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Days (TV)

Alternative Titles

English: Days
Japanese: DAYS


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 2, 2016 to Dec 18, 2016
Premiered: Summer 2016
Broadcast: Sundays at 02:58 (JST)
Licensors: Ponycan USA
Studios: MAPPA
Source: Manga
Genres: Sports, School, Shounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.311 (scored by 31,905 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #23732
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1108
Members: 73,988
Favorites: 310


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Dec 21, 2016
acotede (All reviews)
I love the sports genre and played soccer for many years, so I started watching this anime as a hopeful viewer. My rating started high and kept declining as the season went on because the show lacked a few essential things:

While the show had a lot of promise, the character development was lacking. Tsukushi emulates the familiar sports trope “not very talented, but dedicated to practice every waking moment.” This was fine for me (but if you dislike that trope, run for the hills). I was interested to see how this show would set Tsukushi apart from other characters within that trope. Not only did read more
Dec 19, 2016
Matt_Tex (All reviews)
Days is a unpretentious sports anime who doesn't focus only in the game it self, but on the characters around the series, we are introduce to theirs fears and joy, Days i think is on the best character developed in sports anime then i could ever see. The art of Days is very nice, but is not the point on sports anime then i focus my avaliation, but i feel very pleasant watching the series art. The music is good, is most cliche anime ost on mix the great moments with splendorous song or their sad moments with a song that broke ours hearts. In read more
Jan 2, 2017
whorifying (All reviews)
This is an anime that takes out every single generic sports anime aspect and jumbles it into one show. I've seen this done before with other genres of anime and it never works. The protagonist absolutely sucks at the game, and his teammates rely on his...cheering? What is this? It's like the protagonist belongs in Cheer Danshi.

Then you have the captain with the Hinata Shoyou like traits (confusing lingo with his teammates) and the character holding the team together because he's the "best."

Seriously, this show is decent at best. I'm watching it out of just being a completionist at this point. 10 episodes read more
Jan 5, 2017
MrBouBou (All reviews)
"I want to put my life on the line to live."
- Tsukushi Tsukamoto

This anime teaches us that no matter what don't give up...you can't give up... don't blame yourself just because it didn't work for you...you can't call yourself a loser when you have the ability to change it if you put your hardest on the line. That what it's meant to live.

This story is about a boy named Tsukamoto who is physically weak yet mentally strong.On the first day of school, he gets invited by his classmate Kazama to a soccer match at night.While playing the game Kazama finds a hidden potential within read more
Dec 25, 2016
DonQuigeek (All reviews)
DAYS have their up and downs. The show turns a few stereotypes into likeable characters and focuses on even fewer to keep it simple but honest. Like its art and animation: decent, enough for the job. However, the story takes an interesting start which keeps on going quite pleasantly until the end, even if there are some weaker episodes. It makes up for most of the flaws you may notice and brings something fresh to soccer anime since Ginga e kickoff!! (2012).

But it's not a revelation either: even entertaining, the story still plays with the same old ingredients; the way it's done makes the difference, read more
Dec 17, 2016
Allenwalker07 (All reviews)
I had high hopes for Days since it is a new sports anime (There needs to be more sports anime in this world). I haven't seen much of the episodes released, only to ep 7, but that's already enough for me to see that the anime isn't going anywhere soon. First off the bat, we meet Tsukushi who wants to be a soccer player and he will do anything to be a better player for the team. But what does he have to show for it? Nothing much, really. Just running.

I personally don't see how running all day long will help with playing soccer, read more
Jan 4, 2017
Deathmask277 (All reviews)
This is my first review, to be honest, I never really think of writing one till I watch Days. This is quite a splendid anime that I looking towards every week. I'm sure most of you know the feel of watching an anime that you so into it and wanting it to never end or the sad feeling of wanting to watch more but you can't. Days are that type of anime that get you so excited and begging for more. I have been watching it from the day the first episode coming out and can't wait for more. The first impression of the anime read more
Jan 3, 2017
vivi-kun (All reviews)
Starting off, I really hope people wouldn't pass on this anime just because of a few negative reviews. Please take note that most of the negative reviews are based off of very little episodes watched.

To be completely honest, the first 6-7 eps of DAYS had me wondering why I was still watching it. Unlike other popular anime in the sports genre, such as Haikyuu, Kuroko no Basket, Prince of Tennis etc, the main character of DAYS starts off as a total newbie at the sport. If you dislike slow development and prefer a prodigy MC right off the bat, you might want to pass read more
Dec 17, 2016
I_Love_Pikachu (All reviews)
I became a fangirl after episode one. Some things about reviews to keep in mind is that they tend to be as much as people try not to, full of biases. I find that the overall score of a series doesn’t determine whether it’s good or bad. You will notice with DAYS, you either get people who are in love with it like me or people who hated it and then the sprinkle of the neutral here and there.

I’m going to warn you this is a bias review. I did start it off with an “I became a fangirl after episode one” read more
Jan 25, 2018
xckc (All reviews)
Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion, and you will not know if you will like the anime or not until you have watched it.

The bad stuff:
The show was a bit repetitive. It was quite subtle, but if you watch for it, many of the episodes share similar story lines, with very little happening in each. That being said, this season has 24 episodes and somehow manages a decent plot. Character development was minimal in the second half of the season, due to the vast amount of gameplay that occurred; it was inevitable that the attention would be draw away from character development read more
Dec 17, 2017
dv8zen (All reviews)
This show is so cringe-worthy. I feel I should spoil it to save people the trouble from watching it.

Jaded soccer "genius" spots a momma's boy and apparently decides to pass the time by introducing him to soccer, cause apparently there's merit in bringing a "good guy" into soccer/football (genius is a closet momma's boy). Nevermind the fact physical sports are where alpha personalities and big egos clash to enforce superior social standing above others through displays of athleticism...

So basically this sheltered momma's boy is not only a complete beginner, but also is a complete idiot. His stupidity doesn't tell him that he has no business read more
Oct 30, 2017
meiberuM (All reviews)
If you are reading this, First don't judge the anime because he is always running and weak, but that is only at first he is weak at first and i give it a chance and still watch it until the end he became skilled because of his own effort, I almost drop this anime because i hate it that he was so weak and coudn't do anything but to run, but then i realize that i can somehow relate this in reality.. many people gave up to their dream and this anime made me realize that everyone can become stronger, I almost drop it read more
Aug 8, 2017
Nigwin (All reviews)

Story: 5
No way in hell would this Tsukomoto kid would make it into a highly regarded soccer team like Seiseki in real life. This kid started playing soccer by chance and played like he had two left feet, ABSOLUTELY garbage. The plot is stupid, and it's supposed to set up for character development, which there is a lack of. You see Tsukomoto play terribly, bad, and decent, but really none of the development.

Art: 8
The characters don't have an obscene art style, and the color scheme is very easy on the eyes. It makes for an easy watch once you get past the read more
May 18, 2017
eliroi (All reviews)
Days is one of the best, if not the best, sports anime. It certainly isn't one of these anime that you fall in love with from the first episode, but after a few episodes, I assure you, you will come to love the characters and want to support them. Personally, I didn't think much of it until around half of it, but the rest made it up for me. So if you decide to give it a go, please watch the whole thing.

It is definitely different from other sports anime. It doesn't have as likeable characters as Haikyuu!! (meaning I didn't feel the urge to read more
Apr 25, 2018
youkos-o-ssu (All reviews)
So...sports anime...what is the essence of sports anime? People working together to achieve a sporting goal. Yeah that's part of it. Getting stronger better faster higher etc. Oh yeah that's in there. Explaining the rules of a sport to the audience. Nope, not at all important, that part is usually boring. What is the most important thing in a sporting anime is...Ganbare!!! Pretty much that. Have that word spoken at least every 5 minutes and you have yourselves a sports anime. Apart from that vital trait, for me personally, the most important part of a sports anime is the feel good aspect. When I watch read more
Apr 13, 2018
abyss_zoro (All reviews)
Great anime... I'm not a fan of sports anime except hajime no ippo and haikyuu but this one is crazy in storytelling and character development. Really liked and waiting for next episodes to come out.

The character really gives an awww and ewww feel. It really shows that every human has up and downs in their life.

At some place, the story seems cliche, but still has his own essence of presentation.

I'm just curious to see how the character will develop from a newbie to pro. And how he is going to become someone like mizuki. It's a great anime to watch and i would recommend read more
Feb 12, 2018
rhazxor (All reviews)
There's no balance between characters story and football.

Character & Enjoyment
I was actually okay with the story if not for these flaws here and there like what is the MC's position is he a forward or what. They keep bringing him in a position that he cant deliver. cant shoot? Make him a defender then. I don't know if the author is trying to be realistic here because not everyone has a talent in the game BUT if you are like directky 4 meters towards the goal and still hit the post. You better quit football.

I really like the MC's perserverance But why wont read more
Jan 25, 2018
arch_senpai (All reviews)
SPOILER FREE! (sorry, my English sucks)
DAYS is the series where you can learn and feels how to be a champion from scratch. This series shows you the real life of being the beginner for a soccer player (don't highly expect like MC was a typical anime superhero- well, he's not). You can feel the pain of being lost and the joyful of the victory. You get nothing easily. Hardship, crying, tired, be a loser will drag down people, but Tsukamoto shows you everything he got. The friendship between them is really awesome. Who says the fantastic football club hates the loser? If you falls down, read more
Sep 22, 2017
KINJANO (All reviews)
This is the best football anime I've ever seen. Unlike the other captain's with their magic shots and legendary status which makes wonder how are they not the best in the world, Days is actually about football, tactics are emphasized during games by very good use of far cam, moves of the players are very good, and the super duper stuff players do is actually doable and a joy to watch imaging scoring a goal as such.

the characters psychology, their drivers and their attitudes are very well structured taking into consideration their positions which gets young footballers to reflect on their own weaknesses or game read more
Apr 4, 2017
Len-nyan (All reviews)
Out of all the sports anime I have watched, I think this is one of the best that I enjoyed. The main character wasn't annoying like the others. He may have a lot of weakness but that doesn't make him a bad character or something. The other characters also did their best. Some of them may have irritated me but that was part of the storyline but not how they were created. I hope you get the point.

I have watched a lot of sports anime and I actually have standards for it. Some sports anime - well, okay - most them are out read more