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Mary to Majo no Hana

Alternative Titles

English: Mary and the Witch's Flower
Japanese: メアリと魔女の花


Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 8, 2017
Licensors: GKIDS
Studios: Studio Ponoc
Source: Book
Duration: 1 hr. 42 min.
Rating: G - All Ages


Score: 7.441 (scored by 7,894 users)
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Ranked: #18552
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Popularity: #2392
Members: 24,916
Favorites: 37


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Jan 19, 2018
Jex (All reviews)
When I consider whether a show is worth watching there are three main factors I take into consideration: quality, entertainment factor, and the overall message.

Mary and the Witch's Flower was produced by Studio Ponoc, formed by former members of Studio Ghibli and directed by Academy Award-nominated Hiromasa Yonebayashi. It is based off of The Little Broomstick by the Scottish Mary Stewart, which is why it has a very Nothern atmosphere. Though originally released mid 2017 in Japan, Mary and the Witch's Flower only reached Australia on the 18th of January with dubs and subs both available.


As to be expected from former Ghibli staff, the production read more
Mar 2, 2018
Bajar (All reviews)
Mary and the Witch's Flower is on par with the Ghibli classics. As the first work by Studio Ponoc, Mary serves as the default flagship of the studio. As such, a lot of expectations were placed on this movie. Given Studio Ponoc's unproven nature, I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie. I feared that I would perhaps find this movie to be lacklustre and uninspired. Instead what I got was a film that rivals some of the best works from Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki.

Similar to my favourite Ghibli films, the best part of Mary's story is how her character grows throughout. read more
Sep 1, 2017
kitbikyuu (All reviews)
Just saw メアリと魔女の花, "Mary and the Witch's Flower". I thought it was a good movie, very good for a studio's first movie, but it leaves me feeling that there could have been a lot more. I also have some major questions. The biggest one is, you are at a magic school, and you showed all of these students... where are they when all this stuff goes down? It's like they are there for the opening, then they are gone. Other than that, it was a beautiful movie visually, and the story was interesting. I would suggest going to see it. I'll buy the blu-ray when read more
Nov 14, 2017
Zidanenvy (All reviews)

It's really sad when you know your favorite studio anime have already separately from each other, AND yet Studio Ghibli vs. Studio Ponoc.

Of course, this Mary and the Witch’s Flower is created by Studio Ponoc. As you can see their artsyle it doesn't any different with Ghibli Studio and all the worldbuilding in this movie, they're also learned from Studio Ghibli. So you could call this movie's rip-off from Kiki's Delivery Service and Little Witch Academia.

I admit that I'm truly enjoyed this movie even though I kinda sad about those studio condition (Ghibli & Ponoc), it seem they're become sibling rivalry. read more
Jan 25, 2018
rtil (All reviews)
Mary and the Witch's Flower is the inaugural film from Studio Ponoc and the 3rd directorial effort from Hiromasa Yonebayashi, whose previous films include the respectable Ghibli efforts The Secret World of Arrietty and When Marnie Was There.

Being essentially an offshoot of Ghibli, you can immediately see the visual cues Ponoc borrows from its roots. In many ways, it is as if nothing changed. From an animation standpoint, this film may as well have been made by Ghibli staff - but I say this not as a criticism, as not only will it take time for Ponoc to develop its own style, but this anime read more
Jan 18, 2018
pinkarray (All reviews)
The opening scene was fantastic to watch, too bad Mary's adventure wasn't as wonderful as the first scene. She starts off as a bored, lonely kid who appears to have depression. She has no friends, no parents at the moment, no games, no T.V., nothing to entertain her so she offers to help out around the house instead but she messes everything up. Are these people poor or something? Why doesn't Mary have games or toys to play with?

The characters seem pretty inconsistent and I'll tell you why here. Mary is a petulant and dishonest character. She despises Peter and shows no respect to him read more
Feb 3, 2018
Gonzo-lewd (All reviews)
Fun and simple stories are always welcomed. Children’s fantasy as a genre fits these two things perfectly. We’ve all grew up with these timeless tales that transformed us at our early stage of our development. There was once a time in anime, specifically in the 70s, where studios adapted old children’s literature from the late 19th to early 20th century. Mary and the Witch’s Flower gives off these vibes from my experience viewing it.

This is the first animated feature by Studio Ponoco, a studio founded by former Studio Ghibli lead producer Yoshiaki Nishimura and several staffers that joined him after Ghibli decided to pause all read more
May 21, 2018
heychrisfox (All reviews)
You know what you're getting when you watch Mary and the Witch's Flower.

Don't lie to yourself. You know why you're watching this film. This is the post-Ghibli age. We are now in the age of Studio Ponoc. Yes, the quality is the same. Yes, the aesthetic is the same. If you want the "Ghibli" feel, you could come here, or you could play some Ni no Kuni. Instead, you're here. So trying to judge this film against its predecessors is almost unfair. Because although Mary and the Witch's Flower is cut of the same cloth as other Ghibli films, the main takeaway from this read more
Feb 18, 2018
SIOPAOBUN (All reviews)
The film is another unfortunate example of what could have been.

Studio Ponoc consists of the veteran staff (from Ghibli shutting down) and at it's very best you have the wonderful fluid animation. However, the crucial problem with Mary and the Witch's Flower was the story and script. You have interesting character designs and a ripe world ready for world building. There's some great sequences but without the writing to back it up, it's all flash and no substance.

Characters were all one note. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but when the core drama revolves around a bland main character, there's nothing to grab onto. Mary read more
Jan 21, 2018
JediNut (All reviews)
MARY AND THE WITCH’S FLOWER (メアリと魔女の花 / Mary to Majo no Hana) is the debut feature from Studio Ponoc. If the look of the movie seems familiar, that’s for good reason. Studio Ponoc was founded by and employs several key figures from Studio Ghibli, the famed animation studio that gave us the classic works of Hayao Miyazaki: Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and (my all-time favorite) Kiki’s Delivery Service. Among those former-Ghibli members are Hiromasa Yonebayashi and Takeshi Imamura, who serve as Mary’s writer/director and supervising animator, respectively. So, with that kind of pedigree, Mary must be flippin’ amazing, right? Alas, I’m sorry to say that read more
Jan 18, 2018
kairyu_gen1 (All reviews)
I got exactly what I expected; a bit of a weird plot, but a lot of really fun ideas backed up by some spectacular animation talent.

The main draw of the movie is pretty simple; it's visually stunning. It's got high speed action scenes, fascinating locations, and my personal favorite, incredibly charming character moments. I absolutely loved seeing the cat glare at the camera at random moments, or Mary pat her hair after getting complimented on it for the first time, or the broom bounce around, or a robot roll its eyes over its head. These moments have very little to do with the story, but read more
Dec 12, 2017
EvanLoh (All reviews)
Writing my short review after watching this movie in theaters. Well, to be frank, this is just an above average movie.

Now let's start with the story. The story is what you get in every Ghibli movie ever. There's absolutely nothing special about it. If you are a fan of Ghibli movie, then you might feel nostalgic watching this movie because it combines a lot of elements that made you like Ghibli's movie, but it stopped there, they did nothing new with those concepts. If you haven't watched any Ghibli movie before, then I bet this movie will give you a lot of Harry Potter vibes, read more
Apr 30, 2018
Izuka-kun (All reviews)

tldr: Mary and the Witch's Flower told a beautiful and fun tale that managed to captivate the audience's heart. It may not have been perfect in terms of technicalities, but it is a very enjoyable experience nonetheless.

Minor spoiler alert.

Story: 8/10

The story is beautiful in the sense that it explores the innocence of the mind of a child—the troubles such innocence may cause. Despite the fact that it may be troublesome at times, the story also displayed how such innocence drives a child to be very optimistic, kind and loving. The story isn't too complicated to understand, but wasn't too simple either. There were times read more
Mar 19, 2018
ArtyWolve (All reviews)
In short, there is nothing bad about this film.
While it is a visually and audibly well made film, I found it was lacking in any kind of "wow" factor.

This is a pleasant film to watch, but even without the unavoidable comparison to Ghibli, there was nothing that made this film stand out or feel special, so it seems like a bit of an unfortunately missed opportunity for Ponoc's debut. At the end of the film you might think "ah, that was nice" and then forget about it, and continue with whatever you would otherwise be doing - this film didn't leave any particular impression read more
Feb 9, 2018
attempt1 (All reviews)
This film is very average, the main character Mary is great however the rest of the movie falls short. This is Studio Ponoc’s first film, which consists of some ex Studio Ghibli members. After hearing that Studio Ghibli is possibly no longer making films, I was excited to see their legacy continue in Studio Ponoc. Unfortunately Mary and the Witch’s Flower is a little disappointing, but not a bad start to Studio Ponoc.

Mary is a fantastic character who’s a lot of fun to watch. She is a care free young girl who doesn’t have a lot of confidence. She is constantly complaining about how she read more
Jan 25, 2018
whimstories (All reviews)
Hello lovelies,

Let’s be straightforward and admit this was a plain solid film, about a 7.5 in my book, but not near good enough if you’re expecting Miyazaki standards.

You will hear people say this film didn’t have “heart”, which is not quantifiable yet is the best description for the fallbacks of this film.

Note: I feel unfair comparing Ghibli to rate the film, but its the best way to help convey the setbacks some are feeling.

I adore Studio Ghibli. I grew up with it, I admire Hayao Miyazaki’s work, I admire Joe Hisaishi’s work, I’ve rewatched Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle too many read more
Jan 22, 2018
zamandzoe (All reviews)
- zamandzoe's Anime Reviews: Season 2 ~ Review 1 -

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everyone will respect you.”

Normally, it would be acceptable for a studio's first film to be far from perfect. However, when you have people from the acclaimed Studio Ghibli working on your film, you're asking to be compared to them from the get go.

As much as I'd want to deny this claim, it seems that Miyazaki was the key to much of Ghibli's success.

Story: 6
On it's own, Mary and the Witch's Flower's story is flat. The pacing is all over the place, and any read more
Jan 19, 2018
Approva (All reviews)
I have seen a lot of discussion on the topic of Studio Ponoc becoming the “new Ghibli”. I do not think they can fill such shoes, but rather would like to view them as a competitor. They share the same style, and a lot of the staff (at least for this movie), so that much is warranted. Anyways, Mary and the Witch’s Flower is actually a great debut work for the studio.

- Great animation. Studio Ponoc did a really good job in the animation department for their debut work here. The movie looks and feels so much like a Ghibli movie that it is almost read more
Apr 22, 2018
Ameonna93 (All reviews)
I think Mary and Witch's Flower is a solid film, and I'm glad Studio Ponoc started out strong. I hope their second film will be just as good.

Some people are calling Studio Ponoc the new Ghibli, and I can see why. Like most Studio Ghibli films, Mary and the Witch's Flower is based on a British kids' novel rather then a Japanese novel, manga, light novel, or game. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Plus, it has a similar art style. This gives the film a similar feel to many Ghibli films. Not to mention Studio Ponoc was founded by a producer from Studio read more
Apr 7, 2018
Amruth_Vs (All reviews)
Mary and the Witch's Flower Mini Review
Finished watching the movie Mary and the witch's flower by studio ponoc and I thought i'd give my thoughts of the movie and whether its worth checking out.

Mary and the witch's flower btw for those that dont know was a 2017 anime movie by the studio ponoc. Ponoc is a new studio and this is their first work and the studio is made up of people in ghibli.

What I liked About it :

-The Art, Animation and soundtrack is godly.
-The Main character mary is good.
-The world is magical and has a potter vibe to it.
-The world is stunning and makes read more