Flip Flappers

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Japanese: フリップフラッパーズ
English: Flip Flappers
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 6, 2016 to Dec 29, 2016
Premiered: Fall 2016
Broadcast: Thursdays at 21:00 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Studio 3Hz
Source: Original
Genres: AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.641 (scored by 6860668,606 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #12712
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Popularity: #1144
Members: 179,989
Favorites: 2,075

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Young girls journey through dreamlike sequences with a touch of surreal, psychological horror and possible yuri 
report Recommended by ExcelDog
Both are magical girl anime that are much darker than they initially seem (to a greater extent in Madoka). 
report Recommended by FunnyRatman
-Fun and quirky animation. -One of the main characters is genki. -Thrown/transported in a magical world. 
report Recommended by OhShin
Flip Flappers and Junrui share a common setting being placed in the future/alternate reality of current society. Each shows gives you a whimsical almost Alice in Wonderland feeling, they share similar main characters that are equally quirky and colorful. The story telling is also very similar and comical in each show and the setting is very immersive and draws you in asking more questions than seem to get answered. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Both crazy and random but fun and keep you wanting to watch more. 
report Recommended by hellmet
Both give the same feeling about a magical adventure, they have very similar art styles and characters. Both are cute and fun, if you liked one of them you'll definitely like the other. 
report Recommended by DiabloMask
They both have: -2 great main characters with wacky personalities - A really fun animation style - A mix of being confused and baffled through most episodes - A pretty cool plot that doesn't make actual sense but is still pretty awesome - Awesome fight scenes with similar animation These two anime have a really similar feel and are both really fun to watch. If you like one I am sure the other you will enjoy a lot! 
report Recommended by hellmet
Both involve two girls "stranded" in a strange world(s). However, the two have a different aesthetic of strangeness. Flip Flappers has a saturatedly distortive and hallucinatory tone while Urasekai Picnic is doomeresque. 
report Recommended by nikotile
Little girls risking their lives fighting in Alternate Realities while being monitored by some mysterious organization. Both anime seem to fall into the Action, Fantasy, and Magic genres. Have a 'normal girl' MC who is forcibly thrown into an alternate dimension/reality. Another MC girl who is already adapted to the situation. And a secret organization trying to get them to accomplish some goal. The two MC quickly form a strong bond and their are slight hints of Yuri. In a time of crisis, the 'normal girl' MC may awaken hidden powers. The focus seems to be on the bond between the two MC and the  read more 
report Recommended by firefish5000
Similar art style. Very "artsy" shows with a bit of a mahou shoujo flair. Bright, colorful creatures and characters. Unique, one of a kind storylines, for better or for worse. If you like one, try out the other. 
report Recommended by loonyleeny
-Colorful and well animated graphics -Light and funny comedy -Slice of Life with fine plot -Magical and Fantasy Setting -Amazing OP & ED -Peaceful and calm OST 
report Recommended by gingerbrad
Both shows are weird and hard to understand at times. Both of them sport some pretty fantastic symbolism, especially near the end. 
report Recommended by sparkle1princess
Colorful and bold designs, zany and fast-paced action, adventures in bizarre worlds. Luluco and Cocona get dragged into strange adventures which, although they are unwilling at first, they both come to enjoy. Flip Flappers and Space Patrol Luluco are wild rides bursting with energy, making both a joy to watch. 
report Recommended by Neko-Hoshishima
They both have fantasy (Alice in wonderland inspired) world's in which the main character 'controls'. Both have an animation style (although different) that is respectful of said fantasy world. Whilst Alice to Zouroku is slightly more SoL oriented than Flip Flappers (which I think is more adventure oriented), If you like one you will definitely enjoy the other.  
report Recommended by alfazar2
Diebuster and Flip Flappers are both fun, over-the-top sci-fi series with a focus on the relationship between the two female main characters, one being energetic and the other being more reserved. There's more than meets the eye to the worlds and characters than one might think. 
report Recommended by Neko-Hoshishima
- Two main protagonists go on adventures together - Both shows have a very similar, nearly episodic formula - A new world gets explored every episode - The protagonists have contrasting personalities but have a strong chemistry - Both shows feature supernatural and magical elements Both are studio originals and are quite experimental. Also both shows feature very pleasing visuals and fantastic animation. If you enjoyed one you will likely enjoy the other for similar reasons. 
report Recommended by meganium
These shows have similar animation style and some well animated action sequences. There are some story elements which are similar.  
report Recommended by opasnimiki
Flip Flappers and Shoujo Shuumtasu Ryoukou share a similar feeling when you're watching each show. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko is set in a post-apocalypic setting, where Flip Flappers is set in many settings of different realms. Both shows are very sci-fi and share the element of curiosity and adventure. The setting makes the viewer want to know more about the enviornment and what might happen next as each show gives off an almost uncomfortable vibe. If you've seen one I would recommend the other for a similar vibe and interesting landscaping and design. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Litte Witch Academia and Flip Flappers are similar because they are both very great original and imaginative anime that follow young girls as they learn more about themselves and overcome trials. There are supernatural events in both of them that are partially responsible for the growing friendship of the main characters. They also both have beautifully distinct and simplistic color schemes that you won't see in other anime. Both are relatively light-hearted and can be watched by a wide variety of viewers.  
report Recommended by 3xTripple
Both shows are highly symbolic, and show how the characters "see" the world around them in a very specific way. Both deal with trauma, family problems and same sex attraction and love. Flip Flappers are more light hearted and focus more on adolescence of the main character, while Yuri Kuma Arashi is more dark and focuses more about how society sees and deals with gay people. 
report Recommended by teaknight
Both series feature bizarre alternative worlds on a regular basis. Their styles are also both classic, in very different ways. Kaiba feels like a 40s cartoon, whereas Flip Flappers has a 90s meets Trigger feel. 
report Recommended by nyasu
both very vibrant looking anime that subvert expectations and flip the script  
report Recommended by Dukino
Both feature magical girls fighting in other world, and have serious plot invisible at first 
report Recommended by Peligrimm
A rather plain girl has a fateful encounter with an energetic, almost puppy-like girl she's never met before that doesn't quite seem to know how to blend in. They quickly become close. The main character's childhood best friend becomes quite jealous. Though the plots are different, the characters are extremely similar, and it has the same overall happy-go-lucky mood. 
report Recommended by BreezeElric
Perfect timing for some new coming-age story with both redeeming obscure storyline 
report Recommended by -HippySnob-
After watching Flip Flappers I could not help but notice how similar it is to Shelter, as if it took direct inspiration from Shelter (hear me out). Both anime feature innocent, at first, female teenagers that explore an alternate reality completely unaware, at first, of why this reality exists. Later on, the protagonists from both series discover the nature of their respective alternative worlds and both anime leave the viewer with open ended questions that don't affect much post-anime reflections. In addition, both anime focus on themes of love (family and friendship love) and parental bonds. Shelter is much more emotional and focused on ambience, while Flip  read more 
report Recommended by I_Appreciate_It
At its climax two rival organisations are fighting for the control of a unique source of power which has the ability to change, build and destroy the world. Through the exposition of the series characters undergo meaningful development that effects their decisions that occur at the story's climax and their mental state. Flip Flappers is an unappreciated show that features fantastic animation and art style, character development, tasteful homages to classic anime series and cute girls taking on adventures in fantasy worlds. 
report Recommended by ElToroNegro
Both are beautiful, stunningly directed, multi-layered shows that are fun as heck to dig into and theorize about. Complex storytelling and symbolism is present in both series, and both require lots of brain power and deduction to enjoy to their full potential. Flip Flappers incorporates a fair amount of fanservice, so unsuspecting Lain fans should be aware of that if it bothers them. 
report Recommended by Stacys__Mom
I planned on getting into details, but it turned out to be a gigantic spoiler, so instead I will just put this simple. At first glance these shows have little in common, but after you finish Flip Flapppers you realize, that in fact the theme of the shows was quite similar.  
report Recommended by Elendium
What struck me quite early on when it comes to Flip Flappers was the underlying eerie feeling whenever the main characters would go on their seemingly happy exploration adventures. It was an eerie feeling I had felt before; while watching the exploration adventures of Nausicaä. I... it's hard to put words on it, but, at least to me, Flip Flappers and Nausicaä give you the same kind of eerie futuristic feeling, a feeling of the main characters bringing a shred of light to the otherwise contaminated and dark world? Although Flip Flappers might take a different turn as the series progress, I'd still really recommend  read more 
report Recommended by mahougirl
They have similar visuals. (Flip flappers has better visuals tho.) They both are hearth warming. They both have simple and peaceful characters. They both are fantasy-action.  
report Recommended by Ignoramus-
Transcendence into other worlds and bright visual color palettes.  
report Recommended by TheBestiaHestia
Apart from both series featuring awesome flying surfboards and SEELE-like shadow organizations, the main pairs of characters between the two series share similar relationships to each other and to the overall course of the series. Both Eureka Seven and Flip Flappers are well-crafted love stories in which the trope of "love saves the world" is brought out to full effect as the young lovers of each series learn to understand and bring out the best in each other. In this parallel, I would further note that Eureka and Papika share a similar situation in which their backstory with the leaders of the main organization (Gekkostate  read more 
report Recommended by Bocazon
Both shows have distinctly vibrant and unique visuals. 
report Recommended by Cozye
Both are shows about girls who travel to other worlds where they gain special powers which they use to fight different creatures. 
report Recommended by tokidoki921
From images, via imagery, to imaginarium. Beautiful art styles endeavor to express stunning chronotopes. To put it simple, Fractale and Flip Flappers can not only be set together alphabetically, but also regarding their respective overall beauty and creativity. 
report Recommended by EdgyEcchiSenpai
-both have some yurii undertones -both are amzingly animated -both have a "fantasy" (oriented) setting  
report Recommended by Momonee
Both shows have magical girls, both girls need to collect something in order to protect/restore something or someone. Both shows have great art and are amazing to watch.  
report Recommended by aliquae
This is a long shot, but if what you liked in Flip Flappers, was the relationship between Cocona and Papika, I would recommend Hibike! Euphonium because of the main character, Kumiko Oemae, relationship to another character I won't name if you feel that would be spoilery! This recommendation is not for all people, but poeple that find the same values in characters as I do. 
report Recommended by Arvidex
Flip Flappers is similar in tone to The Eccentric Family. Both anime are an amalgamation of various genres. These two series will not tire you, they will provide you with never-ending excitement as Yasaburou and Papika are both characters who are adventurous and dislike boredom. The fights of friends, family, and lovers are central themes within these spectacularly well-animated stories. I also think their soundtracks are quite similar with respect to their quirkiness and emotionality. 
report Recommended by airotciv
High school girls going on wacky, fast-paced adventures with a heavily-implied yuri love triangle 
report Recommended by o0lemonlime0o
Both are fun, colourful and crazy. Friendship is a heavy component. Both stories become clear and serious at the end. 
report Recommended by OddOnes
ID: Invaded is what you get when you mix FliFla and a police procedure show into a blender. Starts of episodic with creative weird dives into the subconscious before starting to focus on a final story arc.  
report Recommended by SanaeK10
They're both pretty episodic, have a lot of magical battles, a cute-girl duo and sometimes have juxtaposed styles or style shifts. PSG is a lot more mature than Flip Flappers, though there is still some fanservice thrown in there. 
report Recommended by nyasu
Quality animation and fantastical worlds are the biggest similarities between these two anime. Stylistically different to be sure, but Flip Flappers almost feels like a throwback to the type of thing we'd see from Birth and "similar" OAVs from the 80s and 90s. That's immediately what I thought of when I first started watching Flip Flappers, and while it doesn't necessarily live up to that "feel" entirely, there were enough elements to scratch that same kind of itch. 
report Recommended by virtualbub
They are both interesting series that have concepts of dimension jumping. Tsubasa Chronicle has a more dark and serious story that follows mostly male characters (shounen), whereas Flip Flappers is much more colorful and light hearted story that follows young girls. They were both entertaining to watch because of their unlimited entertainment possibilities gained from their dimension jumping abilities.  
report Recommended by 3xTripple
The characters explore dreamscapes that represent various emotional states. The dreams range from the mundane or cartoonish to the emotional or horrifying, giving the shows a wide breadth of art styles. 
report Recommended by kasarn
In both of these series, a normal girl has to deal with what seems to be an alternate world and struggle with individuals from said world as well as themselves. While Brigadoon does not have the magical girl trope, it does have a similar mood to Flip Flappers mostly due to the cute artstyle, cheerful music and how the story progresses and how the characters elvolve throughout the series. 
report Recommended by guslewic
Colorful animation, plenty of unique characters and plot that offers huge variety of story elements (and might be confusing at first) 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Cocona fills a similar roll to Kyon as the straight character pulled into a fantastical world, while Papika fills a similar roll to Haruhi as the crazy, colorful, fun character. Both shows also have the ability to jump genre flawlessly and have amazing animation. 
report Recommended by Somecoolstuff
Both titles are surrealist as hell and interestingly enough it turns out all the surreal stuff is kinda justified by similar plot devices in both titles. 
report Recommended by Nifrigel
Both feature a main female protagonist who must dive into an alternate reality and overcome insurmountable odds in order to save the real world. 
report Recommended by ChibiOdango
Both of them feature parallel fairy-tale settings that have some connection to the real world. Beyond that, the themes/moods are pretty different. Natsuyuki Randevous is a romantic drama that deals with death and adult life. Flip Flappers (as this is being written, there are 8 episodes) has been a cheerful adventure with some mysteries lingering in the background. The main characters are all in school still, and working with organizations on the side. 
report Recommended by nyasu
They're both mindtrips at times, as they have strong fantasy worlds side-by-side with more real ones. The borders between the two worlds aren't so clear, though. They both have a certain amount of scifi woven into them too. 
report Recommended by nyasu
Magical girls mixed with more adult themes, goes off the beaten path in both instances. Twin Angel is much more parodic in nature and Flip Flappers is more serious in tone. Both seem to be geared toward an adult male audience, especially Twin Angel as it's advertising pachislot parlors, so if you're a big dude that likes magical girls both of these series should appeal to you. 
report Recommended by Arboria
Both are mahou shoujo series that seem to be aimed at something more like adult men than at little girls. If the magical girl elements are a strong part of what draws you to either of these series you'll probably like the other one. 
report Recommended by Arboria
They're lighthearted and fun stories about friendship and opening up with unique art styles, interesting symbolism, and quirky characters. 
report Recommended by SAniyoukoso
They both have surreal art styles, lighthearted yet metaphorical plots that are open to interpretation, and characters with believable emotions and struggles. Also, a theme in both shows is learning to genuinely accept and express oneself.  
report Recommended by SAniyoukoso
Both Involved Two Main Characters Who Transform Into Strong Magical Girls Both Have Crazy And Bizarre Fight Scene Both Maybe Sometimes Get Dark In A Different Way Both Have Similar Main Characters Both Are Very Fun To Watch Both Have Impressive And Beautiful Background Art And They Both Have A Similar Ending If You Like Flip Flappers, I Would Recommend You To Watch Heartcatch PreCure, Pretty Much It Is The Other PreCure Season That Might Have A Similar Feel When You Watch It 
report Recommended by Madison_Brown
Both shows feature a blurred line between reality and illusion and focus on the growing relationship between the two main characters. The varied color pallettes have a similar feel. 
report Recommended by ranuruma