Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

Chivalry of a Failed Knight

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Synonyms: A Chivalry of the Failed Knight, Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan, A Tale of Worst One
Japanese: 落第騎士の英雄譚《キャバルリィ》
English: Chivalry of a Failed Knight
German: A Chivalry of a Failed Knight
Spanish: Chivalry of a Failed Knight
French: Chivalry of a Failed Knight
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 3, 2015 to Dec 19, 2015
Premiered: Fall 2015
Broadcast: Saturdays at 23:00 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: SILVER LINK., Nexus
Source: Light novel
Genres: ActionAction, FantasyFantasy, RomanceRomance, EcchiEcchi
Theme: SchoolSchool
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.451 (scored by 514743514,743 users)
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Ranked: #18642
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Popularity: #165
Members: 864,091
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These two anime are about an academy with a festival/event to determine who the strongest is. The main heroine is a fire wielder and is also of royalty. 
report Recommended by damew
Both protagonists are deemed the weakest (in magic) and berated by his peers in their school, but only because the evaluations of them are selective, which neglects their other superior strong points (their physical abilities) that may even surpass other so called "geniuses." They live together with the heroine, who is considered the complete opposite of the protagonist, the strongest and most talented, and thus revered for their skills.  
report Recommended by Estoy_Gordo
- Both set of characters use their Souls for Weaponry. - Both go to an Academy that Specifically trains the Students to use their Weaponry. - Both MC, and Main Heroine are Very Powerful. -  
report Recommended by alphastigma117
Both are about a academy with a festival to determine the strongest. The main heroin is fire wilder and is royalty related. 
report Recommended by damew
Both use old tropes but do them right. Highly enjoyable shows with likeable characters that have good interaction (and MCs are somewhat similar as they are both considered weak at first), good fights, good animation. Examples of well made shows that turn out to be more than you may think looking at the cover. Both give off a very similar vibe.  
report Recommended by Lyree
Both series are fantasy/action series with a quickly evolving and adorable romance between the Main Characters. Both have visually spectacular fight scenes as well and solid soundtracks. 
report Recommended by RealityRush
Both girls are a princess and a chiefs daughter. The guys are both older with no talent that are super badass when they get older their family ignores them and their dads totally disowns them when their little kids. Plus the two girls both have super cool fire swords and their families think their super talented but the guys still better then the girls somehow. 
report Recommended by webking
Just to add some more info Both MCs are really strong warriors with an unfortunate past. They both have a messed up family. They both are also really kind to the point where they can be naive. Both Female leads are Tsundere Princesses who meets the MC in an embarrassing way and challenges them to a fight only to like them a lot after it. (Ep 1 only) Both MCs Have a little Sister with a Bro complex Both series have a battle school like setting  
report Recommended by SSJR2
These anime are extremely similar. *Both involve magical school, but Zero is more a medieval school, and Rakudai more futuristic. *Dark haired male MC who is talented with a sword. *Red haired female MC who is a powerful with magic. *Both involve a master/slave relationship between the male and female MC's *Both are ecchi harem 
report Recommended by knight526806
Are you looking for another anime with action/comedy/school series? Both series is similar, because of the sci-fi/fantasy theme and the sword-combat action scenes. The male MC in both series has very similar personality, because they are both strong but hides their strength. They are atypical MC because they are not so dense as the ones you see in typical school/harem series. Both series takes place on a school where students is training to do sword combat and to fight for something. So if you are looking for another funny, OP/strong MC with action/school/sci-fi/swordfight anime, then here it is.  
report Recommended by JJkunLL
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry is very similar to IS: infinite Stratos, here's why: Similarities: - Both anime has 1 male MC who enters a school of futuristic combat-theme - Both anime contains pieces of romance/harem AND comedy - MC is strong - Both anime is based on school & sci-fi setting with action scenes If you like action, comedy, romance (or even harem), then you should definitely watch! They resembles each other a lot. Although story approach is slightly different. 
report Recommended by JJkunLL
Have similar action school setting,main heroine have fire element and falling love with male lead,and Male lead its swordmaster. 
report Recommended by Syureria
Undergod protagonist that is considered to be weak by others and is frequently discriminated against, fighting his way through. Now if you liked Rakudai Kishi you'll probably like Tate no Yuusha too, but the otherway isn't so certain as Rakudai Kishi is more heavily centered around fanservice. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both MCs are ranked at the bottom due to the system, but are actually very strong/smart and capable of beating the most OP characters, as we see in the first episodes. Both have at least one supportive female character, who is also strong but not as reliable as the MC.  
report Recommended by Sigsig
Swords and girls 
report Recommended by UZl
Both anime are set in an "magical academy" and the characters have supernatural power. Beside the main character have a "principal girl" in his life and an harem 
report Recommended by Sherak
Both have the same harem, action, school, fantasy and magic based genre. Characterwise both MC were branded as losers , but in reality they're actually very powerful, both have the same female MC's whom were very skilled fighters. Plotwise, the one anime started with the male MC seeing the female MC in her lingerie, while the other started with the female MC being introduced to the male MC's group.  
report Recommended by La_Matona301
-Nobody believes in the MC to succeed -Both MC can only use their power once -Both are about fighting schools -Both MC has had someone that told them to go and make their dreams come true 
report Recommended by Deliore
Both animes have male MC that attend martial arts and magic based school. He is surrounded by female characters that love him and were / are his lovers. In World Break MC is totally overpowered just like in Rakudai Kishi. There is a lot of harem situations just like here and tons of bad-ass moments just like here( they are still to come - when the first fight begins :). Also in both animes MC is cool headed and he don't get excited due to some mirror ecchi stuff - he react normaly, usually :D 
report Recommended by Kasteros
This two may not be the better raking series, but they are good to watch. You should give it a chance, about the similaritis... well to follow the page rules, and to not get reported, I have to say that may spoil you somethig in but series so if you hate spoiler, just trust in my words, close this recomendation, and go watch it. If you hope this one has a harem too, sorry, there is any harem. At least not a explicit one. But MC has a similar personality... . . . a little spoiler alert (it's really small) . . ...also same "no magic" problem and way to overcome it  
report Recommended by jampix
aBoth animes: -have a heavy use of Magic and weaponry -have a lot of accidental pervert labeling/ fanservice -and have the same over all tone and setting minus the dragons The only real difference: where Iris in this anime is shy and kind, the main side girl of Chilvarly is a hot headed tsundere 
report Recommended by nidoqueen106
Both protagonists initially start out weak and somewhat cynical due to hardships they've experienced in life, but show what they are truly capable of pretty quickly. The romcom elements in both are very strong. 
report Recommended by phiraeth
-Bunch of lovable charachters -Cringe moments -Harem This one is ecchi just to note ... 
report Recommended by Nightmare_Nova
Similar stories of how MC is a loser while the female protagonist being way out of his league. Both have similar settings of school battles and a ranking system where the MC is considered the weakest. 
report Recommended by PenguinToilet
In both, male and female are forced to live together, slowly getting along 
report Recommended by Ergotow
The fights on these shows play out very similarly, often with entire episodes dedicated to build-up, and then a duel that can be decided within seconds. Every opponent is unique, and the only way to have a chance against them is through the use of strategy. Though the protagonists of both shows are still pretty OP, every win feels deserved, and getting to those wins is always fun. 
report Recommended by Kiwii_121
Dudes and girls manifesting awesome weapons with their bare hands. Both stories take place with schools as the main setting. 
report Recommended by metalrain_15
Similarities - Both MCs have exceptional talent for their circumstances - Both MCs are considered failures and are exiled - Both MCs live a quiet life away from 'conflict' - Trouble eventually finds them again and their quiet lives slowly end Differences - Rakudai is set in a magic academy for girls VS Banished from hero's party is set in an apothecary in a quiet border town. - Rakudai is about magic warfare VS Banished from hero's party is about medicinal remedies/drugs 
report Recommended by ST63LTH
Both series are action and fighting series, and both involve a school. The main characters are very good and the stories are very profound. The powers of the different characters will get you hyped every time you see them. The main characters "ability" never gets repetitive and you will always need to see the next episode right away due the immense level of suspense and excitement the last episode left you with. 
report Recommended by Jose39701
Both Shows have a Boy and a Girl from two different countries Falling in Love with each other and having a relationship after a duel with each other. In Both Shows the Girl is the daughter of a Noble, while the Boy has Family issues. They also try to keep their realtionship a Secret from the public. 
report Recommended by Dortrab91
Both have a similar MC and interesting romantic views. While Strike the Blood has more supernatural elements in it Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry takes a more magical approach. Both have lots of humor and great characters that will keep you on your toes!  
report Recommended by butterfly22
Both of them have a good MC that helps out girls in trouble and both are trying to regain their honor, Rakudai handles the characters better though (the 2 MCs) and Shinmai is also more Harem still a good choice. 
report Recommended by Altay545
-Both are Ecchi -MCs are actually really clever and they develop their power and new skills really fast and both use strategics in battles and save the day -Imouto stuff going on 
report Recommended by LastGod
Competent MC's. Harem, Ecchi, Fantasy. 
report Recommended by Bleachigo95
Both MCs wield swords Both MCs are seen as weak as they lack a certain ability Both MCs are always underestimated Black Clover leans more towards action and adventure Rakudai leans more towards harem and romance. 
report Recommended by Demonic_Nemesis
Both have a similar feel and atmosphere. Moreover, the male leads on both show is considered to be in the lower social strata. Both male leads also have a dark past that was masked by their cheerful personality. The action and romance genre on both shows fit nicely, too. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, however, has more fan service than Noragami as it is leaning more on a wholesome show.  
report Recommended by ajayfabro
Characterwise, it has the same MC whom were being treated like shit by their own families, but were able to find a family at school, plotwise, one was set in some futurist timeline where the MC dukes out with his own kind, while the other one dukes out with his own daddy.  
report Recommended by La_Matona301
In first place I'm making this recommendation based mainly in the game's story, because the anime is just a short adaptation. Now Soul Worker and Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry are similar mainly in the importancy that have the "souls", the main source of power for all the characters, and all they can summon a determinate weapon depending of his/her soul. Despite both stories have really funny characters that make you smile even in a serious moment. 
report Recommended by Sherak
Both characters are deemed defectively weak and grow through the show as they try to get stronger. Both are made fun of and then slowly get more and more support by others yet are still put down by strong established families. They have to prove that the established hierarchy is wrong in their determination of them and plan to win acknowledgment of there worth with their own two hands. 
report Recommended by Hidden_Depths
*Both have a school as a setting. *Both involve a master/slave relationship between the male and female MCs. *Both are ecchi harem. 
report Recommended by M1KM
Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited is about a psychic terrorist group. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry is about a battle magic training school and harem. So what can be similar between these two seemingly different shows? - The underlying theme in both shows is "us against the world". Despite their strong abilities, the MCs are shunned by the majority of society. How will they fight for their acknowledgement? - MCs have the support of a few close friends. Watch how they go through difficult challenges with friendship and teamwork. - MCs can only use their full power for short periods at once. How will they work within their limitations? 
report Recommended by wb1
After watching the first 2 episodes I can say that this anime is somewhat really closely related to "So I can't play H" Especially how the two male and female protagonists relationship ended up. In "So I can't play H" the female protagonist (Lisara) lives together with the male protagonist (Ryousuke) and in "Chivalry of a failed knight" this also happens but instead the Stella and Ikki, the two protagonists, become roommates. Also the relationship between the male and female protagonists in both animes seemed really rushed and both contain heaps of fanservice that gets over the top to the extent that it makes me uncomfortable  read more 
report Recommended by Blazin_Water
In both anime the main character is despised because they are considered weak in the eyes of others. Likewise both story set in a magic/modern world and the facts are developed in a magic academy 
report Recommended by Sherak
If you like Ikki and Stella you would probably like the couple in this anime either, but it isn't as good as Rakudai, though i think you will enjoy. 
report Recommended by Aniki__