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Hinako Note

Alternative Titles

English: Hinako Note
Japanese: ひなこのーと


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 7, 2017 to Jun 23, 2017
Premiered: Spring 2017
Broadcast: Fridays at 21:00 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Passione
Source: 4-koma manga
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.801 (scored by 17,048 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #44312
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1543
Members: 55,706
Favorites: 119


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Apr 28, 2017
taffercharles (All reviews)
Watching merely the fourth episode was like eating a delicious bag of jam filled marshmallows!!

The voice acting is delightful! you can really see how much effort the seiyus put into their own characters. You can feel the loove.
The characters are originally cute! It reminds me of Gochiusa! But like I said, still original!
The design is so nice!
The soundtrack... AH! The soundtrack is wonderful! The soundtrack is BEAUTIFUL! Whatever composer or band was involved in this anime surely is one of the best!
The animation is great! So hilarious as well! Even when they simplify their drawings, you can still feel the cuteness.
The read more
Apr 30, 2017
brainiac1530 (All reviews)
In these times of hyperbolic, sensationalist media, the word "mediocre" has taken on such a negative connotation that it's become hard to use outside of insults. This site's rating system seems to suggest "mediocre" is actually awful, since only truly awful shows have an average rating around 5. If you're confused as to what the word, "mediocre," actually means, I invite you to watch this show. You will come to understand.

The mediocrity starts with the characters. If you've watched a show of the "cute girls doing cute things" or "moeblob slice of life" genre before, you'll know these are exactly the read more
Jun 23, 2017
Lancehot (All reviews)
TL;DR – A cute girls show that is never quite sure what cute things they should be doing, Hinako Note feels unfocused whilst at the same time increasingly focusing on the characters bodies. The potential for a good cute girl show was there, but it really needed a redraft or more editorial oversight to achieve it.

It's not easy starting again in a new city. It's even harder for Hinako, a girl whose social anxiety makes her freeze like a scarecrow when approached by strangers. It wasn't as bad in the countryside, where having a human scarecrow to attract animals away from fields was useful. But read more
Jun 25, 2017
Gjrnm (All reviews)
Are you having a bad week? Is school or work exhausting your life force? Do you want something at the end of the week to look forward to?
Hinako Note was just that thing. Spring season is at the end of the school year and a busy time for people who work. At the end of every week I sit down to enjoy this lovely show that whispers to my soul "everything is all right" and pumps me with energy for the coming week.
Why would anyone expect something other than light hearted comedy with very cute girls after reading the synopsis and looking at the read more
Jun 23, 2017
wolfwing (All reviews)
I liked this series, wouldn't mind a second season, something about it I enjoyed simple story, a young girl who is super shy moves to the big city to do plays in hopes it will help her be less shy. Simple premise but I enjoyed it.

the art is usual fair for this kind of anime.

Characters: they are fascinating, particularly the main char wich I can't help but feel is a human fluttershy from my little pony, even good with animals, The others are passable each with their own quirks, but it's really about the main char.

I enjoyed it, just read more
Jun 23, 2017
Asasphinx (All reviews)
This will be my first ever review for an anime. Since it's my first, I'll get better at doing this in time.

As someone who has quite a liking towards moe anime, I found this show fairly alright to watch. Hinako Note was a fairly decent moe slice of life anime. It wasn't really anything standout, but it was overall an alright anime to watch.

When I first started this show, I didn't really think I'd like it a lot because it couldn't have felt more generic to me. It felt like the show was trying to be too cute with things like the character having read more
Jun 23, 2017
KizunaAi (All reviews)
Without even seeing the show, it is undoubtedly a show intended to be adorable and funny. Hinako Note, no doubt, achieves this with its constant shifting between "normal" and "chibi" artstyle, as well as fitting sound effects and colourful backgrounds. The visual excellence don't end there as even their background characters are well designed and are fairly colourful. Overall, Hinako Note's visual presentation is peerless. The setting is fairly simple and fitting for the theme. Character interaction is also well-done by having the characters have fair amount of screentime and they also have decent synergy in creating interesting situations.

However, despite its wonderful visual presentation, read more
Jun 6, 2017
Snickerday (All reviews)
Its not bad, its quite an enjoyable experience.

Story can be boring at times and has holes in it. Like how the land lord is going to their highschool and how could a shy girl wear such revealing clothing but can't say thank you to customers? Story moves too fast and seems a little forced at times.

But overall the Story is simple and effective. Every episode makes the next episode more desirable. Every time I watch 24 minutes, I'm always hyped up for the next 24 minutes. Especially around episode 4 when it really starts picking up steam.

60% of the anime is shown in moe. Every read more
Feb 8, 2018
skypex (All reviews)
Storyline is boring, characters are very cliché and often to the point of being annoying. Each episode seems like a drag out of a story that could've been interesting.

The show is filled with cringe-worthy sound effects, pacing is weird and all over, and a lot of things that happen are left unexplained for way too long (cant say for myself if it gets resolved, as I dropped it 5 episodes in).

Only thing I found satisfying about this was the art-style, but it wasn't so good that I could ignore all the other flaws.

The only thing that kept me watching these five long long episodes before read more
Oct 19, 2017
BriefEd (All reviews)
Without something uncute to provide contrast a cute thing can never shine at full strength, the cuteness becomes a hero without a villain. This is Hinako Note in a single line.

A story about a country girl who wants to cure her inability to speak in front of others who moves to the big city in pursuit of getting involved with theater could have been a powerful foundation, unfortunately it ended up as a mere general direction. Nearly every situation that could have been used for intensity ended up feeling trivial, this means that while it's easy to like most of the characters you never get read more
Jul 2, 2017
johnbradshaw (All reviews)
So nowadays, every new season, you will see that moe slice of life about cute girls doing cute things. And in winter 2017, Hinako Note is that anime. But is that really a bad thing? For me it's not and if you agree with me, feel free to continue to read my review.

So the story is pretty standard, Hinako is a shy girl from the countryside, it seems like the only thing she can do is to be a scarerow in the field since she can be friends with a lot of animals. In an attempt to cure the shyness, Hinako left her peaceful town read more
Jun 23, 2017
Fircoal (All reviews)
Gimmicks here, Gimmicks there, Gimmicks everywhere. There is no problem that Hinako Note has more of then letting the Gimmicks take too much space in the show. The gimmicks themselves aren't the worst but they get repeated so often that it clearly becomes a crutch of the show. Maya is small and childlike, Hinako is a scarecrow, Kuina eats EVERYTHING (especially books), the gimmicks can be somewhat creative, the scarecrow, but there's so forced that it's hard to see anything good in them. Especially when one's like Kuina's have been done so much before. It's telling when standard tsundere is one of the better characters read more
Sep 13, 2018
Seregosa (All reviews)
If you're only here because you want to see cute girls doing cute, everyday things, battling with truly uninteresting and normal problems without anything else whatsoever, then I guess you've found four hours of enjoyment.

The understanding and being beloved by animals was the only truly interesting setting in this anime and I wish it was used more. Sadly, the only moment seems to be the little chick that somehow follows her around all the time and it's sadly not used much more than that, every once in a while.

As for the acting/theater part, it was kind of boring. Honestly, it felt like they overdid read more
Mar 10, 2018
KingKyle71 (All reviews)
I'll keep this short and sweet, kinda like this anime.

This anime is very kawaii, it's something you watch if I guess you're into this stuff but it can also be if you stressed or tired out.

There wasn't much of a story to it, but the characters and the art were very nice.

If you're looking for an anime with a good story and something you can get into, well leave. This isn't an anime for that, it's something that you should watch just to relax, snuggle under a blanket with snacks and enjoy.

My opinion, if you don't like it well... sorry
Jul 2, 2017
AnimeFan48 (All reviews)
Story: so the story for this is actually pretty basic honestly it basically starts where hinako is very shy and if anyone approaches her or even talks to her she ends up turning into a scarecrow so to get rid of that fear she decides to go to Tokyo and hopefully join a theater club in hopes of getting rid of her shyness and such.

Art: Art is very good usually don't talk a lot about this usually its kept short with this and sound art again though was pretty good.

Sound: the OP and ED are meh to me to be honest not the best read more
Jun 30, 2017
deathline (All reviews)
TL;DR Section at the end of the review. This review may or may not contain minor spoilers.

Hinako Note was Passione's attempt at CGDCT (Cute Girls Doing Cute Things) which ended fairly well, though at times the direction of the show felt lost.

Hinako has now just moved out to Tokyo in an attempt to become an aspiring actress. There's just one major setback: she freezes up like a scarecrow whenever she talks to any human being. How will her acting career fare as she receives help from her new roommates at Hitotose Manor?

The main cast of characters consisting of five (cute) girls all compliment read more
Aug 15, 2017
HDTurtle (All reviews)
What creates a successful Slice of Life(SoL) show? SoL shows generally don't have a proper story, most of the time it's there just for the sake of being there. SoL shows generally don't have proper characters either, or any character development. This doesn't mean that a SoL show can't have story or good characters, it just means that most shows out there choose not to include them. They use the SoL genre as an excuse for the lack of story or proper characters, these type of shows are all over the place, they don't have a proper goal that they are trying to achieve read more
Jun 24, 2017
blessedhellfire (All reviews)
Eyecandy of the season. I picked this up because it had a Slice of Life tag and the girls looked cute, and guess what; I got exactly what I expected. A girl named Hinako moves to Tokyo to join a high school that is well known for their theater club because she has a dream of becoming an actress despite acting like a scarecrow the moment someone tries to approach her.

You watch enough SoL shows and you start to notice trends: several cute girls who all have one trait that makes them stand out, they all live together somehow, they are all in a read more
Jun 24, 2017
LegendAqua (All reviews)
Hinako Note feels like a bloated cake filled with sugar and cream.

Hinako Note follows Hinako Sakuragi voiced by M.A.O a "scarecrow" wanting to be an actress to get rid of her extreme shyness by joining a drama club in Tokyo and arrives in a boarding school which happens to be a bookstore and a cafe attached to it.

So with that little introduction to Hinako Note, what does Hinako Note look at?
*Cafe more specifically maids
*and books

This is kinda what LA means by "bloated cake", also like Hinako Note literally wanted to have their cake by being like Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?, Kiniro Mosaic and Wakaba*Girl read more
Jun 2, 2017
Trash_kun (All reviews)
Hinako note for me is like another generic moe anime. The plot is quite simple but not that bad. It has some references but it doesn't make any better instead it made it cuter and that is where Hinako focuses the anime pretty much focuses on how cute this girls are and how they will look cute on certain situations. It can be quite funny but just situational. And Sounds and Art is very good as well and i can see it is well-funded and they hired good Seiyuu's for it which is great. Characters... though i haven't seen the 5th girl but then read more