Black Clover

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Alternative Titles

English: Black Clover
Japanese: ブラッククローバー


Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Oct 3, 2017 to ?
Premiered: Fall 2017
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 18:25 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation, Crunchyroll
Studios: Studio Pierrot
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, MagicMagic, FantasyFantasy, ShounenShounen
Duration: 23 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.291 (scored by 286784286,784 users)
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Ranked: #23672
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Popularity: #110
Members: 693,862
Favorites: 13,553


Both Naruto and Black Clover are basically the same anime made by the same studio. Both are about a young boy who wear a headband that is a Orphan that starts off weak but gets stronger over time, both main characters have the same loud personality and same dream to became the Wizard King/Hokage. 
report Recommended by Jayage
The main character doesn't have something that everyone else has, being super powers or magic until hope appears. Both are Shounen Jump series.  
report Recommended by Swifty9748
Both series are centered on friendship and have the same "never give up" motto. The main protagonist is in a guildsquad where there are a lot of people very different from each other. Both shows give the same vibe of "i will do anything to protect my friends" and "everyone can understand each other". Friendship, rivalry, fights, life or death battles. Different past story plot but both enjoyable 
report Recommended by oOoAurorAoOo
Both series have protagonists as brothers, with near-dichotomous personalities, including talent levels. Both involve a single father raising both of them. If you like the fantasy & drama vibe of Ao no Exorcist, you might take a liking to Black Clover. 
report Recommended by Vizard
After watching Hunter X Hunter, I was looking for another anime with tons of impressive fight scenes and lovable characters. There are tons of similarities between these two animes. The first similarities are apparent: they are both shounen, they both take place in worlds with "magic," they both have an unexpectedly powerful main character, and both shows are over 100 episodes. Both main characters have incredibly supportive friends, and they both never give up. The other similarities between the shows are harder to notice: both animes have dark undertones, and they take place in vast complex worlds. They have multiple evil villains and obstacles to  read more 
report Recommended by Slim_Sadie
-Both MCs are idiotic, have similar goals (pirate/magic king) and refuse to give up no matter how bad the situation is -Both animes are all about friendship and rivalries -Both MCs have unusual/rare powers/abilities. 
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
From the big three anime – One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto – the ninja series shares the most similarities with Black Clover. This should not really come as much of a surprise since Studio Pierrot handled Naruto and Naruto: Shippuuden. In most ways, Black Clover is the studio’s attempt to recreate the magic of their most popular series. This is particularly apparent in the story’s pacing, as both series allow ample time for the characters to goof off, with a heavy employment of flashbacks to develop their backstories. At this point, Naruto barely needs any introduction, but we might-as-well mention a thing or two about the  read more 
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Black Clover are extremely similar. Both series are action-packed shounen, and feature hard-working protagonists (Asta and Tanjiro). These protagonists show how hard work, effort, and intense training can help build strength, and endurance. Another similarity is how both anime feature stories for the characters involved in the fights.  
report Recommended by Luchia
If your into demons and supernatural sort of thing, these two we're the right ones to watch. Both protagonist posses similar sort of dark abilities and a similar dream to achieve.  
report Recommended by Ayato_Ig
Loud shounen main characters. Both main characters start off at the "bottom" then rise up through their journey. Both main character have a special power they have yet to master. Both main characters persue a big dream and thats their main goal. They also both cherish and fight with and for their friends  
report Recommended by Kentaku
Both MC has the power to erase magic power, I.e Asta with anti-magic sword and Touma with his right hand.  
report Recommended by AoichiNeun
+Bold "underdog" protagonists that stand up to elitists. +Protagonists somehow manages to win (mostly). +Enlists in a faction that is another kind of underdog attributed to the leads. +A female side character who is elitist but later trusts the protagonist. +Clear goal to become the best in their respective fields. +Leads who are lighthearted that don't take themselves too seriously. +Leads are constantly underestimated. 
report Recommended by Kong38
- Both series are sitting in fantasy worlds where there are Knights and is used Magic. - Both main characters are related to demons and have big massive sword. - Both main characters are rivals with their best friend, but in Berserk it's more like hatred, but in both they are related through their past. 
report Recommended by reimei_no_ai
Protagonist who wants to be the best at something but has something holding him back  
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
This is special recom for Asta fans. And here is why: - Main character is same emotional and very loud - There are also others very loud players - Both Asta and Eijun are stubborn and oh well... both aren't too inteligent 
report Recommended by junmisugi
- Both series are sitting in a similar worlds full of Magic and Fantasy. - Both Main characters are related to Demon and both are Knights. - Both have rivalry between the main character and his best friend. Asta<->Yuno / Meliodas<->Ban - Both main characters look small. 
report Recommended by reimei_no_ai
Both series have an identical style of combat animation and a similar overall moral compass. While it takes dreadfully long to see the hyperspeed combat of Black Clover, due to Fate/Apocrypha's fewer episodes, they become the highlights of the show. While both are made from differing studios and producers, they both have the same impressions. Where staying true to corny ideals clashes against disingenuous enemy motives. Yet, the hyperspeed combat is truly the highlights of both of these shows. They trade artistic detail for animation intensity. Some may argue it's a deterioration for quality, but if you liked that style in one series, you will surely  read more 
report Recommended by Wrathful_Chicken
Both main characters do the "MADA MADA MADA" scream,in some parts of the story. Both features Knights,In Black Clover you got the magic knights,in Saint Seiya the saints. Also,Gemini Saga is pretty similar to one of the squad captains in Black Clover. 
report Recommended by AlexandreFreitas
Black Clover has its own rivalry but different because they don't learn/go to school and the rival (yuno) believes he's the only fit one to be a rival with asta. 
report Recommended by TheAceAnime
Well, it looked similar to me in the sense that there are squads in both the anime which involve family-like relationships and also mc's squad is not well-reputed. 
report Recommended by Juralumin
it is similar cuz both are good shounen's and have the same vibe from powerless to becoming strong training hard having a good teacher good friends and both the MC have a powerful impact on those around them making other people push forward. 
report Recommended by Lov_Anime_review
both of heart kind protagonist have dreams both protagonist have magic both protagonist have go to adventures with those friends both protagonist have enemies both protagonist have sidekick friends both have storyline and ost and amazing fights 
report Recommended by poland20
If you like Black Clover, you will like DanMachi also, this is why; - "Fantasy World" setting, where the magic and adventures are lit - Both protagonist are "weak" to begin with, but grows stronger by time, both also have some one the look up to - basically "from a zero to hero" - DanMachi also have it's own "harem" and bit of fan service, which make it more fun to watch I think its good to watch DanMachi because soon they will release its 3rd season, if you watch it now, you might finish 1st & 2nd season by the time of 3rd season release.  
report Recommended by just_momo18
First thing they are both about magic. besidedss that, fairy tail has guild however black clover has got magic knights. Its all about friends too like fairy tail.  
report Recommended by prasannamahaseth
As well as Naruto, Black Clover is going to be the next big thing in anime. Somehow it gives me the same feeling as I'm watching Naruto. Studio Pierrot is famously known for their work with the Bleach, Naruto, Boruto and Twin Star Exorcist series’. However, they soon might be known for another new animated production called Black Clover. The series is already being compared to other Shonen franchises such as One Piece and Fairy Tail, despite the series yet to premiere. In addition, the studio has already said that they want and expect Black Clover to be the next Naruto, as the two anime have  read more 
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Both the main characters have the same power to nullify magic while they do not possess any magic themselves. They both have the same morals of refusing to give up and being powerless before coming into power.  
report Recommended by Phantomizers
Both are set in fantasy worlds Magic. Adventures!! They also both have MCs that are "uncommon" 
report Recommended by MorsJrsy
At first,both of the MC are considered powerless,though they get superpowers greater than none other. Both of them is related to magic 
report Recommended by HellSlayingOtaku
The protagonist in Black Clover is of unknown origin and is mostly useless when it comes to the standard form of fighting, both characteristics are each that of the two protagonists in World Trigger. Secondary cast features an over powered cute girl; also in Black Clover; as well as over powered senpai; also in Black Clover. The two shows also share a similar voice cast.  
report Recommended by chikafujiwara420
in Kingdom Two friends are poor and powerless But they share a great dream to become the most powerful warriors in Black Clover two brother also poor and Orphans but they also share a great dream to become the most powerful wizards , both anime are full of adventure and fun .  
report Recommended by Nasr
Both MCs wield swords Both MCs are seen as weak as they lack a certain ability Both MCs are always underestimated Black Clover leans more towards action and adventure Rakudai leans more towards harem and romance. 
report Recommended by Demonic_Nemesis
Yuu Yuu Hakusho is an older series but has some similarities. Both MC started with 0, improving gradually through training. Both MC some kind of hidden power Similar personality, although MC of Yuu Yuu Hakusho is smarter in my opinion  
report Recommended by Top10_anime
Main character very similar. Not talented, clumsy but determined to achieve their goal. (Akko wants to become a great wizard like Chariot, Asta wants to become the leader of the emperors) Both series with fantasy universe where magic is common. Black Clover will show more fights while Little Witch Academia focuses on adventure. 
report Recommended by TuyNOM
Black Clover and Seraph of the End are both based on shonen manga published by Shueisha. The main character in both series are orphans and have an adopted brother. The main character's brother is in a rivaling faction, the Golden Dawn and the Black Bulls in Black Clover, and Vampires vs the Demon Company in Seraph of the End. The main character in both series also have a demon power which look very similar and they both use a sword to fight. 
report Recommended by 64BitRatchet
When I first started to read Black Clover it reminded me so much of both Naruto and Fairy Tail. -Both stories are about a magical world -The magian's guild is crazy like Fairy Tail. -Both anime have similar characters, including magical/power fights,a lot of funny moments and scenes that touch people emotionally . -The main characters have never give up attitude . 
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
extraordinary capacities and powers/ excellent fighting/action scenes ,comedy and tragedy The characters in both of these anime have a goal they are trying to reach with never give up attitude . 
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Black Clover and Soul Eater envision a universe where normal everyday people are bestowed with magic, making the supernatural an almost mundane occurrence. The latter is considerably faster paced, but they share similar larger-than-life characters and a dedication to light-hearted comedy. 
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Both Main Character from this two series does not have any magic power. Even so, they found way to fight without having any magic at all.  
report Recommended by AoichiNeun
These anime have a main character with no magic and use swords as weapons. Main characters also have a demon like power. These are filled with an adventerous journey towards their goal.  
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick