Pokemon Movie 20: Kimi ni Kimeta!

Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!

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Alternative Titles

English: Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!
Synonyms: Pokemon Movie 20
Japanese: 劇場版ポケットモンスター キミにきめた!


Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 15, 2017
Studios: OLM
Source: Game
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy, KidsKids
Duration: 1 hr. 38 min.
Rating: PG - Children


Score: 7.081 (scored by 2394623,946 users)
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Ranked: #33242
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Popularity: #2710
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Nov 5, 2017
ImRingo (All reviews)
***This review will hold off on any major spoilers within the film. I will however touch on material that is present in the first (Red, Blue, Yellow, ext games) and second generation content since this film has elements of those within it.***

I was pretty excited to get the chance to see this film on the big screen. It had one showing at my local Cinemark and no matter the audience (mostly kids), I wanted to see it. Big shout out to Fathom Events for continuously offering anime films in the United States.

I would describe myself as a closet Pokemon fan. There are bits and pieces read more
Nov 6, 2017
HidamariSeashore (All reviews)
If we're going to be honest here, Pokémon needs no introduction, especially when it comes to the anime; a boy named Ash Ketchum gets a Pikachu - a yellow mouse - as a partner, leaves his hometown of Pallet Town, and travels the world while catching new Pokémon along the way, all while he remains ten years old. Well, what if we went all the way back to the beginning and started all over? Perhaps I'm the worst person to talk about Pokémon; I was 10 myself when I ended up being pulled along in the Pokémon craze, and by not looking back, I have read more
Nov 5, 2017
sovest555 (All reviews)
Okay, so gonna go part by part here...


I am particularly impressed how the movie not only retells the original kanto journey, but also weaves back in a once-long-abandoned plot point with Ho-Oh. While weaving the new hotness with Marshadow in felt a bit forced in some aspects, the story had nice pacing and even had some tension at the climax that ultimately was resolved not with raw strength, but by the bond between Ash and Pikachu overcoming those odds. Overall, all that occurred worked quite well even if some of the older parts were abridged for the sake of moving the story along.


First off, Ash's read more
Nov 5, 2017
Fedginator (All reviews)
Even as Pokemon movies go, this one is little more than a bare faced affront to ones intelligence. Despite all of the clear positioning of this film as one harking back to the early days of Pokemon as was clearly evident in the artistic style and most obviously the plot. If you were hoping this was because the Pokemon company were trying to appeal to an older audience of fans who have been fans for years (similar to how they did for the X and Y anime) then either you are wrong for thinking that or the Pokemon company is just completely incompetent.

Early on, read more
Aug 31, 2018
PokeFan2112 (All reviews)
While it may be a nostalgic cash-in, at least it's an enjoyable nostalgic cash-in.

The story, which combined elements of season one with a new plot involving Ho-Oh, was pretty thin, but the stuff with Ho-Oh was very interesting and tapped into the "mythical" vibe I so very enjoy when Pokemon does. The rest at least did a decent job convering the bases of season 1.

I didn't like Verity, who was bland and had no personality, but his other companion was good, and his voice actor did a great job. There was a lot of good comedy throughout, especially from Pikachu's antics, and there was some read more
Dec 8, 2017
Rhapsody- (All reviews)
After the bunch of generic movies that the franchise was bringing (especially XY's), this film felt like a breath of fresh air, a necessary change and an interesting experience. Even so, it could have been handled much better.

At first, the film was very ambitious, trying to mix classic elements with new elements in a single story with the classic theme of "chosen by the legendary", which is not bad, but that same ambition made the development of the film was very inconsistent: they added key elements of the first season, such as the way Ash and Pikachu became friends, Caterpie's capture and subsequent release and read more
Oct 4, 2018
9sayaka (All reviews)
What started as overhyped expectation for a tribute to the classic 90’s anime, a feature length film that promised to shine some light on one of the show’s most discussed fan-theories, ended with affirmation that it’s time for Ash’s journey to come to an end.

As to be expected from a Pokemon movie, the visuals were stunning. Like seriously, wow. This film looked incredible, from the lush forests and sprawling mountain ranges to the interior design of the pokemon centers and other buildings, I was never not impressed with the backgrounds and environments. Also stunning was the array of colors. The bright sky blues, the robust read more
Feb 1, 2018
Chaotic_beauty (All reviews)
For a movie that was neither necessary nor wanted, it was quite an easy watch. Most of it was a slow burn through the basic stories Pokemon watchers know well. It's mostly executed well enough not to be annoying. The plot and characters are middling in every way. They're not interesting, but are a watchable shake up from the dreaded, completely faithful rehash people expected. The only question remaining is, out of all dropped characters, why the hell have they brought Team Rocket back?

Technically, it's a competent movie. As with the previous generations, production values were bumped up when they moved to the new gen. read more
Dec 2, 2017
robiu013 (All reviews)
So I happened to stumble into another nostalgic beartrap; well not all that nostalgic, since I do still play the games regularly, but as far as the anime goes, I've been mostly disinterested in most things Pokémon since Sinnoh I guess. Now, since gen VI probably, Gamefreak has seemingly grown progressively more aware of us "geezers", who never could quite put down the game boy and say goodbye to our PG-13 digital armies of "dog fighting"-animals. Next to the mega stones, alolan forms and 3DS re-releases of classic games, this movie is another example of this. Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You is in a read more
Jan 2, 2018
Moytramai (All reviews)
Too all the pokemon Fans out there, I'm talking about the really OG fans.

This I can't help but emphasise that this pokemon movie left me with no feels no reminiese. Just a fairly decent movie which is clearly made to sell to the new nintendo DS pokemon generation, for them to somehow appreciate what has happened in the franchise if any.

I mean the very start of the movie I was fully invested to watch but then the new villians flips the script and makes what it is to mean about pokemon something else as if he was actually one of us playing the read more
Jan 7, 2018
SmilingSakura (All reviews)
Pokemon: I Choose You The Movie, is part reboot and part retelling of Ash and Pikachu's first meeting and journey.
Some things are kept, but tweaked slightly (or a lot), and others are scrapped entirely in favor of entirely new ones. Notably Ash and Pikachu travel alone for fair bit before being joined by companions who are not Brock and Misty, nor is his rival/antagonist Gary Oak. The Team Rocket trio make sporadic and pointless appearances throughout the film, but never actually interact with Ash or anyone else. They do blast off a lot.

Art: An over reliance on bad CG effects and underwhelming animation left read more
Jul 11, 2018
space_duck (All reviews)
In this day and age of mindless gluttonous consumption of anime season after season we have deluded our tongues to only savor the utmost of the gourmet dishes. We adjust our critiquing glasses and analyze the shows as 'deep', 'fast-paced', 'symbolic' and most of all a 'modern commentary'. In our society of high expecting monkeys comes the 20th Pokemon movie flipping off Einstein and taking us back to the end of the millennia.

Story - It's basically the same story that kick started your venture into anime with a few new Pokemon added to still keep it original.

Art - We can see some stellar artwork that read more
Nov 6, 2017
Ransomcake (All reviews)
I was lucky enough to get to enjoy this movie on the big screen twice (dubbed) Last time I did that was over 16 years ago with Pokémon 2. This movie is propably, THE Pokémon Movie we as fans have, been waiting for. As both old fans, Poké Maniacs (Myself included) and newcomers can enjoy)

Now ill try to keep this review as spoiler free as possible.

I went in expecting a loose retelling of the first season and thats not what I what I got. (Which was great) The first 15 minutes or so, is heavely based on the start of the first season read more
Dec 10, 2017
isahbellah (All reviews)
Here's my main complaint about this movie: it definitely isn't for all ages. It's JUST for kids!

As a major pokemon fan, and an adult, I followed the making of this movie like a starving animal. I saw the trailers, I searched for new information, I even wanted to watch it on the cinema (I just didn't because at the moment I didn't have enough money). And, by the LOOKS of it, it was going to be something nostalgic!

I thought it would have the original voice actors (mind you: I watched it in brazilian portuguese, 'cause I'm Brazilian), I thought it would have plots that reminded read more
Nov 28, 2017
OminousWrex (All reviews)
Well, it's Pokemon. What did you expect?

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You is the latest installment in line of the long-running Pokemon movies that were sloppily put together for the mere sake of having an annual movie. It's an obligation, really, for most currently airing shounen anime (like Naruto and One Piece used to do when they were on air). Being an obligation, it's understandable, albeit not acceptable, that they put together a half-ass movie with a mediocre storyline and soundtrack.

Story - 6
Being the 20th anniversary movie, the story is unsurprisingly decent with fair bits of emotional moments. You get to see Ash's early years read more
Jan 5, 2019
Duckielover151 (All reviews)
This movie was... interesting. Not quite what I thought it was going to be. I came into this expecting it to be just one big nostalgia trip-- a recreation of the major events of gen 1, just polished up a little. And we do get some of that. But this movie also tried to tell its own story.

I don't have a problem with either of these two points by themselves. But they didn't mesh quite as well as I think the writers wanted them to... I think the idea for the new story had potential. Unless I missed that one, I don't recall there ever read more
Jan 1, 2019
ZeraX (All reviews)
"Hey let's rewrite everyone's childhood memory of the series with a reboot movie that only focus on two Pokemon of Ash's team and screw everything else" - TPC

Such a shameless excuse for a movie.

Ash had Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charizard, now they removed all of them except for two for no reason.

The story is basically the same but they replaced interesting and fun characters (Misty and Brock) with bland, dull and boring characters that do nothing to the plot and literally are just there to show their Lucario and Piplup to sell merchs.

Charizard story is a retelling for the worse.
Pikachu is cringy and an annoying read more
Nov 14, 2018
Ameonna93 (All reviews)
I don't see why so many people are making a big deal out of the scene when Pikachu speaks. It was a totally harmless scene, and it was indicated to possibly be in Ash's head.

Did Team Rocket really need to be "sneaking around" in this film? Don't get me wrong, I like Team Rocket. However, since this is a retelling, and they don't know Ash (yet) or his friends, there's no reason for them not to approach him and say, "Hey, we heard you guys were searching for Ho-Oh. We're looking for him too. Wanna team up?" Sure, Verity (Makoto) had seen a wanted poster read more
Nov 13, 2018
Masquey (All reviews)
After watching the hoopa & genosect movies prior to this my expectations were rather low. However I was pleasantly surprised, it was pretty good. I had been shown a certain semi-controversial scene near the end of the movie before watching it and was apprehensive about it, but it the movie it fit pretty well. It was a bit weird getting used to this being an alternate time line which incorporated events from the original tv series but also putting new things in it and changed events around. If you watched the original series you'll recognize certain big events but not enough to be called a read more
Aug 27, 2018
zimmercj (All reviews)
I wanted to watch this movie so bad, and then when I did I was extremely disappointed. I wasn't a huge fan of the retconned story which HEAVILY borrowed from the first movie, and would have loved to have seen Brock and Misty, getting the original trio back together. I also thought the art style looked a little weird, but that could possibly be that I saw this movie on a small SD TV and it was meant for a big screen HD movie theatre. I have to say that I did really like the remake of the original English OP, and the dynamic between read more