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Urara Meirochou

Alternative Titles

English: Urara Meirocho
Japanese: うらら迷路帖


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 6, 2017 to Mar 24, 2017
Premiered: Winter 2017
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:58 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: J.C.Staff
Source: 4-koma manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.191 (scored by 24,898 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #29692
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1146
Members: 86,256
Favorites: 341


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Mar 24, 2017
Fircoal (All reviews)
Why do you watch anime? Think about it for a second. We all have our own reasons to consume media. Different people will have different reasons but at the end of the day each of us has our own reason for watching anime. While entertainment is the main point of media like anime, for me it's more than just that. There are many things that I can do that are entertaining. For example shitposting is entertaining. But is it fulfilling? No, not really. Video games can be entertaining (Although they've fallen out of favor for me.), so if entertainment was the goal why not play read more
Mar 24, 2017
PyraXadon (All reviews)
Urara Meirochou. Alright, you're a moe blob anime, what's your gimmick this time? Let's see here... Set in a town of 10 districts... Divination... Gods and spirits...? And...lots of yuri baiting. Alright well this is going to be a 'fun' venture, now isn't it?

Story: Labyrinth Town is a town of fortune tellers where girls with spiritual powers starting at the age of fifteen come to the city with the prospect of becoming rank one urara, the highest rank of fortune teller that one can receive. It's here where we meet Chiya, a girl raised in the woods read more
Mar 24, 2017
AquaHaze (All reviews)
There’s no questioning how popular the cute girls doing cute things genre is and I can see why, for some people (me included) it is a very effective way to relax. Due to this popularity, many series of this genre exist out there, most them having a twist or two to differentiate themselves from each other but still having the same core. However, Urara Meirochou not only adds twists to differentiate itself from others, but it also takes the existing mold and adds a lot more to it.

Urara Meirochou takes place in a traditional Japanese town of fortune tellers (uraras) called Meirochou, where the four read more
Mar 24, 2017
malikkkk27_ (All reviews)
We have quite a few Slice of life anime aired this season and one of them is Urara Meirochou. A 12 episode series about a girl named Chiya arriving at the Labyrinth City in which her main objective is to find her mom who is living in the city and rising through the ranks of Urara.

The episode started off well with the introduction of the four main characters and their main purpose of why they are in Labyrinth City. With the all the episodes being aired, it’s great that the girls has been adapting to the city quite well and are aiming to get read more
Feb 5, 2017
Aman_Bhaskar (All reviews)
we are having quite a fair share of slice of life anime this season and this anime is also one of them.

Like any other slice of life, this anime focuses more on the character and their interactions rather than the story. The plot itself is quite simple, its about a girl chiya , who on turning 15 ,goes to meirochou (labyrinth town ) to learn the art of fortune telling. There she meets up with 3 other girls Koume , Kon and Nono . We follow their everyday lives as these girls try to achieve of their dreams of becoming fortune tellers.

The art and read more
Mar 30, 2017
Shingster (All reviews)
Urara Meirocho is based off a rather short manga panel series and is a comedy/supernatural genre manga. The combination of having both comedy and supernatural within a manga series I felt was rather unique why was why I decided to give this series a try. I have not read the original source material that this anime is adapted from but after watching this im interested to read it.

Story and setting

Urara’s story is a fantasy world that looks similar to a fantasy version of ancient Japan with the story’s theme being divination. The story is largely set in the town of Meirocho that read more
Mar 24, 2017
LegendAqua (All reviews)
Fortune Telling with Cute Girls!

So another slice of life comedy anime with cute girls doing cute things done by JC Staff?, LA's in!

So for this kind of anime, the premise is very simple, of Chiya voiced by Sayaka Harada wanting to find her mother in the town of Meirochou, a fortune telling town where girls aspire to the be the best urara, she along with three others meets Chiya to be the best urara and for Chiya to find her mother.

Let's talk about Urara Meirochou's character shall we?. Well let's start with Chiya, the main protagonist, she the wild card of the group, hyper genki read more
Aug 9, 2017
Rising_Sun (All reviews)
Seriously Urara Meirochou is cataloged as an anime "Seinen"? WTF? This Seinen has nothing,it seems more a comedy a little fun with Lolis and Shoujo ai.

The story of a group of friends who live in a city full of women (seriously no men) where they sought to become a kind of witch guessing known as "Urara" to achieve their different personal goals. It's actually simpler than it sounds.

The art is not bad, the characters are similar to Manga, although they abuse much of the miniatures in certain parts, but it is not something that greatly affects the story.

I found the Sound Very good, not because read more
Sep 29, 2018
Seregosa (All reviews)
In the end, this is a "cute girls doing cute things" show at its core, nothing will change that and since most of us are veterans, we know what to expect and what not to expect from a show like that, saving us unnecessary annoyance when it lacks things shows like these doesn't offer.

It has a mediocre, average story at best, it's nothing special, there's this labyrinth city where everyone(only females there) wants to become "urara"(probably from the word "uranaisha/uranaishi" which means diviner, fortuneteller, soothsayer etc) and that's pretty much what it's about, they want to become able to divine things using the many different read more
Apr 4, 2018
Rexosorous (All reviews)
NOTE: this review is for my own personal use only. i've noticed after a while, i forget why i rated a show highly or poorly, so i'm going to write reviews after completing each series so i can reference them in the future.

urara meirochou started off as a comfy "cute girls doing cute things" show, but my eyes quickly dulled after each episode had to have a bonding event. each and every episode had to have one character feel alone or out of place and then it has to end with someone crying and everyone saying "we'll do it together" or some bullshit like that. read more
Mar 25, 2017
Anon028 (All reviews)
At first glance, some people might think this anime is the same as any other of it's genre, but they couldn't be more wrong if they tried, this series is unique and we probably won't have something as good as this in a long time, and this is why:

Let's start with the less remarkable part for me, the art, sure the show had high production values, that's expected from J.C. Staff, but it did nothing to make the art, well, outstanding, it was just there. The art of the manga is by far superior, so that's a good reason to read the manga after finishing read more
Jan 1, 2018
MagiMoe (All reviews)
It feels good to watch the CGDCT genre (cute girls doing cute things) at the end of the day, after life punching you in the face.

As expected, the plot isn't a big thing, but it's comfortable to see these girls always having fun, always putting friendship in a high position along the episodes. The overcoming of Hinako talking to people is great, btw.

They also did a good job in art, all traces are beautiful and symmetrical, aesthetic goals.

In the general context, I'd recommend this anime if you don't want to worry about heavy plot or really deep characters.

(characters may be a little bit sexualized, read more
Nov 20, 2017
SovietWeeb (All reviews)
I came into this with high hopes, Even with the mediocre score rating of 7.17. I was really surprised by how much i enjoyed it to be honest. I feel that the score isn't near to what this deserves.

I heard this compared a couple times to Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. I find it kind of unfair to compare them sense they both are different from each other with the only thing in common is Cast of Girls, Magical elements and that Art style is kind of similar. But if i were to compare them i don't think Kobayashi is as good as Urara Meirochou. read more
Apr 12, 2017
Evladimira183 (All reviews)
I'm not going to go too into depth with this review, I'll just put my thoughts down for this. Of course, there will be spoilers, but I'll try to keep them as vague as possible.

I thoroughly enjoyed this anime, and felt that it was an adorable anime, with adorable characters, doing adorable things. The romance ships were there and the ending even supported some of them, and it had so much potential for a serious plot while remaining carefree and soft.

However, the end of this anime has left me wanting so much more, but NOT in a good way. They started with the read more
Apr 6, 2017
ILoveOreImo (All reviews)
MC , Chiya , went on a journey to find her mother at a place for Urara only. Urara means that some kind of priest.

There is nothing remarkable for songs/songtracks... won't leave deep impression but i guess is fine...
The voice actors did well too <3 No cringe at all. Will be a fun experience.

There are basically 4 mcs but mostly focus on Chiya and 12 episodes is not really enough to spot much character development. But have lines like in any shounen series , "Don't give up.... Follow your dream.... as long as we are together we are fine....." But its worth it because cute read more
Dec 27, 2018
ThorNN-heim7 (All reviews)
I watched the first 3 episodes of Urara Meirochou before dropping it, but here's what I've got.
Story & Characters: The story is simple and has some potential, but ultimately never goes through, ending up as another show that just forces the whole cute/moe/waifu material deal. The characters are stale and uninteresting like a 2 week old bread that has been standing outside through wind and weather, rain and sun, turning tough and chewy. There's no depth at all in any of the characters, and as the story relies heavily on the characters to move on, it stays pus.
Art & Sound: Both the art style and read more
Jan 19, 2018
Loveanime1213 (All reviews)
An anime of enjoyment and comedy, with some slice of life is such a great combination. In Urara Meirochou it shows great friendship with 4 girls that overcome problems together. A girl named Chiya goes to Labyrinth Town when she is at the age of 15, this young girl is friendly, outgoing with a strong heart that makes people smile around her, even though there are times she does make a phew problems. The absolute reason I liked this anime is because of the warm and cute friendship 4 girls show all throughout the episodes, especially when Chiya is making a ruckus and they are read more
Nov 14, 2017
-Everlasting- (All reviews)
This anime was surprisingly enjoyable. The characters were all cute, funny and interesting, with the main character, Chiya, being especially good. Chiya really brings all the characters together and is one of the best characters ive seen in a while. The show's cute character designs and art style, paired with the amazing opening and ending song really make the anime that much more enjoyable.

The only flaw in the anime would have to be the story. While it is very intriguing, it is far from finished. The show really grabs the attention of the viewer and makes them want to find out how the story read more
Jun 23, 2017
PinkyForever (All reviews)
Doesn't really have a story here, is just bunch of cute girls doing cute things to entertain us!

Very pleasing to look at, the girls are all kawaii enough to make you ***. I also quite like the color scheme of the overall show

An above average soundtrack, won't buy it with real cash but will definately listen to it sometime

All 4 girls have a pretty simple background, it doesn't go too deep or too sad! Some people might not like that but I'm fine with that since the story isn't really there anyway

Very enjoyable!! Is kinda like watching a bunch of kids just running around read more