The Lost Village

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Alternative Titles

Japanese: 迷家-マヨイガ-
English: The Lost Village
German: The Lost Village
Spanish: The Lost Village -Mayoiga-
French: The Lost Village
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 1, 2016 to Jun 17, 2016
Premiered: Spring 2016
Broadcast: Fridays at 22:30 (JST)
Licensors: Ponycan USA
Studios: Diomedéa
Source: Original
Genres: ComedyComedy, DramaDrama, HorrorHorror, MysteryMystery
Theme: PsychologicalPsychological
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 5.511 (scored by 9843998,439 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #104062
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #922
Members: 202,403
Favorites: 266

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Jun 17, 2016
Captain220 (All reviews)
In the midst of all of the decent shows that have come out this season, a peculiar one has piqued my interest. This is of course a very special show, often described as being "intentionally unintentionally funny" by the people who know fuckall about what they are talking about. So why is this show so intentionally unintentionally funny? It isn't. Mayoiga is a show that had some of the worst writing I've ever seen and it seems to have picked up on that fact, albeit a little bit too late. What people seem to be missing is that when a show makes itself looks ridiculous read more
Jul 11, 2016
ChrissyKay (All reviews)
Yes, I apologize, but I'm going to have to join the Mayoiga debate, since there are apparently a large number of individuals in the anime community who are convinced that this beautiful disaster is somehow entirely unaware of the fact that it's a comedy. Now, I've heard a lot of things said about the matter, and so I would firstly like to clarify that I am not a diehard fan of the show trying to justify it, nor am I attempting to tell anyone that they are somehow stupid or foolish for assuming that Mayoiga is actually just mind-numbingly stupid trash. I don't even consider read more
Jun 17, 2016
karlstein12 (All reviews)
Watching Mayoiga is like opening a surprise package and finding out it's something you so fiercely hate, thus transitioning your expectations into a decaying death. The premise itself is interesting, and there's a sense of an odd feeling of triumph at the beginning because as rarely as it comes, to see a pure original 'lost somewhere' flick is definitely something you can look forward to with excessive hype and such was the case with myself. As a matter of fact, before the spring season began, I had Mayoiga at the top of my most anticipated shows list. But Mayoiga, or rather Trainwre- I mean... The read more
Jun 17, 2016
Stark700 (All reviews)
Mayoiga (The Lost Village) is a really strange series and to watch it, you’ll really need to do it with some attention or an open mind. I can’t remember the last time I watched a show with such amount of absurdity, to a point where I feel just as lost as the characters in the story. Directed by Tsutomu Mizushima (Shirobako, Girls und Panzer), the series takes the genre of mystery but what you expect isn’t what you’ll likely get. And in many ways, Mayoiga sends a wrong message that makes the show look like a borderline comedy.

As an original series, the premise itself sounds read more
Jun 17, 2016
LeaderTGW (All reviews)
It was like watching a train wreck, so bad, however so appealing to watch that you can't look away.

Escapism is a major part of the story. Each of the 30 characters want to start their lives over again because of a troubling past. Now don't get me wrong, Mayoiga had, has a very interesting concept, plot, and story however I felt like it wasn't able to execute (get the pun) important things like dramatic scenes and capturing realistic emotions very well. The story and plot felt a bit too cliche, predictable, and badly written to the point where I don't even want to go back read more
Jun 18, 2016
Aegair (All reviews)
The Lost Village is a rather unique show. Featuring a large cast of thirty named characters, acclaimed director Tsumotu Mizushima (Shirobako, Girls und Panzer, Dai Mahou Touge) and a similarly acclaimed writer Mari Okada (Ano Hana, Toradora, Nagi no Asakura); to call The Lost Village ambitious would be an understatement. In this review I intend to explain what makes The Lost Village brilliant whilst also explaining what makes this show as polarizing as it appears to be.

The Lost Village presents itself as a horror show. A bunch of kids and young adults board a bus to a mysterious village in order to rebuild their lives. read more
Jun 17, 2016
HaXXspetten (All reviews)
Welcome to "so bad it's actually funny" – the anime. Sort of.

It's hard to explain just how bad Mayoiga actually is without seeing it with your own eyes, but if I were to use one word to describe it then it'd be "amateurish". It feels like both the scriptwriting and the directing were done by a group of 14-year-olds for some school film project or something. It's like one of those second-rate western horror flicks that you solely watch for shits and giggles, except put in an anime format for even greater effect. You might be familiar with the 2012 anime "Another": it was an read more
Jun 22, 2016
Kaiser-chan (All reviews)
Okay, at first episode I thought this anime got potential, maybe something that stand out from the rest of anime this season, well I wasn't completely wrong.

This anime got too many characters and hardly any of them are importants. Most of them are fucking annoying, make me want to punch my computer's screen hoping my fist would break through dimension knock them the fuck out. God, fucking Lovepon and her EXECUTION!

This anime do a poor making me care about any of the characters. These characters are all losers who want to escape their lives because they fucking suck. We slowly learn how lame read more
Jun 18, 2016
krazykillerkurt (All reviews)
Ok first of all. This anime obviously made a lot of people disappointed, but just because it was able to do that was I able to enjoy it even more than I already had. This anime was tagged as Mystery and for the entirety of it I was just left wondering at awe in every episode. Even though the flow of the story was bad and it could've gone way better, I was able to enjoy this anime because of how crazy it is and how people are getting frustrated over it.

Yeah the story is pretty bland and the flow is a read more
Jun 20, 2016
REMOVEDACC1234 (All reviews)
Mayoiga, the anime deemed "Comedy of the season". Personally, I find it quite appealing that someone would deem this "masterpiece" a comedy.

Story is a 7/10 from me. People go in a village, stuff happens, silent hill vibes. 7/10

Art 9/10, fluid art animation is quite seller. Much appreciated.

Everything else *8/10) Characters were unique, concept was good. Got a Law exam tomorrow.

Overall 7.5/10 or 8/10.

Kept me interested, one of the most important pieces of modern day anime.

Ok im going to go study now, bye.


Hold on, if this anime was really that bad, then...why is it getting good reviews.

People die if they are killed.

Tuturuu read more
Jun 19, 2016
Midg3tLuv (All reviews)
Remember when "Lost" (American Live Action Series) became an omelette of horrible ideas? "Bus Show" creators must have thought that was good writing and made a show out of it.

*Spoiler Alert*

The cast is one of many assaults on one's sanity. The characters as I recall are listed like this: Harem Gay, Harem Gay's Best Friend, Love Interest (sometimes Bow Girl), Pikachu, Uzi Chick, Military Guy, Pirate Jack, Other Jack, Larry (refer to Phoenix Wright), Execute Girl, Soy Latte (actual name), Small Beard, and Black Dude. There are a ton of other people, but no one cares. This show damned itself by having such a large read more
Jun 19, 2016
711nono (All reviews)
Many people within the anime community complain about the degrading quality of modern anime works. Though I always try to view anime in a positive light, I can't deny that Mayoiga is a great example of this. I mean it was so mediocre and pretentious and it just fell into an eternal abyss of dissapointment.

The lost village is the type of show that tries several ideas and concepts but fails miserably at several of these endeavors. It desperately attempts to incorporate deep themes but can hardly get down dynamic characterization and development, not to mention a completely muddled narrative.

The story of read more
Jun 24, 2016
khattikeri (All reviews)
2/10 is actually a rather generous score for an anime so abysmal. If MAL offered negative scores, I may have spitefully given it a -2 rather than a positive one.

I trudged through all twelve episodes, wasting 22 minutes of my life every week hoping that somehow, the plot would actually slowly turn good, and the characters wouldn't be so goddamn obnoxious. Didn't happen. I'm asking God for a refund of those minutes after I die one day.

First off: Why the everloving frick would you have 30 characters in a show that's only twelve episodes?! With so little time to develop anyone as a character, it's read more
Jun 26, 2016
HellLyter (All reviews)
Hey, are you looking for a well made mystery anime that boasts a suspenseful plot with intriguing characters? Then DON'T watch Mayoiga! This show failed miserably to be the good mystery anime that it tried so hard to be. Mayoiga got consistently worse and more agrivating to watch as each episode passed by. In fact, it almost drove me to take a bus tour to an abandoned town divode of life and technology myself just so that I wouldn't have to watch this disgrace on my PC every week.

Plot: 1/10

With an intriguing (albeit kinda stupid) premise, I figured that the overall story would at least read more
Jun 20, 2016
snarat (All reviews)
Mayoiga, was one of the most interesting anime in the spring season of 2016, there is a reason why I added "was" because it literally was interesting for the first 3 episodes or so.

let's talk about the story, a group of strangers on a trip to an unknown village. a lot of people got excited because those kinds of stories are really famous and they always turn out to be good BUT not in Mayoiga. don't get fooled by its misleading genre of Horror, Mystery, Drama, and Violence. they made it seem like it would be so scary with a lot of deaths, blood and read more
Jun 19, 2016
Joji1006 (All reviews)
I swear! The only good thing about this horrible show was probably the art. The characters were awful. Every single episode, they kept screaming and acting like idiots. It completely ruined the whole show for me!

None of them made any sense. They acted unreasonable. The only good characters were like two of them. The rest of them acted like complete retards who kept wanting to "control" the situation by themselves! Especially Lovepon! Oh god she was the worst! She kept going on and on about the execution crap!

And what was with the ending!? After all that crap about beating each other, they suddenly started to read more
Jun 27, 2016
Tokis86 (All reviews)
There was a little anime and when it was good, it was really really good, but when it was bad, it was really really bad.

Mayoiga would probably be best described as a psychological supernatural thriller. There is no gore, no murders, no blood, ghosts or epic battle scenes. What this anime does deliver though is monsters, mysteries and cliffhanger moments by the bucket load.

Story in a nutshell: A large group of unrelated & dysfunctional people disenchanted with society run away together to start their lives anew in a mysterious village which exists on no mainstream maps. The village is full of mysteries and it is read more
Sep 3, 2016
Trischetta (All reviews)
I went into this anime with the expectation that it would have a very Danganronpa-esque feel, minus the hope versus despair struggle. As it turns out, I was wrong because I kept hoping it would get better as the show went on and was met instead with disappointment and despair that a show as bland as Mayoiga wasn't canceled by the third episode.

All this poorly structured show has to offer is four and a half hours of content so boring that it will make watching paint dry a thrill by comparison.

Ironically, despite not killing even one of the thirty characters first introduced, this anime managed read more
Jun 17, 2016
MozillaFennekin (All reviews)
Apparently, Mayoiga is categorized as a mystery anime, but the real mystery is figuring out what the fuck was going on half the time, and not really in a good way. One of the most talked about anime of Spring ‘16, Mayoiga deceived whatever target audiences it was trying to lure in; at first it seemed like a group of weirdos assimilating into an uncharted society, then it seemed to be a murder mystery, but really it was… a psychological “horror” involving freaky CG monsters.


Mayo-egg starts off with thirty Redditors getting on a bus headed for the middle of nowhere, so they can start new read more
Jun 19, 2016
bibi-fan (All reviews)
There is a TL;DR at the end. Just a little intro to my review, I have to say I really enjoyed this series. I was not expecting much from it since it was original content and nothing had been said about it before. I think that as an anime series it did a great job and was also completely different from everything else we have been seeing for the past few season. Also if you are a little lazy you can just read the Overall.

Story: The story is about 30 men and women, some younger and some older, who go to an unmarked village to read more