3-gatsu no Lion

March comes in like a lion

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Alternative Titles

English: March comes in like a lion
Synonyms: Sangatsu no Lion
Japanese: 3月のライオン


Type: TV
Episodes: 22
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 8, 2016 to Mar 18, 2017
Premiered: Fall 2016
Broadcast: Saturdays at 23:00 (JST)
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: Shaft
Source: Manga
Genres: DramaDrama, GameGame, SeinenSeinen, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.441 (scored by 157842157,842 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #1212
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Popularity: #289
Members: 406,375
Favorites: 9,910


Very similar main characters, facing similar complex and personal problems, in a similar isolated setting, similar messages... I could go on. Enjoy! 
report Recommended by Ausp
Like a bolt from the blue Chihayafuru striked to my mind while watching Sangatsu no Lion: - despite Sangatsu alternates quite some dark moments or very sad ones to the happy ones while Chihayafuru is rather cheerful most of the times, both series still have that colorful atmosphere and very heartwarming vibe that catches your heart. - both are heavily mainly focused on old traditional japanese games who are setted to be 1 vs 1 players type, Chihayafuru deals with Karuta and Sangatsu has Shogi instead. Both games are greatly introduced and developed in a charming way that could easily let you curious with the will to  read more 
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
deals a lot with depression and opening your heart to others. both are very good at changing your feelings with the mood it sets. some scenes can feel cold and distant, while others feel warm and welcoming. they're overall fluffy, feel good shows. both protagonists are quiet, antisocial, and not good at expressing themselves. both are also frequently taken care of by kind people who are not blood-relatives.  
report Recommended by fizzytastic
Besides the fact they're both from the same manga-ka, they are both stories about the interpersonal relationships with others, illustrated with the perfect contrast between other dynamic characters and the overall tone and color of their lives. The use of real-life based drama fleshes out the characters which genuinely immerses you to experience the lives of these characters. They're both aimed towards the adult demographic respectively! (Seinen and Josei) 
report Recommended by IchiroEX
Both are stories about protagonists pursuing success in the only thing they have to fill the void inside while coping with the isolation and loneliness that comes with it. Hurting people close to them and trying to fix the mistakes are dealt with in both anime albeit in different ways. And even though Shouwa Genroku takes a mature tone compared to Sangatsu, both of these stories are character studies and are pretty good ones at that. 
report Recommended by Doomdoctor
Both are coming-of-age stories that use sports as a tool for character development and focus more on the depth of the characters involved in the games and matches (even the minor ones). 
report Recommended by irasshai
Both focus on strong character development, the main male leads journeys are similar as well. Animation quality is high for both. 
report Recommended by Volvagia
Deals with a depressed kid and really conveys the emotion fantastically 
report Recommended by stratoge
Both is Slice of life ,you can enjoy watching the main character develop and the little girls in both are so cute in many ways :3  
report Recommended by Aya_Mugiwara
Both shows are about aspiring professional shogi players. However, the approaches to the show are much different as in March, the MC is trying to make it into the world of shogi after numerous setbacks in life, and in Ryuo the MC is already a champion in shogi and is teaching girls to become pros. Both have cute girls in it, though it is far more pronounced in Ryuo as they are the center of attention, while in March the girls are just emotional support for the MC. If you like Ryuo, then I highly recommend March, though the other way around  read more 
report Recommended by GridironOtaku
I think that both touch your heart in way that you just want to cry all day long  
report Recommended by Licorys
If you were able to watch and enjoy Hikaru no Go you will probably like 3-gatsu no Lion as well. Both are about characters trying to be / become professional board game players so the style is similar, because you get to see the gameplays. In my opinion watching Hikaru matches was more interesting, while in 3-gatsu the life of the player in general is more developed and perhaps more troubled. But overall both very nice shows. 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
Both stories start off with a depressive main character who doesn't communicate much with other people. They live on their own. They are very good at their work but they lack interactions with others. As the story goes on they find that "something" that keeps them going further in life (it's different for either series!) If you like stories like these, check them out! 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
both are heartwarming slice of life stories with the main character going over to a girl's house to have dinner; in amaama to inazuma the main character comes with his daughter to his student's house, while in 3 gates no lion the main character comes alone to the 3 sisters that live in the neighbourhood  
report Recommended by KuroYume-96
Both anime focuses on Shougi Both MC has a dark path that's related to Shougi Both MC are "fostered" and loved by their fostered family. 
report Recommended by aqing0601
It's hard to explain how they're similar but both shows leave you with this warm emotion. But I guess if you like shows that talk about relationships, existentialism, phylosophy and life in genereal. These two are a must watch. Though the plot is different, in one the MC is a shogi player while in the other the MC makes a dictionary.  
report Recommended by Seniacchi
Warm atmosphere with lots of slice of life moments truly relaxing and very touching. The two main characters have a painful past and are orphans. They also grew up in host families. However, 3-Gatsu No Lion focuses on shogi while Natsume Yuujinchou is rather a fantasy series with supernatural creatures (yokai) 
report Recommended by TuyNOM
Both MCs doesn't know what to do with their life and future. They both wanted to escape their homes for similiar reasons. Both deals with depression though Silver spoon is on the lighter side and 3-gatsu does it in "show not tell" way. They're both very funny. Silver spoon has more comedy while 3-gatsu has more sweet moments that will give you diabetes. They're both incredible and deals with kind of the same things in different ways.  
report Recommended by Anondesuu
Both shares same premise , Rei and Rikuo (main protagonist from each title) basically have same personality, with Rei more shy. Both have slow pacing Thus is my first recommendation, I'm not native English speaker. I never speak other languages than my mother tongue. But I want to study more 
report Recommended by SmolPeePee69
Both are sports anime with focus on japanese games, and they share a similar vibe. 
report Recommended by Akaicrow5
Both are melancholic anime with cute character design and a lot of everyday problems to think about. 
report Recommended by Arijsu
Music and a Game are two diferent things, but they also are a hobbie where one must have an iniciation at one point in life. So you will see how much they resemble each other having people with diferent backgrouds learning. They share an unusual tradicional japanese art form for modern high schoolers to learn. Both show characters believable and relatable backstories drama through their interactions and learning experiences. The best resemblence is that both have a main character who in the past were excluded from interacting with people the same age group and while being a expert/much experienced in their art then others, is trying  read more 
report Recommended by Sten_PT
Both anime show how great professionals are born as we follow them through their struggles... Though bakuman is more little light-hearted with more comedy and does not have the long dialogues of the protagonist's thought train... I liked 3gatsu no lion better between the two :D 
report Recommended by otaku047
Short anime related to shogi. The story is about a Polish professional shogi player, as Rei in 3-Gatsu no Lion. If you have a 3 minute break, have a look! 
report Recommended by WhiteZuri
- Two sympathetic protagonists who are trying to avoid being consumed by a darkness in their hearts; initially losing this battle, they attempt to connect with different people in their lives and become functioning people. - They both deal with prejudice and bullying (especially Season 2 in Sangatsu's case) and society's inability to fix these issues. - Memorable casts with people from all walks of life, many of which attempt to reach out to the protagonist during dark times. - Dense story arcs with gradual build-ups and dramatic payoffs..  
report Recommended by Kyotso
Some of the animation scenes would remind you of Mushishi 
report Recommended by ccbestgirl1411
Yagate Kimi ni Naru is about self-acceptance and growth through romantic love. 3-gatsu no Lion is also about self-acceptance and growth, this time through the the warmest care I've ever seen animated, given by our 3 sisters who more or less adopts our main character into their household. Over time he learns to take care of himself, realises his identity, and in turn can begin to care for others.  
report Recommended by CloudeKr
SOL in both, with the overarching theme of love in an organic form. 
report Recommended by TangoT
i dont really good at reviewing. really enjoy watcing this. at firs i think it will be boring story. right after "it" then i become "woooh" it has good story afterall. the story its good. a single parent mom raise two wolfchildrn, family, neighboorhood, ahh thast something i really want to have a life in those place. i like the art animation made by chizu. compare it with the anime series in that year 2011. it has smooth animation, with a good backsound made me enjoy watching this movie. overall i like it. very good  
report Recommended by Shikigami28
A show about the daily struggles - a realistic setting in the present Japan. Very enjoyable and heartwarming. Also very true... 
report Recommended by Lightmezawa
Main characters look like each other on emotions, personal situation, feelings and personality. Both anime take school as a primmary or secondary element, and real life as instrument to tell the story. 
report Recommended by demonAnimeLic
This is real similar to March Comes In Like a Lion. The way the sport gets really intense when are odds are against them, you can tell how closely they are. If you liked Hoshiai no Sora, you will love 3-gatsu no Lion. 
report Recommended by zeroyanagi
Alot of people have situations that are hard to deal with in life. If you want the type of anime that hits you where it hurts with feels 3-gatsu no lion will do that. Like Anohana, 3-gatsu no lion build up their characters in a really realistic way in terms of personality traits developed by their surroundings i.e. how they're treated and more. Although 3-gatsu no lion looks like another one of those "I'm about a game" type of animes' in this case shogi, it talks more about the character's everyday development and pulls you in by making you want to know what happens to  read more 
report Recommended by gummyz
The storyline is good and not boring. Each character have good personality and motivation behind them. This anime shows how every human have their own problems that make this anime so realistic. 10/10 should check it out 
report Recommended by Senkikon
Stories with very relatable and realistic characters, focusing on their growth and their relations with other people. 
report Recommended by Kiwii_121
Although they're different genres, the transcendental here are the characters, these series focus more on the characters, dealing with topics such as depression and loneliness. Without a doubt they're series full of emotions and inspiring. 
report Recommended by RealElkin
Despite having different subjects and themes, both shows are by studio shaft and share the same gorgeous art style, they also share some of the best dialogue in the entire medium of anime and are both criminally underated series's. 
report Recommended by Daredevil14
At the heart of Uchouten Kazoku is, unsurprisingly, family. More specifically, love and support from family. In a similar vein, 3-gatsu no Lion explores the same ideas of support and love, although not necessarily from a blood-related family. It has the same sort of light-hearted and pure sense of humor, though it is more present in Uchouten Kazoku than in 3-gatsu and 3-gatsu is more dramatic. Both focus on human(?) connection and both are a great watch if you're looking for something a little sad and very heartwarming.  
report Recommended by unicomisMEI
Both with great storytelling, while Rakugo using such poetic kind of narration that make a good clear picture to the audience, March Comes in like a Lion uses visual narration that symbolizes the whole point of a story. 
report Recommended by riorangel21
Both of these shows are compelling in their own ways. Given how the protagonists in both shows have personal demons of their own, they struggle to fit in with the rest of society, much less find a place that manages to effectively bring out the best in them both. Similarly to how Sangatsu treats its supporting characters, NHK fleshes out its supporting cast by giving each of them loads of subtle characterisation, namely refraining from exposition dumps and actually having them interact with the main cast in ways one would least expect. Both of them also feature female leads who serve to aid the main  read more 
report Recommended by suovlaki
Both are emotional and require close attention from the viewer from beginning to end. 
report Recommended by 15_y--o_Atheist
Both Anime deals with Characters who struggle in life and doesn't know what to do, while Sakura Quest has a more comical approach and Mach comes like a lion has a more melancholic one. Both animes states the same message which is You Matter. 
report Recommended by MetalTsundere
Both of these relatable, slice-of-life animes will let you ride the rollercoaster of depression and let you become invested enough to feel the highs and lows of the main character's depressing life. Perfect for emotional masochists. 
report Recommended by iAmSRJ
Both series slowly build a touching story of personal rediscovery. 
report Recommended by MegaDany97
Family, in it's various forms, is at the heart of these shows. Dark, complex themes (like isolation, death and societal issues) are woven with bright, heart warming ones. Humor is also used to sharply contrast serious moments (in ways that some viewers may even find jarring). The direction is creative and beautiful in both; the music, the art, just everything about these shows elevates them and will pull at the perceptive viewer's heart strings. Still, with such distinctive directors both shows have their own voices and despite feeling related in many ways, they also feel very different upon viewing. 
report Recommended by flyingdolphin
A main character came into a family's life and disrupted them, which fractured the family.  
report Recommended by David2skills
School-age protagonists from broken families choose to live socially isolated. Their lives change after meeting a cast of lively and adorable characters. The story begins to fluctuate between the initial broody mood and a new lighthearted one. Through their new friends, the protagonists begin to better understand the marvels of companionship. 
report Recommended by Chaste
Finding yourself. Finding a place to belong. The way characters care about each other. I believe in terms of heart-warmness these shows are similar and I am amazed no one has made this recommendation before. The art style in both series is also really well done. So if you are looking for similar aspects in those regards, here you go.  
report Recommended by Lylaaz
Both shows have a number of important similarities despite having opposite and completely different themes with Sangatsu being more light-hearted compared to BokuMachi's serious content. The male protagonists wear eye-glasses and tend to be silent or serious. They have their own dark and trouble pasts that often keeps on haunting them and they have to face them before moving on. They have friends who are ready to support them when they are sad and troubled. Aside from characters, there is also symbolism portrayed on both shows. If you like Sangatsu No Lion but want a more serious twist, then I recommend watching BokuMachi.  
report Recommended by FalloutShounen3
Both protagonists are some sort of prodigies in their sport. Rei achieves onset success in shogi obtaining professional status in middle school; Minato has great potential as an archer who creates a resounding tsurune (sound of the string during release). They both experience traumatic events that have affected their performance and self-confidence, so their stories unfold the regaining of confidence, trust, and love for their field. Character growth is shown through their willingness to open up to people and make friends whether it’s trying to come out of one’s shell (Rei) or relying on others to overcome performance anxiety (Minato). The main differences are  read more 
report Recommended by Mineri
Depression? Well, both of these anime have it. But they access it very differently. Sayonara uses depression as kind of a comedy element, while 3-gatsu uses depression as a story element to make series more deep. Both are made my Shaft studio so you can expect similarities in many ways! 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
3-gatsu no Lion reminds me of Nisekoi in some shots. I know, it's not a big similarity, but both are very original and enjoyable shows. In addition, Hinata and Onodera have the same voice actress. 
report Recommended by chupacandados
-similar art style -slice of life -story about growing and friendship -feeling of loneliness 
report Recommended by Himitsu127
While much bleaker in tone, March Comes in Like a Lion still deals with the theme of how important family is and how difficult it can be to live in a dysfunctional family. 
report Recommended by Reldawin
3-gatsu no Lion and Kono Danshi heavily revolves around the theme of loneliness and opening yourself up to others. Both shows are mellow and contain beautiful artwork. While there may not be any shogi played in Kono Danshi, the main characters still want to rise to the top of each's respective life. 
report Recommended by Third-Impact
Both anime seem to have similar silly main characters that have a hard time in many areas. 
report Recommended by AlexanderGremory
Both anime have similar theme in regards to a young and slightly naive character that is accepted into a loving environment. Sadly Ikoku has a much cuter main character. 
report Recommended by AlexanderGremory
The main characters of 3-gatsu no Lion and Houseki no Kuni try to find their place in the world. Rei was thrown into a situation he didn't choose (his dependency on shogi), and Phos starts off useless due to a condition (s)he didn't choose, in a society that requires a function from everyone. They experience how it's lonely at the top, and how much these at the top had to sacrifice in order to get there. As coming of age stories, they lay down the importance of these around you, and that yes, you have value. 
report Recommended by agendator
On the outside these anime aren't similar at all, however if you look inside each anime you will find stories of hardship through life, from characters with traumatising pasts. 
report Recommended by Akoram
They both use color and atmosphere to show the viewer what the world looks like through the eyes of a person with depression. Like how Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara uses black-and-white with muffled sounds to simulate how Hitomi's depression strips all joy and excitement from her life, 3-gatsu no Lion uses the sensation of being underwater to simulate how Rei's depression weighs down and constricts him. Finally, both anime show how human connection can break a depressed person's cycle of negative thinking and find worth in themselves and living. 
report Recommended by SAniyoukoso
Both Anime's Have A Very Sweet Storylines Both Have Lighthearted Characters Both Are Relaxing To Watch Both Have Heart Touching Moments And Both Of Those Anime's Will Make You Smile And Cry As Well The Difference Is That March Comes In Like A Lion Is Involved A Shogi Player Named Rei Kiriyama And Lived With The Kawamoto Sisters, While Tamayura Is Involved A Girl Name Fu Sawatari Who Likes To Photographicing Just Like Her Father And Having Fun With Her Friends, If You Like March Comes In Like A Lion, I Would Highly Recommend You To Watch The Tamayura Series 
report Recommended by Madison_Brown
3-gatsu and Shogi Hour both focus on Shogi. 3-gatsu uses shogi as a backdrop for exploring the life and psychology of the MC and supporting cast; on the other hand, Shogi Hour satirizes the slow pacing of televised Shogi. 
report Recommended by raegazel
You must be scratching your head thinking, "how in the world are these two anime similar?" (This is a kinda long recommendation, but reading it would be appreciated) Well, the similarities lie in one key aspect and that is the fantastic usage of time. Saiki Kusuo utilizes 5 minute episodes to adapt a single chapter, and does so extremely well as the experience from start to finish is aimed at comedy first without anything in between. 3-Gatsu no Lion takes the chapters from the manga and adapts 2 per episode, which are about 25 minutes long, or 20 minutes if you take out the OP/ED. I'll admit that these two  read more 
report Recommended by any13th