Yuri!!! on Ice

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Alternative Titles

Japanese: ユーリ!!! on ICE
English: Yuri!!! On ICE
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 6, 2016 to Dec 22, 2016
Premiered: Fall 2016
Broadcast: Thursdays at 02:21 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation, Crunchyroll
Studios: MAPPA
Source: Original
Genre: SportsSports
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.911 (scored by 474511474,511 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #7052
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Popularity: #176
Members: 783,354
Favorites: 19,145

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Dec 22, 2016
pearlesscucumber (All reviews)
I write this as a gay adult man who's actually interested in proper M/M romantic representation and as someone who's jaded of queerbaiting and stereotypical heteronormative gay relationships in the shounen-ai genre. So when I was drawn into the hype that YOI offers a compelling storyline which extends beyond cheap queerbaiting and homo-fanservice, I was intrigued to say the least.

I am going to do my best to be entirely unbiased. There are certain redeeming qualities to the show that I think deserves mention.

a) Ethnic representation: It isn't often to see America being represented by a Latino, to see prominent cast members from Russia, read more
Dec 21, 2016
Stark700 (All reviews)
Once upon a time, there was a young man with a big dream. He idolized a famous Russian skater named “Victor Nikiforov” and hopes to skate on the very same ice as him. Initially, that dream sunk until Yuri was able to impress Victor by imitating his routine at perfection. You can guess what happens next. Victor is so impressed that he decides to be Yuri’s coach at the upcoming Grand Prix Finals.

As an original TV anime, Yuri on Ice doesn’t suffer from adaptation issues. It’s also directed by Sayo Yamamoto, known for her work Michiko to Hatchin, Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko read more
Dec 22, 2016
ZephSilver (All reviews)
While 2013's Free is considered many things but perfect, its role in broadening an avenue in mainstream media for other fanbase-dubbed "manservice" works is undeniable, rekindling a bygone genre only previously seen by those who sought it. Yaoi isn't exactly new to the medium, the ever-ceaseless late 2000s cultural shift contributing towards LGBT acceptance's decay from a taboo to mundane facet in media. Just in 2002, t.A.T.u.'s "All The Things She Said" music video was banned by several broadcasters and countries for its "controversial" content where two women kissed. And today, Miley Cyrus dry humping everything barely merits a shrug from most people. If being read more
Dec 23, 2016
sentimentalseals (All reviews)
Yuri!!! on Ice is a sports anime. That’s what it’s listed as, that’s what it was first promoted as, and it’s how I would believe the series creators wish it to be seen. But Yuri!!! on Ice is so much more than just a sports anime. If you’ve been anywhere around the anime crowd online (or even out of it, sometimes) in the past twelve weeks, then you’ve probably heard about the “gay figure skating anime” of the season.
The biggest question I’ve seen around is, “what’s so good about it?” It’s just gay. It’s just pandering to fans. It’s just this, just that. So it’s read more
Dec 23, 2016
sarcastiel (All reviews)
People who do not like Yuuri!!! on Ice have obviously missed the point of the series.

YOI is phenomenal. It shows, doesn't tell. The characters are complex and deep, realistic, and the narrative touches on issues such as anxiety and depression, but only if you are paying attention.

You see, this is not a series for those who are expecting a casual watch. This is a series for those who tend to analyze, and think deeper. I REPEAT: THIS IS A STORY FOR THOSE WHO LIKE TO ANALYZE AND THINK DEEPLY. If you want a series where the answers are handed to you, THIS IS NOT IT. read more
Sep 23, 2021
Ezekiel_01 (All reviews)

Yuri on Ice is something of a debate on what it is. Some say it’s a solid sports anime, others say it’s a compelling romance anime about people of the same sex while others say it’s an anime that has some confusing direction on what it wanted to be. For me, I choose the former and I see it as solid sports anime that has some spicy side dishes.

Let’s explore what Yuri on Ice is all about. And along the way, you might have an idea if this anime is for you or not?

Plot/Story/Setting (7/10) (Good but I think it could be Better) (Spoiler read more
Dec 21, 2016
cottonpie (All reviews)
Pardon any typos below. If you're one that appreciates character development, you'll find yourself relating to many characters in the show.
Yuri!! on Ice is a beautiful and moving story with a main character that's capable of relating to anybody and everybody in the slightest.

He's unique in that he he showcases vulnerability and holds doubts about his abilities to achieve gold medal. He's not perfect and he knows it. He holds doubts, but still keeps his determination (although not at first).

With the help of establishing an intimate relationship with Victor, it was refreshing to see Yuuri develop more interpersonal relationships with his opponents alongside strengthening read more
Dec 21, 2016
Tokumia (All reviews)
TL;DR :A story full of passionate and inspiration,a simple but tightened story

"Have you ever lost your passion before?"

-Start your journey from scratch
Yuri on ice is neither a simply ice-skating show,nor a yaoi show.It's all about passion and inspiration.A show that you'd amazed when you're watching it.

I usually don't watch sports or yaoi shows,since they are generally shallow and disgusting,but Yuri on ice is totally a different story.Yuri on ice is a show that you couldn't judge by its cover.A show that is out of the ordinary.

What's so special about Yuri on ice is that the story doesn't start from scratch.It starts from the middle read more
Dec 21, 2016
awerture (All reviews)
The most difficult challenge a reviewer faces when writing about this show is choosing if it should be initially referred to as "Disappointment!!! on Ice" or "Queerbait!!! on Ice". Both names are equally hard-earned and both unfortunately represent it well.

But how such a promising show ended up being so underwhelming? It has an interesting premise, very appealing character designs, previews suggested strong visual direction and great sports scenes combined with a quality soundtrack. The first two episodes were perfectly watchable. What went wrong? Well, honestly, quite much.

Firstly - Yuri on Ice is surprisingly cartoonish - it heavily relies on exaggerated goofiness and chibi faces. It read more
Dec 8, 2016
yukise (All reviews)
There's probably a big diff between "quality" and "thirst quencher" and I'm gonna have to say YOI - definitive - belongs to the latter. I don't see how this should be rated so high otherwise.

Viktor indeed threw/temporarily stopped his career for Yuuri but that doesn't point to how big-hearted/grand act/in love he is with the guy (if in the first place they ever showed Viktor suffering from having withdrawn temporarily from his career). Viktor along with Phichit are simple creatures who take delight in life -- and this if anything really illustrated the fact for me.

Please don't be quick to throw story artistry away? Spoilers read more
Dec 21, 2016
wolfwing (All reviews)
I almost feel bad putting up all 10's like I'm just fanboying on this, but I truly loved this anime, a few small issues and things that I wish they had gone into more, but nothing ruined the anime for me.

It's a great anime for those that just want to see a good sports series, the characters are interesting, and as the series goes on you get to know the chars more, and it works for me. The relationships between them I felt was believable, and everyone gets their moment to shine, not just the main three chars.

The story I like, the art was read more
Dec 21, 2016
Errour (All reviews)
While I would like to get my thoughts straight before writing anything about what makes Yuri On Ice, I just can't help myself and dive into it after just finishing it.

You could name Yuri On Ice whatever you want, but for me, the only word that could describe it would be: beautiful. Everything about it was beautiful, from the OST to the characters, everything was detailed, not even a single character was left out, and while some parts of it might have disappointed me, it didn't bring the rest down.

I would like to say a lot about this, a lot; from how it moved me read more
Nov 11, 2016
JThePervSummoner (All reviews)
For starters, I'd like to say that I'm not really a fan of sports anime, but I feel like this one can be appreciated even by the ones who aren't in the genre at all.

So, before I start talking about the anime itself, I would like to point out that Yuri on Ice is suuuuuper gay... To the point that is easy to understand why many nickname it "Yaoi on Ice". I however decided to ignore this factor of the show ( which I'm positive Yaoi fangirls will love ) and focus on pretty much anything else that it is about. Being a read more
Dec 22, 2016
sacchannoarashi (All reviews)
Review, cause I'm mad, and not even at the show but this fandom for being so thirsty that they scream groundbreaking even for a pointless mess. That's what yoi is, a pointless mess, a terribly failed attempt at best, that is on the level of "I dont even think you tried at all".

You call it groundbreaking, I can't even call it sport anime, so I kind of wish they would erase it from the genres here, because new people might think this is what sport anime is.

But to what to put there instead? I DO NOT KNOW. Because this show is just a read more
Dec 22, 2016
KayB (All reviews)
Yuri on Ice is, in my opinion, a mediocre anime that was held back more by its topic of choice and the 12 episode limit than the overall directing. It does, however, bring issues from both.

When animating other sports such as ping pong, tennis, and even football, you can often make short-cuts and get away with occasional stiff movements. However, ice skating is a much more visual sport, requiring the animator to be skillful in translating every body movement in order to capture the same sort of magic. As a result, the technical mistakes made in Yuri on Ice leave more of an impression than read more
Dec 25, 2016
TXTSVO (All reviews)
They removed my review for some bullshit reason so here it is again.

One thing I can't understand for the life of me is why so many people enjoy Yuri on Ice. I understand. Art is subjective. But so many of the comments talk about how "great the animation is!" or "how great the characters are!" Bullshit. I feel like Digibro with Re:zero. I feel like everyone else just fast-forwarded through time and is on a completely new level of meta. Shit.

First off, the story and the writing. Garbage. Experiencing the comedy in this show is like having a warm bucket of expired milk thrust unto read more
Dec 21, 2016
themegamancave (All reviews)
Yuri on Ice! is a series I never would’ve given the time of day to if it weren’t for other surprisingly good sports anime like Haikyuu! Or Ping Pong The Animation. However, I’ve come to realize that sports anime can be some of the most relatable, since they place the viewer into a more realistic setting rather than transporting them to a mystical fantasy world where one could only dream of existing. This causes the hardships the protagonists are going through to be moreso empathized with, and their overall growth throughout the series to be better understood. The same could be said about Yuri, but read more
Dec 23, 2016
DonQuigeek (All reviews)
There isn't really a plus side to Yuri on Ice beside being an ice skating show with guys. Although there are a few good moments and the ingredients for a sport anime are here, the love story overwhelms everything. As it unfolds, you quickly notice nothing else than romance matters: rivalry, friendship, family, other skaters and even competitions lose most of their appeal fast, sometimes to the point of becoming trivial. It doesn't help that the protagonists are a bit shallow and rely too much on surface caricature to build a personality; the story rapidly becomes a weak excuse and a routine for romance, joining read more
Jan 12, 2017
ZimSan (All reviews)
Probably the most overhyped/overrated anime since Sword Art Online.

Not only are the characters pretty flat, not only is the story really really bad, not only does the animation of this series become so bad that Studio Deen would have to start blushing, not only is the world building some of the worst in any anime but people also have the nerv to call this anime a good represantion of a gay relationship.

Is this what straight women think what gay men would behave like if they'd be in love?
The relationship of Yuri and Victor is some of the battiest Yaoi shit I've seen in any anime. read more
Dec 25, 2016
dino-chan (All reviews)
My very first review for a very special anime. Yuri!!! on Ice is a show about Yuuri Katsuki, a 23 years old top figure skater from Japan. He trained in Detroit and qualified for the Grand Prix Final for the very first time in his life, but he became last place with a very low score due mental and physical problems. His idol, Russian champion Victor Nikiforov takes the gold once again. Yuuri doesn't know whether to retire or to continue, he feels like his career is over but he also wants to skate on the same ice as his idol again. He visits read more