To Love Ru

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Toraburu, Love Trouble
Japanese: To LOVEる -とらぶる-
English: To Love Ru
German: To LOVE Ru
Spanish: To Love Ru
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Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 4, 2008 to Sep 26, 2008
Premiered: Spring 2008
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Xebec
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, RomanceRomance, Sci-FiSci-Fi, EcchiEcchi
Themes: HaremHarem, SchoolSchool
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 7.001 (scored by 309445309,445 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #41012
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #313
Members: 608,388
Favorites: 4,023

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Preliminary Spoiler
Nov 8, 2008
Mixed Feelings
Story: Pretty much all filler. Each episode stands alone except the ending and they don't really play off of each other. The series strays way too far from the Manga and doesn't explore the main parts where you see many characters develop themselves. I understand that the Manga has stories that end in one chapter and expansion is necessary to make the Anime but they could've handled it better. A similar style to the beginning of Full Metal Panic Fumoffu would've been cool where there were two stories split between an episode. Since chapters for To-Love-Ru are short, that would've been a great direction for ...
Mar 7, 2010
Well.. Where do I start.. Hmmmm

Well I watched this series due to a suggestion in the recommendations of Rosario + Vampire.. Although the shows are both somewhat similar.. I expected a bit more out of the series.

Let me start with this.. there are to me.. two seasons to this series basically..and the second series starts somewhere around episode 14.. but.. too be quite honest in my opinion.. Episodes 18-24 are basically OVAs that are stuffed in.. I mean.. There is the story of Kyoto the Fire Girl..a entire episode about a show Lala and Rito watch on television.. which had absolutely nothing to do with ...
Nov 13, 2014
This is just mindless, fun entertainment.

Alright so the story of To Love Ru is about a boy name Yuuki Rito who gropes a pink-haired alien name Lala who is the princess of Deviluke. After trying to confess his feelings to a girl, Haruna Sairenji, he accidentally confesses to Lala and says to him "Lets get married". From there on Rito tries to get out of the relationship with Lala, but has other things in his way that actually makes him closer to her. The plot does get more of a serious tone towards the end of the anime, but overall it's just a fun anime.

My ...
Sep 13, 2009
To-Love-Ru was a huge disappointment for me. The series had so much potential, but in the end, turned out to be one big failure... It had no plot whatsoever, beside the first few episodes, which introduced the "story". No plot progression for characters as well, what they did was throw in a few new characters during the show and there it ended. They could use much more interesting turn of events and character progression it even hurts to think about it.

Another thing I have to point out - the humor in this series is simply NOT FUNNY... AT ALL. The only one who actually made ...
May 25, 2010
Preliminary (1/26 eps)
Oh look, another accidental boob-grab.
Oh look, another accidental ass-grab.
Oh look, he mentioned he likes Haruna again.
Oh look, he was inadvertently prevented from confessing to her again.
Oh look, he tripped and fell face-first into some random girl’s private parts again.
Oh look, he got slapped again.
Oh look, he got kicked again.
Oh look, that assassin showed up again promising to kill him, again.
Oh look, she turned up in his bed in the morning, again.
Oh look, he got ridiculously shocked at finding her in his bed, again.
Apr 7, 2008
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (2/26 eps)
Story: From the fanservice and the OP it pretty obvious that this show is a harem. If you've watched Harem/ecchi/romance-comedy anime before you wont really find anything groundbreaking about this anime. So if you don't like these kinds of shows, I suggest you stay away. It is basically your multi-sided struggle over the main male character. I personally have no problems with the alien/marriage theme, but I find the plot of this series all to predictable.

Art: For a new show the animation quality is what you would call decent. Its not high quality, but it isn't crap either (although the first episode did seem ...
May 12, 2008
Preliminary (5/26 eps)

Story, It has a "special" type story behind it, mostly focusing on Ecchi, however, once you understand the basics of the story you kinda stop thinking about the Ecchi parts, but if you so choose to watch it just for Ecchi parts, well thats your choice,

Art, Overall, its about as common as anime art comes, some scenes have it alittle different and could have been made better

Sound, about as basic as it comes, so not much to say here

Character, Its got very unique character designs and attitudes, each of which fit with how the story feels like its going,

Enjoyment, I personally really enjoy this series, ...
Sep 17, 2008
Preliminary (24/26 eps)
This show is the first anime i ever watched and since has been one of the best animes i have ever seen. This series got me hooked one anime.

As for the show itself the story is pretty good, the characters are excellent and the art is really good. The only bad part of this anime is the high amount of filler episodes.

This anime is pretty good overall and is an enjoyable anime to watch. I really recommend this anime to people who enjoy watching alien animes or harem animes.
Feb 26, 2013
'To Love-ru' is an anime with one exclusive purpose - to supply the viewer with a fresh uninterrupted stream of ecchi, served with a side of slightly cliche but still grin inducing comedy. Now this is only going to work for those who are really into ecchi/comedy or something light-hearted in general as 'To love-ru' lacks any semblance of a plot and is entirely episodic. One common occurrence that I've noticed during my time on MAL is that people will usually go into these type of series knowing full well what they are and then complain about it afterwards anyway. This anime is targeting a ...
Sep 17, 2008
Preliminary (24/26 eps)
For the love of god, PLEASE read the manga. I must say; if there has ever been an anime that tainted the name of the manga more than tsubassa chronicles, To Love-Ru would be up there.

This is not to say that the anime is a complete train wreck. In fact, the first two episodes are fantastic in my opinion. They had it all down pat: The engaging story, the hilarious, embarrassing, over the top ecchiness, the art quality. Twas fantastic.

Then came the filler onslaught. I thought by grabbing hard onto the pages of the manga that the storm of pointless stories may not pulverize me, ...
Mar 19, 2009
to-LOVE-Ru, a slice of life romantic comedy. Now its an adaptation of the manga, and as far as I can tell, it only adheres to the source material in spirit. Not that there is a problem with that. It'd be rather unfair to compare it manga anyway.

First up is the plot, or the lack thereof. They work quite well as standalone episodes, since there is not much continuity among them. However, there are some plot holes here and there. I still can't find the point in the anime that explains how Run ends up liking Rito. They even ...
Aug 19, 2008

Story: Well, the story isn't better than your average ecchi/harem/comedy anime. The protagonist always gets into "misunderstandable positions" with the girls whom all seem to feel something to the protagonist. All the space business doesn't help either. If you ever expect something more than this, to-LOVE-Ru is not for you.

Art: The art is what I'd call typical for your average ecchi anime. It's not bad, but it's not ultra high quality of course. I found no reason to make it high quality when all the fans of harem would watch it unless it has seems like it's from 1990s. Don't ask me how those ripped ...
Aug 31, 2014
To LOVE-Ru is a pretty standard harem anime with the usual sickeningly innocent protagonist with unbelievable luck with women falling at his feet. This anime is full of fan service, I mean packed full, there isn't an episode without a decent amount of ecchi scenes. Despite the fan service and dull story it is still a pretty funny and fun to watch anime, with the following continuation to Motto To LOVE-Ru and To LOVE-Ru Darkness being very enjoyable to watch.

What I loved about the To LOVE-Ru series as a whole (all 3 seasons), was the enjoyment. This anime made me laugh but was fun and ...
Feb 1, 2009
Preliminary (6/26 eps)
Hm... What can I say, there was some potential in the story though it was not the most original. And since To Love-ru was made relatively recently, the animation quality was very well done.

Now that I've got all the positive factors out of the way, its time for some good ol' criticism. The music was not great or memorable and the characters were cliched, but there was one thing that topped them all. To Love-ru flirts with the borders between ecchi humor and hentai. There is often tentacle monster fondling, but in those situations, there is usually a clothes barrier between the tentacles and the ...
Sep 28, 2008
So I completed this series not but a few days ago and believe that I'm finally ready to review it.The basis of this series is we have alien (Lala)who comes to earth trying to escape capture who meets this "unfortunate" fellow (Rito) who seems to be this socially inept loser who can't ask out the girls of his dreams (Haruna); events happen and by some strange coincidence Rito ends up engaged to Lala which throws his whole entire world into a spin of alien encounters, comedy, romance and ecchi. So for those of you wondering is this something new no absolutely not but is this ...
Jul 2, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Sadly, the To Love-Ru anime is no different from the other Shonen Jump anime adaption flunkies. It takes a cute manga and adds in some of the most dross filler in anime period. We're not even going to bother talking about the cast, because the paper they drew the sketches of these characters on has more depth than 90% of the cast. Aside from maybe chief heroine Lala, who's cute, likable, but a little grating at times, the only decent characters are Rito's little sister, the calm and supporting Mikan, and busty, alien school nurse Ryouko Mikado, the only other character with a functional brain. ...
Jun 26, 2009
Mixed Feelings
Wow, what a pile.
Story: 26 episodes of will they-wont they three way romantic tension that ends in an utterly atrocious cop out ending. Ill save you the trouble *spoiler* NOTHING HAPPENS *End spoiler*, the story was a mixture of failed service attempts and absolute garbage literally.

Art/Sound: one up side is that the art and sound are above average, woopy the story still sucks

Characters: I have seen some pretty generic and thoughtless characters but the ones in this take the cake. Golden Darkness was the cheapest ripe off of eve from black cat i have ever seen, and they don't even use it for jokes. Yuuki ...
Jul 6, 2015
Preliminary (10/26 eps)
Alright, right off the bat, I've never hated a male protagonist like I do this guy. He spends easily a majority of the anime obsessing over a girl, because of flowers, and he makes the typical clueless male trope seem like a genius. The show itself has little plot, and seems filled with nothing but filler, using the main love interest, Lala, as fanservice, and the inner thoughts of a truly idiotic male protagonist. The show had plenty of potential for a good story, and character growth, but it's squandered to over the top fan service, and the idea that the protagonist is in love ...
Jul 2, 2011
To LOVE-Ru is an anime that is often conveniently brushed aside due to the unprecedented crave for an elaborate plot. People seem to have disregarded the time and effort set forth in the creation of anime as well as any form of entertainment. Nothing can be considered perfect because even if everyone in the universe adores it, there will always be those select few who escort hatred. The overall intention of any form of entertainment is to captivate the audience by whatever means necessary. To LOVE-Ru positively secures this feat.

Just so everyone is aware, To LOVE-Ru is an ecchi (perverted) anime, so be fully prepared ...
Apr 2, 2013
Mixed Feelings
It had its laughs but there was just TOO MUCH GOD DAMN FILLER, for a good portion of the middle episodes I felt I was just dragging myself through it, really could've been a 12-13 episode anime, I felt that the laughs were not consistent and sometimes I would go almost an entire episode without laughing, maybe it's b/c I've watched too many harem comedies and I'm used to the oh no you've seen my panties jokes but I just felt they were beating a dead horse most of times they attempted jokes but it did have its moments and I watched the entire thing ...