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Rosario to Vampire

Alternative Titles

English: Rosario + Vampire
Synonyms: Rosario and Vampire
Japanese: ロザリオとバンパイア


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 3, 2008 to Mar 27, 2008
Premiered: Winter 2008
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Gonzo
Source: Manga
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 7.011 (scored by 259,013 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #37452
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #151
Members: 443,829
Favorites: 3,407


Both are pure service anime made for your amusement. Yes, there is harem as well as overly jiggly boobs. If you liked Rosario+Vampire, then you'll love Tu-LOVE-Ru, or otherwise. The female lead role both have lovely pink hair. 
report Recommended by chibuki
Both have Vampire female leads, and both female leads are not what they appear to be at first. They are also both rather humorous and set around schools. R+V is more of a harem compared with Karin being more about Karin's journey through her oddity and finding love and acceptance. 
report Recommended by GeneralCox
There is one Guy Always Surrounded by Girls and They all In Love with him and want to be with him for ever! Both of Them Has SuperPowers. There Are many Challenging Events. I love Both of Them And I keep ReWatching Them Alot! 
report Recommended by Nyashuki
When I watched the first Episode of MonMusu, I couldn't help but to remember my old friend Rosario to Vampire. That may be cause of the high amount of Ecchi with many Monster Girl or the nice, kinda shy, all in all average Protagonist in both shows. Ecchi with Monster Girl's is the main plot in the shows and that would be enough to enjoy the shows, if that is enough to make you happy. In MonMusu though the Girls show more traits of... "Mutation"? I guess.. Where in R+V a Vampire just got fang tans a Lamia in MonMusu has a LOOONG and BIIIG  read more 
report Recommended by Rupdedudludu
Both have a supernatural school setting with plenty of cute girls and fan service. 
report Recommended by GunstarHero
Both are about a human that get surrounded by a harem of beautiful female monsters. Also the women are the ones that are fighting in both instead of the man. 
report Recommended by komic
They both have very good looking vampires! 
report Recommended by VampireMokaSan
both have female lead personality duplicitously. while Moka 2nd personality magically Result Result Nyu and Lucy as more mental. I personally find Inner Moka and Lucy as the best anime girls EVER !!!!!!! 
report Recommended by InnerMokaLover
Both involve a human getting involved with a vampire which then introduces a number of other monster through out the series. 
report Recommended by komic
Both are ecchi animes that have similar characters and are set at a mystical school. ZnT is set at a magic school, RV at a monster one. Plus, in both animes, the main girl has pink hair, and the main boys in both are similar. They both have Rie Kugimiya too! 
report Recommended by TsuruyaSonozaki
High School DxD is the kind of anime that Rosario+Vampire was supposed to be, if R+V actually followed the manga. 
report Recommended by Master10K
Same type of thing ... guy goes to school and meets monster girls and vampires at that :) 
report Recommended by Poeticas
both stories involve a human boy who's surrounded by many girls of different races... in rosario, they have different types of monsters and in shuffle, they have gods, demons, demi-humans, and humans... 
report Recommended by m1zzsandra
both males have a new type of species introduced to them both are harems with plenty of girls at first both of them wish all that happened didnt happen, but they start to enjoy it and like their new lifestyle 
report Recommended by supermegasonic
The core of both stories is pretty similar: a bunch of girls hitting on the same guy... lots of fanservice... Cool yet simple action scenes... a world of mythical magic. Though Rosario + Vampire has some more Gothic elements to it. I highly recommend watching it if you liked one or the other! ;) 
report Recommended by kazooparcel
Both anime have a human protagonist that stumbles upon the secret world of monsters and mythical beings. Both protagonists are bound to a female companion through a close encounter and is constantly pursued by other girls his age. Both anime revolve around school life and trying to keep a secret, R + V that Tsukune is a human and in SnH that Sun is a mermaid. Where they are different is if you take away the ecchi of R + V and replace it with the parody that SnH has. R + V has a more serious plot, while SnH is more simple. Both are really  read more 
report Recommended by rjr2992
Both are about a inhuman girl, who falls in love with a human boy. Both are school, comedy, and very echii series! 
report Recommended by virix-kun
Both Harem's featuring "otherworldly" heroines. 
report Recommended by Longman
both a harem set in a different world. both the main girl has a split personality that changes only with som interaction with the main guy. both guys are appaently powerful but it rarely shows the split personality features a really kind and happy girl, and than its serious and powerful counterpart. both of them involve their school 
report Recommended by supermegasonic
A harem in a school environment where the protagonist is male and is different than the rest of the school. If you like one you will probably like the other. 
report Recommended by rpn101
Harem, vampires, wolfman, and other monsters all in both 
report Recommended by cr0n0triger
both main character goes to a school full of Magic and Supernatural things ,also the he didn't know about it , and both anime is an Ecchi anime 
report Recommended by mohomerlin
Supernatural creatures of all kinds with central character being powerful vampire girl. Story is much more light-hearted than you might expect from such setting. Visuals are also very bright and colorful, especially in Itsu-Ten. 
report Recommended by kitsune0
The history is very similar to it аниме. The main hero appears in campaign of girls with not ordinary abilities. He is just human. But by the end too becomes one of them. And well certainly love to the girl with pink hair =)))) xDD 
report Recommended by Toutaku_Lightman
+Both have Vampires. +Both main female lead have pink hair, similar appearance ,Sword. +Both have Ecchi, Fantasy, Supernatural Genre. +Both have powerful girls interested in that normal guy. 
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
Both shows fall under the genres of comedy, romance, harem, school, and supernatural. The drama level has been given a mild boost and this alone probably makes To Love-Ru Darkness more akin to Rosario + Vampire than Motto To-Love-Ru or To-Love Ru. However, when all is said and done, both shows spotlight the comedy and ecchi and are incredibly entertaining. 
report Recommended by shigeru212
The main characters in both animes starts at new school, special schools where the main characters are different from the others on the school, they have a secret, there are a lot of humor in both of the animes, the the main characters both animes join clubs :P and (this is the last one, i promise) they are both about love. 
report Recommended by LoveAnimes
Both are harems, have supernatural elements, Simple yet enjoyable action scenes, and really fun girls. I really enjoyed both of these!  
report Recommended by kazooparcel
In both animes, the MC saves some girls and after that, they become really attached/fall in love to/with the MC. Moka's personality is almost the same as Tooka's. also a lot of fanservice. If you prefer animes with a harem that contains a good load of comedy. you'll surelly enjoy these animes :) 
report Recommended by Silver_Borz
The animation is kinda similiar, and both have kickass action, but R+V stresses the ecchi aspect a lot more. 
report Recommended by Sleezy
They share the school environment and the easy atmosphere. Both also have the same kind of stupid situations involving weird pranks by certain character types. While the school in Tokimeki isn't as strange as the one in Rosario they're both pretty odd and have their specialities. Plus, of course, all the desirable girls fall for the main character. 
report Recommended by induce
The humor is very similar, mostly based around ecchi and stupid, stupid girls. Both are also very much "fish out of water" stories; Tsukune is a human in a school for monsters; Akiharu is a normal guy in a school for ladies, butlers and maids. Then there's the best part, both shows don't take themselves seriously, it's ecchi fun! Watch with your brain switched off. 
report Recommended by kuroshiroi
the two anime's have several things in common, such as supernatural beings, romance, action, and ecchi comedy, with a hint of mystery! 
report Recommended by lifeordeath2
Negima and Rosario Vampire are very similiar in genre. Each anime has a male character surrounded by girls. The only difference is that in Negima, the boy has the magical powers and in Rosario Vampire the girls have magical powers. I still suggest these if you're into harem anime. =D 
report Recommended by MoonLite88
Its kind of like the inverse. A girl enters the demon world and becomes friends with a vampire boy. She turns into a ghost and the vampire swears to protect her. The vampire takes her back home and starts helping her, she needs to suck his blood to stay alive. not nearly as ecchi though. and way better plot.  
report Recommended by Mythical_Truth
The same supernatural genre, where guy goes in only to find himself having to deal with them big time.  
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
Similar aspect of romance between the main character and a supernatural girl with 2 personalities. 
report Recommended by Magma__
Both are ecchi harem anime that take place in a high school for the magic and supernatural and uses similar elements such as having an underage girl in the harem as well as a pink-haired main girl who clumsily reveals herself regularly. 
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
Both harems both have girls who aren’t human both have human guys who are weaklings both funny and witty both are super fun to watch and really cute  
report Recommended by shirogasai12
Everyone wants the Main Character for some reason or another. Fan service. 
report Recommended by dkool
Both have harem and supernatural genres, and both have the same main female character that requires some kind of liquid substance from their male partner to level up their fighting capabilities.  
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
Both very similar with cute monster girls and one lucky "human" guy who get a Harem of girls fall in love with him. Very funny also. 
report Recommended by Felix79
PANTIES!! panties and panties.. Panties all around! need i say more? for anyone who can't seem to get enough of upskirts and panty shots both series are ridiculously absurd with the pantyshots. the sole similarity is the insane overload of panties different characters different plot in fact a weaker plot but they share the insane overload of gratuitous pantyshots in common. So remember, think panties, that's all you need to know..  
report Recommended by Josiah-Joestar
Both have the same unfortunate guy who thinks he got a lucky break, but ends up getting more than what he bargains for, the differences was R+V was more on the ecchi while Youakai Apartment was more on the slice of life.  
report Recommended by Whoahoho
COMMON: In both,the female main characters have pink hair and have some similarities in personality(Moka from Rosario to Vampire has two personalities and one of them is tsundere while Claire Rouge from Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance is a typical example of tsundere). In both, the action takes place in a magical world. UNCOMMON: Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance is about spirits and spirit contractors while Rosario to Vampire is about vampires,succubus,witches,etc. If you like tsundere,comedy ,romance and action I think you will love both. 
report Recommended by Aoiy25
Both female leads are sweet innocent (but superpowered) pink haired girls, and both male leads are surrounded by beautiful women falling for them, and dont know how to react. Both shows are harem comedies, but where to LOVE Ru has aliens, Rosario + Vampire has monsters. Both shows have a similar feel, no solid story, random adventures, etc. 
report Recommended by lastmann
- rosario anime/ Kyonyuu Fantasy hentai -both light hearted/ funny stories -both are harems of girls -normal human mc with a succubus lover -mc are hated by those around 
report Recommended by Dronoclus
All the girls in this show like the male protagonist. Both anime are harem,comedy and romance. ---- ------ -------- Haganai - club activities(making friends) Rosario+vampire - making friends with supernatural girls.  
report Recommended by bloody_Venus55
Both main male characters are weak with strong females always protecting them, it also has extreme fanservice and harem 
report Recommended by Cookieboy69
Protagonist meets a cute (and as shown later, really strong) vampire girl and gets dragged into a world of supernatural apparations. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
The genre's are very very different. Rosario is more comedic whereas Vampire bund has horror and action, but the overall concept is the same. A normal human is dragged into a world of monsters and falls in love with a vampire girl. There is even a similar school setting and multiple monster friends. 
report Recommended by Mythical_Truth
both are definitely worth watching! both are Romantic Comedy. both are my two favorites harem anime. all the girls in these two anime are like a box of chocolate you'll never know what you're gonna get. If only i have to choose i"ll choose all of them  
report Recommended by bloody_Venus55
Both anime are harem turned genres. The main protagonist is a regular high school boy who gets involved in something by accident. The "harem girls" are for the most part not ordinary and possess supernatural powers which are boosted thanks to main protagonist's "bodily fluids." (If you watch Dakara Boku wa, you will understand ;) ) Feel free to enjoy watching these two series. 
report Recommended by flat_is_justice
School girl with supernatural power from medieval tales protects ordinary japanese schoolboy. 
report Recommended by Xasthur
They both have a vampire/human relationship. They both have a remote place for the supernatural beings 
report Recommended by Forever_Anime12
Both involving monster beings to go to an academy designed for monsters except that one is a short ONA and the other is a regular length show with 2 seasons 
report Recommended by wonwoo
Both, to me, have the philosophical and emotional depth and substance of a streak of cat piss, and are created simply for cheap fanservice. Both can be fairly enjoyable if you like that sort of thing, though - HSOTD more so than R&V in my opinion. The fanservice in Rosario and Vampire focusses more of panty shots, while Highschool of the dead is more centred around jiggling breasts. Yeah. 
report Recommended by Kilnerbanker
A hidden realm that few people know about and a protagonist who somehow finds his way there. 
report Recommended by shigeru212
If you like the idea of the main character, being confused on who he likes out of many choices, then chobits has this.  
report Recommended by Tashiku
How is it not similar? The MC gets pulled into a world that they never knew about, only to have every girl fall for them while being badass in their own way.  
report Recommended by Thyrage
Take away the monsters and they are very much alike. The sisters in the series kiss x sis compete over there step brother who is also a bit indecisive. Kiss x Sis is reaching the borderline between hentai and anime much like parts in Rosario Vampire. If you liked multiple female characters pursuing a main character who can't decide then be sure to check it out. 
report Recommended by Aired
Supernatural-Harem setting,protagonist seems like a weakling at start but stood out later with a hidden power. 
report Recommended by Don_Maou
Both are harems built with fanservice. Both involve female characters powering up and transforming as well as a decent amount of fighting, but Rosario + Vampire contains more plot and develops a more coherent story. The main characters in both also like someone over everyone else with the other characters vying for attention. 
report Recommended by joshspeagle
There are both very in depth romantic comedies. The main character's (Keiichi and Aono) both meet these women by mistake. Although Ah! My Goddess tends more towards the romance aspect, while Rosario+Vampire is more for a comedic ecchi genre, they are both awesome romantic comedies that I suggest fans of the genre watch.  
report Recommended by PlatinumZero
Both series are about magic and fighting. If you really like magic and cute girl, I'd recommend both anime to be watched. Don't forget to watch all three Nanoha seasons :) 
report Recommended by rakusu_klein
1 Guy, lots of girls. Different settings but both magical and fun to watch. 
report Recommended by rakusu_klein
Both have ecchi moments ( though Rosario has a LOT more O__O; ) and both deal with paranormal beings ( ex. vampires, shinigami, etc. ) 
report Recommended by RedBardIsCool
Human in a school full of monsters and ghosts. Not the best but the funny situations of a scared christian boy in a haunted japanese school full of wierdo classmates who look up to him is worth a good laugh.  
report Recommended by myahon
Both are about schools for monsters. Rosario+Vampire is an ecchi/comedy/action/shounen anime, while Monster High is a comedy/shoujo anime based off an American tv series. R+V is made for teens while Monster High is directed at kids, but if you're into anime with cute monster girls then you may like both. 
report Recommended by TsuruyaSonozaki
Both are ecchis about a girl and boy that pretty much fall in love from the start, as apposed to the story going along and they slowly get more and more connected. Haruka is similar to Moka is RV by how they act very sweetly, softly and are both very popular in their school for being very pretty. Also, they both react similarly when they think someone is taking away who they love. In RV Capu2, Kokoa looks similar to Mika in NHNH, too. 
report Recommended by TsuruyaSonozaki
Almost the same, except this is about monks doing exorcism, more girls more comedy more ecchi. 
report Recommended by dextery
Both Anime Haves Vampire Girls. 
report Recommended by yano23
Both have a super lame main character that travels to a fantastic world with super hot chicks that for some strange reason likes the patetic loser. In Rosario + Vampire however the main character improves a little in the lasts episodes and in girls bravo the main character remains being a loser even in the secon season, lets hope that in the new season of R + V the guy becomes a true man and also in R + V the trama improves a little too at the end so the second season could be a better one. Both series provides good laugh tho, so u  read more 
report Recommended by TanisChile
Both are Harem style animes, and both see the guy getting hopelessly out of his depth and needing the girls to save him all the time, I will say that the plot in R+V is a lot better than NA and more enjoyable, but NA has the edge on animation 
report Recommended by GeneralCox
Both shows include a human boy who lives in a place alongside lots of youkai, and tend to be fairly random with their storylines. R+V is more ecchi and comedic in nature than Yozakura Quartet, but the latter has better animation and sound than R+V. 
report Recommended by Archaeon
semi-serious, kind of anime. watching it with laughs but without serious intentions 
report Recommended by xKurisu
This Anime Is Also the same as Rosario Vampire. Because Well In The Anime "This Ugly Yet Beautiful World" The Main Character Hikari,She has a good side and a evil side. And In "Rosario+Vampire" The Main Character Moka She Has A Good side and Evil Side also, Because Moka turns into a Vampire And Hikari Turns to a evil girl that can handle dangerous things to her self. 
report Recommended by yano23
both animes feature a guy who's surrounded by many girls and they all have feelings for him... but kage kara mamoru has a ninja setting and rosario + vampire has a monster-ish setting 
report Recommended by m1zzsandra
Similar vibe, the quality of the artwork is also similar. One episode stories, with bad guys that need to be defeated. 
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Koi Koi Seven has One Guy with 6 girls and in Rosario+Vampire One Guy with 4 Girls, It has a High Ecchi just like Rosario+Vampire. Those 6 Girls in Koi Koi Seven Has superpowers and in Rosario+Vampire Those Girls are all Youkai. But this is one is different Tetsuro Tanaka attended a All Girls school but in Rosario+Vampire Tsukune attend to a youkai school. One Girl is inlove with Tetsuro and in Rosario+Vampire One girl also inlove with Tsukune. The Six girls always care and protect Tetsuro, in Rosario+Vampire Tsukune also being protected by the 4 girls from evil. 
report Recommended by Nyashuki
They both have a sense of humor....and the guys are in love with a girl who knows the guy loves them but they're just afraid of getting their hearts broken 
report Recommended by VampireMokaSan
Both animes are about a guy surrounded by many cute girls. Both protagonists join a club and both experience weird things during their school life. They also both attend to a school situated in a creepy location. 
report Recommended by punktina16
Both anime involve a main character with a dual personality and with heightened abilities 
report Recommended by 11AM
Both anime fall into the "harem comedy" category, and have some blatant similarities. Namely, the story centers around an average boy who is surrounded by girls of supernatural origin who fight for his affections. Rosario + Vampire's comedy is more sexual in nature when compared to Tenchi Muyo, but not by much. 
report Recommended by kojiro99
Both are school comedies about Monster girls, and the main girl for each show is a vampire! Rosario tends to be more dramatic, where as Interview with Monster Girls is more slice of life.  
report Recommended by Kiira_chan
The serie is different, but the way both authors combine romance, fantasy and comedy with a bit of ecchi really both are a must watch series ;P 
report Recommended by Black-Flash
True they are both quite different in plot and basicaly evrythin bout them but they both involve a dude stumbeling in to a world different from his own and making new allies along with enemies just a thought but go on and check it out  
report Recommended by Biocitizen13
In the beginning of both series the male protagonists lack fighting abilities and are considered weaker (if not useless) than their female companions. However, in the progress of the show they develop their own skills in order to protect the girl they love. The style of the ecchi moments is also quite similar. 
report Recommended by Yurikoh
[ENG] Harem - who loves this genre because I love him? Of course, many ^ __ ^ (this is primarily Otoko) Various anime, different worlds, one real - school ... another world of vampires, but not without the girls))) Anime, in particular, are similar: as a guy who girls "fall in love" ... But I chose these two harem, why they are very funny and similar to each other and the way I noticed - 4 on the 1st is always interesting ^ ___ ^ [RUS] Гарем - кто любит этот жанр так как люблю его я? Конечно, многие ^ __ ^ (это в первую очередь Otoko) Различные аниме, разные миры, один настоящий  read more 
report Recommended by ZeDesu
"History's Strongest Disciple Kenich"i isn't with vampires, but the style of the story is the same. They're both in the same style of comedy, there is a boy who doesn't know anything about a topic but anyway has to lern fighting against enemies. The girl, who he loves, is very good at fighting and always helps him if he get attacked. Anyway, the parents don't know about that exactly and the boy has to stay in the doyo. It's a very funny story and ends up the same way.  
report Recommended by KCH4N
They are quite Similar, it has Comedy,Romance and Action. Also it has that Inner self and Outer Self thingy. for example Moka (Rosario Vampire) has two personalities and M.M (Kemeko DX) aswell. Well the difference is that M.M has a Nice, Cute, Kind inner self while Moka has Mean,scary and strong inner self... So its like the Opposite. overall they are good anime.. and worth watching. Ohhh Don't Forget there is also Ecchi in both Animes But Rosario Vampire has Tons of Ecchi than Kemeko. 
report Recommended by Nyashuki
Harem shows with Magic... What else is there to say? 
report Recommended by Little_Sparrow
Both are ecchi and very very cute, but Rosario + Vampire has more action and a little more of a plot. 
report Recommended by Squirrelpaw4970
Both show a harem of girls who are not humans and have super powers. 
report Recommended by _SAS
both animes have very funny comments when least expected....both have the utmost of monsters and mythical creatures in them and lastly they will entertain you from your usuall type of anime....EXAMPLE;; if you only watch shounen or mech anime this will be a breath of freash air in your current choices 
report Recommended by hawky2009
Both are comedy, harem, a bit of romance, ecchi. They have similar art style. Ikaruga reminds me to Shirayuki, maybe is for the clothes?  
report Recommended by darkuria