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Devilman: Crybaby

Alternative Titles

English: Devilman: Crybaby
Japanese: DEVILMAN crybaby


Type: ONA
Episodes: 10
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 5, 2018
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Science SARU
Source: Manga
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 7.951 (scored by 171,368 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #6312
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #295
Members: 296,544
Favorites: 6,571


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Jan 7, 2018
Aromadi (All reviews)
I don't understand the hype...What a complete waste of time. They rely so heavily on sex and gore but the story was just absolutely awful. If I could give this series a 0 out of 10 I would.

First of all, let's address the English dialogue. Can we stop it? If you can't speak English, just stick with Japanese and subtitle it. The English dialogue was so cringy and unnecessary. Just stop it. They also used Arabic letters to showcase that people from an Arabic origin were discussing the news but the letters meant nothing. It wasn't even a sentence, just letters. Did the creators not read more
Jan 5, 2018
moviemaniac32 (All reviews)
As a devilman fan, I'd been looking forward to this anime since it was announced. I'd dabbled in yuasa's work before so I was excited to see how he'd adapt one of my favorite Mangas. The anime itself, though it was toted as a true adaptation, changed a lot of things from the manga for better or worse.

Story: like I said, much was changed from the original material, but I actually didn't mind it so much. It cleared up a lot of the muddy parts from the manga and it structured it in a way that was fun to binge for the Netflix format. Plus, read more
Jan 5, 2018
Skoringo (All reviews)
First time reviewing! (^_^)

When Devilman Crybaby was first announced, I was pretty hyped. I was a huge fan of Go Nagai's iconic and influential manga. So a more modern take would be pretty cool. The 70's series, while fun, certainly never hit any of the darkness the manga got to. The two OVAs from the 80's did an OK job at adapting some of the manga but were cheesy in many regards. The 90's OVA (Amon Devilman Apocalypse) was cool but was a strange "What if" story. So hearing of getting a new adaptation in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Go Nagai's career was read more
Jan 5, 2018
Kirbin (All reviews)
Story: The Story in Crybaby was very good, the pacing was solid throughout the entire story, it never felt like there was unnecessary dips, and it managed to push through to the end and conclude in a satisfying way, which many shows nowadays fail to do.

As someone who had never previously read Devilman or watched any adaptation, all of the twists that were present in the classic series were new to me, and most were well done, they are hard to predict until the show wants you to know or gives large hints, it does well at subverting your expectations.


Art: Art is something that read more
Jan 5, 2018
jorelpaul (All reviews)
Going into this series, I had zero background information on any of its details. Didn't know that it was a manga adaptation, that it contained adult content (so. much. boobs.), or that it was directed by THE Maasaki Yuusa (Tatami Galaxy, that one episode in Adventure Time) until I decided to do a little research halfway through the series. So there was little to no expectations in my part, other than my friend suggesting I watch it. And I have to say... I was kinda disappointed by the end. Started promisingly but faltered way down as it rushed to its finish line. Let's break it read more
Jan 18, 2018
PuruRuru (All reviews)
It looks beautiful, the OST is remarkable in and of itself and these two things you can easily verify yourself with a quick google. However, the story is a complete mess. I'd argue it's still a fine anime if you like action, ultraviolence and sex, or just want to enjoy some top tier directing.

The main character becomes a human-monster and he does change because of that, but his "what have I become?" moment is really tame and rather expeditiously dealt with. We don't know how he gets past it, but there's really no time because when his inner demons pop up the plot requires him read more
Jan 5, 2018
JOBEY-C1 (All reviews)
English version

Quite disappointing and more if you saw the manga but as a single adaptation also has consistency problems the script of the series.

Story .. 4/10
90% original and 10% manga This would not be a problem if the script of this would have been good as an adaptation, but if we add that they rewrote the relationship that Ryo and Akira have, making it dull and without the explosive dynamics that both had and with the double of Yaoi bait of the one who had in the manga, the excessive amounts of unnecessary sex when it is only functional and required for the Sabatt (This read more
Jan 7, 2018
CheskoSebulba (All reviews)
(This is gonna be a long and wordy review so skip to the conclusion if you don’t care about the justification for my score)

I’m honestly not sure where to start. I never expect anything directed by Masaaki Yuasa to be normal, nor do I expect them to be lackluster, especially with shows like The Tatami Galaxy, Kaiba, and Ping Pong under his belt. These previously mentioned shows are some of the best examples that come to mind when I think of anime that is wildly eccentric and experimental, and I find it incredible that they could embody such words without alienating the viewer or read more
Jan 10, 2018
gaphiltfish (All reviews)
I have never seen a story across any medium devolve into such drivel. There is no justification for the appalling behavior of any of the characters. It becomes so stupid, it is infuriating to watch.

There is no explanation to the backstory and mechanics of things, and no eventual payoff whatsoever. My suspension is of disbelief is thoroughly shattered (and then some) past the halfway point, and it just keeps picking up the pace exponentially until the final fuck-you that is the ending.

It is dreadful in tone and content. If you liked this anime, you were most likely filling in innumerable plot holes and characterization read more
Jan 7, 2018
Windsweptspy (All reviews)
Overly reliant on sexuality and violence instead of focusing on the potential development of it's characters. These elements play an important part to the story as a whole, but felt that the explicit nature was unnecessary; especially for how much screen time they take in these ten episodes. There was also potential for side characters to feel more important, but never felt enough attention to their personal drama to build a sense of connection. The animation is different, but that's not a bad thing as it is of a high quality and rather impressive. The second half is an improvement over read more
Jan 6, 2018
Magnif-Steiner (All reviews)
Warning: Big boy words are used in this review, so if you can't handle mature language, go watch Clannad or something

People need to understand that sex, violence, death and other similar content is very prevalent in this show and for good reason.

Devilman: Crybaby depicts what would happen if humans ever had to face a more powerful species; we'd get fucked! The human race has a lot of dark themes hidden from the public eye: drug abuse, group sex, stabbings, murder, etc. and the fact that this show doesn't shy away from this is certainly commendable. It has been a long time since an anime has read more
Jan 29, 2018
Unowen (All reviews)
Adapting an overly violent and virtually anachronistic work is a bold stance. Built upon an antiwar theme and cemented by the novelty of both shock and schlock value, Devilman managed to gain its classic status in a notorious but comprehensible manner.

Crybaby aims to update said elements, to remain faithful to the original as well as to make the proper additions that would make the story more compelling and interesting for broader audiences. It tries with a simple, cartoonish artwork and multiple visual gimmicks to compensate for what ultimately looks like a pretty tight budget. Which could also be related to the logistical constraint of read more
Jan 16, 2018
WdaCdaShdaDid (All reviews)

Admittedly even I couldn't predict that Kyubey was Devilman's best friend all along. And no, I'm not talking about Satan (wait for episode 10).

There is no story here. It's literally just 'the current thing is boring, let's move to the next thing', which is usually also completely random. Mix in some funkay drawings of boobs and maybe some penetrative sex and some rather ridiculous 'art', probably masturbation, and there ya go. Done. Also gun violence and lots of biting and stabbing. More time is spent objectifying or detailing sexual violence and harassment and assault, particularly against women, then developing any particular character save Akira read more
Jan 6, 2018
Jex (All reviews)
Devilman: Crybaby is the first show to be completely released this year, due primarily to Netflix's all-at-once method. It aired in the Winter season of 2018 and has 10 episodes. It's a complete adaptation (read: adaptation, not 1:1) of Go Nagai's 1972 Devilman manga. The premise is about a man who becomes possessed by a devil while keeping control of himself in order to fight the growing demon menace that is threatening mankind. Devilman first became popular because it was the first manga at the time to be so violent and graphic, with lots of sexual content. The anime adaptation changes a lot from the read more
Jan 8, 2018
Artrill (All reviews)


Exploitation done right, Devilman: Crybaby is what I endlessly want the over-abundance of overly-pulpy overly-rediculous anime to be like. One of the only redeeming factors of Devilman, adapted by the venerable Masaaki Yuasa, is the astounding soundtrack. Everything else really doesn't shine as bright as I'd hoped, but what I got instead was a thoroughly unhealthy meal. A massive dollop of cheese mixed in with a hard-to-swallow cacophony and exploitation-era brutality that was endlessly easy to indulge in.

That's what a plethora of anime is missing. A medium which is often bathing in pulp, you'd expect these kinds of elements to really shine in many read more
Jan 5, 2018
Zerathus (All reviews)
A wild Masaaki Yuasa appears! Yuasa uses adaptation of a classic! It’s super effective!

Where to begin. As many of you know Masaaki Yuasa is one of the current leading anime directors. Always pushing boundaries wherever he can. His previous works have all been pretty spectacular, so when I’ve heard about him adapting Devilman, a classic 70s manga that shaped the manga industry as a whole and inspired numerous artists, I was pretty excited. And now after watching the series I must say that the hype is well deserved.

First of all Devilman itself is far from flawless. The series is pretty dated, the humour is read more
Jan 5, 2018
Machinophiliac (All reviews)
The (nearly) perfect adaptation.

This show is a love letter to Devilman, covered in blood and semen and delivered wrapped around a brick though someone's skull.

Reminiscent of the crudest of 90's OVA, half-way between a brutal gore-flick and pornography, Crybaby revels with self-indulgent ecstasy in the smut and violence of the original, ramping it up even higher, with brilliant production quality and several good reasons for its inclusion it is a feast for the eyes where tender introspection and character moments come between the most extreme abuses of the human form and this series' invention of the airborne-murder-rape.

It is hence in spirit extremely faithful to read more
Jan 5, 2018
Leark (All reviews)
This will be my first review ever so i hope i can do this right :)

As a big Devilman fan, having read tons of manga, spinoffs, watching OVAs etc. I was waiting for a true adaptation of the manga. One that captures everything that the manga expresses.
And i have to say, i have never seen an adaptation of a manga more true than this one.
You have to think about the fact that this is an adaptation of a manga that was created back in 1973. So of course it can't be depicted exactly the same as in the manga.
Note: Please be aware that this read more
Jan 6, 2018
RyomaGetter1 (All reviews)
I can't believe i live in a timeline, where this actually happened. Some crazy exces at Netflix threw a wad of cash to Yuasa, and asked him to do whatever he wanted, and in that, managed to adapt one of the seminal mangas, that inspired most major classic.

The influences of Devilman can not be understated, published in 1972, and later turned nto a water down tv anime, its been n inspiration on most modern authors.

from Hideki Ano, to Miura, every one of them have been touched by this story.

featuring what can read more
Jan 6, 2018
PandorazChaos (All reviews)
I want to make a few notes here:
-I have not read the original manga from the 70s
-I did not know what big names where attached to the production of this anime or who the director was
-I did however, walk into the show expecting it to be good based on the ridiculous amount of hype surrounding it right now.

Spoiler alert: I was VERY disappointed and let down. This show was a complete waste of my time and I would absolute NOT rewatch it or recommend it to anyone else.

To be honest, this show left such a bad taste in my mouth that read more