Ling Qi


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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Soul Contract, Spirit Contract, Spirit Pact
Japanese: 灵契
English: Spiritpact
German: Spiritpact
Spanish: Spiritpact
French: Spiritpact
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Type: ONA
Episodes: 20
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jun 21, 2016 to Nov 1, 2016
Licensors: None found, add some
Source: Web manga
Genres: ActionAction, Boys LoveBoys Love, ComedyComedy, SupernaturalSupernatural
Duration: 14 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.171 (scored by 2390723,907 users)
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Ranked: #30222
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Popularity: #1962
Members: 76,015
Favorites: 405

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Sep 29, 2016
Kadrian (All reviews)
This is based on a chinese Manga(Manhwa). It is actually really good(THe manga) but the anime adaptation kind of is not really good because of the voice actors and the weird art and the change in the original plot. this anime can be qualified as Shounen-Ai but it is more on the relationship of a master and his servant though they do have to kiss sometimes for the special skill to work on the servant(Can't say it or I will spoil it). But if you are interested in this, I advise you to read the manga because Chinese manhwa are colored and it is really read more
Dec 8, 2016
Enjyu (All reviews)
Beware: This is a shounen-ai! And a good one on top of that!

I thought I'd start with that as the genre is not listed on MAL.

As probably most of you have figured out by the name, this is a Chinese animation, the second in my life, but I have to say definitely not the last one!

Overall Ling Qi is a beautifully drawn anime with a deeper story from what you'd expect of 20 short episodes. It engages the viewer straight from episode 1 with its perfectly proportioned combination of sweet humour, action, art, BGM, few parodies of other anime and unexpected development.

While the read more
Jan 29, 2017
Clearance (All reviews)
If this anime aired in the early 2000s, it'd probably be pretty okay. Too bad it's 2017.

Story: 5
In summary, the story is every anime trope put together.

So, here we have our main protagonist who spends the first half of episode 1 living his daily life - and then, of course, dies. Considering the amount of time spent on building up his life, you'd think that you would actually *care* about his death. Well, you sure guessed wrong.

Anyway, so the protagonist dies, only to meet the oh-so-mysterious second main character, who offers him to become his Spirit Shadow. Four episodes in, and I've read more
Mar 11, 2017
KitsunehimeMilhi (All reviews)
Before I get started I want to say that this review is for the Japanese dubbed version. I do not know why myanimelist deleted the separate entry when they already had it set up on their site, but whatever.

Honestly, Spiritpact was kind of annoying, but it's not the worst I've seen. The main story is basically that Tanmoki makes You Keika his spirit shadow after You dies. You is the person who now will fight along side Tanmoki as he faces evil spirits and other people that come after him. There's more detail that you can learn about the plot, but read more
Apr 1, 2017
ShadowJackal35 (All reviews)
Because I'm Chinese-American, I've always had a connection to Chinese culture however, never have I really been interested in the Chinese "anime." I started reading Chinese light novels such as Quan Zhi Gao Shou (waiting for the anime this month!) but other than that, not much else. Recently however, I was impressed by Shuangsheng Lingtan and decided that I wanted to see what Chinese anime is like. So, I picked Ling Qi by random (I think it's recommended if you like Shuangsheng Lingtan) and started watching. I was not disappointed at all.

Story (7/10) - Good: The story is not particularly fascinating or unique, however the read more
Jan 28, 2017
Sheka4 (All reviews)
Having seen gifs of Spiritpact on tumblr and having it lobbied as a wonderful anime that had an LGBT+ couple portrayed in a positive manner, I decided to give this anime a shot knowing nothing about it...however, I soon came to regret that decision as I watched every single episode of Spiritpact that had aired, only to have the frame that I viewed this anime with ripped away from me.

STORY (4): From the first episode, Spiritpact holds a little measure of promise with it. It gives you a character who's entire life has been filled with hardships and struggles. A total underdog. Usually those are read more
Oct 9, 2021
Ironoverloaded (All reviews)
~Review copy-pasted from Season 2 review~

"Master, a relationship with a person is like a kite. It won't fly high if you hold it too tightly. Loosen your grip too much and it falls, and when you pull strongly on a kite flying high in the sky, the string will snap and it will never come back."

I wish I could like this anime. I wish I could write nothing but good things about it, especially since it seems to have a cult following with fans. But I can't.

I'll start with the most glaring issue - This doesn't feel like Shounen Ai. This feels like queer baiting read more
Aug 15, 2017
Kurapimpa (All reviews)
Okay, this is my first review, but this show leaves many things to be said. I have always been a fan of LGBT+ works, and I have enjoyed many Shounen-Ai, Yuri, and Yaoi anime. This one, however, was just bad. There were too many problems with it that even if I tried to shut my brain off, I just couldn't overlook it. I haven't read the web manga, and if it's better, props to it.

Beware, there might be "spoilers" in this review, but it's not all that important. Most of what I talk about happens in the first episode, and the rest of the "spoilers" read more
Feb 11, 2019
kurosmile (All reviews)
At first I'm just going to give this show a standard 7 but after considering other important aspects and comparing it to other good anime, I decided to lower the score to 5.

Plot: 4/10

I like the spirit-master relationship. The power portrays at the beginning of the story got me excited and anticipated for more. However, as I watched episode by episode, it did not meet my expectation. There are parts of the plot that are predictable. The flow of the story for the first few chapters are too fast paced, deducting the realistic point of this story. The way the characters respond to certain read more
Feb 6, 2019
Jadykinns (All reviews)
Wow, I wanted to like this since I'm a total fujoshi, BL fangirl, but man.....I just...I could barely make it though the first half of the first episode. The writing is quite terrible. The voice acting is also very bad with weird pacing, and flat humor. Not even to mention the animation is very low budget, so much so thats it is distracting. The story is trying to kinda take influence from Loveless, but not well.
There just aren't any redeeming qualities to this anime.
But you can take this with a grain of salt since I gave up at the end.
Oct 31, 2019
CallMeAi (All reviews)
This show is far from being flawless. But I still liked it. It's not the best but not the worst either. And yet it still really hit me. At times it was so very emotional and sad and I just kept wanting more.

Story - 5/10.
I feel like the plot was really rushed which is a shame because it does have an interesting story. I love the master-spirit relationship and how they learn to cope with each other. But I'm not a fan of how the story was portrayed thus giving it a 5/10 stars.

Art - 7/10.
Darn is the animation beautiful. But I had some read more
Apr 17, 2017
shadowfireflame (All reviews)
This 10-episode shounen-ai anime is the Japanese edit and dub of the Chinese anime Ling Qi (Soul Contract).

In it, a young You Keika is living in poverty as a fortune-teller when he is hit by a bus and killed. In death, he chooses to become contracted to the human demon-hunter Tanmoku Ki as his spirit shadow, a partner to protect Tanmoku and give him strength. Unbeknownst to both of them, they are connected more deeply than they realized. Along with Tanmoku’s ignored fiancée Shin Shiyou, the three team up to uncover the sinister plot going on at Tanmoku’s family home.

The anime packs a read more
Jan 28, 2017
OtakuWatcher (All reviews)
This Anime has a lot of potentials and is very funny as hell.

Story: 5 - The story is quite funny, it is full of drama and not a lot of cliches. It has a lot of character development but would do with more fight scenes.

Art: 5 - The animation is nothing special but the chibi comedy moment are always soo cute and very nicely drawn.

Sound: 6 - The Music is very enlightening and could easily be in one of the top 10 Op and End of the season.

Character: 6 - It's nice to finally see an anime with less read more
Jun 20, 2021
ThatWheatFlour (All reviews)
Really good while it lasted. (2 seasons). Liked the progressive relationship between the two MCs, although the end was too ambiguous. The multiple facets of each characters' personalities really appeal to you, as does the minor, feel-good action genre appearing during the course of the many fight scenes in the donghua. Would recommend watching this subbed and with the original Chinese voicing, cause I think their personalities mirror much better the way these voice actors chose to convey them. The 'Spirit' aspect of the donghua's English title, 'Spirit Pact', is spot on, and the lack of drama makes the responses between each character feel more read more
May 19, 2019
rainhat (All reviews)
I am still new to reviews, but I thought I had to do give my take on the show while it is still fresh in my mind, y'know?

The story, is in a sense, a mix of Ao Haru Ride and Tokyo Ghoul; that being, the not-quite lovers trying to open up, and our primary suspect has his fate stolen from him at a young age, eventually accepting the path they now traverse. I enjoyed it. It moved me in a way not many have. I have never felt such bliss from anything this precious, nor been swayed to tears read more
Mar 28, 2020
Alina_Aniki (All reviews)
If it were not for the poor animation quality and voice acting, I would be far more impressed with this anime. Now, I've never read the source material and I've heard this adaptation isn't very faithful to it, but even so, I found the story and the characters to be very compelling, to the point where I consumed all of it in a day without intending to. Needless to say, despite the poor quality of the animation and sounds themselves (all of the sound effects didn't sound right, a lot of movements were clunky or had no transition and I could sometimes spot unfinished frames read more
Apr 3, 2018
AkiraShinren (All reviews)
This series is all over the place.

My first thought after finishing this Anime was exactly that.
Don't guess though, I love this Anime despite all the chaotic flaws it presented me.

Ling Qi began fairly simple:
Two interesting characters have an encounter and thus their story begins. One of them dies in an accident and thus becomes the other one's Soul Contract / Partner.
These are supposed to aid their contractor in their battles against evil spirits.
Up to this point everything seemed fairly okay.
However, following 20 Episodes (China dub) (10 on Jap Dub), this anime goes all over the place, really.
It jumps from one setup to read more
Feb 3, 2020
kloekalle (All reviews)
Honestly, it's pretty bad. There is barely any depth to the characters, there's no real story, and it doesn't have any other redeeming qualities. The art isn't horrible, but it's definitely not above average. The opening as well isn't that good. It's boring, I watched it recently yet I can barely remember what happened. And if you were going to watch it for the shounen ai tag, then you'll be disappointed to know that there's little to no romance.

However, I would say it's worth watching only because I really like season 2. The characters are developed a lot and there's an actual story with pretty read more
May 31, 2017
Sakura_megami (All reviews)
Ok, So I actually do not think this anime is as bad as people are saying it is. I mean yeah, the first episode was on the bad side but if you continue watching it, it is actually pretty good. I was satisfied after watching it.
I judge anime and shows based on genre and whether or not it was enjoyable.
First of all, this anime is shounen ai and the main characters do kiss throughout the anime. So stay away if you can't handle two dudes kissing. This anime also has a lot of light-hearted comedy which will have you laughing. The fight scenes keep read more
Mar 4, 2018
me_toria (All reviews)
I felt compelled to write a review for this anime as I almost didn't watch it. After looking this up and was meet with some good reviews but also some really really bad ones that put me off.

You defiantly need to get past the first episode. I didn't hate it but it felt very rushed and I think they gives off a bad feeling to this anime from the start.

However the characters quickly become likeable and I really enjoyed the relationships that were build between the characters. It is a bit cheesy at times but did make me laugh quite a few times.

Although read more