Tsuki ga Kirei

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Alternative Titles

English: Tsukigakirei
Synonyms: The Moon is Beautiful, As the Moon, So Beautiful
Japanese: 月がきれい


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 7, 2017 to Jun 30, 2017
Premiered: Spring 2017
Broadcast: Fridays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: feel.
Source: Original
Genres: RomanceRomance, SchoolSchool
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.211 (scored by 144579144,579 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2922
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #376
Members: 312,335
Favorites: 5,589


Very similar animes. Tsuki ga Kirei could be seen as a version of Just Because! in middle school. Besides having the same atmosphere, the romance type is very close to the one observed in Just Because!. They seem very realistic and not sometimes overly comic and silly. The pace is very comfortable where there is no redundancies that'll make the story boring. It captures the viewer from the start until the end. The innocence of the characters in Tsuki ga is very notable. Probably its what it makes better than Just Because! where they are older. Calm, nice and very cozy school romance dramas. 
report Recommended by Txickenz
Both are about navigating love and romance in a very realistic and overly sensationalized way. 
report Recommended by vietpride218
This anime is like expanded version of the first episode of 5 cm per second. If you love a happy ending, then you will prefer tsuki ga kirei. The anime is good and well organized. 
report Recommended by 0616Z
Very similar art style and very beautiful message in both. If you like one, surely will like other. 
report Recommended by Danii-Nyan
Young teenagers figuring out love and relationships Emphasis is on romance in both shows.  
report Recommended by stealthswor
If you enjoy slow-burning romance and slice of life anime featuring shy protagonists, then you'll like these anime. Both have a unique artwork and are very underrated. 
report Recommended by Orulyon
First of all, both are exceptional school romance anime with relatively slow paced story and character build up. Both anime showcase the reality and crude side of the real world whereby hard-work might not be enough to catch your dream, however, the 'never give up' spirit might turn things around in the future. Both anime come with dramas that might get emotional and bring back the feeling of when we first time fall in love.  
report Recommended by Velcire
Seeing this show go under the radar for many people reminds me a lot of how when Tsuki ga Kirei was airing, it seemed like not many people were talking about it, but it was one of the best character-driven stories of the season. Both shows are understated in art style, dialogue, and soundtrack, and they have realistic and dynamic characters similar to actual people you'd see in high school. If you liked that the mellow storytelling and atmosphere of Tsuki ga Kirei, you'll probably like Hoshiai no Sora. 
report Recommended by SAniyoukoso
both of these has great story and good events. even Orange has more complicated story, I recommend to watch it. though I dislike the genre, it's still enjoyable. 
report Recommended by Lolicon-kun
Both are saccharine early teen romances dealing with a first love. The overall tone and vibe of the shows are similar. 
report Recommended by senpaichandesu
Toradora goes over similar events that happen in Tsuki ga Kirei. If you haven't watched Toradora for what ever reason and are looking for a romance similarly satisfying, Toradora is a good one to check out. If you watched Toradora and have been searching for an anime that is like it for quite some time, I really suggest Tsuki ga Kirei. 
report Recommended by mottowers
Both stories are themed about first love. The romantic vibe is the same as one another. Both MCs liked one another.  
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both shows are serious, melancholy, straight-forward romance stories with no fan service and characters who act like real kids. 10 Centimeters is a little more dramatic and a little less focused on the small details of life, but is generally in the same vein. 
report Recommended by OremLK
its has similar art style, and similar theme they both have little bit of a realistic feels to it, no exaggerated comedy , or colorful hairs  
report Recommended by dmama46
I wonder what is love? There was a time when I thought it. At least love is valuable like jewel. Even if their relation don't develop true love, their determined heart never change. Forever. Both are literally beautiful shows. Once again, beautiful. Visuals are overwhelming quality. Kotarou and Nanami fall in love with each Akane and Yuu. YagaKimi case isn't just love. It's complicated love. They are similar mental state, socializing, and dialogues. Really lighthearted. At the same time, it feel so sad. Because of it reveals fact in a certain episode. No more can be said. Please see for yourself. Nevertheless, both have excellent plot twist. It seems to contradict,  read more 
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Were you watching Tsuki ga Kirei and feeling "hmm, this sure is a nice love story, but it could really use every character being a horrible and irredeemable person?" Then look no further than this! See, School Days is everything that Tsuki ga Kirei is not. Tsuki leaves you with butterflies in your stomach, while S.D. makes you want to grab the nearest sharp object and send it through the screen. 
report Recommended by karapponoko
-bashful main characters -unadulterated love -overcoming youthful struggles and adversity -beautiful visuals  
report Recommended by Lincompoop
I feel like its similar because of the school setting and similar main characters, they both love books and surround themselves with them and meet someone special. 
report Recommended by Cyan_28
Slice of life, but also a slow progression of relationship development, and the endings are rather similar as well.  
report Recommended by aienmas
Both series' main characters meet kind of accidentally, but ends up falling in love with each other. The ending is somewhat similar as well. If you like Tsuki ga Kirei, you will also like And Natsu de Matteru. 
report Recommended by ukiAY
Now, on the surface this shows speak of very different themes: one about the reason of love itself and how it affects the human being, the other one about young love, the very first reaction that we, as humans, have with love In fact they do, but why are they similar? Because they portray a realistic view of society, away from all the clichès that we are accustomed to, and they present us realistic characters that always act just like we would. In short, if you want to see something with a little bit of realism in it,if you want to go away from the Lolis,the Tsunderes,Kuuderes  read more 
report Recommended by AwesomeAlfie27
Both have awesome plots, and both touching romantic stories. 
report Recommended by Xenocide8
If you want more inocent and sweet love just like Shaoran and Sakura's you should absolutely watch Tsuki ga Kirei. Their childish romantic atmosphere will surely make you happy and wish your relationships were that way (OK, maybe that only happens to me... ). My point is the fact htat you will find another beautiful and pure love story on Tsuki g aKirei, just like the one in CC Sakura. 
report Recommended by MisaoAino
If you are in love either with Tsuki ga Kirei or with Tamako Love Story you should watch the one you haven't seen! If you are tired of those romantic-ecchi anime about high school students, these anime will give you another romantic perspective with kids which are still on middle school. Their love is sweet and inocent. You will absolutely forgot about those gags we are accustomed to watch repetitively on shoujos. In fact, Tamako Market is much more of a comedy than a romance. If you want your romance you should watch Tamako Love Story too. Anyways, both are very similar on this aspect. You'll love  read more 
report Recommended by MisaoAino
Both animes talk about relationships and struggles. They have similar style of animation, very fluid and pretty. It is important to state that Tsuki Ga Kirei focus on a couple more than a group of friends, although there's some issues that involves friends. **Both animes have - Couple, romance, closure, happy ending. - Struggles, inner problems, family issues, friendships that are put to test. - Feels, good feels, tears and a good amount of drama **Striking differences - Nagi No Asu Kara focus on the love/friendship relations and the struggle to come into terms with their feelings while Tsuki Ga Kirei focus on the young couple discovering their true feelings and  read more 
report Recommended by lipew01
Through ages of reminiscing your wonderful lives could lead onto a lot whole experience through enjoying the gaze of your own youth, Days maybe much time to tell us the new age or decay of romance must be told unfold about what lies within it's unique and very simple story  
report Recommended by -HippySnob-
-Being a huge fan of the Romance genre, I can say that both these titles made my heart flutter with all the cute scenes of the couples. -Their endings too, were partly similar (Can't go deeper without spoiling things :P) -Both are Must-Watch titles for anyone into Romance <3 
report Recommended by Joeywatches
Simple but sweet, realistic love stories without the fanservice and/or harem aspects much of the genre is plagued with. I know one is shoujo-ai and the other isn't, but if you're a fan of romance anime like I am, these are two shining examples of how to do it right, especially with characters that are younger and may not know how to navigate these situations just yet. 
report Recommended by axel360
Focusing on the Dad character in both of these anime series only, and yes, I do mean Kuniharu Saiki for Saiki and Hiroshi Mizuno for Tsuki ga Kirei. Both of the Dads have the same voice actor and have the same decently malleable personality. On a general level, these Dads are roughly the same Dad-like characters, in a good way, of course. 
report Recommended by chiringu
Both series revolve around a slow and awkward love story between the main male and female characters and how their relationships grow. In Plastic Memories, the two main characters find themselves as coworkers, but the female only having a set amount of time remaining. The story follows how they become work partners, and how over time they develop romantic feelings for each other, even knowing the impending end looming for the female protagonist. in Tsukigakirei, the two main characters are middle school students in the same class, and they take notice to each other. As the story carries on, they too develop feelings for each other,  read more 
report Recommended by Oikura
Both have a serious tone , both are about students the main character also likes drawing, and wants to go to a school that his mom don't accepte just like the main characters of Tsuki ga kirei , Both have love triangle eventhough true tears is kind of a harem anime, Both girl characters don't talk much , and they both love a sport that they are good at. In the end you could say True Tears is a Tsuki ga kirei version for highschool 
report Recommended by Amatiodinabo
Both take place at school and very much based on development of relationships: friendly and amorous.  
report Recommended by GopnikKurisu
simple approach to a love story but gives you a satisfied warm fuzzy feeling inside at the end 
report Recommended by Leorio_Takeo9
These are both stories about the realities of love. One is about the hardships that come with adulting and dating, while the other one deals with young lovers being able to express themselves and learn to deal with what life may throw at them. These are both stories about the difficulties of dating during someones life 
report Recommended by GasLit
It follows the story of blossoming romance between young lovers. Tsuki ga Kirei focuses on a more innocent love and relationship, but the similarities can be found in that they both face trials in their romance. Additionally, the way of storytelling allows us to look into the minds of the characters and enjoy seeing the interactions as a result. The personalities of the main characters are quite different, but the realistic trials they face in establishing a romance at their young age make them both enjoyable to watch. 
report Recommended by karmahvesomasoba
Boy meets girl, girl meets boy. Girl: I thought he's that type of guy in school. I was wrong. Boy: I never knew the other side of this girl. Character awkwardness, shyness, development, background stories included! Worth Recommend.  
report Recommended by AquaralSS
Couples in Konbini Kareshi and Tsuki ga Kirei pass through the testing of their relations from first contact to full awareness of their feelings. 
report Recommended by Kyosuke_Kosaka
High School Romance played a big part in both of the anime and they(Couple) gradually get more attached to each other as the time pass. There seems to be more 'Ups and Downs' in Suzuka and both protagonists from Suzuka focus more on sports compared to Tsuki ga Kirei but imo I find Tsuki ga Kirei has more adorable moments. Both are really great anime so if you like either one of the anime, the other one will suite you perfectly.  
report Recommended by Velcire
Its pure romance. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy. They both get to know each other, and over some drama, some side stories, they ended up dating and they both encourages each other, what interesting is, the characters background stories, character development and how they feel towards each other. Lovey dovey scenes included! Worth recommend.  
report Recommended by AquaralSS
The SoL plot of both anime revolve around a tender and innocent first love, paying big attention to realistic teenage experiences. However, both shows do this with very different successes. 
report Recommended by RobertBobert
Tsuki ga, as with Just Because!, has a lot of similarities with Koi to Uso. Not only it involves teenagers and their romancing struggles, the feeling they pass to the viewer is very comfortable and sometimes nostalgic. Since it describes middle schoolers the innocence of the characters is very well approached and almost touching. A very cute romance with no exaggerated comedy almost stupid characters and scenes observed in the majority of animes. Both focus on the drama of the romance. Calm, nice and very cozy school romance dramas. 
report Recommended by Txickenz
The creators of these two adorable shows crafted their characters and the environment in a way that is so believable and realistic. There's great attention to detail that surfaces in both the sound work and silent scenes. Dialogue is not the only driving force; they take full advantage of "show don't tell" techniques. If you enjoyed one of these mundane yet heartwarming stories, then I'd recommend you watch the other. 
report Recommended by Chaste
Both anime have the themes of relationships, friendship, and the importance of self discovery. 
report Recommended by magic1king
Tsuki ga Kirei and R-15. Both have the following similarities: - A girl and a boy, they feel attraction of each other, which in turn, have friends who feel something for them. - Both boys have some talent, the boy is a writer and the girl is musician (R-15) / sports woman (TgK). As we go through the chapters, we see how the protagonists get to know each other, and gradually show what they feel, despite creating misunderstandings. 
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Short, slow-paced vanilla romances about teens finding true love. Tsuki ga Kirei feels like an extended version of an Amagami SS arc. 
report Recommended by Jerakor
both of these make me want to watch romance anime, even I dislike the genre. both of these has good story pacing and good events 
report Recommended by Lolicon-kun
Both are romance anime that really capsulate the "love" between teenagers. Both also had me grinning like a madman, so there's that. 
report Recommended by Blytz
If you enjoyed the endearing aspects of gradual development of young love in Tsuki ga Kirei (awkwardness and all), Bokura wa Minna has a decent amount of it, so not to worry. The art and animation is fantastic as well (ignoring the comedic moments). 
report Recommended by StudentOfTheGame
accidentally have same event: starting point is the protagonists had fallen in love to main heroine in junior high school Bakuman. and Tsuki ga Kirei has interesting show in romance story, even Bakuman. is more to manga serialization problems. 
report Recommended by Lolicon-kun
A great show has a similar school atmosphere both have love triangles 
report Recommended by AsT5
Both Tsuki ga Kirei and Kuzu no Honkai has their romance part being very realistic and placed with reality - except one is about hardships of a relationship through growing up and being affected by their friends and family, while the other one was dating someone else to soothe the pain for not being able to date their crush to the point of comforting each other sexually.)  
report Recommended by uchimaki131
Both shows have a slow relationship buildup with great characterization and dialogue between the leads. If you liked Tsuki ga Kirei but wanted a dash of economics (instead of school) and older protagonists, try out Spice and Wolf. 
report Recommended by PainfulAC
Both are shows that'll REALLY make you just feel all jittery and happy from seeing such a cute couple blossom and go through all the things young, unexperienced teenagers go through, that we never got to experience but always fantasized about. 
report Recommended by logan87654321