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Alternative Titles

English: Overlord
Japanese: オーバーロード


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 7, 2015 to Sep 29, 2015
Premiered: Summer 2015
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 23:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Light novel
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, FantasyFantasy, GameGame, MagicMagic, SupernaturalSupernatural
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.991 (scored by 533947533,947 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #5422
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #62
Members: 913,858
Favorites: 16,355


Somewhat similar animes with the main similarity being world development. If you are a fan of Overlord you will most likely be a fan of Slime. In both animes the main character is overpowered and that is used as a plot device for world building and domination. The main difference is that Overlord is somewhat more "grim". 
report Recommended by SeekingWaylander
These 2 anime has similar situation in which both the protagonist and others are stuck in a rpg game with no knowledge on returning to the real world. However, in Overlord the main protagonist is the only current known player who's stuck while in log horizon many players who were logged on at the time was transported into the game. Also, both protagonist are overpowered. The difference between these anime are the plots. While in overlord the main protagonist decided to create a new world in the game because he has no reason to return to the reality for he has no friends nor family and  read more 
report Recommended by Duckii
Game mechanics are important as the setting of the animes. They place importance on life or death in HP, and remain as a character's lifeline throughout the whole anime as a game mechanic. The game's nature is fantasy. Swords and magic skills are decided. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Sometimes it is best to break off all gaming activities especially when an obsession goes beyond a perilous point. However, the thought of turning everything one has ever achieved into nothingness is hard to bear even for the strong-willed. 'Overlord' draws a curtain on an individual who does not want all the hard fruits of labor obtained by him and everyone his knows to vanish into thin air thus decides to stay behind till the very end of the server life span. It’s a dream come true when the gaming world glows into life and the true meaning of ruling comes into effect. Unlike ‘No Game  read more 
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
The first thing I thought when watching Overlord, it's very much like One Punch Man. Overlord and One Punch Man got similar style while having different setting. You can tell the anime would be similar as their openings are similar style music. The main characters Momonga/Ainz and Saitama are also extremely strong, but not OP lame, they're strong that you want to see them go in FOR THE KILL !!!!! Dependable heroes. 
report Recommended by iamYuyaSakaki
Very similar in the fact that both are Isekai involving a hard core gamer being transported as the main character. Both MC's are also transported into a villainous role instead of the hero part with OP powers none the less making for a great story. 
report Recommended by symbiotic
Overpowered magic caster anti-hero protagonists. If you like the protagonist from Overlord, or the protagonist from Youjo Senki, you'll most likely enjoy the other as well. Action scenes from both are fun. Reactions from enemies and friendlies realizing how overpowered the protagonist is from both are fun. 
report Recommended by amathy
Both have a trapped in a game feel to them. However both focus more on the life in the game. While How to Pick Up Girls is not clearely a trapped in a game anime, it sure feels like one. Overlord is a trapped in a game anime. Where both have common ground is that they both accept the world they are in as is and make the most of it and don't treated it like a game. 
report Recommended by Holocat_Zer0
Both series involve OP protagonists using game world avatars to destroy thse who stand in their way. While King's Avatar plays this straight by using it with a fictional game and esport scene, Overlord instead opts to go in a more fantasy route with the main character actually diving into the game world, being stuck there.  
report Recommended by YuriInLuck
They are similar. They are iconic. Have well defined art style. They employ in magical worlds with huge conflicts. Even though Overlord has a far more simpler storyline that Gate.  
report Recommended by SeekingWaylander
They are both iconic game isekais with a well defined atmosphere where the main character is pretty much overpowered and takes part into the conflicts of the game world.  
report Recommended by SeekingWaylander
The protagonists of these shows would sadistically brutalize anybody who threatens their friends' well-being. They enjoy making a mess out of their enemies. They are also, overpowered. They also have very attractive and dependent servants. 
report Recommended by DieOrYouWillDie
Game mechanics are important as the setting of the animes. They place importance on life or death in HP, and remain as a character's lifeline throughout the whole anime as a game mechanic. The game's nature is fantasy. Swords and magic skills are decided. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Similarities: -Overpowered protagonist -Both MC(main character) can use magic -Slow pacing -Heroine obsessed with MC -Adapted by Madhouse from light novel. Differences: -In Mahouka, there's a certain character who goes ''ONII-SAMA ONII-SAMA'' . Bro & sis-con complex. -Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei takes place in a sci-fi world while Overlord takes place in a fantasy world -Overlord is more gory & darker than Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei  
report Recommended by Zetara
Both male MCs are trasported to another (game) world in their characters body. They are very strong (OP) and win every time effortlessly. They both are categorized as evil by the world natives. 
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
In both, the story takes place in a heroic fantasy type world, and is centered around monsters. The two MCs are very similar: they're overpowered, have dubious morals, and their real face is never shown. They also both help people for their own benefits. Then, they have a group of girls who swoon over them, but never took interest in it. Because of that, expect some gud fan service. also woah violence 
report Recommended by MONOII
They are both iconic anime isekais and are both must watch animes.  
report Recommended by SeekingWaylander
The genre of MMORPG in anime is still very new. In respect of similarity, it would be the protagonists whom both possesses their alter ego. The dominating presence, strength, wisdom, does not waver to kill and sacrifice for the sake of achieving their goals. They are both their world's changer.  
report Recommended by ShioCarlson
Both of these shows feature supreme beings trying to take over the world with their demon generals in tow... and that's about where the similarities end. So why should you watch Overlord? If you enjoyed seeing Maou attempt to take over Ente Isla in the first few minutes of the anime and want to know how he got to that point - namely an anime that explores the process of a villain subjugating the world - then Overlord is for you. 
report Recommended by Musashi
You will learn to FEAR the MC! Well, one side of them. Because both Momonga and Krauser II are alter-egos of two "regular" dudes. Laugh watching this guys play "God" and "Emperor" in front of their crowd, while inside feeling embarrassed, scared, sorry, ashamed, and pretty much every other "Human" feeling.  
report Recommended by ISKIJN
both have overpowered protagonists and both are demon lords (or in overlord's case an undead king) 
report Recommended by Assaf2908
Both anime deals with Isekai theme In both anime protagonists try to build up a new Kingdom in the new world 
report Recommended by Arjuna777
A continuation of the 1st season of the Log Horizon Anime, this adds on to the story and further develops the concept of the players who are trapped in the MMORPG trying to get home. The anime's main focus is not the same as overlord as ' Ainz ' in overlord does not have any intent to return back to the real world, however the main concept of the MC(s) being trapped in a MMORPG world still applies to this anime. 
report Recommended by Archeal
They both seem to have lots of action and bad-ass fighting sequences with lots of comic relief. If you didn't want to watch one I would recommend the other. 
report Recommended by MacBadley
Both main characters who are seemingly the best at the video game that they play, then unwillingly become part of that game as it becomes a reality. Both anime have action and were produced by Madhouse. Both have a love interest that they met in-game before it became reality and meet them again in their new reality, difference being in "Btooom!" the interest is a human while in "Overlord" the interest used to be an NPC before the world changed.  
report Recommended by Setsura1
Both are about heroes fighting for their ambitions to rule the world. Their cost to fight is not out of heroism, but as a stepping stone to reach own ambition. 
report Recommended by spacekarma
Both MCs are fanatically loved by people around them. Every random little thing they do is over interpreted in a way which makes them seem like geniuses thinking 100 steps ahead. Also, both are incredibly lucky because no matter how rash their actions are, in the end the result is amazing. Absurd comedy at its best. 
report Recommended by blackhaulmike
Leadership and dominate. Light and Ainz are very similar in that they both are suitable for being great leaders since they are both observant and strategic. Though Death Note is a journey for Light to become God, Ainz has already reached this stage, instead, his story focuses on how to expand with that power at hand. Both characters can also be perceived as anti-heroes. Overlord acts as a step-by-step guide of how to maintain dominance and how to control, with Death Note being the step-by-step guide of how to climb through the ladder to absolute power and fight your equals. 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
A bunch of sympathetic (yet evil ?) demons worship a human character who has no idea what's going on, but somehow still leads them and being treated as their master/their leader. If Overlord also focuses on battles and politics, the numerous interactions between the demons are mostly funny, just like in Mairimashita Iruma-kun After all, they're both some kind of slice of life, but with demons.  
report Recommended by Damuzen
With other-worldy knowledge, the main character are set on a quest to dominate the world! 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Set in a fantasy world. Both MC is overpowered and has a serious trait. It has game-like environment. The magic battles are intense. Entertaining and fun to watch. 
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Stuck in a game. Although Ainz is a supreme being on a mission to learn about the new world, Kaname is trying to take down Darwin's Game entirely. Both have teams to aid them as well. 
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Our main characters Momonga (Ainz) and Korosensei aren't human, but possess extreme power and a 50/50 split between heroic and antagonistic views.  
report Recommended by SilverChariotx
The anime has similar situation in which the protagonist is transport to another world. 
report Recommended by Lx_
Both the stories have MC with badass necromancer powers. Through their control over the undead they make their names known to the world. Backed by amazing visuals and soundtracks both deserves great appreciation. Both anime have amazing story too. 
report Recommended by Tsundere_Slayer
To me, Overlord does not feel like an anime where it's a game within a game type of setting. I viewed it more as a fantasy anime. Overlord and Guin Saga both have overpowered heroes who save the day.  
report Recommended by Makise
Epic over-all top "transport to another world", i can't help but love! If you are mmo player or have the same feel of nostalgia from episode one, you sure bound to love this. 
report Recommended by Lx_
The anime has similar situation in which the protagonist somewhat stuck in a game world. Also part of a "Slice of Life". 
report Recommended by Lx_
Comedies in a fantasy world are truly a bliss. 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
The anime has similar situation in which the protagonist and others are transport to another world. As in these case connected to another world. 
report Recommended by Lx_
They both have a simmilar humor. (Comedy, Magic, Fantasy, Adventure) I personally prefer reading the Manga (Spirit Blade Mountain) but couldn't find it on this website so I stuck with the Anime.  
report Recommended by Shibuya_Akira
- Both have to deal with a lot of monsters/demons - Both MCs are real OP - Both have characters with undying loyalty to the MC 
report Recommended by pokerocker19
Fantasy world, demon lord, and war between humans and demons.  
report Recommended by cat999
Although is not set in a MMORPG world, Arslan senki is similar on the leadership aspect. They are both about suddenly becoming responsible of a loyal group of people and also learning and discovering more about the world they live in. There is magic, gore and good fights! 
report Recommended by joeltnt
Both main characters are forced into their otaku fantasy world.  
report Recommended by lancelot200
Both series share a similar premise. A man finds himself in an unfamiliar world and through certain events, becomes the leader of a group/nation using his past knowledge to his advantage. The harem factor is there along with plenty of action scenes (though Utawarerumono reuses a number of scenes and the animation is somewhat outdated) as well as political intrigue between warring factions being thrown into the mix. Overall, if you're enjoying Overlord so far, Utawarerumono might be a worthwhile watch. 
report Recommended by SlothsinMySalad
Accel World and Overlord are the same genres. Just like Accel World x SAO/ Hack etc. - Both anime focus inside of a mmo rpg game, world. - Both have strong MC's - Both are after something. Both series are fun and keep you on the sit to watch.  
report Recommended by StarSlay
These animes are both different in terms of protagonists, they are both about a character that gets depicted very early on as the villain, besides that, they are both mages and both wields powerful magic to beat their enemies, in overlord however they are almost always beaten overwhelmingly, but both the animes have a great many things in common, however where they differ is that Bastard!! is a fantasy, whilst Overlord is about a gamer trapped in a gaming world of a closed game, now turning all the npc's into actual sentient beings, but even though, the series differ, they are also quite similar in  read more 
report Recommended by Fallen_Saint
Has the same feeling of a game like world turning real.  
report Recommended by Epixza
Both Sin and Overlord deal with a prideful and powerful main character who cautiously plan out their next move while they try and usurp or take over the world which they've been thrown into. Along the way they become more knowledgeable of themselves and the world, and they then continue to use that information to progress their own goals. The only big difference is that Overlord starts with a bunch of supporting characters, whereas Sin doesn't. 
report Recommended by animelover4432
Both have very strong fantasy settings. Nanatsu no Taizai doesn't have any kind of video game setting, but they both leave you wanting to know more about the world with each episode. The character building in both are great but the most enjoyable part is how engaging the fantasy settings and sense of adventure is. Both have very powerful mcs but that's hardly why I recommend this with Overlord. They're both just really fun to watch if you want great fleshed out fantasy worlds. 
report Recommended by BraindeadHour
Both contain awesome fighting moments, have a fantasy-like setting and a great MC. Overlord uses Magic/skills while HxH uses life-energy/superpowers. Both are adventurous 
report Recommended by Salokannel2
lots of people may think i am nuts for saying these two a similar but... overlord and c3 both have the harem aspect in the anime (more noticeable in c3) but in overlord, there's more action, although in c3 there's still some action but it's not 100% action like overlord. c3 still has quite a bit of action in it though. so overall, overlord is (c3 minus ecchi) 
report Recommended by 14clock3
- seemingly invincible squad with ingenious leader - the leader know everything about the weapons in their world - strange love from a squadmember to the leader - different world settings Real World and on the other side a dark age fantasy world 
report Recommended by gremlyn