Inuyashiki: Last Hero

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Alternative Titles

Japanese: いぬやしき
English: Inuyashiki: Last Hero
German: Inuyashiki Last Hero
Spanish: Inuyashiki: Last Hero
French: Inuyashiki le Dernier Héros
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Type: TV
Episodes: 11
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 13, 2017 to Dec 22, 2017
Premiered: Fall 2017
Broadcast: Fridays at 00:55 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: MAPPA
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, DramaDrama, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Themes: GoreGore, PsychologicalPsychological
Demographic: SeinenSeinen
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.641 (scored by 304209304,209 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #13162
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #318
Members: 629,339
Favorites: 3,746

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Both feature two main characters, one doing evil deeds and one trying to stop the former. 
report Recommended by IKKIsama
These shows have characters with unique powers. The experience is fresh and not something seen before in other anime. The story is quite dark, innocent people die and the story is mature and realistic. And the best of all is that you always want to see the next episode. Sometimes there is so much tension that I have to stop myself of reading the manga to find out what happens. 
report Recommended by dhaiku
Both main protagonist and antagonist turn into superhuman and the feel is the same 
report Recommended by roderickdc
Both series are mature in tone and tackle morality, terrorism, and what it means to be human. They are set in modern Japan and feature more realistic styles of animation, but they also have a slight sci-fi element: in Inuyashiki, humans gain robotic abilities through an unexplained alien encounter, and in Zankyou no Terror, children are experimented on to make them genius savants. Both series have some very dramatic and emotional moments, too! 
report Recommended by fragilefire
Both have main characters turning into something. Both cameo President Trump 
report Recommended by Old_School_Akira
Both anime are adaptations from manga that have been made by the same mangaka Oku, Hiroya. Both anime feature "out of this world" power that the main characters get. Similar style of weapons. 
report Recommended by SugarVenom
Both main characters had an incident that caused their lives to change big time. Anime has a dark atmosphere, action, gore, killing, fights etc.  
report Recommended by Hutai
Mecha ojii-san! Mecha ojii-san! This is what happens when grandpa turns into a robot. Also expect a critic on the way our society treats the elders. 
report Recommended by Z_Tetriminos
Where one of the main characters is an elderly man with superpowers. Also similar atmosphere, gory themes with lots of violence and action. Not many shows around with elderly people (60+ or at least looking 60+) as protagonists but that doesn't necessarily the ones that are around are any good... 
report Recommended by Lemon
Both Inuyashiki and Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita) feature machines that look like humans. Both anime deal with themes of what it means to be human and not artificial. They are also both action-packed anime filled with violence, blood and gore. If you like one, you will enjoy the other.  
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
both involve people who turn into machines 
report Recommended by TENSHl
in my opinion Inuyashiki has some great fight like one piece and epic scenes and also unlike one piece it has ending. in addition a parody of one piece *with love* ;). i suggest every one piece fan to watch Inuyashiki. 
report Recommended by SaemonNoSuke
In the both anime, the character is a robot that could cause a massive destruction. Saikano more focuses on the romantic love relationship. On the other hand, Inuyashiki focuses on the character development.  
report Recommended by Justamalayboy
Both involve supernatural, or extremely powerful characters with the power to cause immense good and immense harm, and, I will not spoil, but both anime end with a connection back to outer space, if that's vague enough for you ;) 
report Recommended by donut_jelly
gore fest and amusing death scenes, also have an MC who got full of himself 
report Recommended by Lunafieru
Both shows have homicidal and psychotic main characters that kill people without a second thought in very brutal ways. They both have very similar powers. (Invisible hands for lucy and invisible bullets for shishigami). Both characters have a very similar personality and both are sympathetic and likable if you look past their psychotic nature. Both shows have a lot of one person vs army battles Both shows are violent and gory  
report Recommended by Spoonmaster12
Let's see, sci-fi? Yes. Action? Yes. Gory? Yes. Best transformation that you will see in anime history? Yes. Best anime op that you will hear in anime history? Yes. Check it out if you want to 
report Recommended by Justamalayboy
Hellsing Ultimate can be considered as an upgraded version of Inuyashiki, in a way. Both have good action, music, and ironically funny characters. The main differences are that Hellsing Ultimate has a lot more time for you to watch it than Inuyashiki, and the writing is also quite a bit better. The animation in Hellsing Ultimate is also leagues better than Inuyashiki. If you liked Inuyashiki, you'll definitely like Hellsing Ultimate, even if it isn't as funny. 
report Recommended by wtwwmjjat
Not afraid to give you a violent trip to an unhappy but satisfying ending. 
report Recommended by DWal-1
People slowly becoming more like machines and their ensuing battles with morality and self possession.  
report Recommended by Scizorrat
It's a story about finding the beauty in humanity and also finding our place in the world. It's a rather depressing story with heaps of tragedy to go around as our hero has power and responsibility pushed unto him. Or it's just an amazing show with no deeper meanings than "funny robot men fight this one is old" and giving me a boner whenever I hear the theme song 
report Recommended by bobono
both have gone past the point of no return and end up being hilarious to watch, and both have horrible CGI at times, though Inuyashiki's CGI is much better than Arifureta's. aside from that, there aren't really any things that are similar between the two, though they both radiate the same energy. 
report Recommended by wtwwmjjat
Afro Samurai is essentially just a meme. It's got great action and visuals, and that's about it. It's not well-written and the characters are not good, which is pretty similar to Inuyashiki. It's still fun to watch throughout, what with the gore and stupidity flying everywhere. Like Inuyashiki, Afro Samurai is also like a worse version of Hellsing Ultimate in that regard. 
report Recommended by wtwwmjjat
Has characters that gain some sort of otherworldly power upon losing hope in their lives, puts the characters into many life or death situations against one another, there is a clear line between the protagonist who has morals and the antagonist who doesn't, and the antagonist dabbles with publicity in society, as they are able to control media news/ communication to a degree. Also, a lot of the battles in both anime are psychological alongside physical, mostly because both series have protagonists who are completely new to fighting and dealing with intense situations. I would definitely recommend Inuyashiki if you liked Platinum End, or vise-versa! 
report Recommended by Enivlens
Although they look different, they are very similar thematically, and they were both anime of action that I loved, I would certainly recommend to everyone 🌠😊🌸😉💜 !!  
report Recommended by AnimeSpaceBR2
Both anime consist of psychotic male main characters that commit immoral acts on people. However, Koroshiya 1 The Animation: Episode 0 is much more brutal and gorier.  
report Recommended by WindCharger
- some hard-working man gets annoyed by some anime/manga-loving kid - man doesn't hate the annoying kid, because of his very friendly attitude - while Himouto! Umaru-chan is a comedy-focussed slice of life, Inuyashiki is a gory action-sci-fi anime 
report Recommended by Sayaznk
Both anime have obvious references to other anime and manga. Action, fights and interesting main character. Both have an ok animation and soundtracks  
report Recommended by Hutai
Main protagonist is different from most people and have something unique about them. Black Jack is studying a whole lot about medicine and is a natural, Inuyashiki on the other hand received some powers and wants to help others. Both anime have some action, bit of killing and will to help others. 
report Recommended by Hutai
Both series deal with a similar theme of characters who are very different from one another and how they use their extraordinary powers. Though Mob has more characters with powers then Inuyashiki and as such is able to explore more, both are sure to captivate anyone who's interested in the theme. 
report Recommended by CatSoul
Both anime are quite different in story, but animation is great and they both have cyborgs, robots that fight each other. GITS it much deeper story wise and in every aspect I guess, but they both have action, killing, gore and an interesting story.  
report Recommended by Hutai
Both Inuyashiki and Chainsaw Man center around an underdog protagonist in a harsh world with extraordinary powers. Both series are fairly crass and contain a lot of gory battles, but they also both have more to say about life, society, and heroism than the average bloodbath battle manga.  
report Recommended by Netbug
In both anime, the main protagonist is a cyborg that uses his superhuman abilities to protect innocent people from evil. Both anime explores in-depth what it means to be human when becoming a machine. They are also both action-packed anime with lots of violence and blood. If you like one, you may like the other.  
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
In both anime, the main protagonist suddenly gains superhuman powers from aliens and must use their new superhuman abilities to protect humanity. They are also both action-packed anime filled with violence, blood and gore. If you like one, you will enjoy the other.  
report Recommended by Hellspawn28
Both cover the idea of an end to Earth. There isn't an obvious antagonist and protagonist and the MC's are set against each other because of how different their nature is (in Inuyashiki it's how they enjoy killing and saving people and in Terra e... it's' how they were born with powers or not). There's themes about what is right and wrong and a lot of death. 
report Recommended by DDdd2222
Psychological Thriller? Check Story of Vengeance? Check Moral Ambiguity? Check Hiro reminds me of a more evil, yet very characteristically similar, version of Angelo Lagusa.  
report Recommended by pakistansagara
These two anime focus on the depth what it means to be human, and the difference that separates humans from their emotions. They both focus on the idea on the rise of terrorism in Japan. They are both very dark, violent and have disturbing moments.  
report Recommended by Genocyberfanboy
These two anime focus on characters are machines and have a similar dark feeling to their stories.Though the plots are completely different, both deal with machines living in their respective societies. They both focus different point of views on humanity and compare their positions from a opposite side. These two anime are very violent and can be disturbing at times.  
report Recommended by Genocyberfanboy
Both have: - beautiful graphics - interesting cast - unusual, quirky plot-lines 
report Recommended by Llamagod
Who doesn't like sci-fiction. This story about an elderly man name ichiro inuyashiki. who suddenly struck by meteor along with the teenage boy name hiro shishigami. Which makes them as a cyborg. Ichiro was having difficulties in life which he has a family that always neglect him. Unlike hiro. He always fond by people around him. Which make him look cooler however he uses his ability to killing people that he aiming. Different from ichiro he using his ability to help people. Beside texhnolyze character, Ichise is a street fighter that who participates in underground for money. Later he joined yazuka name onishi and Organo.  read more 
report Recommended by leneaStella
Both involves characters whom were having a shitty life, until they got some sort of second chance opportunity that has change their lives completely, but they both have some difference where one voluntarily becomes a live tester for a fountain of youth drug while the other is an old man who has obtain by accident an array of weapons and tech that would make him Cyborg's grandpa.  
report Recommended by Whoahoho
- strange killings happen in Shinjuku (and in other parts of Tokyo - Inuyashiki) - psychological, action, sci-fi (or rather supernatural) - main character is investigating the strange murder series 
report Recommended by Sayaznk
These two anime may look different, but they do have a similar tone to them. They both have a dark and gloomy tone with the main character in both of these anime trying to fight for the greater good. These two anime have amazing intro songs as well. Not to mention these two anime are very violent and can be disturbing at times. 
report Recommended by Genocyberfanboy
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