All reviews)
Yep, I'll be another party poop and ruin the review section with my sub-par meme making skills because my current mood is at the all time low and that only further depletes my supply of creative juices. But can you really blame me? This is just so repulsive yet I can't stop replaying these 2 short episodes. This hot mess of sophomoric humor is dragging me down. Please... Send... Help...

This is where I tell you that you don't have anything to lose and that it'll only take like a minute of your life. But... But, these are all lies! These other reviews are trying to read more
Mar 18, 2018
Gundroog (All reviews)
Well that was a thing. Sometimes you just come across something that reminds you that yeah anime is kinda weird and this is no exception.

Over the course of less than 2 minutes I saw a tiny cartoon gremlin resembling a US president walk in a class full of japanese grade schoolers, fart in the teachers face, piss all over the class, flirt with a little girl and throw away his 5 kg stone wig... while rapping.

I can't say that any of this was well done but if someone put a significant amount of effort into executing something like this I can't say if it read more
Nov 9, 2020
neokarakos (All reviews)
(This review contains spoilers)

'Yo! Daitouryou Trap-kun' is the absolute worst thing my eyes have ever had to and ever will witness. It is truly beyond me why a narrative like this was portrayed in such a way. It is so horrific that I feel the need to convey my hatred for this piece with the people of MAL, so I shall begin.

Story - 1: The story for 'Yo! Daitouryou Trap-kun' is putrid, juvenile, and absolutely unrealistic to the point where a child straight out of the womb would be able to detect the flaws in it. The story begins with a teacher introducing our main read more
Apr 21, 2017
Apdo1 (All reviews)
This is probably one of the most revolting things I've seen an anime do. Not only did they make an anime of Donald Trump, it's an anime, or a propaganda, to ridicule and to defame Donald Trump based from his looks and appearance alone. Just so you know, I'm not a huge fan of Donald Trump. Nor am I a fan of Hilary would couldn't be anymore transparent about her emails, and have said some pretty racist stuff, and are associated to many racist group like the KKK and being a goldwater girl and all in the past as well.

Frankly, this anime was disgusting. This read more
Jun 26, 2020
Kanna_4869 (All reviews)
I gonna be completely honest here, it's 6:04 am, I was bored and I'm not gonna spend more than 90 seconds to write this cause I already spent them watching this bizarre thing.
Out of curiosity while making my MAL list I found this bizarre thing and as it was short I just click cause it was easy. Nevermind, I thought I could get something from it but this is gonna be a thing Imma use to troll people. Time's up! 2 minutes have passed :c mum, I failed you D:

PD: oh m8 I had to write a longer review? ok, hum... hey, you know read more
May 15, 2019
iloveanime666 (All reviews)
Ohoho... Where do I begin with this anime. I knew I would love it from the start...Oh man... and watching it just completely confirmed my suspicions. There's no doubt about that. It is truly a masterpiece... and beyond even that.

I was utterly enraptured the entire time-The experience of watching it was truly enchanting... I simply couldn't look away. I never truly got over it and it's already been two years. I rewatch the episodes whenever I get the chance to...And I always get something new out of it.
There were only two episodes, but it left me wanting so much more. Oh, how I wish Shogakukan read more
Apr 15, 2019
Fakemilia (All reviews)
Sometimes, on a fated night, when the moon is full and the breeze is right, you stumble upon an anime in which you feel a really deep connection to. This, right here, is one of them.

The story and sound design of this show plays with your heartstrings in an exquisite and beautiful way. Hearing the harmonious voice of Trap-kun echo through the school halls really adds a sense of depth and meaning to every single scene in which he is present. And the words he sings, the words... I just... I just can't begin to describe the feeling and pain behind every word he speaks, read more
Apr 15, 2019
EaglePee (All reviews)
Yo Daitouryou Trap-Kun is a truly magnificent anime. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes and ears, but it has a beutiful story. This anime tells the inpring story of one man's triumph with the power of music. It begins at what looks like an ordinary classroom full of students awaiting another tedious day of school. However, new hope is given to the class when the teacher brings news of a new student transferring into the class. The class fills with excitement as beatiful man gracefully enters the classroom. It is none other than our majestic titular character, Prisendent Trap-Kun.
Trap-Kun is so read more
May 14, 2021
PlasmaAndroid (All reviews)
I have very simple standards for comedy. It needs to make me laugh. Some very highly rated comedies have kept me at a stone face the whole time. Luckily, this is not one of them. Yo! Daitouryou Trap-Kun made me laugh out loud with its bizarre art, crude humor and unexpected jokes. I believe in order for a comedy to be good, I need to laugh, and I laughed multiple times watching these shorts. The purpose of a comedy is to make me laugh. So thus I give Yo! Daityourou Trap-Kun an 8 because it made me laugh. If you are into what I just read more