Little Witch Academia (TV)

Little Witch Academia

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Japanese: リトルウィッチアカデミア
English: Little Witch Academia
German: Little Witch Academia
Spanish: Little Witch Academia
French: L'école des petites sorcières
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Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 9, 2017 to Jun 26, 2017
Premiered: Winter 2017
Broadcast: Mondays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Trigger
Source: Original
Genres: AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy, FantasyFantasy
Theme: SchoolSchool
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: G - All Ages


Score: 7.821 (scored by 296386296,386 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #8812
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Popularity: #317
Members: 603,883
Favorites: 7,156

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Aside from having "Academia" in their names, one notable similarity I noticed is how events are ordered. First, we have the main character enter an academy they have always been dreaming of entering. Next, they show us their school lives as they struggle through classes because of lacking something other students have. And then the plot starts and we see villain characters and how they are handled by the cast. 
report Recommended by Kikugi
The very late half of the show is pretty similar to Madoka. Both contain dark themes for the magical girl genre (Though Madoka is darker) and have the main characters go in despair as they lose something that is very important. Both get less dark for the ending and have some yuri subtext. 
report Recommended by Hydreigonfan01
Both by TRIGGER, storyboarded by Hiroyuki Imaishi and animated by You Yamashiro. Has striking similarities in animation, editing, as well as general art direction and both shares TRIGGER's wit, quick cuts, and clever humor. Both involves an underdog story with a female lead centered in an academy specialized in the peculiar (school uniform ability enforcement and witchcraft/wizardry) in which the main villain/conflict becomes apparent starting the latter half of the season. 
report Recommended by DimDito
Both shows share similar themes of love, friendship, and overcoming obstacles. They both also have happy-go-lucky female leads who wish to bring happiness to everyone after being inspired by a performance from their childhood. 
report Recommended by Kuro-chan
Both of the main protagonists enjoy helping others out, yet things don't always go their way and chaos ensues. This leads to some good laughs. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both anime revolve around young girls with magic powers that visit a witch school. The character interactions and overall tone of the stories feel similar and both are very heartwarming. Both remind me of a shoujo version of Harry Potter. If you were wondering what it would be like if Mary enrolled at and stayed in the witching academy, you will love Little Witch Academia. 
report Recommended by senpaichandesu
Very similar in setting and style. Both are about clumsy young witch apprentices that love anything concerning magic. 
report Recommended by _INTER_
Akko and Simon have very similar character arcs. Both shows focus on believing in yourself for power. Magic is very similar to fighting spirit. Little Witch Academia contains references to Gurren Lagann. Some shared staff between both shows since Trigger is made up of former Gainax employees. 
report Recommended by djguthrie5
If you look at this from far away these shows are totally different but when you get closer to the characters and dynamic between them these two shows are quite similar. If you want an anime focused on the friendship of some highschool girls with less magic and more about camaraderie and playing in a band K-On! is for you. 
report Recommended by Asddds
Mahoutsukai Precure and Little Witch Academia have a really similar magic setting. Both have a normal human going to a magic school and meeting a bunch of magical friends. Both have lovable and easy relatable characters. Both have an amazing soundtrack and good animation moments. Both have one character which is laughtly bad at magic. Both have a really cool and interesting world with a bunch of creative magic monsters. 
report Recommended by AbsoluteXandy
Can't get enough of magical schools? There are starting to be more and more series that take place in a magical school, yet they're still something I'm personally on the lookout, and yet the different takes both series take are full of laughs and fun, plus fun characters to keep the viewer entertained. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
While differing on style and presentation, both shows revolve around the study of creative disciplines (either theatre or magic) in specialized schools that encourage competition. Both feature an underdog protagonist and a perfectionistic rival, with the two of them being inspired by a performance seen during childhood. Both are ultimately allegorical works, as their battle or adventure oriented plots represent the struggles in competition and refinement that are characteristic of the artistic field. 
report Recommended by Sarubadooru
-Colorful and well animated graphics -Light and funny comedy -Slice of Life with fine plot -Magical and Fantasy Setting -Amazing OP & ED -Peaceful and calm OST 
report Recommended by gingerbrad
Both Akko and Phos are high-strung, clumsy young female protagonists who desperately want to find a way to fit in despite their handicaps compared to their peers. Both Akko and Phos also have a potential to go against the advice of those who are older/wiser and do what they want to do, which can lead to trouble, but also leads to them growing stronger as characters. 
report Recommended by CatSoul
Both of them are shoujo animes, in which the protagonist (girl) studies/lives in a school for people with powers. Both of them are very lighthearted and sweet, and make you feel happy and calm. Besides this, in both, the main girl is not very good with her power (the worst of the class), and makes people around her laugh. With time, both animes start to get more serious. 
report Recommended by xiliqs
Those who saw love live (only to those who saw love live) I recommend seeing little witch academy since both are animates where he talks about the ambition and emotion that is to follow the dreams with a cast of adorable characters that if you liked those of love live you will like more those of little witch academy, both play the same theme with different methods and styles but with content with similarities to each other. 
report Recommended by PizzaMozarellaa
Despite being of completely different genres, Carole & Tuesday and Little Witch Academia genuinely share similar motives. The main characters of each share a passion for what they pursue, both of them embarking on a "journey" with others in order to achieve their goal with a couple of bumps and forks in the road. Overall, if you decide to take my word for it, I believe you'll genuinely fall in love with the characters as in both shows they go through a great deal of character development.  
report Recommended by CaptainJula
This show has the same studio as LWA. There is a full episode on which they get to have a crossover with LWA 
report Recommended by Erzish
Let's follow the comic life of Hogwart's students. Little Witch Academia features a typical school life full of entertainment, and Zero no Tsukaima features an atypical school life full of "entertainment" :) 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
They both have very stylized and "good" animation, depending on your outlook. They both are episodic anime, with a few episodes sprinkled in to advance the main conflict, which has been hard to pin down as to what that is. Both have their own sort of actions scenes, with LWA's being the magic exhibitions and Pokemon S&M's being the pokemon battles.(Also lol S&M) They both appeal to children, and as such have characters and references that reflect this target audience.(That won't stop a few older people from enjoying it though) My final and weakest point is that they are both very much mixed bags as far  read more 
report Recommended by any13th
Akko and Michiru are both fish out of water with genki girl personalities. They try to become friends with all they encounter. These shows also obviously share studio as well as director and a script writer.  
report Recommended by MariSan28
The 2 are witch animes what else do you want the only difference is that in one the protagonist goes to a magic school and in the other she has already graduated and travels the world. 
report Recommended by Fouma-Primordial
In my opinion the two animes have a similar feel. The story is a little bit different, but if you enjoyed Little Witch Academy, then you will like Sugar Sugar Rune. Both are animes about witches and magic, also the main characters have similar personalities. Totally recommended.  
report Recommended by ChocolatMars
Happy feelings, friendship, cute art and magical girls. A happy anime to enjoy with the whole family good for kids while still super enjoyable for adults. Cardcaptor Sakura goes deeper in to its world than Little Witch Academia, and in my personal opinion I found both worlds to be extremely interesting and exciting yet not quite the same which makes them different enough to feel unique but similar enough to bring up the same emotions. There was no episode of LWA and CCS that didn't manage to put a stupid smile on my face, both are very charming. The animation for both anime is flawless and  read more 
report Recommended by No_8
Earwig and the Witch, and Little Witch Academia are stories about witches. Earwig and the Witch portrays witches brewing potions. Little Witch Academia portrays witches using wands and spells. While both anime have different stories, they feature a main character learning to become a witch. Both anime are driven by the personalities of the main character, but Little Witch Academia has a more engaging story compared to Earwig and the Witch. 
report Recommended by lancelot200
This recommendation is not based on similar narrative, characters or even themes, but on their settings. Little Witch Academia and The Irregular at Magic High School are series set in worlds where magic exists and students learn it at school, but introduces this subject from different perspectives. The Irregular at Magic High School creates a world based on an alternative history where magic is enhanced by modern technology. Little Witch Academia creates a world where magic has become diminished and a relic. The magic schools are completely different from each other, but are believable for their respective worlds 
report Recommended by lancelot200
a funny and actually good witch anime that isnt a harry potter clone. and doesnt suffer from the "trigger syndrome" of having the story bend over backwards near the end found in almost all trigger anime, its awesome. 
report Recommended by bokuwa_hiro
+ Both MC are clumsy and have no talent but will go and push in order to achieve their goal + Both MC are pretty vocal + Both MC have a rival they look up to + Both shows are fantasy + Both shows have funny comedy + Both shows have Adventuring + Magic plays a big part on Both shows + Both have great character cast 
report Recommended by Zortec_Official
Let's start with the part that in both series we have a girl that knows nothing (out of fiction) getting into a real magic school… And that's all, after watching just the first episode of Märchen… 
report Recommended by NoHeart
Magical girl shows about an airhead protagonist and a group of friends studying in a special academy 
report Recommended by St0rmblade
Both take place in a school in a fantasy setting and features a cheerful yet dimwitted MC who wants to achieve something great, with Akko wanting to become a great witch while Yusha wanting to become a hero. 
report Recommended by ImmovableBocchi
lovely history, cute protagonist... u need more? 
report Recommended by Katzupo
The protagonist's classmates have their own personalities. Akebi and Akko tried to make friends with them. Their classmates thought that they were special or unique people in the school too. 
report Recommended by Kaokoa
If you have enjoyed and sat threw "Little Witch Academia" than I highly recommend you to watch Urahara! A lot of the style in regards to composition as well as execution of the shows in general show correlation with each other and although the plot can be seen as dull, simple, as well as even boring to some people its very satisfying to see that the shows have a type of understanding of what they are, as they are both simple shows at heart and the main appeal of both of them aren't held up by the plot but in the creative use of color,  read more 
report Recommended by doopayo
The main protagonist of both shows (Emilico and Akko) are kinda similar. They both have a cheerful, enthusiastic personality. When they first arrive at the place, they are both not very good at their job (Akko is not good at magic whereas Emilico is not good at being her master's face). Both protagonists made friends at the place and they aren't liked by everyone. (Only the first half I guess) The stories in second half kinda gives me a similar vibe. The story kinda becomes more serious in second half (can't go into detail since it would be considered spoiler but highly recommend anyone to check  read more 
report Recommended by 4D4CH1
Funky witches hidden in plain sight! While Burn the Witch has a slightly more mature look and plot they're both very charming stories about a delightful little witch :) 
report Recommended by Yuuvira
both animes address robot themes, with robot fights, although evangelion is of the mecha genre and lwa of the mahou shoujo genre, both are complex and have a nice narrative, although evangelion is deeper. 
report Recommended by sop12
The reason i think you should watch this animes is because well both of these animes have a girl and her friends trying to solve a mystery! Also because there is a boy who is likely to end up with her i meant the boys looked like they were interested in they main girl i also think these two animes have alot in common i cant say because of spoilers but try them out!!! 
report Recommended by blackops23421
New student, the wholesome facts, the group of protagonists give me the same vibe. 
report Recommended by Ruseee
okay now this may seem insane but hear me out similarities: - humans (not really humans but close enough) attending special schools to learn about supernatural things (LWA: magic, SE: how to kill Kishin) - main antagonists are 'scientists' who sneak into the schools as staff to get close to MCs - halfway through both series, things get less episodic and the plot becomes clearer - the MCs are teenagers who act and look THEIR AGE - while the art styles are not too similar, both are cartoon-like and the way movements are drawn is similar - there is no CGI in either show (which is really refreshing and rare nowadays 😭)  read more 
report Recommended by ray1627
Hogwarts really inspired masterpieces recently. These follow the totally normal school life of a teacher or a group of students as they form bonds with the surrounding students in the most comic of ways. Not much to think about, everything is in the appreciation of the shows. 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Both of these shows are, in a broad sense, about "growing up" while still maintaining that sense of wonder, individuality, and blind self-confidence that so often typifies youth. However, the two shows do so in different and complementary ways. Little Witch Academia focuses on themes of camaraderie (with our peers, our mentors, and even our enemies), building a healthy psychological relationship with one's role models (admiration vs. idolization), and self-improvement towards accomplishing a goal (and the determination needed to achieve it). Chuunibyou focuses on themes of genuine maturity (as opposed to the naive maturity that is the rejection of everything "childlike"), acceptance (in more ways  read more 
report Recommended by Apocolocyntosis
In Kaitou Joker, they have a witch village. Little Witch Academia have witch academy. Also, they fun and adventure 
report Recommended by Ayako_Rose
-Both have 3 main characters that are similar -Both are school, comedy, and fantasy genres As long as I watched, I felt a lot of similarities. The story is light, but with a quite satisfying ending. This also applies if you like Demi-chan, then I suggest you to watch LWA too. 
report Recommended by Monseter
• Both have protagonists who want to be powerful, like their idols and enter an academy; • Boku no Hero has hero academy, while Little Witch has witch academy; • Both are childish but are creative and fun; • Both have "no-power" protagonists, but they get one during the anime.  
report Recommended by Zardyllas
At its core, it's hard not to see Petite Princess Yucie as perhaps the prototype for Little Witch Academia. Both series are considerably lighter, more family-friendly fare for the studios they're made by, and feature a main group of young girls at an academy whose daily tasks often turn into adventures. Yucie and Akko are both clumsy but have strong hearts. Male characters also play small but plot-important roles in both series. Anyone who enjoyed one is likely to enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by CatSoul
Both Akko and Utena are striving for a world-changing power they don't fully understand in order to meet someone important to them they met in their childhood. In the case of Akko, it's Chariot. In the case of Utena, it's her prince. 
report Recommended by CatSoul
Both anime are set in a magical school with an all-girls cast. Also, they have a light-hearted theme with many slice of life scenes 
report Recommended by FireX
The tone of the comedy in both is similar. The MC's have similar personalities as do their respective foils. 
report Recommended by asteron
Similarities : The shows are identical, despite the fantasy x sci-fi difference - underdog main girl protagonist that improves as the plot goes on - dreams, friendship and self development as main themes - fantasy high school setting that is separate from "our world" - variety of characters making the main cast of characters - chill and comfy feel yet the show touches serious issues Differences: - Stellvia is set in sci-fi/space - Stellvia has drama elements unlike LWA - Stellvia has more and better developed cast of male characters - Stellvia has romance - Stellvia has better pacing and world development - Stellvia has outdated yet beautiful animation of technology and mechas - Stellvia gets more  read more 
report Recommended by AnimeElitist
Very similar in tone, playfulness, and genuine light-hearted warmth with lots of action, and a good dose of comedy. Led by a female lead young girl with lots of drive and determination. You'd be forgiven for thinking Deca-Dence is a Studio Trigger animation because of how similar they are. 
report Recommended by Sara_Isayama
At their core, both Little Witch Academia and Shirobako are stories about the value of art which seek to showcase the beautiful, self-perpetuating nature of inspiration. If you appreciate either show on a thematic level, you are likely to appreciate the other for similar reasons. However, it is their radically different approaches to this subject matter that truly makes them excellent complementary pieces. Shirobako uses direct, literal storytelling and information dumping to convey the passion of the real, actual people in the anime industry. Little Witch Academia prefers to instead speak its message through metaphor and to render itself with such vibrancy that said passion  read more 
report Recommended by Trevsky
The two may seem like nothing alike and each was made quite a time from each other but when I watch little witch, I get reminded of and get the vibes of metropolis. The animation in metropolis is similar to little witch's and it would be in my eyes like a more serious version of little witch. Where metropolis is about tackling the the differences between classes of both people and robots, Little witch academia is how Akko deals with the bulling against her for not being a natural magic user. Both are enjoyable with their interesting characters, settings and plot that may not suit  read more 
report Recommended by luxray_lord
Both focus on the topic of witch craft with a bunch of humour thrown in as well. 
report Recommended by symbiotic
Both series develop their characters to make the audience sympathise with them (Nico and Diana) and then put on a darker plot twist near the end of the story to know how messed up the situation/storyline is (The Kiznaiver system and Shiny Chariot's magic) And lastly, they're from the same studio (Trigger) 
report Recommended by uchimaki131
Main characters both have similar go get em personality.Both are pretty feel good. 
report Recommended by metasnake13
Both are about female characters at a magic academy school in a fantasy world. Both also feature beautiful background music and gorgeous animation. 
report Recommended by FTWOBR2000
About Human Girls learning how to be witches, (in Little witch academia it is only one human). Both are colorfull, funny and both have very good characters, animation and music. Ojamajo Doremi is mahou shoujo style. 
report Recommended by KPBouvier
These both are school comedies with sweet characters who are good people and you cheer for. The comedies both revolves around a single character flaw of the main characters, Akko is enthusiastic but lacks any talent, and as the title says Tanaka is alway listless. Though Little Witch Academia has a bit more of an over arching plot, they're both pretty episodic. Both shows are easy enjoyable watches, if you just want to relax or need cheering up.  
report Recommended by MariSan28
Both of these shows feature two very beautiful, magical worlds !! The charm and expansive worlds that these shows offer are simply immeasurable !!!! 
report Recommended by samuwuXD
I love the action in this series. It handles lots of characters with ease and is just a great therapeutic(for anxious people like myself) series about young women in a dormitory working hard together to get good at their craft, building each other up and growing closer. Also I read them all as lesbians. ;D 
report Recommended by Gaia_Riot
Both have a very enticing story that grabs you in, they both have real life people who get the powers of magic, they both have a power hungry person/organization that wants to know more and gain more control. They both have a "magic world" and they're filled with action and adventure. 
report Recommended by Vazalemma888
Heart-warming with magical adventures 
report Recommended by CarrotCakes
I found both of them similar for how easy and relaxing they are to watch - I'd feel so much less stressed after an episode of each! They also both have really lovable female protagonists and, although Little Witch Academia has more of an overarching plot, both spend a lot of time focusing on the relationships between the cast. 
report Recommended by TheMuseChaotic
slice of life with sci-fi elements that follows the strange adventures of quirky members from a group that investigates the supernatural 
report Recommended by TayaTuk