To Love Ru

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Synonyms: Toraburu, Love Trouble
Japanese: To LOVEる -とらぶる-
English: To Love Ru
German: To LOVE Ru
Spanish: To Love Ru
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Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2008 to Sep 26, 2008
Premiered: Spring 2008
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Xebec
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, RomanceRomance, Sci-FiSci-Fi, EcchiEcchi
Themes: HaremHarem, SchoolSchool
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 7.001 (scored by 309445309,445 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #41012
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #313
Members: 608,388
Favorites: 4,023

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Both are pure service anime made for your amusement. Yes, there is harem as well as overly jiggly boobs. If you liked Rosario+Vampire, then you'll love Tu-LOVE-Ru, or otherwise. The female lead role both have lovely pink hair. 
report Recommended by chibuki
-Both shows has a alien girl who loves the male protaganist -Alot of comedy, parody, and development of romance -To Love-Ru contains abit more fanservice then Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 
report Recommended by Pysonics
Both main male characters are surrounded by well endowed women.. both titles are mainly focus on harem. except that highschool dxd are demons while to love-ru are both aliens and humans 
report Recommended by keygen
Both about a guy who is forced into a marriage through a series of crazt events, and both are really funny with lots of comedy and cute girls as lead characters ;3 
report Recommended by Spades-Deuce
In both, MC likes a certain girl and that girl likes him back (for similar reasons too), but is (sort of) forced into a relationship with another girl.... Circumstances are pretty similar in both. The difference here is that Nisekoi is not ecchi nor supernatural. 
report Recommended by Phazingly
Both animes have a female alien coming from out of outer space witch stays with the main protagonist. They also both have amazing technology. 
report Recommended by Aurao
Very close, both of them have aliens and a lot of ecchi moments with a bit of action. 
report Recommended by Fezinho
the main plots are very simmilar, the bigest differance is in the main characters. in To-Love-Ru the main character is shy and in-experanced with girls. but in Urusei Yatsura the main charater thinks of himself as a lady killer. 
report Recommended by redcrowe9
A normal guy falls inlove with an alien girl. These girls don't know much about the planet Earth so they do some weird things while living at there "lover" place. Even through the guys don't have parents living at there house, so both of these animes are very similar... 
report Recommended by y0l3itches
When I started watching Monster Musume the first anime that fell into my mind was To Love Ru. Both anime's have a male character who gets his life turned upside down because of alien girls moving into his house. In Monster Musume it is a part of a human/alien treaty to improve the relationship between humans and these monster girls. In To Love Ru it is a princess running away to avoid a forced marriage and instead wanted the main character from that anime as his partner. As a result in this anime. The main characters gets into a lot of trouble caused by a harem of girls. A  read more 
report Recommended by Skurd
An out of this world creature, loving an human earthling boy. 
report Recommended by ohmiharu
Both are about attractive female aliens that invade a males house and go to school. They both have to marry the male, against the male's wishes. The plots are practically the same, but I will not say in which cases because my reasons are spoilers.  
report Recommended by hobbiteen
They are both supernatural harems so they are similar in a lot of respects. The characters parallel each other and in both series, the male lead is forced by the father to marry his daughter and become the heir to a throne. Great mixtures of comedy and relationships. 
report Recommended by tigerz
Here's the one thing Why it's so similiar when the genres are so differ? The characters... Understand?? Blonde loli who can control her hair as much as she wants.. They're considered as powerful & dangerous weapon Kirisaki Kyouko (Same name) Not to mention Tearju-sensei is there too (Same chara) So, what do you waiting for? For Black Cat watcher... Watch out for To-Love Ru dangerous "plot" and nosebleed xD 
report Recommended by Rayl1ght
the similarities between the two are pretty evident if you seen both of them. they both have hot alien chicks they pop out of nowhere and get caught up with a guy. also, both male characters end up having most of the women characters like him. the plot and genre are what's similar but the characters themselves are pretty different. 
report Recommended by nate23nate23
They both have a strange, space girl and similar situations and characters, if you liked one, you'll like the other for sure. 
report Recommended by TommasoDS
Loser highschooler gets supernatural girlfriend which cascades into every girl around him thinking he's awesome, nonsensical comedic moments ensue. To Love Ru is themed more consistently on a new alien every episode and has a lot more ecchi to the point it gets tiring but still has enough chaos to be entertaining while Jitsu Watashi quickly mixes fantasy and sci fi themes with a bit less crazy things but the ecchi is much more controlled. Both female leads are sort of air heads, main difference is Lala invents more things to get the gang in trouble (and again, ecchi is more common with her show)  read more 
report Recommended by Ptrico94
Both are ecchi, harem anime with similar vibes. If you like that kind of stuff you should like these ^^ 
report Recommended by CC_C2
someone from space land on earth female protagonist fell in love with the male protagonist  
report Recommended by pakin
both have boys suddenly thrown into relationships with unlikely partners 
report Recommended by coros
It has to do with a bunch of girls falling in love with a honestly sweet guy.It also has alot of ecchi and comedy. 
report Recommended by ieatzricecakez
An idiosyncratic finance moves into the house of the main character in episode one and the romantic comedy progresses from there.  
report Recommended by shigeru212
Your daily life is filled with aliens (or alien-like beings)!? Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and To Love-Ru both starts with two teenage boys who aren't achieving much in life, when an alien-being steps into their daily lives. This alien being (Lala/Reborn) creates a brand new hectic daily life for the boys, where an interesting cast of characters follow along from their introduction. At the start, both shows main focus are the comedic aspects between the characters. After 20 or so episodes for both, the shows begin to introduce more serious story arcs, with character backgrounds, growth and stakes. To Love-Ru, however, is also ecchi and harem, while Katekyo Hitman  read more 
report Recommended by ChartTopper60
The main character suddenly finds himself involved with a beautiful girl in some kind of a forced relationship, with many comedy and ecchi scenes to enjoy. 
report Recommended by Offlien
Both are about a weak willed man who get surround by beautiful big chested women. 
report Recommended by komic
They're not similar in any way, I know, except for the fact that they're ecchi. In fact, they're the ecchi-est anime I know! 
report Recommended by HidamariSeashore
Both have many girls surrounding the main Character , Genre is almost the same , with tons of ecchiness xD , You will love both of it if you like one of it  
report Recommended by Eternal_Shield
both deal with forced marriage 
report Recommended by mereth
Men are from earth and hot sexy babes to fall into your laps are from space. Tenchi is older than To LOVE-Ru, but the themes are similar. Both MC's are clueless about the feelings of the aliens have for them and the heroines of both shows are of royalties too. Both fall for the protangist for unknown reasons and everyone (girls that is) in the universe wants in on the party. Lucky guys. 
report Recommended by Jmac
Both attempt sci-fi, except in TLR it is almost deflated. Lala keeps inventing gizmos and the only thing the narrative comes up with is the same exact comedic routines invariably involving the protagonist falling, with inevitable coincidences. Lala in Yami happens to be an AI in a spaceship that cares for children for one particular reason... Yami has so much depth to it, TLR tried to have bits of romance too, only to fall flat on its face (literally, often), whereas the romance in Yami can be funny and deep at the same time, with added existential complications. 
report Recommended by Yaoi-kun
A carefree and bubbly female lead falls from the sky and starts living with the male protagonist. 
report Recommended by shigeru212
Both female protagonist are beings that are not human. The comedy in them is similar from time to time and the females are both kind of dim witted by the unfamiliarity of the human world  
report Recommended by Hisashikun
Both have alien girls who fall in love with human guys, and both girls are involved someway with a Galatic government. 
report Recommended by Damonashu
The same situation where it involves regular guy and Extra Terrestrial girl and regular guy's life was never the same again. But , when it come to the guys' character in To Love Ru the guy there was annoying cu'z he doesn't have the balls to confess to his true love, while in the remake Urusei, the guy is a total player/ moron/ horny. when it come to the female character in the remake of Urusei the ET girl can be a Yandere / Jealous/ sadistic and clingy type, while in To Love Ru the ET girl there let's just say she was the  read more 
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
These two titles are similar as they're both harems with a sort of fanservicey/ecchi aura radiating with a diverse cast of attractive female characters. 
report Recommended by Vizard
ecchi and uusual powers 
report Recommended by Sqwar
If you like To-LOVE-Ru then you should check out Goshuushou-Sama Ninomiya-kun. I think the anime is a little simalar because Mayu and Lala are like-like Aliens (maybe) 
report Recommended by Jadeh
Similarity: + construction of story, + lovable characters, + atmosphere, + quite good comedies. To love-ru and School Rumble should be liked by people who are looking for really chillout shows with many various characters. 
report Recommended by Merodiak
Good luck girl features a similar vibe nd quick fast-pace comedy style. While it's not as obnoxious or harem-y, the characters are just as high strung and energetic 
report Recommended by Louvioun
- chad mc's - hot females - mc's both like helping the females (we both know why) 
report Recommended by reed
Both are harem, ecchi, comedy, romance, and school. Both have clueless main characters, though To Love Ru is even more clueless. Both main characters think their sisters are attractive.  
report Recommended by BadSuns
Both series have a typical loser high school student who becomes a somebody when hot girls goes to him from nowhere. If you like one you should watch the other both are really good anime. 
report Recommended by eterath
If you like ecchi/harem anime, you might like watching these two animes because both have an MC surrounded by stunning girls and some similarities Similarities: - Comedy every episode - MC is loved by more than one female character - Hardcore ecchi moments Differences: - MC from Megami-ryou is a 12 years old boy - MC from To Love-Ru is a highschool student 
report Recommended by alysson-sama
So here's how the two are similar: - Both shows have aliens in them. (Nyaruko and Lala Satalin Deviluke) - Both shows have male characters who are somewhat tsundere-like to the female character. - Both shows are hilarious. (Although I like "Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W" more) - Both shows are somewhat ecchi-like. (Actually To Love-Ru is ecchi) If you love to laugh a lot, then you're gonna love "Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W" or the prequel "Haiyore! Nyaruko-san." 
report Recommended by BlazeVanquisher
These two animes have a similar theme of several beautiful woman longing to be in a relationship with the lead man. The playful and comedic style of anime results in many 'misunderstood' scandalous situations on the leads behalf. To LOVE-Ru is a bit less serious than Ai Yori Aoshi.  
report Recommended by corruptanimelove
Both are romantic comedies about a girl who (not by his fault) meets bunch of weird, supernatural girls (alien, ghost etc.) that interferes with his dail life. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Mankitsu Happening all the ecchi-slip ups that Rito is notorious for, but this time it's actually a hentai. 
report Recommended by Wrathful_Chicken
Other than being a harem, both anime takes place in a normal city. Normal guy gets dragged by an energetic heroine and someone's out to assassinate him. The protagonist is also expected to be a great man someday. Oh, and the heroine is of royalty. There are plenty of characters with similar personalities, like a tsundere, a sister who does all the cooking, cleaning, etc. Finally, it deals with supernatural phenomenon (one is sci-fi, the other is magic).  
report Recommended by Vaenny
-Young, ordinary, timid boy put in sci-fi scenarios which are way beyond him -He cries a lot, is weak however has lots of responsibility put on him -Main girls are one who's quiet, one who's very out there -Also adult girl who is a casual professional -Sci-fi creations not going as intended -Disapproving father -Dream sequences inside the protagonist's head with the other characters, showing his mindset 
report Recommended by Wiziliz
So, you've watched To Love-Ru and you want more. Then here you go. Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai also has a chill atmosphere, good comedy, rockin' OP! and is a lot of fun to watch. I feel like people looking for To Love-ru like content would enjoy Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sukuknai?. The MC, Kodaka, in Boku Wa has his act together better than Rito in To Love-ru; they are school students and both get a harem. Alexis Tipton VA'd for Lala in To Love-ru and VA'd for Rika in Boku Wa. Rika serves as the genius science geek harem member who spends all her  read more 
report Recommended by mossonarock
If you're a fan of group of sexy females that knows how to fight. well, this show is for you. the animation of fight scenes is well made. if you're a guy, you're gonna love these two shows. It will makes you feel to not lonely while watching. if you know what I mean :D enjoy! 
report Recommended by Luuji222
Hello, anime lovers out there are you interest in watching anime series: Harem and Romance and Comedy and some crazy science fiction? well, watch Motto To Love Ru series. 
report Recommended by yurakeikain476
You've watched To Love-ru and are wanting more. What if Lala really was a demon rather than an alien from Deviluke? Well, Vermeil has got you covered there. And she covers the mc- all over. Lala may be pure but Vermeil has little shame. See if you'd want to swap some mana with Vermeil. There's also a pink haired girl into the mc in Vermeil; so no missing out in that department either.  
report Recommended by mossonarock
Everytime I saw main heroine I remembered Lala because of the tail. Also in To Love Ru Lala is mad in love with the main hero the same way it's here.  
report Recommended by YoungTamedKiller
Both are very similar in many ways. The obvious being that the main girl who is an alien princess ends up coming from space and living with the main character. The only notable differences is that UFO is far less ecchi. Aside from that they are more or less the same with a similar harem feel to it, however on my opinion UFO is done better. 
report Recommended by Tanya-Project
Made by the same studio and the same type of story. Protagonists gets into wacky situations with his harem. 
report Recommended by vbnm193
Both series involve characters that are from another dimension/world and come to Earth. Both involve great amount of comedy. Even though, To LOVE-Ru has aliens instead of Demons and it's more focused on romance. 
report Recommended by NEPGYAAAAAAAAA
Do you like watching hentai? Do you dislike going to sketchy hentai websites? Then these anime are perfect for you. These anime are borderline hentai, meaning they have the ability to get you hard. You can also find them on 'safe' anime streaming websites. Meaning you don't have to worry about getting viruses from sketchy hentai websites. Hope this helps :) 
report Recommended by TheMcRib
I see a lot of similarity coming from both but one is a supporter character on both anime have a female that turn into a male. Also both show some action scene I really recommend both these anime.  
report Recommended by AkatsukiUlquiora
While one deals with outerspace aliens, lots of ecchi and humor and the other one deals with swimming humans and lots of ecchi and humor.. there's not much of a difference in it. But the animation in Umisho is on a higher level than the one in TLR, the story's are different but characters deal similarities. 
report Recommended by Ilyaoh
Guy meets girl while he's naked in his house, girl isnt human, she has supernatural powers and some baggage, the guy has human girls who like him but he barely notices. 
report Recommended by cloudsora
Both are funny as hell fan-serivice shows 
report Recommended by BurningBang
Finished Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan? To Love ru is the non-violent version. 
report Recommended by js930
One Average Guy that through Great Fortune (or Misfortune) has Several Attractive Girls thrown into his Life. 
report Recommended by japzone
The only thing similar is the concept of the forced marriage aspect, and the growing love between the main characters 
report Recommended by DarkAssassin31
The only thing similar is the concept of the forced marriage aspect, and the growing love between the main characters 
report Recommended by DarkAssassin31
because it's full of inventions and many weird girls, actions, romance, comedy, and echiness is all on these two animes....^-^ 
report Recommended by leveia
Its also a Ecchi-comedy anime, and feels to have the same amount of each put into the episodes, and its very similar, the story is different but the ecchi and comedy is all there 
report Recommended by Chaoticnova
To-LOVE-Ru and Rosario + Vampire Capu2 are based on a harem of girls who aim their love towards a weakling of a guy. The girls in both series also have supernatural powers, too. Plenty of ecchi moments, also. I'm sure if you enjoy one, you'll enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by RaitoTheReaper
Lucky perverts. Always getting into hijinks with the opposite sex whether they like it or not.  
report Recommended by Estoy_Gordo
They are very similar in terms of fanservice and comedy; however it feels that To LOVE-Ru is more thought out and engaging as opposed to Amaenaide yo, which has one purpose: fanservice. If you like ecchi, try Amaenaide yo. If you like half ecchi, half actual relationships, try To LOVE-Ru. 
report Recommended by theeggman85
Both comedy-harem-romance Unfortunate main character getting in trouble because of the girls surrounding him Also he's always unable to confess his love to a shy girl 
report Recommended by Ravell
Do you want another ecchi/harem with some "paranormal" stuff? Here it is.  
report Recommended by Sergioatope
Both are ecchi anime with horny women who want the male character. 
report Recommended by Flairway
The dialogue is substantially centered around the ecchi and harem elements and even though both are somewhat slice of life and episodic, the supernatural and fantasy aspects are always palpable, never fading away in the background. 
report Recommended by shigeru212
Both are very ecchi animes. Both animes have a main character who can't stand sexual situations or imagery. 
report Recommended by Kragic
Iruma-kun is a toned down reverse To Love-Ru or an ecchi lite highschool story so to speak because we see two sides of the same coin. In one hand we have a human boy exposed to new experiences and stimuli in an unfamiliar hellscape trying to fit in at a school attended by all kinds of demons whereas for To Love-Ru its the other way around since Lala a female resident of Deviluke along with her sisters from a distant planet inhabited by devilish aliens prone to causing full of mischief have no other choice but to assimilate into our world through building lasting friendships  read more 
report Recommended by HibiChika
It is similar because in Kodocha, a boy likes a girl but the girl has no idea that the boy likes her; and there are so many misunderstandings. Same in To Love Ru. Hope you enjoy! :) 
report Recommended by animegirl0624
Both have multiple girls fighting over the same guy. Not so much a theme of magic in To Love-ru as there is a sense of adventure and galactic battles that always put the main character's life or relationships at sake. Lots of awkward moments for him as well. Plenty of pantsu and oppai! 
report Recommended by al12gamer
Both are comedic and involves aliens races trying to live on earth. Though "To-love-ru" centers on love struggles of a human protagonist, Level E is about aliens living out their lives without disrupting human society. 
report Recommended by Primal
I believe between that the two series are similar because Rito(To Love-Ru) and Teppei (Princess Lover) are the main protagonists. Those two individuals were force into marriage and have trouble with girls. I believe those two have different affairs and different personalities. If you like To Love-Ru you'll like Princess Lover. 
report Recommended by AnimeBlog
While watching Love Hina i had the seam fealing when i watched To Love Ru They both are ecchi and have many beautiful girl around a boy,even tough To love ru is a bit mature :D So if you like Love Hina and don't mind a little bit of ecchi you will like To Love Ru :] 
report Recommended by fuu_chan
Golden Darkness and Fate Testarossa are very similar characters; you may feel as you're watching another story about this mysterious blonde girl. TLR have lots of ecchi and is for a bit older viewers but MSLN is for all age. Golden Darkness is probably based on Fate Testarossa because To Love-Ru have a lot of parody elements, not only Magical Girls. 
report Recommended by SomeoneLost
To Love-Ru is about a boy who has an Alien princess living with him called Lala... like Chobits has a boy who has a persecom living with him 
report Recommended by vjacobs
Both are parody, ecchi, harem, anime where the main protagonist fails beautifully to have a single platonic relationship with the girl he really likes. They have a very similar kind of humor, feel really similar in general and they both have great plot. 
report Recommended by ninjaxdlolsord
Follows the same premise of a high-school boy coming upon a magical girl. 
report Recommended by BlokeTokes