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Kanashimi no Belladonna

Alternative Titles

English: Belladonna of Sadness
Synonyms: Tragedy of Belladonna
Japanese: 哀しみのベラドンナ


Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jun 30, 1973
Producers: None found, add some
Licensors: Cinelicious Pics
Studios: Mushi Production
Source: Book
Duration: 1 hr. 29 min.
Rating: Rx - Hentai


Score: 7.141 (scored by 5,767 users)
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Ranked: N/A2
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Popularity: #3466
Members: 16,814
Favorites: 237


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Jan 28, 2019
ZephSilver (All reviews)
Spellbound in a whirlwind of love, sex, desire, and disaster, Belladonna of Sadness is a blistering wound of emotions and vices. The nature of sin and excess; the act of wanting too much without understanding the cost. A cautionary tale of indulgence as showcased by an unnamed kingdom positioned in the Middle Ages. The unfortunate recipients of which are Jean and Jeanne, a couple young in love in a world far too cutthroat to accept the purity of their union. Their honeymoon, a nightmarish event, forever tainted by the cruel actions of an aristocrat drunk with power. Deflowered and battered, Jeanne, a victim of the read more
Oct 28, 2018
Fleure (All reviews)
A corrupted woman is soaked in sin and gradually torn from her soul. Her purity that was once unscathed is now an unbounded commodity. Piece by piece, she is dismantled until the only thing that’s left is flesh and blood. From the ashes of unadulterated youth, now rises something else. The transformation from beauty to grotesque is immediate. A woman is either a maiden or a witch. A sin or a sinner. An unknowing victim or an unholy perpetrator. The existence of both is morally reprehensible. Here we have the scripture of ye old storytelling embedded in every culture, every time, and in every form.

Nonetheless read more
Aug 15, 2016
literaturenerd (All reviews)

My city's only arthouse theater decided to play this 1973 anime movie recently. I went with a couple buddies and it was...an experience. I will now try explain my mixed feelings on this rather unique film.


This movie is sometimes called "the lost Tezuka masterpiece" although Osamu Tezuka actually left the project quite early in production. Kanashimi no Belladonna or "Belladonna of Sadness" was written and directed by Tezuka's longtime friend and collaborator Eiichi Yamamoto. Yamamoto worked with Tezuka on Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion, as well as writing Space Battleship Yamato, the first Space Opera anime.

Belladonna of Sadness is an X-rated read more
Sep 27, 2015
BlancaXLobo (All reviews)
And the award to the most underrated anime of all time goes to a movie produced and realised in 1973, as part of a trilogy by the Manga God, Osuma Tezuka, who leave the proyect. Kanashimi no Belladoona is amovie that the 99,9% of the anime fandom never heard any about. It's really difficut to found it on internet, and that's without subtitles.
But it's a shame. Anime creators like Kuhiko Ikuhara, Utena and Penguindrum's creator, has admitted the influence of this movie. So, why is this film so unknown?
First of all, it's not a typical movie. It's an avant-garde movie, something you will notice just read more
Feb 24, 2010
Rampant (All reviews)
This is nothing groundbreaking, nothing that will change your world, but it is a fun little psychedelic trip. The few iconic scenes alone, such as her rape early on, leave enough that it is enjoyable even if it is a bit lacking in substance.

The art here is interestingly animated. The colors are always interesting to watch, and the animation mostly manages to be coherent despite the psychedelic nature. It is not always especially fluid, and I think that is what it has the hardest time balancing in a way that is totally watchable. I liked the art the most when the fluidity was best, but read more
Mar 16, 2016
Bayrock (All reviews)

Kanashimi no Belladonna, literally translated as 'Belladonna of Sadness' or figuratively as 'The Tragedy of Belladonna' is an avant-garde feature film produced by Mushi Production and directed/co-written by Eiichi Yamamoto in 1973. It was loosely inspired by the 1862 book La Sorcière (Satanism and Witchcraft) by French historian Jules Michelet. It's also the third and final installment in the Animerama trilogy conceived by manga god Osamu Tezuka, but is the only one that was neither written nor directed by him.

This isn't your typical anime by any stretch of the imagination. The rating is listed as Rx, but not to be confused with hentai. It's a read more
Jun 30, 2017
vanburu0 (All reviews)
First of all, I apologize for the bad English.
Kanashimi no Belladonna is what happens when hentai becomes art. The erotic scenes, here, aren't just sex. Belladonna of Sadness is a real journey through the misogynist universe of Christianity, exploring every single detail of the suffering of women in a sexist society in the most beautiful way that is possible.

Story: 10/10

The story isn't some Texhnolyze-like complex plot, but it's as sensitive and brainy as. The story follows Jeanne, a christian woman in a truly medieval European scenery (not like Nanatsu no Taizai or Meine Liebe, where there's no representation of the poor people's suffering read more
Feb 2, 2013
PatoMcBrain (All reviews)
I am seriously shocked that this movie has such a low ranking. This film is more of an art film than a japanese animation film -ok, I guess you noticed it from the beginning of the movie-, thus, you better stop ranking this film according to the usual way of giving a score to an anime. This film certainly lacks of a deep story, and the character development is quite poor, but don't be mislead cause this film wasn't meant to show a great story. The animation and somebody other technical characteristics are what wey are supposed to put our eyes on, and if.somehow you've read more
Aug 9, 2016
Elviscastorii (All reviews)
Loosely inspired by Jules Michelet's Satanism and Witchcraft, a fictionalized history of medieval witchcraft in Europe, Eiichi Yamamoto's cult anime Belladonna of Sadness strikes a perfect balance between midnight-movie enchantment and arthouse sophistication. The plot follows two recently married peasants, Jean and Jeanne (Aiko Nagayama and Katsuyuki Itô), as they deal with the aftermath of Jeanne's rape by a local baron (Masaya Takahashi) and his henchman by right of prima nocta. Jeanne eventually makes a Faustian bargain with Satan (Tatsuya Nakadai), who appears to her in the guise of a playful demonic phallus, which initially gives her vast social power, but ultimately breeds tragic consequences read more
Mar 22, 2018
common_dragons (All reviews)
Belladonna of Sadness is one of the greatest, most unheralded pieces of animation of all time. Maybe the greatest psychedelic cult film ever, second to Yellow Submarine. Belladonna is born out of same fabulous furry freak mindset that allowed for Fritz The Cat exist, except this film takes it to unprecedentedly beautiful and poignant heights. It's like the Bitches Brew of animation. Wonderful, wild, psychedelic, artful, freewheeling, innovative even if it's influence is nowhere to be seen in any other film (but maybe that's to come in the future.) Even at it's most explicit or pandering, it's still meaningful on multiple levels whether it's the read more
Aug 22, 2018
naushin (All reviews)
I was intrigued to watch this , hearing the studio apparently went bankrupt producing this. Well, that and the beautiful art. But would I recommend this to a fellow anime lover? No.

Apart from the beautiful watercolor art, the story lacks character. Maybe that's what it was meant to be, when we stare across the walls of art gallery , we do not know half of the story displayed. Rather it evokes strong emotion according to our persona and past. While movies can be a great medium to be sad, happy, inspired, scared- the one thing it should not be is stressful. Watching this read more
Oct 23, 2016
ggultra2764 (All reviews)
A lost cult classic of anime, Belladonna of Sadness is the third film in a trilogy of erotica anime films called Animerama made by Mushi Production and had some sort of involvement from famous anime director Osamu Tezuka from 1969 to 1973 (Tezuka being a producer for Belladonna). Set in a pre-French Revolution era French village, new bride Jeanne finds herself raped by her village's corrupt lord and turns to witchcraft to escape the cruelty of the local lords influencing her village.

The immediate thing that will stick out to many viewers of Belladonna is its avant-garde visuals. Many of the visuals are beautifully-done watercolor drawings read more
Jan 20, 2018
PotrelViewer (All reviews)
The first time I've ever heard about this movie was by doing some research in Osamu Tezuka's many works, when I stumbled upon the adult animated trilogy "Animerama" (consisting of "1001 Nights", "Cleopatra", and "Belladonna"). I first watched "1001 Nights" (sadly in Italian...) and was quite surprised that the father of Astro Boy and Kimba could do something so silly and mature. I glanced then at "Cleopatra" and quickly stopped because I already saw two movies destroying the image of the last pharaoh (with a feathered hat-wearing Gaul, nah mean?), then I finally got to see "Belladonna", and let me tell you, if you thought read more
Dec 4, 2019
dakidamachine (All reviews)
Visually Impressive, I mean absolutely gorgeous. There are several different art styles that Yamamoto utilizes and each one was equally as impressive for its own reasons. Soundtrack is also excellent, I found myself mesmerized by the long scenes of visuals and music coinciding into one long visual trip. Seriously, go check out the OST, it's beautiful free jazz composed by Masahiko Sato. Not a good film for casual viewing because although a pretty film, I found the story lacking and developed no real relationship to the characters. These are trivial issues when dealing with a film of this nature however. Overall an impressive art house read more
Dec 2, 2019
TheTheory (All reviews)
Gorgeous animation drives this feature-length film, awash in 1970s psychedelia and brash sexuality. The story has a fable-like feeling to it, although I could never determine if there was a point that was being made (and if there was, whether I even agreed with it). It's an *adults only* film, with sexuality forming a very key part of its identity--going beyond nakedness and into the ambiguous realm of suggestion and innuendo. At times immature (realizing, for example, that the "demon" character is shaped like a penis), but, I feel, generally with a point that feeds the subtext. Unfortunately I don't know what that subtext is, read more
May 23, 2017
lethargilistic (All reviews)
This is an odd one, and I fell asleep for a bit towards the middle. Basically, an experimental animation about a woman who finds liberation through sex and inspires a revolution among the people by showing them to indulge in and accept their sexual desires. The problem is that doing so is combined with her accepting a devil penis, so indulging in sexuality is also connected to evil symbolism. Eventually, the patriarchy comes and ends the party and some pictures of women revolutions are shown to let us know that it's meant as an empowering film. If it's supposed to be empowering, why have her read more
Dec 23, 2018
matthigh (All reviews)
This is what happens when 90% of your budget goes to acid tabs.

The third and final film of the Animerama trilogy, this was ultimately a failure that contributed to the demise of the Tezuka-founded Mushi Pro Studio. Unlike the previous two movies that delved heavily into the wacky, zany world of slapstick comedy at times, Belladonna maintains a serious tone throughout. And because of this, it ultimately is the stronger of the three movies.

What all three have in common, though, is their experimental, trippy, psychedelic presentation. In fact, Belladonna turns this up to eleven, read more
Sep 6, 2018
EggheadLuna (All reviews)
Kanashimi no Belladonna, or Belladonna of Sadness, is nothing more than an obtuse piece of art that can be interpreted in many different ways; if you need any of evidence of this, it even made it on the Criterion Collection list. Warning to the audience, if you want something with a concrete story that makes sense without flowery artistic liberties… then this film is NOT for you. The film is also very sexually graphic, and is rated under the Rx-Hentai category on MyAnimeList.

• The only thing you really need to know about the story is that the main character marries a man whoーthen sells read more
Apr 11, 2018
rabi3187 (All reviews)
It is definitely interesting movie. One cannot forget the date at which it was made. Plot is simple and not complicated, but has enough substance to be interesting. In my view it is mainly about finding of women place in society and critique of a man society and its attitude towards women. Visiual style is stunning. Usage of watercolours and black and white ink drawings as well as still images was beautifully done. Altough I would prefert little less still images and some psychadelic scenes, where bit too much for my taste. As far as erotic content goes, some of it was nicely done (I read more
Jan 27, 2018
Shimbels (All reviews)
It's difficult to say whether the fact that the rape scenes are really disturbing counteracts the fact that they are presented so frequently that they end up more of a vehicle for visual experimentation than as a means of expressing a coherent statement, feminist or otherwise. It's too wishy washy to be interpreted as a cogent progressive work, but also in my opinion too intent on using the suffering of its female lead to attack patriachy, as opposed to using her plight as a melodramatic device or as titillation, to be accused of being misogynistic.

The only excellent aspect of the film is its visual read more