Shoujo Ramune

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Alternative Titles

Japanese: 小女ラムネ


Type: OVA
Episodes: 4
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 7, 2016 to Mar 2, 2018
Producers: Mary Jane
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Source: Visual novel
Genres: HentaiHentai
Duration: 19 min. per ep.
Rating: Rx - Hentai


Score: 6.901 (scored by 1335713,357 users)
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Ranked: N/A2
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Popularity: #3206
Members: 27,558
Favorites: 448
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Apr 1, 2019
literaturenerd (All reviews)
It's April 1st and the beauty of Spring is now upon us. The darkness of Winter has passed and life blossoms again. Shoujo Ramune is a magical anime that will make even the most cynical among us appreciate the joys of life! I was so inspired that I wrote this short poem in Japanese. 私は死にたいです

Shoujo Ramune is about young love. It's that pure, innocent love that one only feels in one's salad days. There is no sexual element. There is no consideration of finances or future planning. Not since Yoshifumi Kondo's Whisper of the Heart have I seen young romance portrayed so purely and so read more
Oct 10, 2016
Minteee (All reviews)
Recently I've been suffering from bouts of insomnia that come paired with my chronic depression. As a result, my memory has become much foggier than it used to be and I act somewhat erratic.

It was during a recent sleepless night that I decided to watch the first episode of Shoujo Ramune, and now I can't go back to the way I was before. My life has been forever altered, for better or for worse.

The plot to this show, as I can remember, is about some middle-aged dude who runs a candy shop and watches lolis eat candy and play all day. One thing leads to read more
Nov 8, 2019
Munyuu_ (All reviews)
**This does contain some Spoilers**
“I love you, Mister!”
-Adachi, Tenka EP4

I always wondered why and how these things are made, but maybe I shouldn’t question it.

Story 10/10
Now before you go screaming “Oh this a Hentai, of course, there is not Plot” but this did have some plot into it. Each girl has their own side story into it, I’ll explain more in a little while, but Each EP has us going trough 2 Girls side story with the occasional sex scene (of course), but in all honesty, the story dives deep with the characters (No pun intended) that at read more
Oct 8, 2016
Fareastver (All reviews)
(Episode 1 Review, might change when Episode 2 come out)
A story about The Three M̶u̶s̶k̶e̶t̶e̶e̶r̶s̶ Lolis in their conquest for Free snacks and Candies with the help of young candy store owner that "Understand" their needs.
After all, it's "All for D, D for All", right?

-Story: 7
(Pretty much straightforward, those lolis might look like innocent but then one of them masturbate with popsicle in the toilet, the other one going to pleasure trip with the store owner, And the last one probably reading kamasutra to preparing for her role in the next episode. Fck you, Store owner.)

-Art: 10 (Damn, the art is fcking read more
Jun 2, 2020
Tamuera (All reviews)
This had to be the most uncomfortable I've ever felt watching a hentai. And I've seen stuff in what were supposed to be far more extreme genres over the years.

I can't honestly even joke about it. Too grounded in reality to even make fun of it.

The premise is literally about portraying a real-world middle age man grooming, exploiting and sexually abusing real-world prepubescent girls.
Let me make this clear: not "adults stylized as kids", not "400 years old magical girls/dragons/vampires assuming a loli appearance", not "lustful teens with a small body frame" either.
You can't even call these loli, because they are underage even by read more
May 2, 2018
AltWhite (All reviews)
This is my first formal review as I normally just write my review-esque analysis in the comment section - I clarify this on my profile. I did not think my regular style would be enjoyable to write up so I gave this overall review a chance. None of the reviews on MAL really gave any effort, so I figured why not try something difficult and review a Hentai. I also welcome feedback on all my writings so don't be shy! There is only minor detail spoilers and bare in mind this review should read as a someone who just joined the Hentai genre with only read more
Dec 7, 2016
Vi-h (All reviews)
Main tags: Loli and Vanilla.

(1) You are a fanboy of Lolis? Not matter what happens and how it happens you'll like it anyways as long as it have Lolis on your screen? So you can watch this and give your 8+ score already.

(2) If you are an old guy you can't help but to like this, I know it... you can't hide it. After all, we have an old man here have his way with lolis... oh... now think about it...

(3) If you are one those which just come for hentais for the sex scenes: "It's rape? I don't care". "It's NTR? I don't care", read more
Mar 11, 2018
Absol (All reviews)
This review is coming from someone who is not really a fan of Lolis, I think they are cute and can understand why people like them but they are just not for me, but for people that do like Lolis don't waste your time reading this because you will like it. With that being said on to the review.

So the main plot is a middle aged man opens up a candy store in hopes that he will attract young girls and get to hang out with them, and hang out with them he does, his dick is hanging out of his pants for pretty much read more
Jan 19, 2020
kokokokoal (All reviews)
My computer closed three times as i was writing this review (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) so im gonna have to write another one!! (ᗒᗨᗕ)
love this anime!!! its not hentai or what the innapropriate anime is called!! mum wont let me watch that yet (〃ω〃)

Let me set up my personal experience for shojo ramune..
I was having a bad day. The teacher wasn't looking so my mates and I decided to watch shojo ramune. I was in tears by the time shojo ramune was over.

turned to my mate and said "ive regained my will to live"

the teacher came along and started watching with us he read more
May 31, 2020
tmcclure04 (All reviews)
Shoujo Ramune, a anime widely regarded as a absolute masterpiece. I struggle to find something that isn't perfect about this anime. I'm sure anyone who has seen it can agree that this is the uncontested leader in the entire romance genre. If you have not seen it, you should watch it immediately.

Story 10/10
Incredible engaging plot that draws you in. Before you even know it you are glued to the screen hanging off every word. Watching this anime has let me reach a new level of excitement I never had before.

Art 10/10
You can tell how much care and enthusiasm was put into the art read more
Dec 27, 2020
Blake-sama (All reviews)
Shoujo Ramune, a memory engraved within.

I cannot begin to explain, my excitement and joy for writing this review. I want to speak up, I want to make claims, I want to point out the facts, deny the discrimination and accusations, and bring justice to a masterpiece. Listen up, rookie. Unfamiliar with the title? You are headed into the wrong direction as many would say. Do not listen to them, and understand what undeniable, unfathomable, unexpected treasure that lies up ahead. Let us prepare to embark on a journey you will never forget, and while you may claim yourself lies to protect your so called “dignity”, read more
Sep 13, 2020
picoslegs (All reviews)
Ah yes. my first ever hentai review.
I'm going to write this review from 2 perspectives.
1. An active hentai watcher and horny male
2. Someone who felt repulsed by an old man having sex with 10 year olds.

First as an active hentai watcher.
Let's talk about the story. Sad we can't though, there's not one.
It's just 3 girls getting fcked by an old man and then two of them fcking each other soon after.
Art: the art was actually quite nice compared to the art from other hentai I've watched. But all that art was chewed on and spit into a lava pit.
Sound: Eh not too special, the read more
Jul 12, 2019
Argem69 (All reviews)
It was a humid night, that day in late June. perhaps a year ago. As a sweet wind wafted through the half-opened window as I scrolled through the never-ending abyss of the Instagram explore section.

As I scrolled I came across many memes and posts that seemed very familiar. Due to the fact that every individual on instagram steals memes from each other and post them on their own personal account, I had already seen the majority of the post that past. As I scrolled quicker and quicker, I noticed something pass by in the blink of an eye. I slowly scrolled back up and clicked read more
Nov 27, 2019
ChibiOdango (All reviews)
I decided to explore some hentai because of "The Anime Man"'s tier list of hentai. This one piqued my interest because he rated it decently and the only reason he seemed to downgrade it was the age of the girls involved. Personally speaking, I found it to be highly arousing and I failed no nut November because of it. I live in China, so at first I could only find the Indonesian subtitle version and it was quite amazing even with only knowing 70% of what they were saying from my years of experience with anime. The girls who voice acted read more
Jun 5, 2020
WaitWhatWolf (All reviews)
This masterpiece should be the primary example of how to write very emotional romance; Shoujo Ramune takes love to the next level, making all beloved anime seem amateurish in comparison.

When watching, I recommend grabbing your favorite ice cream, yogurt, and strawberries for a delicious mix of flavors, with a pinch of sugar from your youthful days.

This is the closest anime ever got to perfection, and I am eagerly waiting for potential sequels.

Make sure to share it with your family and friends!

(Side effects of watching this series may include: Nausea, Chronic Vomiting, Depression, Physical and/or mental Trauma, Carpal Tunnel, RSI, Imprisonment for sharing and/or watching underage read more
Jan 19, 2019
forster82 (All reviews)
God forgive me for I have sinned.
"A prayer of forgiveness is something we all seek at some point in life. Forgiveness is a valuable gift that is neither easily obtained, nor easily given. Forgiveness is essential for life; it frees us from past wrongs and gives us hope for the future. It is for forgiveness sake that Jesus Christ came to earth to die for mankind."

In all honesty I gotta admit... I really dont want to say this but... this is one of the better hentais out there. The story to be fair is quite fucked up, if you read the summary on MAL you read more
Feb 9, 2018
Clone-Loli (All reviews)
I logged back on after such a long time just to say, the VN that this series comes from did not have an Old Man as the main character, He was a young adult who ran a candy store, for some reason they changed Him into an Old Man for no reason. It only makes Lolicons look worse honestly but either way this series is still incredibly good for fapping.

I would have rated it a near 10 if they didn't just arbitrarily decide to change the main character into an Old Man, also some of the scenes from the VN are not present, funny enough read more
Mar 16, 2017
LittleGirlLulu (All reviews)

Story: The story feels like it's lacking, they could've made it easier to follow, it would often skip to scenes that didn't really follow the previous one.

Art: The art, in my opinion, was amazing, the scenery and characters were well drawn.

Sound: The voice actors felt like a good match for the characters.

Character: Character development felt a bit lacking, and it was hard to follow the relationships.

Enjoyment: I found it too difficult to easily follow, I often got a little confused at the scene jumps/time jumps.

Overall it's an interesting lolicon hentai. I'd recommend this if you're mostly watching for the sex scenes, and obviously if you read more
Apr 6, 2021
keenemon (All reviews)
It's April 1st and the beauty of Spring is now upon us. The darkness of Winter has passed and life blossoms again. Shoujo Ramune is a magical anime that will make even the most cynical among us appreciate the joys of life! I was so inspired that I wrote this short poem in Japanese. 私は死にたいです

Shoujo Ramune is about young love. It's that pure, innocent love that one only feels in one's salad days. There is no sexual element. There is no consideration of finances or future planning. Not since Yoshifumi Kondo's Whisper of the Heart have I seen young romance portrayed so purely and so read more
Feb 14, 2021
Mazohisuto (All reviews)
What in the fuck. That’s all I could think as the horny haze that had enveloped my mind began to clear. I was in utter disgust at myself and a deep shameful guilt settled within my very essence, this felt completely wrong. It took me a good 10 minutes to collect the pieces of my broken mind and haphazardly put them back together, in a state barely fit to keep my body going through the motions of the day. I wasn’t until a week had passed that I could laugh off the experience of watching Shoujo Ramune yet that deep seated guilt would always be read more