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Alternative Titles

English: Shelter
Japanese: シェルター


Type: Music
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 18, 2016
Producers: Half H.P Studio
Licensors: Crunchyroll
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Music
Genres: Sci-Fi, Music
Duration: 6 min.
Rating: G - All Ages


Score: 8.411 (scored by 134,781 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #1652
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #507
Members: 200,690
Favorites: 1,974


Both involve a girl facing her crushing loneliness, unable to reach those she loves due to a separation of space and time. 
report Recommended by Kelvets
- Short animes that deal with similar family theme and nostalgic feel - Both are set in a near futuristic setting, or at least a little more digitally advanced than our current time - Both have very beautiful graphics.  
report Recommended by toumei_
These are both short films that rely primarily on visuals to tell their respective stories, both of which are about memories of a deceased loved one.  
report Recommended by ThatRazorGuy
Both are deeply emotional and focus a lot on memories and how painful they can be, but how they also make us stronger and are necessary to let us move on. They are both animated by A1 pictures. 
report Recommended by TaliaMatsuo
Both are greatly emotional and beautiful anime. Both have some kind of astronomical disasters in them. Both have great music. One is a music video one is a movie. 
report Recommended by AgentJames
Garakowa and Shelter explore the idea of enclosed virtual worlds which provide sanctuary for mankind in a post-apocalyptic environment. Both works are high quality productions with a central focus on their musical scores. 
report Recommended by arsonal
Both are extremely short one-shots that manage to convey a large amount of emotion in just a short amount of time. Both involve the death of loved ones. 
report Recommended by sparkle1princess
Both are music videos. 
report Recommended by DriveTG
These two anime both take place in a futuristic sci-fi setting and tell the story of a lonely girl who hasn't made contact with anyone else for years. Both anime are also quite short, yet they manage to convey a lot of emotion in that brief amount of time. 
report Recommended by Sande
Both are only 6 minutes with a futuristic Sci fi and psychological theme, with the main female leads consumed by loneliness. Things like past memories are play a vital part in both the anime.  
report Recommended by tigermaskshinobi
This isn't a music video, this is Queen's song put on a manga video trailer. Each part is good in itself, but what's the point if only a few seconds seem to come together? In other words, the exact same properties as Shelter. 
report Recommended by Rei_III
After watching Flip Flappers I could not help but notice how similar it is to Shelter, as if it took direct inspiration from Shelter (hear me out). Both anime feature innocent, at first, female teenagers that explore an alternate reality completely unaware, at first, of why this reality exists. Later on, the protagonists from both series discover the nature of their respective alternative worlds and both anime leave the viewer with open ended questions that don't affect much post-anime reflections. In addition, both anime focus on themes of love (family and friendship love) and parental bonds. Shelter is much more emotional and focused on ambience, while Flip  read more 
report Recommended by I_Appreciate_It
Towa no Kizuna and Shelter are music videos with good music and a similar looking main character. In both videos, the girl is creating and exploring her surroundings.  
report Recommended by Third-Impact
The songs in both works include themes about the decline of society and culture, retaining important memories, and moving forward. Post-apocalyptic landscapes are seen and metaphors are embedded in the visuals. 
report Recommended by MarisaTheCube
Slices of happiness, sudden changes of tone, emotional roller coasters and great twists? Dozo! 
report Recommended by EdgyEcchiSenpai
To me, these are similar for the quality of their music, their animation, and their stories. Shelter might be a one episode story, but it still feels warm from the sadness that the main characters of both shows must feel when they think about their "end of the world" kind of past. 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Both are very good songs with an interesting story. 
report Recommended by karakatsu
Both anime implement electronic music, the sense of 'escapism', and the feels. if you're not familiar with porter, he and madeon are huge fans of daft punk, but the biggest similarity these two anime share is confusing weebs by supposing they're not anime because their stories aren't written by japanese people. 
report Recommended by outman
Both are amongst the top 3 most popular professional standalone AMVs (which is a rare kind since most AMVs are either part of a series or fan-made assemblies of arbitrary anime scenes and music), the remaining one is Interstella5555, the longest music album video ever. The videos both have a sci-fi setting, On Your Mark has a retro touch whereas Shelter is more futuristic, however the songs and stories are fundamentally different. Also worth mentioning is that On Your Mark's screenplay was directed by no less than Hayao Miyazaki. 
report Recommended by Zarutaku
Both are a short videos telling about a girl who lived on a post-apocalyptic world, which have some nostalgia on their somewhat sad memories. Also musics over words. 
report Recommended by You
Song by a western musician with animated music video made by Japanese director. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both feature girls that are considered "world builders" where they can manipulate the space however they like. 
report Recommended by OppaiSugoi
Western musician collaborating with Japanese creatives to craft a music video. One is pretentious and focuses solely on being visually impressive, while the other is fun and contains clever references to the album it was representing upon release. 
report Recommended by grymdylan
What happens when humanity is on the brink of extinction? Staking it out in outer space becomes an option. Pale Cocoon expounds on the mundane life of living in space, and can get dull eventually, but features a musical section that is as beautiful as Shelter. 
report Recommended by Phraze
Protagonist of both Shelter and Interlude lives in a simulated world while humanity extinct. At the end of both Shelter and Interlude the real nature of protagonist's surrounding becomes clear. 
report Recommended by temp_a
-Both decipt a story where the main character stuggles with loneliness -there's a second party which occupies their thoughts -both have stunning artwork -both are really good songs with deep lyrics 
report Recommended by Cleansahina
Both are music videos, with songs made from western artists, and have a well animated video to accompany them.  
report Recommended by Green
both tug on emotional feelings based on the parent-child relationship. albeit, Shelter will get it done in 6 min, Amaama to Inazuma will reuse the formula episodically (there's no greater arch) so if you like that feeling it keeps coming as the climax for each episode of sweetness & lightning 
report Recommended by Oniikami
Both of these are wonderfully crafted animated music videos that tell an emotional story to beautiful songs. Shelter and Crystal Clear both manage to tastefully deliver on themes of love, loss, and willpower through creative and often stunning animation in a way that is almost sure to leave an impact. If you liked one of these MVs, I definitely recommend you give the other a try! In a nutshell, I'd say that though they're short, both Shelter and Crystal Clear are out of this world (^_−)☆ 
report Recommended by celestialnerd
Both have beautiful artwork that is similar in terms of character design and backgrounds. Although Shelter deals with loss of a loved one and Nagi no Asukara with the complexities of friendship and first love, both have a lonely, nostalgic feel to them.  
report Recommended by venturegirl
Both are stunning in terms of artwork, and huge tearjerkers. Both deal with subjects of loss and finding hope. 
report Recommended by venturegirl
Two works that carry the memories of humanity and the beauty of the world through space in the hope of his own salvation 
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
In both series, the world comes to an end, and society as we know it in Japan collapses, but a woman speaking in Japanese tells the audience that we should don't stop believing and hold on to that feeling. But in Evangelion, it actually makes sense in the story and fits in with the overall themes of the work, and that's why you should watch it. 
report Recommended by Ord_AP