Yuru Camp△

Laid-Back Camp

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Yurukyan
Japanese: ゆるキャン△
English: Laid-Back Camp
German: Laid-Back Camp
Spanish: Laid-Back Camp
French: Laid-Back Camp - Au Grand Air
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 4, 2018 to Mar 22, 2018
Premiered: Winter 2018
Broadcast: Thursdays at 23:00 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: C-Station
Source: Manga
Genre: Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Themes: CGDCTCGDCT, IyashikeiIyashikei
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.271 (scored by 199435199,435 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2672
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #447
Members: 453,153
Favorites: 10,288

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Wholesome and soothing iyashikei with great scenery. 
report Recommended by Kikugi
Anime where high school girls go on adventures. -Yurucamp is more lighthearted and funny, and it focuses on camping and adventures within Japan (especially in the prefectures near Mount Fuji). Also it has more of a focus on cooking. -Yorimoi, however, is more serious and dramatic as it involves high school girls risking their lives trying to reach Antarctica.  
report Recommended by Markdoka
it's the same feeling as watching k-on some girls and slice of life calming and comedy with some nice moments and nice characters i recommend it if you finished watching k-on and looking for something with the same feeling it gives except that it's not about music  
report Recommended by rmade
Both are extremely comfy shows with likeable characters, chill music, companionship, lots of scenery porn and facts about going outdoors. In addition, Yama no Susume is also about struggle and character growth, especially in the second season. And also encouraged me to take up hiking, even if it's just the nearest hill to me. In short: if Yuru Camp is going to be the anime that makes more people to watch the wonder that is Yama no Susume, that would be great :D 
report Recommended by gomennasai
Cute girls bonding over hobbies that are more suitable for middle aged men 
report Recommended by Genoard
Both are about a specific outdoor activity, have similarly cozy atmospheres and music, and are great when you want to just turn your brain off and relax. Yuru Camp has better art and a more specifically cozy vibe, while Houkago Teibou Nisshi has more of a focus on explaining the actual sport (fishing) in detail.  
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Looking for a show about a group of kids getting heavily invested in some sort of nature/outdoors related activity? These two will work just fine. They go into great details about what it's like to actually be involved in their respective activities (astronomy and camping), particularly what it's like to be a complete amateur at them but enjoy them nonetheless. They are cozy, cute, enjoyable, and give off very similar vibes. Yuru Camp definitely has the edge when it comes to beautiful scenery, but the art in Asteroid shouldn't be dismissed just because it's simpler. Relax on! 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Both are very relaxing and atmospheric anime with a similar style of music. If you liked one of these anime, you'll probably like the other. 
report Recommended by justice0
Both series focus on young women enjoying their respective outdoor activities and bonding closer as a result of them. 
report Recommended by RiverSorcerer
You will enjoy watching the two MCs traveling and discovering new places! Their everyday chatting, thoughts, fears and believes... 
report Recommended by WhiteZuri
These are two of the most comfy anime you can find. Super charming characters, fantastic art quality and direction, color design is amazing, and the atmospheres these environments create are second to none. They both heavily focus on the outdoors and what it means to be one with it. If you want to be outside, rummaging around through the bushes and trees, but can't be bothered/are unable to do it yourself, these are excellent cures for that urge. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Both series offer comfy looks at physical hobbies and the connections that form between the groups of young women involved in them, coupled with gorgeous aesthetics and relaxing soundtracks. 
report Recommended by RiverSorcerer
Both are relaxing and calming shows  
report Recommended by jasonpanda_
Both shows have cute girls doing cute things and both deal with interaction between a group of girls (no boys allowed) and about trying something new (One about camping and another about manga drawing) 
report Recommended by Paulo_Goncalves
Cute girls doing camping 
report Recommended by ChenChilla
-Cute girls form a high school club -Real world explanation of the equipment used in the show -Distinguishable character archetype -Building strong bonds -Relaxing atmosphere -Lots of food and chit-chatting -MOE over 9000!  
report Recommended by Lincompoop
Both are lighthearted, relaxed, fun-loving shows that leave you feeling satiated. Some would make a point of calling them both Iyashikei (healing anime). Which is essentially saying both are chicken soup for the soul. 
report Recommended by Marquis_D_Luffy
heehehehe Without a doubt, the presence of Inori Minase embellishes everything! but besides this we have a Yusha that is exactly like Nadeshiko of Yuru Camp... and what better than an End Roll for cute girls doing cute things! 
report Recommended by Ironwarrer
both of them is about camping both are relaxing and comfy the only difference is yuru yuri nachuyachumi! is a ova about camping. 
report Recommended by BadMeme
Legit. If you like cgdct with the fun vibes around the girls and their club activities, at their local unique areas, you can visit this exact similar show. 
report Recommended by badabass
Taking place in luscious landscapes with vibrant soundtracks, both Yuru Camp and Slime Taoshite take the comfy road in their comedy and character dynamics, even if Yuru Camp tends to be a bit more relaxed in its atmosphere. 
report Recommended by RiverSorcerer
- Both takes place in more scenic/rural parts of Japan - Relaxing pace - Both teaches you about a specific craft (camping vs. farming) 
report Recommended by cornonacob
When I was watching Yuru Camp I immediately was reminded of Long Riders by the long peacefully scenic shots of mountains and landscape. Both shows feature cute girls doing outdoor activities. Long Riders focuses on riding bikes; Yuru Camp focuses on camping. Both series have a similar feeling when watching them, very relaxed and cute. Both shows also teach the viewer a lot about the activity they're doing and go in depth on biking/camping. If you enjoy slice of life, cute girls doing cute things, and friendship building I would recommend both shows.  
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Yuru Camp and Amanchu! are both relaxing slice of life series about the outdoors with Yuru Camp focusing on camping and Amanchu! focusing on scuba diving. Both also include a dynamic between a rather laid back girl becoming friends with a much more energetic/silly girl. 
report Recommended by pluvia33
Wholesome series about people being nice to each other 
report Recommended by IDieScreaming
Both show off Japanese countryside in a very laid-back, almost meditative manner. Mushishi is very dramatic and supernatural, unlike Yuru Camp which is essentially a CGDCT show. 
report Recommended by DurangaVoe
Yuru Camp is a show like medicine, in the dosage of one or two episodes a day it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart for the time you 'use' it, but the time after it ends and you have to stop taking the medicine you grew accustomed to can lead to cold withdrawal symptoms. So i'm here to fill the void with the first other show that is my original medicine for this problem and that newer viewer might not yet know, Hidamari Sketch. Hidamari Sketch has one large advantage over Yuru Camp and that is that it ran from 2007  read more 
report Recommended by zwolf12
Looking for Iyashikei (healing) anime? Both of this series might be great, they are similiar in few ways; • It's about cute girls doing some outdoor activities, though Yuru Camp mostly only focuses on the activities more; Yama no Susume focuses on the characters more. • The scenery is beautiful, though the animations is pretty light for eyes. Suits for relaxing.  
report Recommended by absortio
Despite one being kinda old and one is still feel freshed, both share same really relaxing vibe. If you like Yuru Camp, YKK is a must watch SoL anime. 
report Recommended by CainIwakura
Remember the OVA of Yuru Camp? Sounan Desu Ka is basically that OVA but more hardcore. 
report Recommended by Groenboys
Both series come from the same manga magazine and the same slice of life genre. And comedy in 2 series is well presented 
report Recommended by gadboyz
Both are very chill and healing with girl only casts.  
report Recommended by Bronzeaf
Both series are slices of life around girls in school with interesting personality traits and their stories devolve around their interactions and conversations in multiple situations. With a slow pacing both series pay attention to developing their characters and are a perfect option when you are just looking for shows to relax and see how the characters interact and do their antics. 
report Recommended by moskato
Yuru Camp is basically Kiniro Mosaic but: - English Speakers - Blonde obsession - England reference = cute girls doing cute stuff = 5 Moe Girls = All girls chill slice of life + Campfire + Wonderful visuals + school club 
report Recommended by Yubikiri-desu
Cute girls doing cute things 
report Recommended by MBH212
Both Yuru Yuri and Yuru Camp feature a cast of female students. Both are laid back and can be enjoyed casually (hence, 'Yuru'). Both feature the cast in a school club doing stuff together. Both have a cast of fun characters with varying personalities (Yuru Yuri is more over the top, while Yuru Camp is more grounded with their personalities). 
report Recommended by RoterMann
For me, both shows fall under the category of "medicinal" anime. They're full of cute, loveable characters in cute, loveable situations - watch them to get that warm, fuzzy fix. 
report Recommended by wimblewomble
What if Emiya-San chi no kyou no gohan and Non Non Biyori had a child? It would be this show. Every time they go camping, they always wanna be cookin, then I get a little hungy. 
report Recommended by Aoi_Yozora
New members of the girl's High School judo / camping club have whimsical low key fun without boys. 
report Recommended by Volleyballs
These shows both have some of the most enjoyable moments I've seen thus far in anime. I often find myself smiling at just how wholesome some scenes are. If you like the SoL elements of Yuru Camp or Tonikawa then you'll love the other.  
report Recommended by CookedChili
What if Yuru Camp had a hentai version, Harem Camp would fit that description.  
report Recommended by spectre699
in both animes we were able to learn and laugh a lot, despite the super different atmosphere of these animes (soft and relaxing (yuru camp) x tense (saibou)) 
report Recommended by Biarogs
Similar to Non Non Biyori, Yuru Camp's premise is simple and well executed. Both shows are set in places with a lot of amazing nature scenes. While Non Non Biyori does it a bit more subtly with the setting, it's much more prevalent in Yuru Camp due to the essence of camping being to go out into the wild and enjoy nature. They also feature characters that are more experienced that guide the new girl in town, showing her how to enjoy nature. The shows also share the way in which they execute their comedy, never going full-blown comedy, but just enough to mix it  read more 
report Recommended by CountingCrows
Small group of girls just relaxing and having a good time asobi asobase is more comedy that you just relax and turn off your brain for Yuru camp is relaxing and cathartic with some comedy so its a chill watch high school girls doing what they want and having fun 
report Recommended by IDK_No
One word that best describes both these anime series is - relaxing. Yuru Camps has female leads but Kimi to Boku has male leads. Both deal with friendships, relationships and just ordinary activities in life. Also, very pleasant OSTs. Watching before going to sleep leaves a soothing effect on our minds.  
report Recommended by Yoonzino_03
Both animes is excellent slice of life without any fan-service which is received 10/10 from me.(which is rare occasion) 
report Recommended by junkon
These animes are incredibly relaxing, and it's just cute girls having fun. I know Akebi isn't about camping, but the vibes these animes produce are very similar ! 
report Recommended by Normandy_Youtube
You will be treated to calmness and comfort while watching this anime,especially if you are not feeling well or upset. 
report Recommended by Yuzuhiro
These two anime have a calming nature, and if you are looking for a calm emotional input to the show, then look into this one. It's not for everyone, but nonetheless its a good show. Give it a go. 
report Recommended by Aukai
Do you want to describe warmth and simplicity in a thing? If yes, these are the thing you want for. Both Koufuku Graffiti and Yuru Camp have so much heartwarming moments, comfy atmosphere, cute heroines and most importantly awesome foods. If you want to chill and indulge yourself, Koufuku Graffiti and Yuru Camp are the solution all you need. 
report Recommended by iamshin320
While those two shows are overall pretty different (Yuru Camp is very laid-back, relaxed and light-hearted while Eizouken is very energetic, over-the-top and at the same time adressing the characters' struggles in a funny yet also quite serious manner), they still have some similarities I noticed since the first episode. -Both shows are about high school girls who have been reunited through their passion for a particular activity (camping for Yuru Camp and animation for Eizouken) -In both shows, we follow the characters as they work for their club -Both heroines (Nadeshiko Kagamihara and Asakusa Midori) are very energetic and pratically living for their passion,  read more 
report Recommended by Fafette
They are both Slice of Life and both share the main protagonist as someone that recently moved out plus a really lighthearted story with friendship as the base of it all 
report Recommended by LilyWhiteheart
Kino's Journey and Yuru Camp definitely are two very different shows, don't get me wrong. But they've got a similar quality to them, this nebulous feeling of calmness. One is a post-apocalyptic(ish) fairy tale about an androgynous traveller and their talking bike, and the other is some teenage girls camping around middle Japan, but I can say that you have a good chance of liking one if you like the other. Both shows find beauty in the world in understated, small moments, a kind of tranquility that Japanese animation excels at. 
report Recommended by Thedude3445
Both shows center around a beautful, anti-social high school girl who is singularly obssesed with her favorite hobby (Ramen & Camping). Both shows include a high energy female classmate who spends the show struggling to get close to the main character through sharing their hobby. Both shows produce an atmosphere of comforting warmth. Lastly both shows introduce and educate viewers about their respective hobbies. 
report Recommended by Dark_Yagami
Both series focus on a high schooler who is introduced to a hobby that they quickly become invested in, alongside the cast of like-minded obsessives surrounding them. While Yuru Camp leans more on the comfy side while Blue Period showcases the dramatic aspects of the characters lives, both illustrate how our passions can lead us to a better future. 
report Recommended by RiverSorcerer
Both are chill anime, good choices if you want something simply peaceful and cheerful. Major differences between them are that Yuru Camp is about enjoying camping, while Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu mama. is purely cute, seasoned with a some romance. 
report Recommended by ylight67
Both series are edutainment series that give a lot of helpful tips and info in their respective topics especially for beginners. Dumbbell not only shows training tips and exercise examples but also teaches snippets of health and anatomy like nutrition and muscle groups. Yuru Camp details many do's and dont's of outdoor camping particularly in the winter along with equipment recommendations and how to guides. These two shows deliver their information through the vehicle of fun, lighthearted comedy featuring cute anime girls. Dumbbell has ecchi themes (both of male and female) while Yuru Camp is a more cozy Iyashikei. If you want to take a break  read more 
report Recommended by BeanChagBear
Both have amazingly relaxing atmospheres and extremely likable characters, and show off great looking landscapes. The music in the shows is also both relaxing and amazing to listen to.  
report Recommended by Goblerino
Both series emphasize the loving relationships between the main characters and the sense of community that is created over a shared hobby; fans of either series will be glad to know that delicious cooking/food scenes are at the center of each anime. 
report Recommended by RiverSorcerer
Both series have a similar hyperenergetic and kind protagonist, a relaxing environment designed to soothe the viewer, and an always-engaging and fun cast to watch with a wonderful OST to accompany your watching. 
report Recommended by RiverSorcerer
One Off is a very similarly relaxing, albeit short, anime. Nice countryside scenery, and comparably mellow pacing. 
report Recommended by GenesisAria
If you are in for something even more chill, try out Tamayura. It's a longer series but is one of the most mellow relaxing anime you'll find, set in one of the most peaceful towns in japan. 
report Recommended by GenesisAria
Similarly cozy vibes, some of the best sunrises I've seen in anime. Very good use of color to make the environment pop and the mood shine. They both feature a great cast of characters with plenty of cozy, cute, and jolly moments. Hanasaku Iroha has much more drama and story to it, Yuru Camp is, as the English title suggests, more laid-back. But they both remind me of the other greatly. If you enjoy one, especially if you enjoy it for it's atmosphere and setting, then you will very likely enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
There's something about the calm outdoor vibe each of these shows gives off that reminds me of the other. They both feature an in-depth look at their respective activities (camping and photography), and it motivates you to go out and do it yourself. The characters are distinct and enjoyable, and the music is super relaxing in both. If you want some nice scenery, heartwarming coziness, and something to bundle up with, these are both excellent choices. Tamayura is more focused on telling a story with character growth, Yuru Camp is more focused on episodic shenanigans, but both leave me with a similar feeling of  read more 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Both have very good atmosphere and color design. Both have similarly cozy moods. Good characters with good chemistry, leaving plenty of space for heartwarming moments, comedy, and drama. They also both have excellent animation and art quality in general, perhaps some of the best in TV anime. Premises are also both based around school clubs. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
They have the same feeling of Cute Girls doing Cute Things. But most important both deal with one of the girls (both shows focus on girls) as they discover something new and their feelings surprising people who already do what the are learning - probably regaining some part of wonder that led them to begin with. (in this case camping & making a video game) Both also have some degree of comedy. 
report Recommended by Paulo_Goncalves
They have the same feeling of Cute Girls doing Cute Things. But most important both deal with one of the girls (both shows focus on girls) as they discover something new and their feelings surprising people who already do what the are learning - probably regaining some part of wonder that led them to begin with. (in this case camping & divination) Both have a distinct aura in terms of scenery - breathtaking and gives watchers a feeling of relaxation. Both have some decree of comedy. 
report Recommended by Paulo_Goncalves
Both shows contain similar vibes, where you the viewer can relax and possibly discover a new hobby to do with outdoor activities. Very chill and very comfortable to watch shows.  
report Recommended by Shaider2002
Wholesome and comfy slice of life filled with food and cute girls, just the best. Also you get to know more about Japan and japanese culture. Yuru Camp: Different cities, places, local dishes and culture. Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san: Maiko's daily life and culture with a lot of japanese dishes to know more about. 
report Recommended by miyo__
If you have missed the chill adventure that spice and wof brought to anime, then your next watch should be Yuru Camp. I have time and time again have gone back to spice and wolf for the adventure they bring and Yuru Camp hits home with that feeling 
report Recommended by stuffyblade
Both anime have the same relaxing atmosphere and the plots follow the same idea of doing what you love.  
report Recommended by Baobaab
It has some kind of similar heartwarming vibe and both of this anime related to enjoying food and nature. so i think if you enjoy yuru camp, you certainly would enjoy this show. btw, sorry for my bad English, it's my first time making recommendations. 
report Recommended by Plester
I found both of them similar for how easy and relaxing they are to watch - I'd feel so much less stressed after an episode of each! They also both have really lovable female protagonists and, although Little Witch Academia has more of an overarching plot, both spend a lot of time focusing on the relationships between the cast. 
report Recommended by TheMuseChaotic
Although they are not similar in content; the relaxing feeling you gain from watching both of these series are just amazing. Both are definitely worth watching if you are looking to watch something laid back, although Barakamon is more heavy in detail towards the story compared to Yuru Camp 
report Recommended by Arukuto
They have the same feeling of Cute Girls doing Cute Things. But most important both deal with one of the girls (both shows focus on girls) as they discover something new and their feelings surprising people who already do what the are learning - probably regaining some part of wonder that led them to begin with. (in this case camping & a theater troope) Both have some decree of comedy. 
report Recommended by Paulo_Goncalves
Both have a "comfy" and laid-back atmosphere. Yuru Camp has the comfiness of camping, whereas Aiura has the comfiness of everyday life. Each is also rich in character interactions. 
report Recommended by bucket3432
Female friendships form in the Japanese countryside. Easygoing shows that spark appreciation for the small things in life. 
report Recommended by Neko-Hoshishima
Both take place around the same area of Japan, around Mt. Fuji (albeit one in a semi-post-apocalypse), and focus very strongly on a quiet, simple existence in a world that might otherwise be chaotic and hectic-- in the case of one, the pressures of a high school life, and in the other, the possible end of the world. They've both got very similar moods and you'll like'em both. 
report Recommended by Thedude3445
very comfy to watch highly recommended! 
report Recommended by NEWBIEGEN