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Vampire Knight

Alternative Titles

English: Vampire Knight
Synonyms: Vampire Kishi
Japanese: ヴァンパイア騎士〈ナイト〉


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 8, 2008 to Jul 1, 2008
Premiered: Spring 2008
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Viz Media
Studios: Studio Deen
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.251 (scored by 229,022 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #27462
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #194
Members: 389,352
Favorites: 8,266


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Jun 16, 2009
Dorothea (All reviews)
Some aspects of the setup I liked, like the school divided into day class human students and night class vampire students. I would have loved the human heroine who patrols the grounds and night, making sure the vampires are in line, except...Yuki was TOTALLY lame. Episode after episode was her chasing after Zero, stupidly getting herself into danger, being saved by a male lead, and then feeling guilty. Really weak story, with few redeeming features. The characters didn't grow, events didn't build up into a climax, and the resolution was contrived and lukewarn. It was very much one of those read more
Jul 21, 2008
TheLlama (All reviews)
If you think that shojo series are all flowery, romantic (comedies) and cheerful, you're quite wrong, and Vampire Knight will prove that more than anything else. Keywords for VK are drama, emotional struggles and tragic pasts. Throw in a dash of vampire, and there you have Vampire Knight in all its glory.

The story revolves around the students of the Cross Academy, which is divided into the Day Class for humans, and the Night Class for Vampires. The main characters, Zero and Yuki, both have very sad pasts; Zero had his family killed by a vampire, and Yuki's first memory was a vampire attacking her. These read more
Apr 25, 2008
Erisu (All reviews)
Well, since some people exactly like my reviews, I decided to do another one. This time, it's Vampire Knight. I've only seen 3 episodes and read some manga chapters, even through I can't consider myself as the VK-girl that knows everything, I know quite alot about the story and the characters. Anyway, here we go!

Story - 100% [10]
If you haven't read the manga or saw some episodes of the anime, you'll probably already have an idea what this is about... Vampires. I say that you're right, but if you watch or read Vampire Knight, you'll find out that it's more than only ''vampires''. Let's start read more
Oct 19, 2008
Animegurl420 (All reviews)
If you like pretty anime vampire boys, this might be right up your street. However, if you like something with a decent plot as well as the associated carnage and animalistic nature that vampires usually have, this will likely leave you somewhat disappointed (and that's me being rather kind..) and wishing it had delivered more for the time you put in.

I began watching this on a friend's giddy recommendation and was intrigued somewhat by the first few episodes; although, all the way through near enough, it stayed at the same steady pace of mild intrigue and a general niggling wonder as to when the hell read more
Jun 20, 2008
Tinky-Winky (All reviews)
Vampire Knight is the 13-episode anime adaptation of the famous manga by renowned manga-ka Matsuri Hino.

Revolving around a cast of teen-aged characters, or rather some teener-looking century-old vamps, the story unfolds with a female character named Yuki Cross, a renowned student who keeps one of the biggest secrets her school has to cautiously conceal, as the point-of-view. The typical shojo anime protagonist, she exhibits the traits (candy eyes, cheerful attitude, encouraging words, beautiful face, and most specifically attractiveness) many viewers would like her to. As the main of the main characters, she, of course, is most likely to have different interactions with the other read more
Jan 25, 2012
xMintyPie (All reviews)
WARNING-- before reading this review, please take into account the fact that I disliked Vampire Knight. If that one statement offends you, please do not read onward. I do not assume any responsibilities for broken monitors, laptops, or mobile devices.

Also, if you like dark romance or any romance dealing with vampires, I recommend this to you. See if you like it. Though, if you prefer adventures or are not a fan of things dark, or of soap operas, this is not recommended.


No matter what anime it is, the very first question that ever comes to my mind when writing review is this-- read more
Apr 7, 2008
fuyu (All reviews)
The anime adaptation was good enough, I think. The voice acting is top-notch: can't go wrong with Miyano Mamoru (Zero) and Fukuyama Jun (Aidou). I didn't expect a lot (nor anything unpleasant) from Horie Yui, but I think she did really well as Yuki.

The characters are well-done; faithful to the manga.

The animation, though...That's another story. Although it's not mediocre or anything, it's not as good as I would have wanted... There were times that I feel that it doesn't capture the glory of the VK manga. I'm fearing that the quality might lessen as time goes by, but I'm still hopeful that the whole read more
Jun 22, 2008
Talu (All reviews)
(EDIT: 4\25\11: I used to love the manga of VK, but even though now I hate it, I hate the anime much more.)

First of all, I'm serious: I think the creators of the anime love Kaname more than Zero. It's quite obvious from the beginning that the love triangle is KanameYuukiZero, then why does Kaname present in YuukiZero scenes? In those scenes in the manga he wasn't even there at all O_o And there are more.

The story of course is great, but the anime ruined it totally. Zero behaves like a wimp, he's not like himself, and Yuuki also. Since when Yuuki has been taking read more
Jul 1, 2008
HalRyder (All reviews)
10 years ago, Cross Yuki was rescued from an attack by a rogue vampire that got her whole family killed by Kuran Kaname, a noble vampire. Now, under the watchful eye of Chairman Cross, Yuki's foster father, both are students at the Cross Acedemy, where there's a Day Class for humans, and Night Class for vampires. There, Yuki, along with Kiryuu Zero, a childhood friend with a deep hatred for vampires, they attempt to prevent the secret of the vampires' identities from the student mass.

I was sorely disappointed with the anime. Hino Matsuri's manga version had a great story going for it, only for the read more
Aug 3, 2008
BluefireRikku (All reviews)
I think this is an anime that can be appreciated by the manga readers, but never fully approved of by them.

I fully enjoyed watching season 1, finding myself drawn in and addicted to the feeling and the sounds. I could not stop watching it.

When the anime did vary from the manga, I found it to be an enriching manner that made the story a little bit easier to understand. There were a few points in the manga when everything wasn't very clear, and the anime did a very good job of clarifying everything. And again, the music was perfectly chosen, with a well-chosen catchy read more
Apr 10, 2018
RychesShadows (All reviews)
Throughout my time of watching anime I have discovered many series that I have made me sit back and think "I'm glad anime became a main interest of mine" . The list is long ranging from things like Steins;Gate to LotGH.
The problem however with anime is that it reminds me of Reddit and 4Chan. You begin looking at the funny things, the good things, the parts that get to you. Then you realise.....Beyond the funny memes you get the disgusting and idiotic parts that make you question why the internet should be allowed. At the bottom of the anime change is this. Vampire Knight. read more
Nov 27, 2013
LeikoHaran (All reviews)
Vampires in anime is nothing original and definitely nothing ground-breaking, in 2006, the idea of vampires had taken a back seat, Twilight didn't exist so there was a lack of screaming fangirls talking about what team they were, in fact, before there was Twilight....There was Vampire Knight.
Many people, including me tend to think "oh, vampires, meh" and it takes a quality show such as Production IG's 'Blood: The Last Vampire' to turn heads and make people think otherwise, only to be kicked in the teeth by god awful vampire anime such as Fortune Arterial, Vampire Knight was a step in the right direction, but its read more
Apr 14, 2008
viral- (All reviews)
What you will be wasting ur next 5 minutes is reading my review over the first ep since only first ep came out At the momment. So, Hope you enjoy. Lets get started!

Story: Revolves around Vampires. Main girl of the story and a cool guy are so called looked as "Guardians". Ok so their job is to protect the identity of these vampires going to the same school with them. [The School] Day time, Normal students... Normal Schools. Night time, Its Vampires to the schools. So why do These 2 "Guardians go protect the Vapire when its different school time? Simple, The Vampires are Super read more
Jun 16, 2009
Stormy_77 (All reviews)
In summary, Vampire Knight is the anime offspring of Ouran High School Host Club meets Twilight. I didn't have high hopes for this anime and was pleasantly surprised at the strength of character development and some plot twists.

Cross Academy is like 2 schools rolled into one. The normal day class students are all intrigued and have terrific crushes on members of the Night Class who look like Movie Stars. Of course they day class is completely unaware that the Night Class are vampires, and an uneasy peace is kept by 2 prefects (Yuki and Zero), obeying the Headmaster's ideals of "let's all just get read more
Jul 26, 2010
Magdalen (All reviews)
The setting for this anime is maybe not an original one, VampirexMortal. But little parts of the storyline had me intrigued, and on the advice of a friend, I sat down to watch it.

As I said, little additions and quirks of the storyline (such as Yuuki being saved by a vampire as a young girl, Zero's *affliction* -I'll call it that so there are no spoilers- and vampires being a night class while mortals are a day class of a boarding school.) made me enjoy certain parts of this story.
The first few episodes had me thoroughly enjoying it, the art a major bonus to the read more
Jul 11, 2009
Akachi_Tem (All reviews)
I never finished this anime and never will,except if I'm totally bored.It doesn't worth watching.Read the manga.If you haven't before watching I doubt you'll find anything wrong with the anime.

Story 6/10
It lacks,lacks and doesn't follow the main story sometimes.I also noticed some filler events,some of which were nice additions I must say and some weren't.Hm...the thing is I also noticed that some things that happened in the manga,like dialogues,were cutt off and replaced by those so called "filler" dialogues or whatever.Well,I know this is just a 13 anime episode but why change it when you could have simply left it as it was instead read more
Mar 3, 2011
27lily (All reviews)
Initially, I wanted to rate this review 9/10 overall because I'm secretly (well, not so secret anymore) in love with one of the characters inside *fan girl moment* ZERO *blush*

Zero is just too hot for an anime character, don't you think so?

*End of fan girl moment*

Back to the topic,

Basically, this story is about vampires, vampires and vampires as you would predict from the title. Honestly, I didn't plan on even watching this anime even though I heard great reviews about it and all because of the word "Vampire". Ever since Twilight came out, vampire books and movies have been a hit and read more
Feb 11, 2010
R-R-Ruki (All reviews)
Vampire Knight oh Vampire Knight! One of those blood-sucking enjoy-a-ble type of anime/manga it's suppose to be, huh?! Well.. Not exactly.

ART: Ah, the art.. The art is quite decent. Its actually pretty well done. The eyes are quite big though, especially on Yuuki. The face expressions when somebody's getting bitten by a vamp was pretty cool as well. reading ze' manga and watching ze' anime, I have noticed that the characters have LONG necks! Its a bit too long! =3=

STORY: Its not the best, sadly.VK has its ups and downs during the story. And, I was expecting lots of action because they put vamps with read more
Mar 26, 2014
PsyPresident (All reviews)
Story (5/10)
The story wasn't too bad compared to the other parameters, in my opinion. It could've been much better if the plot progressed quicker instead of having the same subject for many episodes in a row and also trying to explain things better and not leaving things in a open.

Art (3/10)
Absolutely disliked it. The only feature that could make the character noticeable were the different hair colors of each character, otherwise, distinguishing them and remembering them would be nearly impossible.

Sound (2/10)
This is merely my opinion but I hated the openings, endings and most of the background sound.

Character (5/10)
Some characters were boring, especially Yuki since she read more
Mar 12, 2014
rayandjim (All reviews)
Vampire knight was a welcome change for me in terms of the darker tone of the show, compared to the usual reverse harem, soujo anime. I loved the fact it was not the typical sweet and innocent cliche anime, it had at least a little more depth to it.

I say a 'little' because to be honest it still is far from being a well, rounded, engaging, action packed and thought-provoking anime. It still is very much targeted at teenage girls with a thirst for 'twilighty' things..

The story was not a bad one, compared with many other animes of a similar genre, as there read more