Violet Evergarden

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Japanese: ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン
English: Violet Evergarden
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 11, 2018 to Apr 5, 2018
Premiered: Winter 2018
Broadcast: Thursdays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Source: Light novel
Genres: DramaDrama, FantasyFantasy
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.671 (scored by 866741866,741 users)
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Ranked: #552
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Popularity: #51
Members: 1,587,101
Favorites: 54,734

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-similar personalities (robot-style personality trying to discover human emotions) -voice actors sound almost the same -good artwork/animation -''short-story'' style format just like evergarden (MC has to do XYZ each episode) The main characters share the literal same personality is like a 10/10 combo popeyes deal. both anime are really similar.  
report Recommended by anime_master111
Both have an amazing, emotional, slice of life storyline backed by phenomenal scores, and the animation for them is among the best I've ever seen. Both are examples of a love it or hate it anime, but if you enjoyed one, I'm almost positive you will also enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by Ray_Zimmerman
Beautiful artwork beautiful music THE FEELS!!! both are more oriented to slice of life and drama, with MC girls in search for something they either lost or don t have Enjoyable  
report Recommended by KuroHaruto
-Both show themes of learning about emotions, and coming to understand feelings. -Both can make you smile, both can make you cry -Both have an interesting world -Though this one applies more to Violet Evergarden in my opinion, but both have breathtaking animation -Both have great music -Both have an episodic storyline 
report Recommended by Siyuan
Very beautiful, personal stories of growth, self-discovery, and overcoming your past trauma. Top quality animation and art, fantastic directing, excellent soundtracks. These are two of the most personal feeling anime I have ever watched. Lots of great emotion and drama. If you want something to break and then fix your heart, these two are some of the best. Bring tissues. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Both protagonists are reserved, professional, and almost ethereal beings who eventually learn how to empathize with human emotion properly. You won't get the same soft slice-of-life feel with Death Parade, as it is fantasy/horror/comedy, but you'll get the same satisfaction out of the character depth and story flow. 
report Recommended by Sorelliena
These are both stories of love and loss, and give off the same warm feeling (coated with a splash of darkness). Both main characters are trying to discover what love is (in various ways), and trying to find their place in a world that doesn't really want them around. The art in both is fantastic, as is the music. Characters are also fleshed out and enjoyable. Bring tissues, these are two emotional roller-coasters you won't want to skip. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
If you enjoyed the drama in violet's story u might also enjoy the well-written story of the immortal creature. 
report Recommended by adaachii
While I was watching Violet Evergarden, I couldn't help but note the similarities between it and Plastic Memories. Both main characters, Violet and Isla, are connected in several ways as their character is developed and brought out to life. Both shows are similar in story plot as Violet ghostwrites letters, learning about each person's story and getting a feel for her audience. The same can be said for Isla as she and Tsukasa return the Giftia to their homes. If you enjoyed Violet Evergarden, you'll definitely find Plastic Memories to your liking as well 
report Recommended by Copium
Both series are largely about dealing with the loss of a loved one in various ways. They are about the main characters discovering who they are and what they want to do in this world. These stories are heartwarming and heartbreaking. The characters are great, and the adventures they go on motivate you to get out and do something with your life. I enjoyed both greatly for largely similar reasons, mostly the atmosphere, the stories, and the characters. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
yes both of them have a different plot and view. but they do have one similarity and that is how they tell us a heart warming story. 
report Recommended by Rendhart
Violet Evergarden is the return of KyoAni's glorious heartfelt and grounded Storytelling sense Clannad, more specifically AFTERSTORY: -they both are animated by the same Company KyoAni -both have grounded emotional weight in its story -follows the story of an extremely empathetic lead with troubled past seeking some form of redemption and/or consolation in life. -taps into complex emotions and experiences that permeate throughout its narrative. -has an episodic pacing to its shows structure for ease of watching. -are known for exposing viewers emotions into physical manifestation more commonly known as Tears. 
report Recommended by Japahispasian
Both Violet Evergarden and Kimi no Na wa featured realistic art and emotional scenes. 
report Recommended by The_Anonymous28
I find both shows very sad. They both easily get people to cry. They are both sad but in a good way. When watching Violet Evergarden I constantly got Anohana vibes! 
report Recommended by NowiFate
Young girl travels around the world and interracts with various people, learning their stories and maybe helping them. Both girsl also scarcely shows emotions, have military experience and can defend themselves without a problem, thought their look might suggest otherwise. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
They both make good use of adding somber music to really good visuals, giving you a happy feeling with a tinge of sadness underneath. Although their concepts and plots might almost have nothing to do with each other, once you watch 86, you'll understand in time. I padded this out to this extent just to abide the guidelines, but honestly I just wanted to say "similar vibes". 86 tackles the story in a very similar way that Violet Evergarden does, on an emotional level. 
report Recommended by gomiii
If you crave a warm, melancholy, and heart-touching anime like Violet Evergarden, then I recommend you watch Shiguang Daili Ren. The story also follows the main characters, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, who offer services to help their clients solve emotional life problems that make you have to prepare a tissue box in every episode, just like Violet does. Regarding the characters, you can see Violet in both of them. Cheng Xiaoshi also has a sad backstory that makes you want to dive into the depths of his heart and unravel the wound that hinders his joy in the present moment. While through Lu Guang,  read more 
report Recommended by 0309
Letter Bee and Violet Evergarden are beautiful stories about delivering meaningful letters. Both feature an alternative world where the protagonist is not entirely human and is entitled to deliver those very special letters to different clients. The settings seem to be European-inspired, vintage style, with a hint of sci-fi, as Experiments (Secret organization/Army) were made. Also to mention that the protagonist lost someone very dear to him/her and that lead to his/her current path. Both are slice-of-life with a little bit of adventure/action and amazing artwork, so if you liked one, you'll probably enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by Orulyon
While fundamentally different in purpose and tone (Majo no Tabitabi being a moody achronological adventure narrative within a medieval fantasy and Violet Evergarden being a drama-driven episodic story within a steampunk bohemian setting), both series have a similar interactive atmosphere and episodic storytelling where the main heroines meet and interact with other people and places throughout their journeys. Stories in both series are a mixture of lighthearted, emotional, tragic, or bittersweet. Both series’ respective titular protagonists, while almost completely different in personality (Elaina being a young happy-go-lucky witch wanting to explore the world, and Violet being a former tool of war trying to fit into normal  read more 
report Recommended by Ryuseishun
Both MCs are soul-searching and trying to regain something they've lost. For Violet, it's her purpose of living, while for Hyakkimaru, it was his body. Throughout their journeys, they encounter many people and challenges along the way and gradually develop as characters. Both shows overall are quite emotionally driven and focus on the individual burdens and emotions of humans. Both Violet and Hyakkimaru also have a very somber, saddening past that the story makes an effort to reconnect to. Both shows also have great animation quality and soundtracks to befit their respective premises. 
report Recommended by Ryuseishun
-Both very heartwarming/ heart-wrenching theme, very warm, calm episodes the way they present the story -Both animes at the end of the episode makes you feel warm but sad -Both main characters travel through different towns, learning new things about other people's lives or culture -Both episodic with the main character meeting new people along the way -Both you learn an important lesson every episode -Both main characters know how to fight and are extremely strong -Both amazing artwork and music  
report Recommended by iNinjeek
I'm amazed that Violet Evergarden reminded me of Kobato. In both series there is a female character in the main role helping out other people that they come close with during their travels. Main characters are kind of opposite in their personality but they are earnest and that's nice to see what they learn. 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
Both of these series are alternative histories regarding Europe, all of which involve the aftermath of war, though this is less apparent in Fullmetal Alchemist until one gets farther into the series. There are also steam punk elements in both series as well as the desire of moving forward, yet there is also the possibility of Fullmetal influencing Violet Evergarden in some manner. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
- Both have the same feels. - They show the beautiful of human relationship. - Kinda have a similar setting, while Aria takes place in the future yet like 19th century Italy, Violet Evergarden takes place in 19th century Germany like region. - In certain episode, both use a similar concept of "letter that travel across time". - Great soundtrack, melancholic, have similar feels when you listen to them. Having the same script writer, it's not suprising to find these similar elements. Both are pretty good top tier slice of life anime. 
report Recommended by KyouKaiTen
The tears I felt watching both of these kept happening whether I wanted to or not. Both explore deeper themes of life and self much more than something like a tragic romance 
report Recommended by Space_Boyfriend
In Arte, the main character is also a woman aspiring to learn a trade, painting portraits of clients. In Violet Evergarden, the main character learns the trade of writing letters for clients. As they work for their clients, they learn about them, they gain respect for them, and they gain a friend. Both are historical fiction taking place in a European setting. In either, there is a blossoming romance with someone they idolize, although in Violet Evergarden it is a side plot. Coincidentally, both shows are named after the main character. 
report Recommended by RebelPanda
While their settings and surrounding premises are drastically different (Violet Evergarden being a steampunk slice of life while Shigofumi is a supernatural urban thriller), both are emotional narratives revolving around their lead characters as female kuudere protagonists, whom are emotionally withdrawn and their job is to deliver letters on behalf of their clients. Both shows have both standalone and story-driven segments. 
report Recommended by Ryuseishun
Both shows are heavily about the aftermath of war, and the change it can have on the world. The main characters were both heavily involved in war, and are very familiar with the bloodshed that it brings. These series both take a deep look into the affects war has on the psyche of those involved, particularly young kids who really shouldn't have any business with it. They are both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. The characters in both are also very well-written and a pleasure to follow. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
I also made this recommendation in Kanon. The reason is that... Well, it is a much better drama than the ones that are from the "KEY studio" that I've seen so far... There is actual emotional heaviness, a development in the characters and a focused history. If you are interested in dramatic anime, you should watch this title.  
report Recommended by JiegerBlack34
Carole & Tuesday and Violet Evergarden aren't similar in terms of stories, but the feels in both of them aren't too different either. I really can't say anything other than that. Both animation styles are very polished too, probably what gives the most similarity.  
report Recommended by NextUniverse
If you value the pursuit of understanding one's emotions, then you will find that in both series. There are many ways in which these anime differ in genre. However, the way they approach the matter of understanding emotions is identical. The tragic heroine finds a way to give her peers emotional closure despite she herself needing said closure. The wholesome epiphanies that these heroines grant are soothing and restores your faith in humanity. They grant their peers emotional support to help them deal with their realistic struggles to grant the courage to escape their emotional turmoil. If not, directly intervene to save others from collapsing under  read more 
report Recommended by Wrathful_Chicken
the stories aren't similar AT ALL but the MCs of both shows are underage blonde girls who are in the military bc of their good combat skills. 
report Recommended by ray1627
Both main protagonists are titular protagonists, with the story being focused on character progression and development via their experiences with different individuals with differing strifes, struggles, and issues. Both main protagonists seek to understand themselves better, as they both are not good with understanding or expressing emotions, or even just understanding themselves in general. Both tried to find a new reason to live. Violet and Casshern both had to bear and deal with the sins from their respective pasts, knowing that none of that will ever disappear. Both of them have tried to commit suicidal acts due to almost having lost hope of finding a purpose to  read more 
report Recommended by Ryuseishun
How are these two series similar? Mostly the similarity is a feeling regarding the tone of both series one really can't put into words. Both involve characters with mysterious pasts that unfold as the series progresses, but the chances of the viewer watching either series and falling in love with the characters is high. Neither series holds back on torturing the characters. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
These two animes show you what a human is. Both have amazing soundtracks that are perfect according to scenes. These animes teaches you the meaning of life, beauty, innocence, kindness and many other important facts about humanity. 10/10 for both animes. Recommended for those who understands. 
report Recommended by H_Lightstone
The two series share a premise: a tough, mentally broken heroine searching for the meaning of love. The heroines are both highly competent and badass, but have to face the consequences of the blood on their hands. The love they eventually stumble upon is unconventional, asymmetric and bound for disappointment. That being said these series are clearly meant for different audiences and espouse different worldviews. Violet Evergarden could be called grimbright while Happy Sugar Life is your classic grimdark. 
report Recommended by Postweeaboo
Alas, beautiful life is often not given to all. A broken human is often one that is the sentient of emotional pain for dear viewers. Violet Evergarden and Perfect Blue, are two anime with respectable mistresses that find themselves on the wrong side of the coin in life. One that comes at the cost of a very human part. The sanity of the mind, PB explores such as how it can be twisted, distorted, manufactured, all of the above as life continues on in this weird world of superimposition between both the truth of reality, and the psychedelics of the imagination. In the loss of love,  read more 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
There is 13 episodes I cried 18 times Violet Evergadren have a wonderful story and a wonderful visual Everything is beautiful, even terrible things are turn out and can make you cry (like me)  
report Recommended by BreizhAuguste35
There is a very similar feel to both series, perhaps to do with the style of anime, perhaps the storyline and perhaps the setting. Both are set in a fictional world very similar to our own that has been ravaged by war. Both concern a small group of working women in their late teens and early twenties and both deal with the trauma of war. In particular, the almost autistic character of Violet reminded me strongly of Noël Kannagi (寒凪乃絵留) who displays similar autistic traits, an inability to express emotions and has played a role in the fighting and bloodshed. 
report Recommended by mattpointon77
Both the main characters start out in a world unknown to them, and go on slow-paced emotional journeys to find purpose in their new lives and help the cast of colorful characters they meet along the way, while both struggle greatly with their past memories. Stories of soul searching and becoming. Both fantastical, both have great soundtrack, both are atmospheric-- and both made me cry. Highly recommend both. 
report Recommended by hubbabubba
Both talk about loss and a journey to try to be full again and recovering 
report Recommended by Levi_Pentagon
*Both give a similar vibe... *Both take place in an earlier time during a war... *Both protagonists (Violet & Victorica) come to terms with their feelings as the series goes on... *Similar art style *Both series are a masterpiece from a story and art point of view 
report Recommended by TheHachimann12
Retired war veterans decide to get civilian jobs after the war ended. They find it hard to adjust because they still get flashbacks to their actions and memories during the war.  
report Recommended by FireX
Both of these anime have very different story, but what I find similar is that protagonists are involved in an incident that affects their feelings and lives. So they end up having to learn a lot from life, get mature, understand their feelings better and let go of things that troubles them most.Both have a nice story, breath taking animation and emotional scenes. 
report Recommended by Hutai
War. There are lives that will be lost during a war, following by the grief by their close ones upon receiving the dreaded news. Both shows depict such themes well, reminding us about the cruelty of war. KonoKata did a stellar job depicting the actual happenings during a war, while Violet Evergarden is severely lacking in realism when it comes to the actual thing about war, it still manages to deliver the realistic tragedy that war may bring upon us. If you wanted a larger dose of realism, go for KonoKata. If you wanted drama with superb presentation, go for Violet Evergarden. 
report Recommended by Lord_Odous
Both of these anime deal with the longing and melancholy that surrounds a love just out of reach. Through learning to love someone else the protagonists learn how to live life to its fullest. 
report Recommended by animeincamelot
Integrating into society is undoubtedly tough when one has been bred solely for a single purpose for as long as they can remember. ‘Suisei no Gargantia’ and ‘Violet Evergarden’ showcase a vision and an opportunity to open one’s eyes to look beyond the bloodshed and sacrifices of war into a world where there is something worth living for. ‘Suisei no Gargantia’ depicts a person’s sheltered life and the pilgrimage he has to go through when being thrown into a world of great bewilderment. Aside from the impressive animation, the show is able to draw out its tenacity whenever it portrays a view that requires a  read more 
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Both series share themes of overcoming grief & trauma, finding/forging your own identity, developing kindness and empathy for others & recognizing their own unique identities & struggles. Although at times sad, Furuba and VE are also uplifting, acknowledging in equal parts the sadness of goodbyes as well as the hope of new beginnings. Furuba has more classic shoujo elements and a larger consistent cast whose development is shown over time, whereas Violet Evergarden focuses more on Violet's growth and side characters whose arcs are largely contained in single episodes. 
report Recommended by gumrats
Protagonist is a special professional and they meet various people and encounter their stories as they travel to those who require their services. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
both about sending messages and issues of love and war 
report Recommended by GeneraL_A
Both are slice of life and drama.If you are looking for something emotional like Violet Evergarden then wait no more.Give a chance to Candy Candy :) 
report Recommended by Lunamine
The main and probably only reason to compare these two series is the Rui character who has a very similar development as Violet. A journey of self discovery, when she learns to deal with the new emotions she feels and understand her own hearth. 
report Recommended by andrewgon
Both of these animes explore emotions and explore the feelings of empathy and those that come with making connections with others. Both are good to watch if you're ready for some feels! 
report Recommended by nikster111
- The main characters go on journeys - Beautiful music Although they look very different from their art, the general vibe of the show is the same - stories about living. Although, Aru Tabibito no Nikki is much more tranquil.  
report Recommended by miu404
If you're looking for a well edited, well writen and beautiful character driven story to fill the hole the monogatari series has left in you, this migh be the anime for you. it is in no way as "experimental" as any of nisio isins works but still offers a scenery you can get yourself lost in. 
report Recommended by Shinobu420
Both shows highly contain "the art of ugly cry", filled with many emotions, like sadness, happiness, gratefulness, anger, and so on. An amazing feels journey to find something they've been missing from their life. I recommend this if you're a fan of slice of life-adventure themed animes. 
report Recommended by KatsumiNV
The thing that connects VE and Josee Tiger Fish is really the feels you get from both, they have different plot lines paving down their own roads to wherever they wish, but the feels from both are more or less similar in having a heartful atmosphere ramped higher than you thought would be possible. Both are good anime just there for fans of drama looking for something new, fresh and clean.  
report Recommended by NextUniverse
1. Emotional shows 2. Contain some form of comedy (some more than others) 3. Has some serious topics (violet more so) 4. One is lively and one is not but both has interesting female mains 
report Recommended by RagonWest
Both are incredibly wholesome in a very similar way. their story and genres differs but they have the same vibe. Both MCs have some forms of disabilities and struggle trough life. Violet EG animation is one of the prettiest and Ousama ranking's is... deceptive. At first glance it looks like a kids show, it isnt at all, and thinking so would be a mistake. Also they're both tear jerkers 
report Recommended by AEPOLLON
Similar aesthetic values and a sort of mystery surrounding different narrative aspects. Also, both utilize slice of life to tell a drama-oriented story. 
report Recommended by ashai_
The series are about dealing with the scars left by the war. Both protagonist figure out how to deal with their traumas through a new job, trying to understand themselves by performing such activities and meeting new people. And they both have metal arms (obvious). 
report Recommended by andrewgon
Although the genres may seem radically opposed, the atmosphere of both anime is very similiar, with them both being set in a western (not cowboys, i mean european) style atmosphere, main protagonists both struggle with the losses they've suffered and try to cure themselves of grief, each in their own way. I believe the art is similiar as well. To sum up, i personally think the story and genre is the only thing separating those two. 
report Recommended by Brutaller
Both series feature a protagonist who struggle to express themselves through a chosen medium (painting for Blue Period, ghostwriting for Violet Evergarden) and find their worldviews changing the better they hone their craft. 
report Recommended by RiverSorcerer
While the animes main premise and story may not be alike, the main and blaring comparison between the two series is the main female characters. Chateau and Violet can be compared in many departments as well as theming. With only watching a few episodes of each show you can easily create many comparisons and spot many similarities. While Love of Kill remains more true to the romance side than Violet, Violet has a more abstract and powerful theming, aswell as being objectively superior to Love of Kill in quality. Both are worth a watch. 
report Recommended by lFrogs
What does "I love you" mean? We often see manga and anime portray love as something magical that suddenly appears, as the best feeling ever, but for some of us it's really hard to understand what it really means. Violet Evergarden and Bloom into You take a completely different approach to this issue, in a different style. While Violet struggles with human emotions in general, Yuu Koito is on the aromantic spectrum, but both are character-driven stories with drama and touching scenes that stick in your head long after the series ends. The character development is excellent, and even though the synopsis is completely different, I  read more 
report Recommended by Raripion
Both shows are heartwarming stories. Maybe they have different plots and backgrounds but, every episode made me cry because of the beautiful stories and beautiful relationships of friendship and family. Also! I love the visuals and bgm, it's really relaxing.  
report Recommended by ryonara
The setting, story, and art style are very different, but they both have some similar themes. These are both short episodic series where the protagonist travels around and learns, through the plight of episodic side characters, what it means to be human. In Violet Evergarden, the MC tries to learn the meaning of love, which she doesn't know because she was raised as a child soldier. In Kaiba, the MC has amnesia. Kaiba is much more of a mindfuck, but both will hit you in the feels, and both have incredible soundtracks. 
report Recommended by Khashishi
Seems like Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou might be a spiritual ancestor to Violet Evergarden watch it because of that -slow mellow tempo in rural area -female protagonist is a human looking machine-doll -focused on simple daily life  
report Recommended by Kareblis
I think these two anime are very similar because they are both romances that seem somewhat doomed. In many ways I would say that Violet Evergarden is the more grown-up story, but if you enjoyed Aa! Megami-sama!, I think you will definitely enjoy Violet Evergarden. 
report Recommended by paintpixie
very similar vibes. the aesthetics of both the animes are mid 18th century europe, gorgeous visuals of both the animes, both animes also have quite a similar wardrobe 
report Recommended by Humaira_a_weeb
Besides the fact that both series' names begin with a V, on the surface it doesn't look like there is a whole lot in common between these series on the surface. However, Thorfinn and Violet are strikingly similar characters, in many ways. They're so similar in fact, that I almost think that Violet is directly inspired by Thorfinn. This comparison will make a lot more sense when Vinland Saga season 2 comes out. 
report Recommended by anthermi
I find them similar mostly because the main characters Saitama and Violet give off similar vibes. Saitama and Violet are kind of indifferent and stoic. Neither of them show emotion. Both surpass average human beings in terms of physical capablities. Most importantly, even though they have lost their sense of purpose in life they try their hardest to smile and help other people 
report Recommended by habitualLtaker
- Both are really emotional - Both have good side characters - Both have excellent animation 
report Recommended by Bor1s
Another master piece drama with good story. 
report Recommended by sujini
both of the shows are just action packed, hataraku saibou is more on the lighthearted end but violet evergarden can be on the opposite side of spectrum. 
report Recommended by ashyhay
Both are beautifully colored and animated cleanly. The somber and melancholy aura that Fena sometimes gives off reminds me a lot of VE. The two MCs have polar opposite personalities but are both strong women who are striving to become better people. The love interests in both animes have a feeling of unattainability, even when Fena's love interest is right in front of her. While Fena is trying to reach a mystical place, Violet searches to find the meaning of something that she herself does not understand. The difference in the plot doesn't hide the fact that the true meaning  read more 
report Recommended by adeptuszhongli
Some things these shows have in common: - Episodical with some character development and a subtle main plot - Good animation (although violet's animation is better) - Both violet and sakurako are kinda unempathetic but thats not really an important detail. All in all i got the same vibe from both shows and had me close to tears at some point.  
report Recommended by Jiraphie
Both explore the nature of human emotions, an attempt to understand them and put them to the test in situations of emotional detachment. 
report Recommended by SamSamuels25
They both are very heartwarming stories. These 2 anime series are about losing someone very close. Even though the concept isn't the same, they are similar. If you like an anime that makes you cry this one will get you. 
report Recommended by Sarix1
May come across as a stretch, but Elfen Lied and Violet Evergarden are both of leaves from the same tree. Without going into too much detail, both MCs Lucy and Violet have a similar past of suffering, experiencing moments no child ever should. With Elfen Lied bringing the worst side of this past, VE brings a more neutral outcome. Both Lucy and Violet also have that sense of learning, via Lucy's Nyuu side and Violet's stern cold attitude. Both are good anime with Elfen Lied being much more brutal and horrific compared to the drama s.o.l that is Violet Evergarden. Only two young ladies not asking for  read more 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
The overall vibe is really similar to Violet Evergarden! 
report Recommended by Bourbons
Both are great anime series (Haikara-san is an old TV series and then later reworked into two movies, watch the movies for a better version that cuts out a lot from the original series, but it still works) that are similar in more ways than not. They both focus on a girl as the main character and her lover that drives them to keep on going. Both hit you in the feels, are relatable, and have some funny moments. Definitely check the other show out, you will like them both!  
report Recommended by Mizore
Have you been searching for more anime that will give you feels? Yoru no Kuni and Violet Evergarden are stories where the main character helps various individuals process and express their emotions. Of course, Violet Evergarden is a more complex anime given that Yoru no Kuni is an anime short.  
report Recommended by lancelot200
- Both shows talk about finding your place in the world and how you can be useful to the ones you care about. 
report Recommended by Lucylle
Both series have got a female war veteran as main character and both series are about those characters working to reach the person they love. 
report Recommended by nmh__
Vibes of I world war in european setting, some unrealistic elements, ornamental aesthetics of female character. 
report Recommended by MenthaAquatica
another work from the genius Kyoto animation, hibike euphonium, just like violet evergarden is about a young girl learning how to find enjoyement in life through her passion. it has beautiful visuals like Violet Everegarden and is a brilliant character story all in itself. 
report Recommended by demetre
Both have the core theme of a child/youth learning the basics of human life and the world after being released from an institutionalized unhealthy environment they were raised in, having being used merely as an object. By following the protagonists' journeys in becoming more human, the shows explore the question of what it means to be so. 
report Recommended by J-36
I know this is an unlikely recommendation, but more of a comparison, considering how much different these two series, but here's the reasons for the recommendation: -both main characters are placed in a setting at the start of the series where war in their world was either nonexistent or has ended. -both main characters have had relatively dark origins or upbringings; in Yuya's case, it involved his past incarnation, while for Violet, it involved her current both of their respective origins, both were highly feared by their enemies/prey -Violet and Reira (a support character in Arc V) are not only voiced by the same seiyu, but also  read more 
report Recommended by Ryuseishun
Both anime deal about a human that behaves like a doll, and both girls try to understand the things they feel and how important their companion is to them. However, darker than black has a less major impact on the relationship between the 2 main characters than Violet Evergarden has.  
report Recommended by Nao
Both series deal with a girl with robot-esque qualities and with ignorance about the regular world, being social awkward. Both deal with themes such as meaning and purpose, and are very emotionally involving. Both have a war as part of their world's background. 
report Recommended by RishRaff
Both shows are episodic in nature and while as tones and moods they are diffirent, they both use the main character's profession to reflect their mental state and understandings towards the others. 
report Recommended by Tyrraell
Both follow a main character who were raised as weapons trying to adjust to the role of a normal person, but having to battle with the guilt of the sin committed in their past, which is a factor in hindering this goal. Violet and Fear are very different personality-wise apart from not understanding social norms and the general tone and execution of Violet Evergarden and C³ are also contrasting. However, if you particularly like the concept of a 'monster' learning to become 'human', then both series should interest you.  
report Recommended by J-36
Both Violet Evergarden and Allison to Lillia are story about war. What unique about both of them, that is most of the time, the war is on the backround. Most of the time, the main characters (Aliison and Violet) do not take part in the war, and the story is about how the world deals with how the war effects the daily life of the common people.  
report Recommended by Yammi-Reckorrd
If one is looking for the kind of socially awkward protagonist that has to face the struggles of adapting to a kind of life different from all they've known, these two series would have that protagonist. Military life, civilian life. These are two worlds that ordinarily do not mix - but in these titles they do to an extent; and so begins the trials of our main characters who experience this transition between both worlds. Watch and see just how they adapt (or fail to adapt) to this new lifestyle. Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it certainly works for me. 
report Recommended by SayakaMagica
-Both the MCs were forced to fight enemies as a child -Moved to a life where they aren't forced to kill anyone -Has someone that looks after them 
report Recommended by KustyKabs
. Violet = Mashiro : same characters with the same goal - Two girls who don't understand human feelings - They want to understand human feelings - They live whith a disability (physical and mental for Violet and mental for Mashiro. You have to tell Violet to eat like at Mashiro to get dressed) - They have, a little, the same link with the work The male protagonist must take of her And these two anime is based about their characters and their development. This is, for these two anime, the principal point of these series (not the universe) But Sakurasou is + a comedy and Violet a drama (P.S : sorry  read more 
report Recommended by Bakathomas
Both Shuumatsu Nani and Violet Evergarden take place after a major worldwide conflict, featuring a protagonist who was once an infamous combatant become someone who has to adapt to life in a new fantasy world that they once could have never imagined. Shuumatsu is different in that it continues the theme of conflict well after the protagonist's initial war story has ended. Both are a great watch in my opinion with lots of feels. 
report Recommended by Pvt_Diny
Female leads are similarly confused and struggle to fit into society in the beginning due to their dark backgrounds and lack of knowledge about social norms. 
report Recommended by microhexa
The main similarity about this two is that both are dramas, both are about the grown of the character as a person and the ups and downs of life... The main difference? One can created drama that has a treu emotional impact, true tension and not a forced resolution; and the other is just melodramatic, full with fetish and overall stupid... You should watch "Violet Evergarden", it is a much better drama than kanon 
report Recommended by JiegerBlack34
Determination. Violet Evergarden and Kiki's Delivery Service both follow individuals who uphold a great determination to complete the jobs they have been assigned with. VE follows Violet and her time in the Auto Memory Doll service, Deliver Service follows Kiki and her deliveries as a witch. They both also have the same character development with plenty of faults here and there when actively working, only to learn from their mistakes with the people around them Both are good anime with VE being a well-animated drama, Delivery Service being a well made classical animation.  
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both protagonists have at one point questioned their own actions of having needed to kill people. Both characters were also involved in war, and have had a difficult time trying to recover from the PTSD. The difference is that Violet manages to find a purpose to live outside the battlefield, while Kazama is unable to let go, according to what the adaptation showed. Both shows have great animation quality as well, though Area 88 is known for that during its own time as opposed to today. 
report Recommended by Ryuseishun
- both of them shows a slow but sure character development - both of them are one of the best slice of life I could find - both of them have extraordinary art and fluidity - THE MUSIC BOTH ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND EPIC!! even if they are rather different, one has a touch of fantasy and the other one is more into reality, but the feelings and conflict of both of them are interesting in their own way. If u are looking for another great story, great music and beautiful visual at the same time, Violet Evergarden sure will do!  
report Recommended by fadalanu
Both have excellent animation. They are dissimilar in plots, as Tsurune is a spots anime about Japanese Archery, and Violet Evergarden is, well, Violet Evergarden. But they are similar in the way that they are very calming to watch in certain episodes and make your heart pound in others. Both of their main characters and support characters have deep backstories that make their characters all the more richer. It's very beautiful. 
report Recommended by lordfarquaad69
Both take place in post-war steampunk worlds and consist of mostly episodic stories with female centric protagonists. 
report Recommended by weirdy8
Both of these romance series go all-out in their costume design departments, with a ludicrously detailed late Victorian/ Edwardian era aesthetic. If you're a fan of the time period you need to check both of these shows out. 
report Recommended by PowerUpOrDie
Similarities: In each story, the main characters begin new work and undergo training to become a master of their respective profession. Though their occupations are different, both characters interpret stories or other people's words and often incorporate their own. Both stories contain a series of smaller stories. Most importantly, they are both dramas striving to induce similar feelings in the viewer. Differences: Despite containing many stories, Rakugo possesses a single, cohesive narrative. Rakugo spends more time is spent developing its characters. Rakugo is covert in concealing the truth of many matters which are uncovered as the story progresses. All secondary characters and their traits differ, as does the  read more 
report Recommended by 3f3auy4
Violet Evergarden and Fune wo Amu draw interesting parallels, each presenting a take on words and how they can be used to encapsulate one's feelings. What makes the lead character of each series interesting is that they're socially inept, which serves as a not-so-ironic twist given that they're the ones responsible for cataloging these various words and their expressions. They're tasked with becoming the conduit, letting the desired "essence" flow into the written content. But perhaps the biggest selling point for pairing these two titles up has to do with how one serves as the "yin" to the other's "yang." As each has a strength  read more 
report Recommended by ZephSilver
Centred on the protagonists reconciling their direct or indirect involvement in an unfair war that brought harm to people and grief to their loved ones. They have bittersweet relationships that end tragically, but help them realize what love truly is and feels like. Against the grim backdrop of military conflict, the nature of love and the strength of humanity are investigated using acts of creative expression (i.e. Jirou’s passion for planes and Violet’s employment in emotional letter-typing). Personally, these anime featured moments that were tear-jerking enough for me to cry. 
report Recommended by RubyRouge
Desire. Violet Evergarden and Miss Monochrome both follow characters who are fixated on one thing and will go to any lengths to make sure they get what it is they desire. VE does this with Violet and her life as an Auto Memory Doll, Monochrome does this with Monochrome and her road to idol life. It is a long road to get to where they want, but they create some interesting journeys. Presentations in both are vastly different, I would recommend VE for fans of drama, looking for good drama. Would recommend Miss Monochrome for people looking for some good time-efficient comedy.  
report Recommended by NextUniverse