Fune wo Amu

The Great Passage

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Alternative Titles

English: The Great Passage
Japanese: 舟を編む


Type: TV
Episodes: 11
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 14, 2016 to Dec 23, 2016
Premiered: Fall 2016
Broadcast: Fridays at 00:55 (JST)
Licensors: Discotek Media
Studios: Zexcs
Source: Novel
Genres: Slice of LifeSlice of Life, DramaDrama, RomanceRomance
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.641 (scored by 2984929,849 users)
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Ranked: #11832
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Popularity: #1570
Members: 84,099
Favorites: 322
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Dec 24, 2016
ZephSilver (All reviews)
As a reviewer, there have been numerous occasions when I struggle to find the right words to convey my thoughts. This isn't to say that I didn't know what I wanted to express to others, but rather, I wanted my message to be as clear and concise as possible. The right words can often make all the difference in how a reader interprets what you have to say. Words are capable of setting the mood, giving off tone, and in some cases, changing the very temperament of those on the receiving end. They're vehicles used to communicate feelings, painting a picture for the reader, and read more
Dec 23, 2016
weebna (All reviews)
Fune wo Amu is without a doubt a hidden gem. I'm the first person to say that when I first decided to watch this show I wasn't very excited about it and I thought I would eventually stop watching it, little did I know how amazing this was. Definitely one of the best animes of this season.

First of all, there aren't any anime similar to this one, at least not that I know off and according to what I hear about it from other people. The greatest thing about the whole show is the reality behind it. The whole story and plot makes sense read more
Dec 26, 2016
BlueKite (All reviews)
When someone opens a dictionary, what does usually come to mind first? Depending on who you ask, the answer varies from looking for definitions on unfamiliar words to just simply enjoy seeing how words are given meaning in so many unique ways. Words are very powerful, they can dictate how the world moves. They are needed by leaders, innovators, educators, and even by ordinary people in their daily activities. Without it, humanity can’t progress and evolve. Forming and stringing words are basic human skills but we often find times when we can’t clearly express our thoughts, making us seek a solution to that problem. Dictionaries read more
Dec 22, 2016
moozooh (All reviews)
(This review does NOT contain spoilers.)

I guess I'll be that guy. Oh well.

Fune wo Amu, or The Great Passage, is a series that had the right to greatness. It took a mature premise, featured adult characters in a realistic setting, didn't include unnecessary comedy nor fanservice (except the cartoony dictionary interludes, I suppose), and tried its best not to be insulting to a thinking person's intelligence. Besides, much like the protagonist of the story, I also love words and have worked in editing—among other things that directly correlate with the characters' mission. So, 10/10, right? I wish, but nope.

See, I really wanted to like FwA read more
Dec 22, 2016
raamen (All reviews)
Fune wo Amu truly is a breath of fresh air. I can honestly say that I have not watched an anime like it. I really like anime that are about what people are passionate about. You really grow to love the characters.

The basic premise is about a guy who isn't really good at dealing with people and to make things worse, he's a salesman. But, he is very interested in words and books. Fate plays it's hand when the dictionary editing department needs a new hire to replace someone who will retire. (There's also a dash of romance too.)

At first I thought that I would read more
Dec 22, 2016
Zerathus (All reviews)
Warm honesty. That’s how I would describe Fune wo Amu.

It is one of the “non-anime anime” as in it doesn’t really feel like anime. There are no over the top situations or goofy characters. Now that doesn’t make this anime boring. Matter of fact I enjoyed it quite a lot.

The absolutely best thing about this anime is its fantastic directing. Considering its premise and the fact that it is done by one of the lesser known studios, it’s just amazing how they were able to get a talented director to compose the storyboards like this. There are moments where I was legit amazed. If read more
Oct 1, 2020
giraffenanime (All reviews)
This was such a sweet, heartfelt anime I got to pick up! The Great Passage isn't what I was expecting... A lot more confusion and emotions were settled by the end of this short series.

Let's get into the anime basics! Story; You're first introduced to an awkward man named Majime Mitsuya, who has a knack for knowing lot's of words and their multiple meanings but not being able to use them himself. You see him grow along side Nishioka, the Dictionary Department and other supporting characters. I love how this story revolved around two characters, but also something that you don't come across often (and read more
Dec 22, 2016
FireEmblemIke24 (All reviews)
DISCLAIMER: Amazon Prime have low-balled this series hard. Crunchyroll would have done better with advertising.

This anime has gone under the radar, sure it may just revolve around the mundane task of creating a dictionary. However, the real beauty lies in its simplicity with it being complementary to its setting. This will appease slice of life fans but for those seeking something different, you may need to look elsewhere as nothing ground-breaking occurs.

A dictionary is a ship that traverses the vast ocean of words. This tool that we take for granted enables us to search up any word we like. Now I can only represent read more
Jul 31, 2020
fury1001fury (All reviews)
Maybe a spoiler, I watched it in one sitting but I feel like I've been watching it from years. It looks kinda dull at start but I think you grow into it as you watch 2-3 episodes. Such a great anime with light heavy story with beautifully illustrated simple characters.
Definitely a recommendation if you are searching for a slice of life anime with little less romance and more focus on characters and story.
Hmmm I have said all I wanted to say but mal is making me write more as it doesn't fit minimum word count so maybe I'll give a advice to mal stop forcing read more
Jul 28, 2019
felixlovesanime (All reviews)
Some anime series deserved more attention than it had. Fune wo Amu (a.k.a The Great Passage) is on top of such list.

This is not your typical slice-of-life in vein of Non Non Biyori or Working!! which, in hindsight, might have been the reason why Fune wo Amu has been criminally underrated. If I could coin a brand new genre, I would say Fune wo Amu as a 'soulful' anime. Here we have a late-twenty-something Majime Mutsuya who has been employed against his true nature when, out of a sudden, he finds himself involved in a team filled with outsiders with one mission: creating the next read more
Dec 30, 2016
TheSmilingShoujo (All reviews)
This is an underrated anime series; a hidden gem. I'm a complete sucker for stories that revolve around people who are passionate in their vocations whether its about war, sports, cooking, friendship, family, and even compiling a dictionary. Fune wo Amu (aka The Great Passage) is a down to earth, realistic portrayal of a group of dictionary editors who are passionate in their job of compiling a dictionary, which is said to be an endeavor that may span a decade.

While it may sound dull, the process of compiling a dictionary and the struggles that go with it will probably open up a new perspective read more
Jul 28, 2017
elemenope (All reviews)
Seems like a dry and boring anime about making a Dictionary. But try the first episode. I bet you'll end up finishing this short series.

A really down-to-earth anime with no drama and unnecessary frills, it is straightforward about a small dictionary team aiming to publish a Dictionary called The Great Passage.

Under threat to be demolished, the Dictionary Department has to work hard to publish this last dictionary and make some profits. In comes Majime, a book-loving nerd who provides much needed insights and attention to detail in the construction of this dictionary.

Im not sure what pulled me in to watch this anime read more
Aug 31, 2017
Aidan (All reviews)
“A dictionary is a ship that navigates an ocean of words. Without words, you cannot express your thoughts or be able to have any sort of deep understanding of others. People board the ship we call dictionaries and find the perfect words to gather the small lights floating to the top of the dark waters. Words are lights. But in the ever-changing world, unable to find the right words, there are those who lead troubled lives caged with their own trapped feelings. We need a ship people like that can feel safe boarding. This is the dictionary we are trying to create.”

Words are a read more
Apr 2, 2020
Serial_Exp_Lain (All reviews)
'Fune wo Amu' is about a topic you never see covered in media.The show takes us through the care,diligence and meticulousness it takes to compile a dictionary.That's right,a dictionary.The compilers have to be mindful of the way the words are being used in today's time,they have to include new words,remove the obsolete ones,etc.It's a 'never ending job'.I don't know how dictionaries are actually compiled but the show presents this creative process very romantically.The anime is centered around a geeky,introvert man in his late 20s(I guess?) named Majime Mitsuya.He loves reading,lives with his cat and works as a salesman for a publishing company.However,he's mostly at a read more
Dec 23, 2016
ShadowTreader (All reviews)
Fune wo Amu is a great show which I honestly didn't imagine enjoying so much and that's probably the same for a fair amount of people. Most of us can agree that making a dictionary is a little on the dull side, but of course what really matters is the execution and it was executed in an intriguing and compelling way. Character studies are something I love deeply because of how courageous they are and how fantastic they can be when done well. This is no exception for Fune wo Amu; the characters, the struggles they face and their interactions with each other are where read more
Dec 24, 2016
Revenir (All reviews)
“Light – A source of illumination, such as a small fire or torch. ‘A light shows us the way’”

Soft, quiet, and lukewarm, Fune wo Amu chronicles how an awkward yet thoughtfully observant man stumbles onto a job perfectly suited for himself. After being fairly unsuccessful in sales, Majime Mitsuya is recruited for dictionary editing through a colleague, and he quickly immerses himself in creating “The Great Passage” a modern Japanese dictionary.

Fune wo Amu does a decent number of things properly. From addressing the teamwork and differing strengths of the team members to the hindrances of upper management and obtrusive egos of outside help, the read more
Dec 22, 2016
i_am_neni (All reviews)
Hidden Gem.

This anime was good. The story, the character, and the art. It's sooo relatable to real life (which the one that I really like).

Watching this anime makes me remember that I used to want to work at a publishing house. I love reading so this anime which telling us about how they make a single dictionary makes me realize that it took a lot of effort and hardwork to create something and makes me more appreciate it.

The dictionary team at the Genbu Publishing, they're a very dedicated people. It makes me want to work harder and more caring for every work or things that read more
Dec 23, 2016
shacklesburst (All reviews)
Starts out strong, mostly because of the character's love for their respective callings, which drive the whole story. And they're all portrayed in a way that makes these callings really believable (think opposed to how overdrawn the average sports anime's protagonists are into their respective sports). The first few episodes are really enjoyable like that, but then right down the middle, this anime certainly slumps a little.

The art is fair, but I've seen better even for short anime on a budget. The music is okay as well and captures the mood, but it's entirely forgettable.

I guess it redeems itself a little towards the end and read more
Jan 10, 2017
bedamijo (All reviews)
Believe it or not, I was legitimately excited to watch this show. Just imagine it: an anime… about DICTIONARIES! Sound boring? Yeah, probably, but these kinds of shows really have a soft spot in my heart because I know that they have to have at least something to sell. Think about it; what studio in their right mind would greenlight a show about freaking dictionaries if it didn’t have something other than mere plot to give? Especially since a simple glance at the trailer will tell you that very few corners were cut making this show. And so I read more
Mar 6, 2018
BanjoTheBear (All reviews)
(This review has been adapted from my blog/reddit thread. Spoilers ahead!)

I believe I have written this anecdote before, but it’s entirely too relevant to not bring up again.

In the fourth grade, I “read” the entire dictionary. “Read” is in quotes there because, while I technically read through it, I didn’t read all the definitions. I simply read each word. In order. From A to Z.

In my mind, doing so would make me “smarter.” I have always been prideful of my intelligence, of wanting to prove my brains to the world. Doubly so when I was a young kid who had everyone telling him I was read more