Quanzhi Gaoshou

The King's Avatar

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Synonyms: Quan Zhi Gao Shou, Full-Time Expert, Expert of All Classes
Japanese: 全职高手
English: The King's Avatar
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Type: ONA
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 7, 2017 to Jun 16, 2017
Licensors: None found, add some
Source: Novel
Genre: ActionAction
Theme: Video GameVideo Game
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.911 (scored by 159914159,914 users)
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Ranked: #6972
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Popularity: #568
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These feature skilled gamers in fantasy MMORPG settings. Though the plots differ considerably, there's no shortage of similarities in other regards such as the engaging action sequences, the very skilled and confident protagonists, and the cute female companions. 
report Recommended by Chaste
Both series involve OP protagonists using game world avatars to destroy thse who stand in their way. While King's Avatar plays this straight by using it with a fictional game and esport scene, Overlord instead opts to go in a more fantasy route with the main character actually diving into the game world, being stuck there.  
report Recommended by YuriInLuck
Similarities: -Similar Smart Gamer MC's. -Cunning, strategic, and a bit of a troll. -Both have gaming aspects. Differences: -LH focuses on in-game politics and world building -QZGS does not have the "trapped in a virtual game" aspect so it's "politics" are purely RL ones, mostly due to the competitive spirit of other gaming clubs. -LH is Japanese while QZGS is Chinese. -The art is very different. One is more 2D, the other has CGI and looks more like something from Fate Stay verse.  
report Recommended by SkyFullOfStars
Badass main character who's can be a prideful prick? Check. Modern and Good Art? Check. Action-packed fighting by main character who is a legend, but also "flawed"? Check. Both MKnRand QZGS are fantasy/magic type animes that don't try to reinvent the wheel, but still remains refreshing and intriguing. While they are sort of directed to different audiences, both elicit either a love/hate response. The side characters are surprisingly memorable and different too. QZGS's beauty is the character development and unique stories while MKnR is all about "imperfection" not being an excuse for being OP, hence the huge class divider. Bonus: Both have great OP/EDs too! BonusBonus/Sidenote: I'm not sure  read more 
report Recommended by Kaguyachinchin
Beautiful and well-made visuals by the same studio. Action-packed direction with strong drama. Ye Xiu and Wei Wuxian are very sweet characters who achieve their best for important people. Plus, same voice actor. The main story and setting are different but worth watching if you like this kind of cool guy, tolerant Donghua (Chinese Animation), look for high-quality content. 
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Games. OP MC that wins everything. The MC also gets accusations about cheating/hate because they are too good. 
report Recommended by Silver-King
-Both are chinese anime. -Both MC's are OP. -Both MC's are hiding something. -Both enjoyable. 
report Recommended by KakaAnimeGeek
If you're looking for a good Chinese anime, you must give Zhen Hun Jie (Rakshasa Street) a try. Although the quality of the animation of rakshasa street is not comparable to Quan Zhi Gao Shou, it made up for it with its interesting plot and characters. The way the anime was directed is also interesting in the sense that two different timelines are being explored at once (instead of the typical flashback used in Japanese anime) and tie-in together nicely towards the end which made some of the revelations very satisfying. For example, the first episode is about the current timeline then second episode switches  read more 
report Recommended by Estherella
the MC team is overpowered, and often takes their time or doesn't really go serious for most opponents. The main difference is that Quan Zhi Goa SHou is in a game, and Nanatsu no Taizai is not, but the action of both is very entertaining 
report Recommended by Silver-King
It gets you into the mode of online gaming. Online gamers can relate. 
report Recommended by Niveen_Sleem
Tanya is young soldier who battles for Germans in WW. The nations war is similar with guilds. Tanya is apathetic equally as Quanzhi Gaoshou MC. 
report Recommended by Felix
Two series that focus on the world of their titles and their leading characters survive the hiccups that appear before them. Both series don't use an "arc" based formula that many manga and anime do but instead have multiple plots intertwined together to create a more complex narrative, that isn't always apparent but still compelling.  
report Recommended by UKStormDragon
The feeling is similar. Both Sei and Ye Xiu are really passionate about games and battles. And you can feel their enjoyment of the game. There are slight differences Sei is younger and is now fighting in a tournament to become the strongest, while Ye Xiu is already a veteran winner of tournaments, player no. 1 in the game and already an adult. Both series show the life of the players in and outside the game and their relationships. Good humor also.  
report Recommended by mafevrelion
Well, at first glance this recommendation seems a little strange but it is not as farfetched as it might seems. First of all in both anime special attention is given to the character and development, based on the personal life stories. "Netojuu no Susume" does appear a little more Ladylike due to a female main character and involving a lot of emotions. However, in both anime the game play is not focused, but on the other hand the characterization based on interaction and the ongoing plot is done pretty well, without being too predictable. To me these shows appear like representing two sides of the same  read more 
report Recommended by Sesshomaru
They are both action-packed and focus on battles between characters with various abilities. While Quanzhi Gaoshou involve game characters with different classes and skillset, The Outcast involve characters with different supernatural abilities. They both feature an amazing ensemble cast where the MC is surround by competent and charismatic supporting characters with unique personalities and backstories. 
report Recommended by Jyzal
Similarities - Both MCs are professional gamers - Both MCs are strategic prodigies - Both series are Chinese - Both MCs treat their lives as games* - Both MCs are legends in their respective worlds Differences - Wo Shi S2 is an isekai VS. Kings avatar is a game - Wo Shi is a 3D donghua VS. Kings avatar is a 2D donghua - Wo Shi is a cultivation based storyline - Wo Shi MC uses underhanded tactics to beat his opponents VS. Kings avatar uses godly combos - Wo Shi S2 MC specifically uses a computer set up to beat his opponents  
report Recommended by ST63LTH
The MCs are gamers. They have their own place to play games. They know each other in real life so they formed a club. 
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
If you like adrenaline pumping fight scenes in Quanzhi Gaoshou, you might like to try Zhen Dao Ge. Both are from different setting. QG in modern MMORPG world and ZDG in classic China martial arts world.  
report Recommended by shiroiyume
Chinese anime about a group of people playing a massively popular multiplayer online game. Unlike most video game inspired anime, these also focus on regular life of the players, not just in-game stuff. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
A fallen career professional fights his way back to the top. Yuri on Ice is about a pro figure skater and Quan Zhi Gao Shou is about a pro gamer. Both are adults nearing the end of their professional life in their discipline and are looking for a way to find revive their career. Stylistically and presentation wise they're very different; but both are very ambitious with complex choreography and action, and the resulting CG is just as ugly whether it's made in China or made in Japan. Both leaves you with an uneasy feeling of incompleteness. Regardless of my criticisms, if you liked one for the profession-starting-again  read more 
report Recommended by Lemon
- Both are sports stories, that tackles the life of pros, the dreams and efforts that goes into professional sports. Differences: - Ping pong is fast and concise, QZGS requires a long prep time but contains far larger scope. - Art style and action  
report Recommended by ap1001
Both involve players playing Multiplayer RPG kind of games where they are uber powerful. In one game he is sacked from that game and must start anew and the other the game ends and he must start a new game. Both focus a lot on the player's "real" life... 
report Recommended by Paulo_Goncalves
Not only the texture of both animation and vibes are almost the same but the characters are also very attractive. To me, I don't have a single character I hate. Both have charismatic leaders (Mikoto and Ye Xiu) who lead special groups. The story and worldview are different though, it's adult styles by a handsome male cast. K draws a life-threatening conflict. QG fights like superhumans as avatars in esports. Both are cool action series that make us think about the importance of bonds. Worth watching together with sequels and spin-offs. 
report Recommended by Xnovazero
The Ye Xiu the MC of QZGH has very much the same appeal as Yang Wenli from LotGH but boosted by Reinhard's snark. If you are someone who believes QZGS or LotGH is the epitome of """maturity""" and appreciate the super-ultra-extremely-peerlessly smart tactics of """real""" adults, with their """subtle""" interactions then I think you will be sure to enjoy the other. Other points: - Both are more or less sausage fest shows with a few stereotypical token females. Though they get more screen time in QZGS - Yang/Ye both have the magical ability to scout out skillful people quicker than you can say 'contrived'. - Tactics, teamwork, and  read more 
report Recommended by Lemon
Both are about the Mc's who are deep into the "gaming world" sh**. There was no cure for this, ah!  
report Recommended by tomoko1234