Gakuen Babysitters
School Babysitters
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English: School Babysitters
Japanese: 学園ベビーシッターズ


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 7, 2018 to Mar 25, 2018
Premiered: Winter 2018
Broadcast: Sundays at 23:00 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Brain's Base
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, SchoolSchool, ShoujoShoujo, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.851 (scored by 4406144,061 users)
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Ranked: #7392
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Popularity: #1156
Members: 97,509
Favorites: 773


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Mar 25, 2018
Stark700 (All reviews)
We’ve all been through a phrase where we were once a kid and behaved exactly as one. It’s human nature and God gave us a life to be part of society. What does that mean for a show like Gakuen Babysitters? The real question here if you ever felt experienced the feel of responsibility. No, I’m not talking about doing the chores and helping around the house. I’m talking about taking care of someone else in your life, perhaps a stranger or someone much younger than you are. Welcome to the world of Gakuen Babysitters.

I should say right off the bat that the show is read more
Mar 25, 2018
Canadian_Otaku (All reviews)
I don't write reviews often (or at all) but thought I'd leave one for Gakuen Babysitters. I spent 2 years in Japan working with kids aged 0-3 and this show brought back so many memories. It really is quite spot-on with the behaviour and stereotypes of the Japanese toddlers. Rules and regulations are far more relaxed in Japan compared to, say, North America, so this anime gave a fairly accurate portrayal of what life is like in a Japanese daycare. Mind, the head teacher sleeping so much may be a slight exaggeration.. XD

While a bit biased due to my own past read more
Jan 28, 2018
Kookerz32 (All reviews)
Now that 4 episodes have aired, I can redo my review, but keep it true to what I originally had it as. I don't typically write reviews because I don't see the point. I can't describe it as well as others and most of the time the things I loved/hated have already been commented on in more detail than I could ever have written. But not for this one. Not this time. TLDR at the end.

Gakuen Babysitters is fantastic. It is by no means thought-provoking or action-packed. It does exactly what it sets out to do: be a relaxing and sweet anime about children read more
Jan 28, 2018
RebelPanda (All reviews)
[Spoiler Warning]

Whether or not you find Gakuen Babysitters unsettling, there is no denying it teaches awful life lessons.
To summarize why I dropped it; it’s a show about a kid who has to take care of babies, but it somehow fails at this easy plot conceit. It tries to teach the audience life lessons about responsibilities that come with growing up, yet at the same time, it teaches awful lessons.

What makes it so unbearable:
1. Pedophile side character that the show plays off as a joke. His name’s Yagi and he gets nosebleeds when going near the babies. He’s pretty gross and I wouldn’t be surprised if read more
Mar 25, 2018
PyraXadon (All reviews)
A trend I find with children in anime is that they're always painted 'cute'.  Small human beings surrounded by glittery and sparkly effects who do cute things so that the audience falls in love with the tiny people characters.  It's not often that I see children portrayed as what they actually are, monsters, and it's even stranger to see a more realistic representation portrayed in a shoujo series of all things, a genre where virtually everything is depicted a lot more flowery than they actually are.


Kashima Ryuuichi and his little brother Kotaro have met with the unfortunate fate of becoming orphans after their parents passing read more
Jan 28, 2018
Halivia (All reviews)
This anime is so adorably fun to watch! The first and second episode made me excited to keep watching, but when I got to episode 3- I was sold! I was a bit nervous when I saw people reviewing negatively because of a potentially "Pedophile-like" character. I proceeded to watch with a friend and am STILL confused as to why people call this character a pedo.. He got a nosebleed around the small babies and became excited. That does not mean that he wanted to act out anything sexual.. It isn't just an anime thing when people get nosebleeds over getting excited. Some people can read more
Mar 25, 2018
SoraSenpai (All reviews)
The story is about two young...well one High School Student Ryuuichi and his VERY young brother Kotaro. These two brothers end up losing their parents in a plane crash and are sent to live with the Chairwoman of a high school. The reason being is that her Son and Daughter in Law were also in said plane crash and felt like it was necessary to take these two into her home.
Of course the catch is for Ryuuichi to live in the house he must become part of the "Babysitters Club" in his High School. So basically the babysitters club is a club where the read more
Dec 30, 2019
Cherry_Pixie (All reviews)
I saw it, it was simple, yet effective. I won't lie, in the first episode, I went crybaby mode. If you haven't seen the series and you're just scrolling through the review section to know people's opinion, I highly recommend you to watch this show. I won't further extend my review because there's nothing really to talk about, instead, I'll give you three words to describe it. "Inspiring, Cute, Euphoria"

Let's further talk about the elements. The story takes off after the sudden death of their parents, two young brothers named Ryūichi Kashima and his younger brother Kotarō are left alone and having no place to read more
Apr 20, 2018
Yorrito (All reviews)
This is one cute anime I'm telling Y'all...
I finished the anime in one sitting it's very good, it's fun, it's emotional I'll explain each point and why I gave it an 8.

First of all, the story, a Definite 8 out of 10 some plot holes, unfortunately, some unexplained stuff too but overall it's amazing it shows kindness and how a highschooler could take care of his small brother which is really emotional in a way.

The Art, Outstanding Incredible, Unbelievable.
I was amazed how well it's drawn xD, I miss this drawing style honestly it's rare yet Beautiful and pleasing to the eye, I really like how read more
Mar 6, 2018
jinxthewicked (All reviews)
I started this anime out LOVING it, I really enjoy cute animes and this one seemed really good. The premise starts out a little sad but it starts picking up and becoming something cute and enjoyable.

Then it hits episode 3 and we get a new character in the mix.

He's explained as someone who's usually seen glaring at children, so I was wondering if it was another instance of someone disliking children, which is fine! I don't like children myself so I get it. However, we find out later, that's not the case.

He's a pedophile, played for a joke. He stalks children because they're read more
Jan 28, 2018
zucchinichop (All reviews)
This anime is too cute. I have read/been reading the manga, and it's quite similar, but of course there are some things that are not accounted for or rushed.

It's basically a student in a babysitting club with his younger brother, a sweet and simple anime that is just too adorable.
It is sometimes annoying because in the manga, you don't hear the children actually crying, but what can you do?
The first few episodes were a real tearjerker (for me), which was quite surprising.

Some say there's a pedophile character, but honestly this anime is really innocent and there is no "hidden" meanings. It is read more
Apr 17, 2019
SomeRandomWeebs (All reviews)
MINOR SPOILER WARNING - contains information from the first few episodes

Gakuen Babysitters is an excellent anime to watch. The anime came out during a time when I was really getting back into anime, and was like a second gateway anime. It draws you in with its simple premise and story, and sticks to it throughout the entire show.

The story of Gakuen Babysitters is very simple. Our main characters, Ryuichi and Kotarou, currently don't have a home due to their parents dying in a plane crash. The Academy Chairwoman decides to give the boys a home, and gives Ryuichi free education should he help at read more
Mar 26, 2018
leosapathy (All reviews)
After watching countless shows about ecchi and shounen I thought why not watch this show about babies. Seeing so many babies run around made me feel good, and when I mean good I mean GOOD. In the sense that they were cute and what not. Or as you people prefer to say: Kawaii. Anyway, let me move on into detail about why the rating I have given it is a below average 3.

The story is about high-school kid Ryuuchi and his brother Kotarou who get abandoned, but get adopted by some rich old hag with a cranky read more
Jul 5, 2019
felixlovesanime (All reviews)
Every brother out there should definitely put Ryuuichi and Kotarou on the pedestal-- as the prime example of what brotherhood could lovingly become.

Watching humans grow can be a very fascinating experience-- especially when such growth takes such literal form. Ryuuichi, the older brother, now becomes the only family member that watches Kotarou, his toddler younger brother, grow in this brand new life the two had found themselves after a devastating loss and admittedly, even Ryuuichi himself still has some growing up to do. Nonetheless, it would be a mistake to compare this anime series to Grave of the Fireflies because for the former, the love read more
Jun 23, 2019
Ser_Junkan (All reviews)
[spoiler free as always muhaha]

I first Decided to watch this show as to casually spend my breaks at work and coming from a guy who all children love but generally dislikes children this show was pretty great.

The simple tragic backstory of the main characters is something that overall did not rly affect the story other then too introduce two characters, set the whole stage for the show and amplify the feeling of warmth and happiness of those heartwarming scenes, something this show is all about.
so if you're looking for something that excites your nerves this is not the anime for you (EXCEPT if you're read more
Mar 27, 2018
Dragontail (All reviews)
Gakuen Babysitters seemed like a decently good anime for me at the beginning. But as Gakuen Babysitters played out with more story clichés, and started making some parts unbearable, I stopped liking this anime that much.

Story: (6/10)
In this anime, all the episodes are disjointed and have no connection whatsoever with each other. The storyline in every episode is fine, I just felt that using clichés, such as the 'beach' cliché degraded my experience with this anime. However, to make up for it, it has some well-thought out drama scenes.

Art: (7/10)
The art was decent and enough to discern most characters from each other. However, I read more
Mar 26, 2018
LeaOotori (All reviews)
I gonna give it to you straight: nothing about this anime is special or surprising in the least. "Then why'd you give it a 9?" you ask. This anime has this whimsical charisma of its own: it's ineffable. There's just some unique appeal to it that can't be explained, pinpointed, or replicated. Believe me, if I knew what it was, I would try to find as much of this as I can, because to put it lightly, I'm ADDICTED to this now.

The story was simple. A boy and his baby brother are adopted by a rich childless woman after they're orphaned. This boy, our read more
Aug 29, 2018
vexahlia (All reviews)
this awoke every maternal instinct in my cold, dead heart. at this point if i see even one (1) picture of kotarou i visibly melt this is the cutest show i've ever seen.

everything about it is just tooth-rotting fluff, the children are endearing (i would d*e for kazuma he opens his mouth and i just go heart eyes), the side characters are all great, and the main brothers are just so sweet ;A; feel good story of the year 10/10 goat

(just to note: there is a character [yagi] they imply is something terrible which he is not, in the manga his story is explored read more
Apr 3, 2018
afwcal (All reviews)
TL;DR – Cute and fun school slice of life with a warm, mellow and pleasant atmosphere.

Basic breakdown below ⬎

== Impressions / Presentation: 6.5 ==

The art style can simply be described as "shoujo aesthetics", and it's most notable in its colour scheme and character designs. However, the designs are subdued enough so it doesn’t feel like the show is unnecessarily rubbing hot guys in my face. Rather, the aesthetics is where that warm, mellow and pleasant atmosphere comes from, and it does a good job getting that feeling across.

== Story: 6 ==

There’s not much in the way of an overarching plot, but there is enough to read more
Mar 28, 2018
AmishaelMA (All reviews)
Gakuen Babysitters
AKA: I think I just felt a little tug on my heartstrings

This is one of those ‘healing’ anime that helps you see the goodness in the world. It’s pure, it’s uplifting, it’s adorable. It’s not what you would call a masterpiece – it’s similar to watching a baby giraffe try to walk for the first time. Its clumsiness is part of what makes it so endearing.

Even people who don’t tend to like little kids much – me, for instance – will find that this show appeals on a level you wouldn’t think possible. It’s hard to describe just how many times this series read more