Mob Psycho 100

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Mob Psycho Hyaku, Mob Psycho One Hundred
Japanese: モブサイコ100
English: Mob Psycho 100
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 11, 2016 to Sep 27, 2016
Premiered: Summer 2016
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation, Crunchyroll
Studios: Bones
Source: Web manga
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, SupernaturalSupernatural
Theme: Super PowerSuper Power
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.491 (scored by 11346801,134,680 users)
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Ranked: #1302
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Popularity: #33
Members: 1,838,735
Favorites: 42,337

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Both series have the same sense of humor and absurd, comedic art packed with high amount of action in each episode, portraying how strong the protagonist is compared to the rest of the characters. 
report Recommended by Aleron
Main Protagonist is an overpowered Psychic and is of similar character. While the vibe is different, the settings come close to each other. Both are students and have interesting people around the Protagonist. 
report Recommended by Souru
Similar senses of humour and art styles. Both have a lot of charm, great characters, character designs & animation. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Unscrupulous adults using poor innocent ESPers for their own nefarious ends. Very similar sense of humour, more exaggerated in Mob Psycho. 
report Recommended by Lemon
-both animated by BONES -both feature a boy who has yet to learn to control his incredible powers -both main characters appear to be weak and desire to protect others  
report Recommended by someoka
1. Master - Student pair in both ANIME. 2. Masters (Sensei) are very cool & funny character in both Anime. 3. Overpowered Protagonist. 4. Art & Animation are excellent. 5. Supernatural Anime with plenty of action.  
report Recommended by Doutei-kun
Fantastical allegories for male adolescence. These hilarious action series ponder the eternal question: What does it take to be cool and mature? As the protagonist encounters various authority figures, the story explores various possible answers through increasingly crazy battles. The main difference is that FLCL leaves the interpretation up to the audience. Mob Psycho 100 is very straightforward in its delivery. 
report Recommended by kasarn
Another series with OP main character. Funny daily life stories. Low profile. I really recommend Mob Psycho 100 tho it is a little bit underrated and the picture is "artistic". 
report Recommended by naparahnaid
- Similar fluid and exaggerated art-style - Energtic OST - Bowl-cut protagonist 
report Recommended by Lemon
Supernatural battles and a similar student/mentor relationship at the center. The "mentors" (Yato and Reigen, respectively) are often silly/comic relief/over-the-top, but they can and do get serious for the sake of their students and are genuinely good mentors to them. Also have similar monster designs. 
report Recommended by Neko-Hoshishima
- Main character in both shows are trying to become better (coming of age) - Super heartwarming tearjerking wholesome story - Extremely good animation (despite simple character design, the production is superbly good with great OST & super smooth action scenes) - Rare masterpiece anime in 2020s. MUST WATCH!  
report Recommended by NickLim27
Reigen Arataka and Onizuka are highly similar in character: People who at first glance, would seem like swindlers or frauds. More than that, what makes them similar is, they genuinely care for their sidekicks/students and are ready to protect them from any harm that they may encounter. Imo, both Reigen's design, as well as character, is heavily inspired by Onizuka. Both also possess that subtle charisma and self-confidence that makes viewers like them. 
report Recommended by Kronosfear
Mob Psycho 100 can be described as Akira's more wacky cousin. Both feature non-adults that possess psychic powers, some innate (e.g. Shigeo and Akira himself), others the result of experimentation and it is the result of the heroes and companions to rescue children/teenagers who possess such power from being used for malicious purposes. 
report Recommended by Fortress_Maximus
Both shows take place in one city filled with supernatural and sometimes bizarre phenomenons. Plots of these two animes tell stories centered around school student finding an adult mentor and having various adventures together and with their friends, all covered in well implemented slice of life and comedy elements. 
report Recommended by Adnash
no one make a recommendation to HxH? okay, the similariity between these 2 animes is in the way they tend to over-expaining something narratively though MPS's was more humorous and yet it's rare to see any anime that put narration dominant in a episode. 
report Recommended by KyouKaiTen
Both shows revolve around the main character having the ability to see "the supernatural" and their sensei guiding them. I do have to mention that there aren't any psychic powers in Kai Byoui Ramune as there are in Mob Psycho 100. Though Dr. Ramune doesn't have money on his mind while guiding their pupil. 
report Recommended by Haarspook
Though Mob Psycho 100 and Kotoura-san are undeniably drastically different series, with the former being primarily a fast-paced action series and the latter being primarily a drama-focused series, I urge anyone who enjoys either of these shows to give the other a chance. Though the pacing and genres of these shows are different, in both you'll find touching coming-of-age stories about main characters who struggle to come to terms with their psychic powers. Both have their fair share of comedy and light-hearted scenes to go along with their heavier scenes, and though I would argue that the comedy in MP100 is better timed and hits  read more 
report Recommended by celestialnerd
I'm really surprised no one has done this. Both Kekkai Sensen and Mob psycho feature an insecure boy trying to figure out life and their powers. Both protagonists have passive personalities. Both have a totally different visual style but feature unique animation. If you like lovable scumbags that somehow develop the MC (aka- Reigen/Dimple for MPO or Libra for BBB) then I would recommend this. 
report Recommended by Blood-Typemaster
- Over the top music - Over the top designs - Over the top art - Over the top actions - Over the top reactions - Over the top movement - High School setting Stylistically they're very similar, but they have very different plots and characters.  
report Recommended by Lemon
-Both deal with themes of growing up and understanding yourself -Both are riddled with comedy at first, but turn into emotional roller coasters in their second seasons -Both prominently feature a student-teacher relationship -Both also feature lots of side characters who get their own arcs, helping to flesh out the world as one where not just our main characters are troubled by conflict 
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both main characters do not have many friends and are always lonely because nobody understands them. Turns out mob and the main character dorotabo have powers and they meet a man who eventually becomes their sensei. The senseis accept the kid and take them in as their apprentice to go on journeys to deal with evil forces/ghosts/ghouls etc. As the main characters spends time with the sensei, they begin to open up and grow as a character.  
report Recommended by iNinjeek
If you enjoy anime with "psychic" characters these are comedy shows that focus on the life of an over powered psychic/esper. Both shows have great character design, OST's and similar senses of humour. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both anime have a violent dark comedy humor, strong main character with a supernatural twist, and quirky animation that gives them similar vibe.  
report Recommended by Ploom
Both shows are very funny, but sometimes they have serious moments. In both series, attention is paid to "strange" organizations, whose leaders possess great charisma. 
report Recommended by Kns-
They both have brothers, the older brother is seemingly gifted with some kind of power. They both exorcise some spirits. 
report Recommended by SwordWielder
both animes are about the main character are able to see ghosts. They are gifted in the 6th sense. For Mob, he is able to exorcist demons, and for Meiruko, so far nothing can protect her because her spiritual powers is way too strong. I enjoy both of them because after every episode, its very wholesome and heartwarming.  
report Recommended by iNinjeek
BOTH ANIME HAVE SIMILIAR IN : 1. POWER 2. friendship 3. great plot 4. good music !!! 
report Recommended by I-TECi
Trigun and Mob Psycho both engage with deep philosophical questions relating to violence, nonviolence, and the value of human life. The protagonists are also similar in that they both have immense power, and engage with the responsibility that comes with it. Mob Psycho is, however, much more lighthearted and comedic than Trigun, and takes a more optimistic tone overall. 
report Recommended by Kong38
Both of these shows have a groovy, unique artistic style and off-the-wall humor. Mob Psycho contains a lot of action and combat that The Tatami Galaxy lacks, but they are both quirky, interesting little shows that make you think. Did I mention the phenomenal animation?  
report Recommended by okcoolthanks
Beautiful journey of self discovery and change 
report Recommended by FrostFever
They both share the same theme, just Natsume is more serious, while Mob Psycho is comedy 
report Recommended by CrowleYo
What does a show about diving and a show about supernatural, telekinetic powers have in common? The body improvement club! While they serve different purposes narratively, the muscular dudes in both Grand Blue and Mob Psycho serve as the lovable guidance in the series that help the protagonist grow into a better person through their sheer kindness and willpower. 
report Recommended by MistaPolitics
It remindeds one of Chuunibyou as one of the characters wonders whether Mob (the protagonist) has Chuunibyou, only that Mob's powers are real, so it's like Chuunibyou but with real supernatural powers. The set of main characters are in their second year of junior high school and undergoing great emotional upheavals and life crisis, so the overall psychological situation of the characters is very similar. 
report Recommended by Granta
Both have espers who are extremely powerful. One is about ghosts and they both show how people aren't comfortable with esper powers. 
report Recommended by fatheredpuma81
they both follow a socially akward high school character who wants to make friends but can't because of their social anxiety 
report Recommended by King_Magikarp1
- Both deal with working in a detective agency - Characters with special gifts and abilities - Both have comedic tones underlying the serious plot 
report Recommended by cornonacob
Both are based on manga/webcomic by the same creator ONE. They both have similar art styles, character designs & humour. Both main characters have the same bored/uninterested expressions on their faces most of time and can also get serious and lose that expression and be quite formidable. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both have awesome fights and great action animation. Both have young main characters that have incredible powers. Both have older and more experienced characters that guide the younger protagonists on the right path, encouraging them to use their powers to help other people in need. 
report Recommended by alpha_shadow
Although both of these stories are different, they do share some similarities. - Both have an overpowered protagonist - Both have a high school setting - People with supernatural powers - Both protagonists have a younger sibling who awakens their powers later on - An organisation tries to go after people with those supernatural abilities 
report Recommended by melbell123
I get similar vibes from both animes: -Unique and different style -Amazing animation -Maybe the soundtrack  
report Recommended by Kasura
This may seem like a contradictory recommendation, as the two reside in different genres/tones/story styles. To put it simply: Parasyte: the Maxim is a sci-fi horror-thriller and Mob Psycho is pretty much the opposite. That said, the core of both of these stories is in parallel. They are both stories about compartmentalizing and stifling ones emotions in order to navigate ones life and experiences. Both protagonists grow by finding a way to get in touch with their emotions and accept themselves for who they are. They learn how to process their emotions and their respective genres and worlds serve as a landscape to showcase this  read more 
report Recommended by amaranth9
Umaru-chan also focuses on a duo of characters who spend time with one another. If you enjoyed the "slice of life" moments of Mob Psycho 100 between Mob and Reigen, you will probably be a fan of the slice of life show about Umaru and her brother trying to get along. The wholesomeness and chemistry between characters is something I feel both shows highlight. A common theme is family and learning to understand each other. Lastly, both have comedy. 
report Recommended by TrueReset
- Non-neurotypical main character. Has certain special abilities but difficulty navigating social situations with their peers. Doesn't emote very much/very well. - Colorful and interesting art style - Not the kind of art style you'd enjoy if you want to be thirsty for some pretty characters. Just not that kind of show in either case. - Utterly sincere main character surrounded by charming scammer-types, whom you can root for against the worse-intentioned less-charming criminal types. Both of these shows are technically action genre, but the resolution of problems has much more to do with confronting the personal issues and motivations of the antagonists, who are often morally grey or  read more 
report Recommended by juliasusername
Shounen, great fighting scenes, power, sci-fi, strong protagonist. Both have good animation and character designs. I recommend you guys to watch both. 
report Recommended by real_noahh
Young students, some weird monsters, and a ton of fighting. MP100 and WEP have a lot of differences between the two but they cross paths with young individuals being tasked to go out and use their unnatural abilities to fight those that cause havoc. MP100 does this with Mob and the world of espers and spirits, WEP does this with Ai and her group in these unearthly atmospheres reigned by demons of some kind. Both anime also have a supplier type character who sets them on such missions. Would also like to point out the drastic presentation differences of how MP100 is essentially something that  read more 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
You should really give this one a chance if you haven't watched it yet. -lighthearted when it needs to be -You'll definitely like Glenn if you liked Reigen -Dosen't have romance just for the sake of romance -Funny and satisfying -Touching teacher-student relationships  
report Recommended by tincanman
Both series have wacky humor and over the top animation. both take place in a quirky city  
report Recommended by Katishere
Taken in. Mob Psycho 100 and The Boy and The Beast follow kids taken in by someone in a manner that is along the lines of parenting, but they act as a guardian. MP100 follows esper Mob trying to make good use of his powers via Reigen and his business, Boy and Beast are similar with an irresponsible Kumatetsu pair up with a bratty Ren, both making each other grow stronger by pointing out their different flaws. Both are good anime with there being action in both, as well as some comedy. Though MP100 is more ingrained in the two genres than the lighter Boy and Beast.  
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Family with the alien one. Mob Psycho 100 and Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms both follow a non-human being paired up with a family with a regular human being. Though, Mob is being used for Reigen's antics of exorcism. Promised Flower gives more of a family situation at hand. Both are great anime with amazing visuals in their own respective rights. Though MP100 is more comedy, borderline parody. Whilst Promised flower is a nice drama in a fantasy realm.  
report Recommended by NextUniverse
- timid, anxious, "small" but strong main protagonist - timid boy becomes wise man - real life lessons beneath the action - theme of energy - instant powers - "explosive" and spectacular action 
report Recommended by mib23
Both of these anime have really good animation and nuts fight scenes, and both of these are very captivating to watch.  
report Recommended by alreadydead445
Jojo's bizarre adventure literally says it in the title but mob psycho is more bizarre than a lot of the parts in my opinion it's a funny show with a great story and a (somewhat) original one at that. I'm sure everyone who watches the first season would love it. 
report Recommended by pewwnews
If you didn't care about the character designs and CGI and loved the fights in Mob Psycho 100, then Arifureta is the perfect choice for you. Even though the CGI and character designs of 'monsters' are not good, the character design of the main characters is too pure. And the fights are almost mesmerizing which will make you rewatch the anime many times. 
report Recommended by Dark_Axgel
Both are about a young boy learning to stand up for himself more and that being selfish is something that is necessary sometimes, while collecting an entourage of friends made through sheer knidness. Mob and Iruma are definitely up there for goodest boys. 
report Recommended by ferrishbones
Both have colorful and flashy animation, unique character designs and somewhat similar powers and fights. 
report Recommended by Weebbe
Both shows involve a magical child protagonist who only desires a happy end for everyone. Being shoved into a somewhat cruel world, both of our innocent protagonists do their best to do the right thing but run into conflict and question their decisions. A major theme of both works is that magic and power ironically cause conflict in their lives. If you enjoy seeing Mob grow and overcome the challenges of life, perhaps you will enjoy seeing Madoka chase her own dreams. 
report Recommended by TrueReset
Both main characters have trouble with displaying emotion 
report Recommended by MercerTheLegend
Ridicilous,charming,funny,great animation when fights.  
report Recommended by Hatreddd
Both involve an MC that is overpowered but doesn't show it Like Mob the plot circles around the MC's job, however, Gunjou no Magmell is all mini-arcs  
report Recommended by kevindasian
Both are very well animated and experimental, while also being genuinely touching despite having generally wacky looking character designs. I'd consider both shows to be pretty character driven stories, and side characters from either show end up being pretty memorable despite not being focused on much. There are also similar themes addressed. Kaiba is definitely a more upsetting watch, but I'd say both shows manage a weird mix of both light-hearted and emotional. 
report Recommended by grsse
-Great comedy -OP Main character  
report Recommended by doomlord357
Both series deal with a similar theme of characters who are very different from one another and how they use their extraordinary powers. Though Mob has more characters with powers then Inuyashiki and as such is able to explore more, both are sure to captivate anyone who's interested in the theme. 
report Recommended by CatSoul
-Both were animated by Studio BONES and utilize animation techniques not often seen in anime. -Dandy, the main character of Space Dandy, is similar to Reigen in the sense that they are both deadbeat adults that are always looking for ways to make easy money but are still very charming and likeable because of how humorous and sometimes absurd their antics are. -Despite their humorous nature however, both shows can be quite emotional at times, when they focus on human relationships and the loss of one's loved ones. -Some key differences are the settings (Space Dandy is in space, while Mob Psycho in a small town) and  read more 
report Recommended by eddykapo
Eizouken and Mob Psycho are pretty different in terms of tone and subject matter, but where they both shine is in their animation. The teams of both have a clear passion for and deep respect of art and animation, and give unique spins to their styles to accentuate different aspects. Eizouken's sketchy sequences which blend imagination and reality are breathtakingly beautiful and extremely fun, while MP100 uses techniques like paint-on-glass to capture an ethereal and otherworldly vibe. Humor is pretty similar for both series. Often, they will take "realistic" set-ups and exaggerate them for the sake of comedy, while still maintaining a down-to-earth feeling and sincere  read more 
report Recommended by moll13
Similarities: -Mob and Negishi are quite similar in terms of personality (a very calm person who could change into someone different in a certain situation). -Both focused on Comedy. -Simple yet unique art style. Differences: -Detroit Metal City is about Music, while Mob Psycho 100 is about Supernatural things. -DMC's comedy is more mature compared to the comedy in Mob Psycho 100. 
report Recommended by renzospark
• Both series feature a goofy con artist mentor figure (Kuruma Joe and Arataka Reigen) • Both series feature a boy with a bowl haircut and an immense power which he keeps secret (Takeshi as Polymar and Mob as a psychic) • Both series feature a snarky comic relief non-human being (the dog and Ekubo)  
report Recommended by RyuToken
Both feature teenagers with powers in a world much like our own where monsters of some kind abound (spirits in Mob Psycho 100, demons in Yu Yu Hakusho). Both main casts comprise: -a protagonist with a lot of spirtual/psychic power (Mob and Yusuke) -a goofy comic relief that still contibutes to the team on his on way (Reigen and Kuwabara) -a ladies man that is originally a villain but turns good (Teru and Kurama) -an edgelord that also turns good after being antagonistic at first (Ritsu and Hiei) 
report Recommended by eddykapo
Both revolve around the occult and taking care of incidents incurred by it. They also have a guy taking care and making use of the protagonists' special abilities.  
report Recommended by NixKaen
Both popular gag parody comedies that both follow super powered (extremely so) psychic main characters. Both shows have great characters, art styles and OSTs. Both have similar senses of humour. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
The most powerful esper on the planet fighting enemies weaker than him 
report Recommended by jyagan0
If you want to see the main character as a all powerful protagonist hero. I'll gladly recommend "Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei". In both anime the main protagonist is the most strongest yet no one recognized it first. And you can find similarity both in psychic and magical power. Hope you can enjoy both. 
report Recommended by imranhasan
FMA03 and MP100 have one really important thing in common, to me: despite featuring characters with awesome superpowers (and therefore potential for dozens of drawn-out epic fight scenes), they have a pointed focus on the NARRATIVE and EMOTIONAL stakes of each battle rather than the scale or badassery. It's a couple minutes of action framed by hours of context, reflections, trauma, evaluation, etc. What ultimately matters isn't the physical strength or creative abilities of the protagonist, but their reasons for acting the way they do and how they deal with the choices they make. 03!FMA is distinctly less prototypical-shounen-y than the source manga or Brotherhood adaptation,  read more 
report Recommended by ArcanaXIX
Twin Star Exorcists and Mob Psycho 100 are both shows, with a ridiculous team of people who exorcise evil spirits. Each series has some scenes that take place in a school. The protagonist(s) in each series are in middle school. Each show has a family dynamic, in Twin Star Exorcists it is more of a groups of people who basically consider each other family. There is also a ridiculous character, who is the boss of the protagonist(s).  
report Recommended by 64BitRatchet
they both involve demons/crypids and i lovE THEM!! 
report Recommended by hootiee
Similar in terms of animation although Level E is more polished & both deal with the supernatural. 
report Recommended by MJSpice
- Similar character designs, especially the facial features (mainly the eyes). - Both anime follow groups of Japanese kids, including delinquents, trying to find meaning in their lives. - They share an offbeat sense of humor, though Mob is a lot more pronounced with its jokes, compared to the dryer humor in Ongaku. - They shift to experimental, abstract animation styles during big emotional moments. 
report Recommended by Kyotso
Protagonists aren't very comfortable using their superhuman powers and find solace with people like them. Also the fight scenes are pretty similar. 
report Recommended by Johnny386
Both are very comedic but also have a serious and cool side to them, overall both very fun series with interesting characters and some serious undertones 
report Recommended by nyactis
Similar animation style and wacky comedy mixed with colorful fights. 
report Recommended by kataneer
Similar to sangatsu, Mob Psycho is rich with well written characters. If you liked the introspective aspect Sangatsu and a well-paced coming of age story of a young relatable boy, then this is a good show to give a shot. 
report Recommended by atrx_manbearpig
There are two defining traits that come to mind when comparing these series. The first and probably most obvious is the supernatural theme. Both Devilman and Mob Psycho feature battles against supernatural forces, often delving into Lovecraftian-levels of horror. The second common trait is the use of unique art styles to create equally-unique character animation. The animators were not afraid to go off-model when creating scenes in both Devilman and Mob Psycho, showcasing warped and squished faces and bodies to excellent effect. The use of sakuga is also prevalent throughout both series. So if you like supernatural horror-action pieces that showcase unique animation styles, you can't  read more 
report Recommended by Dewelleric
-Though, each episode of Hanako-san is about three minutes, it delivers a clever-but-a-little-cheesy but just right comedy. It was a 90s anime anyways!! (not saying they're all bad.. i loved them LOL) -Both have relations to excorsising and dealing with spirits and super natural. -Both protags just want to help people in need. -Little spirit that accompanies them. -Protagonists look alike, if you care about that ! -Pretty powerful protagonists -Simple art style 
report Recommended by kazuicheese
Clients go to the office to report on the supernatural phenomena they experienced while giving details and exorcising them afterwards. 
report Recommended by Ysra
The main character of both shows have a lack of presence and tend to be underestimated by their "enemies" and sometimes by their allies as well they also have very similar personalities. This shows are action packed but also have comedy which makes a perfect balance. 
report Recommended by Aura_Mirai
Both anime feature a protagonist with supernatural powers in a world where that is quite rare, and they both are mostly underestimated by their opponenets. Another similairity is that they both mostly fight ghosts or spirits. They even both are part of some sort of exorcising agency, where they are not the boss but they are the most potent fighter. 
report Recommended by wossname101
Mob Psycho 100 and Hugtto Precure have the same message. Reflected in both of their OPs, the message of "You can do anything! You can be anything! Your life is your own!" is very heartwarming and fans of one should probably watch the other. Although they have different genres, both have a similar overarching theme, as well as great characters. 
report Recommended by HappyNaru