Dimension W

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Alternative Titles

English: Dimension W
Japanese: Dimension W


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 10, 2016 to Mar 27, 2016
Premiered: Winter 2016
Broadcast: Sundays at 22:30 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Orange, Studio 3Hz
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, Sci-FiSci-Fi, SeinenSeinen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.231 (scored by 113572113,572 users)
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Ranked: #26142
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Popularity: #546
Members: 245,962
Favorites: 779
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Mar 28, 2016
2LongDidntReview (All reviews)
*Spoilers will exist to explain why this show is great*

Story: 8
Now some of you have heard that time is considered part of the fourth dimension, but what if you were told that there is a dimension that contains all of the possibilities in the world? This is basically what the story is based on.

The anime does not explain the mechanics of Dimension W too deeply, but it explores it enough to give us an understanding of what it's trying to convey, such as when coils go haywire and Dimension W manifests in the real world, or when the characters are able to enter Dimension W read more
Mar 27, 2016
Stark700 (All reviews)
Watching Dimension W makes me feel a bit like my childhood days. I’d watch some random anime on TV with my friends on Toonami and we’d make jokes about the story, characters, artwork, and every other funny thing going on. Dimension W isn’t a funny story but it does have the feel of a show that’s aimed at the Western audience. And furthermore, it takes place in a fictional world in the future so there’s tons of potential. Dimension W capitalizes on those potentials and makes this show not just fun but an insightful experience.

Calling Dimension W another stereotypical sci-fi action flick would be injustice read more
Mar 30, 2016
lawlmartz (All reviews)
If there's one anime this season that went unnoticed, unhyped, and maybe even unfairly underrated, it's Dimension W. While not the flashiest, and certainly not the most outstanding anime- DimW has one thing going for it: it's original. Sidestepping the trappings and tropes that seem to permeate modern anime, and instead embracing a groovy sci-fi near future with androids, flying cars, giant robots, and more- this one was a definite breath of fresh air.

Produced by Studio 3Hz, apparently a very new studio, with literally one credit to their name, the animation and art aren't anything special, but neither are they completely uninspired. It's a read more
Mar 27, 2016
TheAnimeToast (All reviews)
Dimension W, definitely the best thing Studio 3Hz has made so far.
Dimension W is a very episodic road trip-ish anime about a dude who is essentially a
bounty hunter and a robot girl who gets stuck with him.
Pretty standard setup for an action show with some fancy visuals.
It's not without its flaws but if that sounded interesting to you it might be worth a watch.

--Full review: minor spoilers ahead

-Presentation(visuals & sound)
Dimension W has some well used CGI, though sometimes it can still stand out a bit too much.
The backgrounds are well made, the CGI never felt choppy, and I like the character designs.
I've heard from read more
Apr 1, 2016
Gridfire (All reviews)
Dimension W was billed as one of this season's shows with the potential to really appeal to a western audience. On the surface it does share some of the elements that tend to get a bit more attention from action-starved overseas fans. A cyberpunk setting, a sci-fi thriller plotline, and a no-nonsense masculine lead in Mabuchi Kyouma. The latter is a near-future Luddite. Dimension W is set in a world where everything is powered by devices called 'coils' which tap into a hypothetical fourth dimension for unlimited energy. Kyouma despises the contraptions, symbolically driving a gasoline-fuelled car when the rest of the population has switched read more
Mar 28, 2016
murasakikitsune (All reviews)
It started off as a fresh anime with cosplay worthy characters (robot girl is the only good character honestly) The opening and ending song and art were really enjoyable, i didn't skip any of it.

But here is the tricky part of all science fiction series/film/etc, you need to be able to explain stuff logically and the explanation should be satisfying (even if it is just made up for the sake of fiction) just claiming that everthing worked with coils that got the energy from dimension w is a very poor explanation about what the f_ was going on throughout this series.

The characters read more
Mar 29, 2016
_Hans_ (All reviews)
I'm mixed about Dimension W. Should you watch this show. Check this review to find out.

- Opening and ED themes (Kyouma dancing and Mira being a waifu. Nuff said)
- Stellar animation
- Good OST (shout out to my boys , STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION for that opening tho)
- Marvelous Action
- Very interesting sci-fi premise

- Uninspiring plot
- Substandard character development
- Kyouma and Mira's relationship (When will Kyouma stop hitting Mira and callling her trash, I mean thats his character but it got annoying real quick. Who in their right mind wants to abuse that adorable robot (ಥ﹏ಥ) )
- Terrible Villains

Overall, I don't know if i enjoyed Dimension read more
Apr 1, 2016
jayvwrites27 (All reviews)
I binged watched Dimension W for 2 days while waiting for episode 12 to air. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Dimension W. Here are some of the reasons.

Story (8): What I loved about Dimension W is that it is engaging and leaves you wanting more and more. You want to know what happens in every twist and turn and in a way, you wish that it could go on and on. I did not like however that it felt entirely inconclusive and that the ending seemed lacking, at least for me.

Art (9): Bandai Visual is one of the best production houses, in read more
Mar 27, 2016
Markezzo (All reviews)
The story of Dimension W takes place in a world where humanity has attained unlimited energy, reshaping the foundation of our daily lives, raising the bar for what is possible for us to achieve. With an interesting premise and the promise of sci-fi action the anime catches your eye easily.

The artwork of the series remains flashy and slightly stylized through the whole experience, even when it obviously cuts a few corners. Sometimes the backgrounds will vanish for example, but rather than hide it, Dimension W makes it their greeting card, turning a weakness into a recognizable trait.

Sadly enough, when I reached the end of the read more
Mar 27, 2016
AwesomeDudex3 (All reviews)
Sci-fi is a pretty common genre in not only anime, but other mediums, such as novels and movies, as well. For a sci-fi series to stand its ground, its need to at least have a solid fleshed out world or rules that are consistent to that world, or else, everything else will fall flat and lose its impact. Dimension W follows the typical sci-fi formula while still being able to differentiate itself from others in the genre. In a world where unlimited energy is no longer an issue, Dimension W explores the possibilities and situations various people can still go through. Devices called Coils read more
Apr 30, 2016
nanakox21 (All reviews)
This MAY contain spoilers!

Story 8/10: This anime contains BOTH character and plot development. It has an interesting plot with a lot of backstories of each characters & how they all interrelate with each other & Dimension W. There is a lot of action & fighting scenes with the characters in the anime.

Characters 8/10: There are a lot of characters that are introduced in the anime. Most of them have a form of connection to Kyoma. (For this review, I will be focusing on the two main characters in the anime). Kyoma Mabuchi is tough guy and works as collector. He is also mean to read more
Apr 30, 2016
Evil_Ood (All reviews)
This would have been in my top 5 season of anime if it wasnt for the poor storytelling of the first half of the season.

EP 1-6 is a 4.5/10 , EP 7-12 9.5/10

I LOVE the premise of a robot learning how to be a human its my PB and J. Mira is a really cool character and concept but this season did a poor job of using her (hopefully they dig deep in later seasons).

Kyouma was lackluster for me until they started to develop him in the latter of the season in which this dark little caterpillars past blossoms out into a beautiful story.

Art and read more
Jun 15, 2017
Tyrannicswine117 (All reviews)
Warning possible Spoilers

I do like a good Sci-Fi show from time to time and this is a very good example of that considering it has an interesting story and good characters to back it up.

The year is 2071 and Humanity uses Coils to power pretty much anything and Kyouma Mabuchi a Collector who hunts down illegal coils in exchange for money suddenly ends meeting a little girl called Mira and then everything changes
Now this show had a surprisingly good story it really delved into the whole mystery of how coils worked, what they can actually do and what secrets they hold that only a read more
Mar 27, 2016
PyraXadon (All reviews)
In a day and age where energy is more or less required to live life, the constant demand forces us to use a lot more to gain very little. Fossil fuels and and renewable energy both come with their pros and cons and really only serve to create conflict on determining what is the 'best method' for satisfying the world's needs. Dimension W gives us a little spin on that idea with an anime dedicated to energy, the future, and one kick-ass opening.

Story: Mabuchi Kyoma is a man that is known as a collector. In the world he lives in now, read more
Jul 7, 2016
UltimateScorpion (All reviews)
NOTE: This was originally a post among r/Toonami's Post-Series Analysis as a review there. The original post is linked here.

Well this was a quite a letdown.

I mean I liked the first 4 episodes of the series, the inital premise was promising, and I find Kyouma, Mira, and Loser to be fun characters. But I found things went downhill with that 5th episode being so convoluted that I'm still not sure what the fuck happened even with one guy giving me a wall of text explaining to me what happened.

And sadly, I felt as if it never really recovered from that episode. It wasn't bad read more
Apr 16, 2016
Eleiyas (All reviews)
Saw the original series synopsis that AniDB gave and didn't think this anime would be my cup of tea.

I'm so glad I did start watching it, as it's probably one of my current favourites.

The idea and concept aren't exceptionally new, as Psycho-Pass did touch on the same sort of subject, but the characters and the way the story is presented are top-notch.

The way the episodes are set-out can be a bit confusing, but it's done in an ingenious way to keep potential viewers gripped. They have a standard episode, then they tease and reveal little snippets of the character's backstories, which are fabulous I must read more
May 26, 2016
JoshuaJones16 (All reviews)
Although it says I completed it that is a bit of a bold face lie. Well not a lie, just more like I am half way through the last episode since I tried to watch it this morning but I had to go to school halfway through it. But none the less I am doing a review

For those who don't know I'm Josh and today I'm reviewing the anime known as Dimension W. Let's do this

Story- The setting is interesting. Personally I have never been an end all be all sci-Fi fan but I like the setting. The story on the other hand was...meh. I read more
Aug 2, 2016
samuel_sfx (All reviews)
If you loves sci-fi, future, android related movies, this might entertain you (as well as a little bit of combat, I said little bit because it is just ok)

The story revolves around the main character (Mabuchi Kyoma) and an android (Mira).

The story about a future world where earthlings can substract infinite energy from the other dimension (or dimension in the axis W) through a device named coil. Kyoma who got a bad experience with coil failure is probably the only person on earth that doesn't use any coil and resort to old time battery and petroleum.

One thing that doesn't stand out for me is read more
Aug 26, 2019
emlathu (All reviews)
Dimension W is definitely one of the most original sci-fi animes I've seen in a while. The core concept of the fourth dimension, named W, as well as the resulted technology is all cohesive, well developed and just simply cool. I personally really like the character design and the action sequences. My one criticism is that it's only 12 episodes long. I think the show would benefit more if given more screen time to introduce all characters and build them properly.

Story: 8/10
The ideas were all there, and they were great. We follow Kyoma, our coil-hating protagonist living in a coil powered world. Through the show's read more
Dec 17, 2017
kassnicxo (All reviews)
a futuristic anime where they've unlocked the "fourth dimension" where they can draw out unlimited energy, thus resulting in robots and other interesting things that we dont know of yet in this day an age. Weird that they'd use Tesla, but it works well with the story.

It took me a while before I could fully understand what was going on since you're just literally thrown into a story that really has no depth yet.

Turns out this story follows a group of "collectors" looking for illegal coils for money, and conveniently enough they all suffer from huge loses in there lives.

Most of read more