Violet Evergarden

Alternative Titles

English: Violet Evergarden
Japanese: ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 11, 2018 to Apr 5, 2018
Premiered: Winter 2018
Broadcast: Thursdays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Source: Light novel
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.601 (scored by 138,101 users)
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Ranked: #722
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-Both show themes of learning about emotions, and coming to understand feelings. -Both can make you smile, both can make you cry -Both have an interesting world -Though this one applies more to Violet Evergarden in my opinion, but both have breathtaking animation -Both have great music -Both have an episodic storyline 
report Recommended by Siyuan
Both have an amazing, emotional, slice of life storyline backed by phenomenal scores, and the animation for them is among the best I've ever seen. Both are examples of a love it or hate it anime, but if you enjoyed one, I'm almost positive you will also enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by Ray_Zimmerman
Plastic Memories and Violet Evergarden are both about girls, one struggling to become human and the other who isn't fully human, that go through a journey and explore to find out the meaning of love. Both are great animations that have a melancholy vibe to it. 
report Recommended by ettientx
Letter Bee and Violet Evergarden are beautiful stories about delivering meaningful letters. Both feature an alternative world where the protagonist is not entirely human and is entitled to deliver those very special letters to different clients. The settings seem to be European-inspired, vintage style, with a hint of sci-fi, as Experiments (Secret organization/Army) were made. Also to mention that the protagonist lost someone very dear to him/her and that lead to his/her current path. Both are slice-of-life with a little bit of adventure/action and amazing artwork, so if you liked one, you'll probably enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both protagonists are reserved, professional, and almost ethereal beings who eventually learn how to empathize with human emotion properly. You won't get the same soft slice-of-life feel with Death Parade, as it is fantasy/horror/comedy, but you'll get the same satisfaction out of the character depth and story flow. 
report Recommended by Sorelliena
yes both of them have a different plot and view. but they do have one similarity and that is how they tell us a heart warming story. 
report Recommended by Rendhart
Both are about young girls who are manipulated by adults and used as tools for violence. The stories depict how the girls struggle with human emotions and grow stronger as they form bonds with different people. Violet Evergarden is optimistic while Gunslinger Girl is quite dark and depressing. 
report Recommended by hanamichi1031
both about sending messages and issues of love and war 
report Recommended by GeneraL_A
I'm amazed that Violet Evergarden reminded me of Kobato. In both series there is a female character in the main role helping out other people that they come close with during their travels. Main characters are kind of opposite in their personality but they are earnest and that's nice to see what they learn. 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
another work from the genius Kyoto animation, hibike euphonium, just like violet evergarden is about a young girl learning how to find enjoyement in life through her passion. it has beautiful visuals like Violet Everegarden and is a brilliant character story all in itself. 
report Recommended by demetre
The overall vibe is really similar to Violet Evergarden! 
report Recommended by Bourbons
Both have the core theme of a child/youth learning the basics of human life and the world after being released from an institutionalized unhealthy environment they were raised in, having being used merely as an object. By following the protagonists' journeys in becoming more human, the shows explore the question of what it means to be so. 
report Recommended by J-36
Both follow a main character who were raised as weapons trying to adjust to the role of a normal person, but having to battle with the guilt of the sin committed in their past, which is a factor in hindering this goal. Violet and Fear are very different personality-wise apart from not understanding social norms and the general tone and execution of Violet Evergarden and C³ are also contrasting. However, if you particularly like the concept of a 'monster' learning to become 'human', then both series should interest you.  
report Recommended by J-36
Integrating into society is undoubtedly tough when one has been bred solely for a single purpose for as long as they can remember. ‘Suisei no Gargantia’ and ‘Violet Evergarden’ showcase a vision and an opportunity to open one’s eyes to look beyond the bloodshed and sacrifices of war into a world where there is something worth living for. ‘Suisei no Gargantia’ depicts a person’s sheltered life and the pilgrimage he has to go through when being thrown into a world of great bewilderment. Aside from the impressive animation, the show is able to draw out its tenacity whenever it portrays a view that requires a  read more 
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
If you enjoyed Violet Evergarden's one-off episodes that don't serve much purpose to the overall story (although I personally consider those to be the worst of the bunch), then you might like Mushishi. 
report Recommended by Nyanza
Well, both are just beautiful tear-jerking anime with amazing plot and development that hit you right in the feels big time. 
report Recommended by WaterLord
Vibes of I world war in european setting, some unrealistic elements, ornamental aesthetics of female character. 
report Recommended by MenthaAquatica
Both utilise disability as an inhibitor of mental health and the understanding of feelings They explore the meaning of living, both physically and mentally, and highlight the importance of friendships and connections. Although they are set in completely different times, they centralise on the development of human emotion and understanding of circumstance, the effect of history and righting the past. 
report Recommended by UnjustifiedYeti
If you loved the bittersweet, heart-warming plot from 5 Centimeters Per Second, then you will appreciate watching the characters overcome their pain in Violet Evergarden as well. Both have gorgeous art, and breath-taking direction. Both will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. 
report Recommended by Artemisl17
Beautiful art. Like Shinkai's works, Violet Evergarden also has hyper-realistic animation, beautiful attention to detail, and the lighting is just gorgeous. Although their plots and views are different, they share the same emotional, tear-jerking, yet heartwarming style of storytelling that leaves the viewer satisfied yet yearning for more. 
report Recommended by TakoBalls
*Both give a similar vibe... *Both take place in an earlier time during a war... *Both protagonists (Violet & Victorica) come to terms with their feelings as the series goes on... *Similar art style *Both series are a masterpiece from a story and art point of view 
report Recommended by TheHachimann12
I find both shows very sad. They both easily get people to cry. They are both sad but in a good way. When watching Violet Evergarden I constantly got Anohana vibes! 
report Recommended by NowiFate
Both Violet Evergarden and Allison to Lillia are story about war. What unique about both of them, that is most of the time, the war is on the backround. Most of the time, the main characters (Aliison and Violet) do not take part in the war, and the story is about how the world deals with how the war effects the daily life of the common people.  
report Recommended by Yammi-Reckorrd
Stories of two young women traveling vaguely historical, vaguely fantastical worlds, viewing the best and worst in people, all while showing very little emotion. Both beautiful meditations on how mankind interacts with eacother, and how beautiful and terrible that can be.  
report Recommended by CosmicOwlDream
They are both military anime, with good fights 
report Recommended by SenseiDaichi
I know this is an unlikely recommendation, but more of a comparison, considering how much different these two series, but here's the reasons for the recommendation: -both main characters are placed in a setting at the start of the series where war in their world was either nonexistent or has ended. -both main characters have had relatively dark origins or upbringings; in Yuya's case, it involved his past incarnation, while for Violet, it involved her current both of their respective origins, both were highly feared by their enemies/prey -Violet and Reira (a support character in Arc V) are not only voiced by the same seiyu, but also  read more 
report Recommended by Ryuseishun
Both Shuumatsu Nani and Violet Evergarden take place after a major worldwide conflict, featuring a protagonist who was once an infamous combatant become someone who has to adapt to life in a new fantasy world that they once could have never imagined. Shuumatsu is different in that it continues the theme of conflict well after the protagonist's initial war story has ended. Both are a great watch in my opinion with lots of feels. 
report Recommended by Pvt_Diny
Violet Evergarden and Fune wo Amu draw interesting parallels, each presenting a take on words and how they can be used to encapsulate one's feelings. What makes the lead character of each series interesting is that they're socially inept, which serves as a not-so-ironic twist given that they're the ones responsible for cataloging these various words and their expressions. They're tasked with becoming the conduit, letting the desired "essence" flow into the written content. But perhaps the biggest selling point for pairing these two titles up has to do with how one serves as the "yin" to the other's "yang." As each has a strength  read more 
report Recommended by ZephSilver
. Violet = Mashiro : same characters with the same goal - Two girls who don't understand human feelings - They want to understand human feelings - They live whith a disability (physical and mental for Violet and mental for Mashiro. You have to tell Violet to eat like at Mashiro to get dressed) - They have, a little, the same link with the work The male protagonist must take of her And these two anime is based about their characters and their development. This is, for these two anime, the principal point of these series (not the universe) But Sakurasou is + a comedy and Violet a drama (P.S : sorry  read more 
report Recommended by Bakathomas
War. There are lives that will be lost during a war, following by the grief by their close ones upon receiving the dreaded news. Both shows depict such themes well, reminding us about the cruelty of war. KonoKata did a stellar job depicting the actual happenings during a war, while Violet Evergarden is severely lacking in realism when it comes to the actual thing about war, it still manages to deliver the realistic tragedy that war may bring upon us. If you wanted a larger dose of realism, go for KonoKata. If you wanted drama with superb presentation, go for Violet Evergarden. 
report Recommended by Lord_Odous
Both take place in post-war steampunk worlds and consist of mostly episodic stories with female centric protagonists. 
report Recommended by weirdy8
-Both very heartwarming/ heart-wrenching theme, very warm, calm episodes the way they present the story -Both animes at the end of the episode makes you feel warm but sad -Both main characters travel through different towns, learning new things about other people's lives or culture -Both episodic with the main character meeting new people along the way -Both you learn an important lesson every episode -Both main characters know how to fight and are extremely strong -Both amazing artwork and music  
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Both of these anime have very different story, but what I find similar is that protagonists are involved in an incident that affects their feelings and lives. So they end up having to learn a lot from life, get mature, understand their feelings better and let go of things that troubles them most.Both have a nice story, breath taking animation and emotional scenes. 
report Recommended by Hutai
Violet evergarden has an anchorage similar to fullmetal alchemist, remembered in ancient europe, besides both protagonists lose their arms, and have a warlike climate throughout history, I highly recommend. 
report Recommended by Yukikayama
Both anime deal about a human that behaves like a doll, and both girls try to understand the things they feel and how important their companion is to them. However, darker than black has a less major impact on the relationship between the 2 main characters than Violet Evergarden has.  
report Recommended by Nao
Although the genres may seem radically opposed, the atmosphere of both anime is very similiar, with them both being set in a western (not cowboys, i mean european) style atmosphere, main protagonists both struggle with the losses they've suffered and try to cure themselves of grief, each in their own way. I believe the art is similiar as well. To sum up, i personally think the story and genre is the only thing separating those two. 
report Recommended by Brutaller
Both series deal with a girl with robot-esque qualities and with ignorance about the regular world, being social awkward. Both deal with themes such as meaning and purpose, and are very emotionally involving. Both have a war as part of their world's background. 
report Recommended by RishRaff
If one is looking for the kind of socially awkward protagonist that has to face the struggles of adapting to a kind of life different from all they've known, these two series would have that protagonist. Military life, civilian life. These are two worlds that ordinarily do not mix - but in these titles they do to an extent; and so begins the trials of our main characters who experience this transition between both worlds. Watch and see just how they adapt (or fail to adapt) to this new lifestyle. Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it certainly works for me. 
report Recommended by SayakaMagica
Similarities: In each story, the main characters begin new work and undergo training to become a master of their respective profession. Though their occupations are different, both characters interpret stories or other people's words and often incorporate their own. Both stories contain a series of smaller stories. Most importantly, they are both dramas striving to induce similar feelings in the viewer. Differences: Despite containing many stories, Rakugo possesses a single, cohesive narrative. Rakugo spends more time is spent developing its characters. Rakugo is covert in concealing the truth of many matters which are uncovered as the story progresses. All secondary characters and their traits differ, as does the  read more 
report Recommended by rhaegarg
Both of these romance series go all-out in their costume design departments, with a ludicrously detailed late Victorian/ Edwardian era aesthetic. If you're a fan of the time period you need to check both of these shows out. 
report Recommended by PowerUpOrDie
Violet and Casshern - both of them sets off on a journey to understand themselves better. Through the journey, they figure out their previous sins and realize that they can't erase them no matter how hard they try. So, they decide to give hope to the weak people as a way of repenting. If u like animez which explore the heavy burden of human lives, then u should of course, give these two a try. 
report Recommended by yabuki-kun