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Kenpuu Denki Berserk

Alternative Titles

English: Berserk
Synonyms: Berserk: The Chronicles of Wind Blades, Sword-Wind Chronicle Berserk
Japanese: 剣風伝奇ベルセルク


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 8, 1997 to Apr 1, 1998
Premiered: Fall 1997
Broadcast: Wednesdays at 01:45 (JST)
Studios: OLM
Source: Manga
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 8.471 (scored by 174,187 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #1202
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #237
Members: 341,095
Favorites: 14,543


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Sep 4, 2010
Moonlith (All reviews)
I'm one of those guys who usually read the manga before watching the anime. You can imagine, then, what my sentiments were like when I began watching a 25-episode-anime of which I'd read 300+ chapters of manga. To clarify, I was preparing for a completely unripe anime-draft of a manga praised to the heavens that'd actually been worth it, and then some. To my pleasant surprise I discovered the anime adaptation of Berserk lost to its original version in nothing but length and detail.

But the main elements, the magic that made the epic manga what it is are all present in the animated version. Guts, read more
Jan 6, 2010
META_BODY (All reviews)
What are you living for? This is the question posed by Berserk, pitting humanistic free will against nihilistic predestination. More intimately, this is the battle of human suffering in the wake of divine fate and the ambition of one's fellow man. Set in a medieval world of strife, vast green lands and blue skies obscure the supernatural demonic powers lurking in unseen shadows. One man named Griffith, graceful leader of the notorious mercenary group Band of the Hawk, stakes everything on a fate he means to forge for himself at any cost, and as he shines ever brighter the shadows nearby read more
Mar 1, 2008
Nanotype (All reviews)
Review by theme analysis:

There are three major themes that mark this series: (1) MEDIEVAL, (2) GORE, and (3) PHILOSOPHY.

This is why I think this is a great series: this combination of themes, which is already rare in anime, are very well incorporated together as a complete story.

The (1) MEDIEVAL theme brings the setting of the story. creating an atmosphere where the gore and philosophy can develop together. This also sets the pace of the story based on the technological circumstances of medieval culture. The slow nature of this large-scale medieval story allows enough time to unravel the deep characters.

The (2) GORE read more
Jun 6, 2007
jupiterjazz (All reviews)
Story: 10/10 Did you get the meat for my dog, boy!?
Berserk is an amazing anime. Although I heavily disagree with starting the first episode in a time line after the last episode in the series as it has discouraged more then a few people who I have had to set strait. After you get to the meat of the story, and the relationships between Guts, and the other members of The Band of the Hawk you will find yourself in a late night cram session feeding your brain with episode after episode of Berserk. All in all this anime has everything I wanted. Friendship, love, read more
Jul 17, 2017
LIQfilms (All reviews)
Fatigued, broken and injured, the remnants of The Band of The Hawk make haste after their once powerful and great leader; a shell of his former self. This man's dreams, hopes and work are all hopelessly destroyed, and, as he calls out for salvation, the sky is adorned with a deep, dark red tint that masks the entire area in the colour of blood. Bone-chilling laughter fills the cold, stifling air, as the mere mortals look on in despair at the grotesque and horrifying beasts before them. The eclipse has begun...

Berserk is easily one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved series out there, sitting read more
Jul 14, 2007
altras (All reviews)
JUST a masterpiece ! A superb balance of everything! I don;t have the words to describe it! Everything is perfect - from the animation, through the marvellous soundtrack (a excellent work from Susumu HIRASAWA - Paranoia Agent, Paprika - just can\'t describe the emotional feeling from the music ) and finally to the magnificent story!
Yosh, let\'s cut the story into pieces -> everything is so simple , but PERFECT! 3 main charecters - Guts (The Black swordsman), Griffith and Casca. Guts is out to get the King of a country called Midland. Simple enough to be perfect, as i said. OUTSTANDING plotline and magnificent twists read more
Aug 8, 2009
Dozer (All reviews)


I swore that I would never be duped so hard again after going to the movies to watch Let the Right One In, but wouldn't you know, life did it again to me!

I was lied to, severly lied to, by all those people who I heard talking about how good a story Berserk is. It's not. it's not outstanding, it's not amazing, and it isn't particularly good or memorable either. It's just.... fine I guess, even though it makes some really dumb mistakes.

But first, a disclamer: I've read up on the Berserk manga until the flashback starts. I did not do this because I was read more
May 8, 2013
HybridMedia (All reviews)
You wondered why people overuse the word, “Epic” for anything and everything in the world, no matter how mundane and pointless it really is. This is especially the case in anime, as when people tell me to watch this show and how epic it is, I just don’t feel it and there is also the fact that I might’ve been underwhelmed by it and people seem to look at me weird by that. However, I knew about this anime by this time the newer Berserk movies were coming out and the fact that I listened to the DREAMcast episode 20 about Berserk, which was the read more
Aug 29, 2017
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)
“In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental being or law? At least it is true, that man has no control, even over his own will…” -The narrator/Void

Berserk is an adaptation of the Golden Age arc of Berserk, and at its core, this arc is a tragedy. As such, in its nature, to properly tackle what makes it to effective as a tragedy, **I will spoil the series majorly.** The rest of you who know or don't care, band with me, brothers, as we remember this beautiful yet tragic tale…

Medieval tales have almost always interested me. I went to medieval festivals read more
Apr 11, 2019
Krunchyman (All reviews)
SUPPOSING that Griffith did nothing wrong — what then?

Is not every philosophical query subject to intense debate and perspective, as opposed to the dogmatic ideologies of “Thou shalt” formed by the traditions of past “truth” seekers? Reinforced, of course, by the power structures of the political and social elite, whom wish to subjugate the free exercise of thought via strict punishment and/or ostracization, forcing the majority to acquiesce to a slave morality. But these “slaves” — sheep, if you will — are passive, meek creatures whom simply wish to get by, rather than transcend their fears to transform themselves into a read more
Dec 29, 2008
YoungVagabond (All reviews)
Berserk is one of the best series I've ever seen, in a different league than most anime, which are too often filled with pointless, arrogant ideals shouted by quasi-female, one-dimensional characters in dire need of a haircut.

Berserk is different. I first downloaded it because I heard it had a lot of action and violence. It turned out to be a bit more than that.

Guts is a battle-hardened mercenary whose only knowledge and pursuit in life is massacring a never-ending stream of enemies with his sword. He's good at it.

The series begins when he comes across the Band of the Hawk, a feared group of read more
Jun 28, 2010
5camp (All reviews)
It's amusing to look back at my first impressions after episode 1 of Berserk. I laughed at how corny the level of viol­ence was, gig­gled at the demons’ con­stant ref­er­ences to the tear­ing of flesh and crunch­ing of bones. The rest of the series was noth­ing like that first epis­ode. Totally dif­fer­ent in terms of tone, dir­ec­tion and pur­pose. And yet, in the grand story of Ber­serk, was every bit as import­ant as any other epis­ode in the rest of the series.

One thing stands out from that first impres­sion though: how per­fect the pacing felt. Well, that con­tin­ued through­out the series. Not just the pacing read more
Jan 16, 2008
FreyrXtreme (All reviews)
I think everyone who has saw this anime would come to the same conclusion, it is a masterpiece.

It has all the Shakespearian package (friendship, love, treason and death), perfectly combined. The way the story is told immediately gets you onto the medieval, kind of magical world, all the characters are deep and well developed and you can’t help to identify yourself with any of the characters or their ideals.

The only flaw that I could see in this anime would be that for some animated scenes, it often uses the old water painting technique (static image to show a scene and the camera would just read more
Oct 12, 2008
ParaParaJMo (All reviews)
Personally, I think this is just an advertisement for the manga, but for all the right reasons. Yes, I will acknowledge that it ends at a bad place but there are reasons for that. First off, when the anime ended, it was technically caught up with the manga so they really couldn’t continue yet, but the bad news is, the anime still cuts out a lot and I felt they really rushed things through, but still covers the central basics with the characters and themes. I say what really brings people into the anime outside of the action is definitely the themes this anime has read more
Jun 24, 2009
JesuOtaku_ (All reviews)
Now, you may or may not be able to tell by looking at this show that it’s about as ugly and grizzled as its demon villains. The animation is bare-bones in this show, absolutely putrid sometimes, and guess what? I almost don’t care, because the story is an absolute masterpiece. Equal parts political intrigue and fantastical nightmare, it sucks you in like few stories can. If I may be hoity-toity for a moment, it reminds me of the great Greek tragedies and blood-stained Roman myths where grandiose characters with small tragic flaws would be lifted to the heights of great godhood before inevitably crashing down read more
Nov 27, 2014
phs_togusa (All reviews)
What follows after is unknown, but what came before is a tale of friendship and of camaraderie. It is a tale of hardship and of sacrifice, fuelled by the pursuit of one man's dream. Unfortunately, it's a tale without a proper conclusion. You ever watched something that had you completely engrossed with what was going on and then RIGHT when it gets to the most soul-crushing and depressing part, it suddenly ends? No? Well too fucking bad. That's what the deal is with Berserk. This is my third time watching the anime, and even though I've forgiven virtually EVERYTHING else that was wrong with this read more
Jul 5, 2014
Gonzo-lewd (All reviews)
Epic storytelling comes in different forms to guarantee that it can achieve its goal of telling an intriguing story filled with plenty of mythology around it. In the realm of high fantasy, there are enough to go around these days. However, it does not often happen to come across a series that wants to create an intriguing, tragic tale of betrayal and fate, but also tries to appeal to the action crowd with blood inducing carnage. In which case, Berserk fits perfectly with this description in with good precision.

Like I mentioned before, the main themes that surround Berserk are how humanity cannot control its fate read more
Nov 10, 2014
literaturenerd (All reviews)
This is my 100th review for MAL! Before I start this review, I want to thank all my MAL friends and everyone who has ever said that they enjoyed one of my reviews, as well as those that gave me the constructive criticism I needed to become a better reviewer and a better writer in general.


Today I will be looking at one of the most critically acclaimed, lauded anime of the last 25 years. Berserk is difficult to review because so many critics that are far more articulate than I am have already looked at it. What can I possibly say that hasn't been read more
Apr 14, 2010
manley377 (All reviews)
The first thing I’m going to say about Berserk is that you really don’t get the full effect of what you’re watching until you finish it.
It was one of the first anime I watched as an adult and at the time I was just looking for something with a bit of violence and gore but I ended up with much more than that.

The story I’m not going to talk too much about. There are a few differences between the manga and anime but the characters are the same. And it’s with the characters that this story draws you in. the first read more
Aug 21, 2011
YasuiWainnoKishi (All reviews)
It's bad anime. It is below averange level for grown-up people.
I didin't read the manga, I don't know how's with it, but this anime is bad. If you haven't watched it, you can of course but I tell you - go with some other series with high rating. You won't waste a day of your life this way.


I don't know what do people that claims it to be 10/10 see in it, maybe it's because they loved the manga or they watched it in school and feel a sentiment.
Well I didn't read it and I'm not in schoolage, and here's how it looks for me:

Good read more