Ookami to Koushinryou

Spice and Wolf

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Synonyms: Ookami to Koushinryou
Japanese: 狼と香辛料
English: Spice and Wolf
German: Spice and Wolf
French: Spice and Wolf
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 9, 2008 to Mar 26, 2008
Premiered: Winter 2008
Broadcast: Wednesdays at 01:30 (JST)
Studios: Imagin
Source: Light novel
Genres: AdventureAdventure, FantasyFantasy, RomanceRomance
Themes: Adult CastAdult Cast, HistoricalHistorical
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.231 (scored by 368246368,246 users)
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Ranked: #3002
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Popularity: #206
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The studio behind Maoyuu have CLEARLY embraced the fact that the source material came to be thanks to S&W making a serialised story of economics and love economically viable. They've also taken advantage of the desperation S&W anime fans feel for a S3 that - probably - won't ever be. Why not employ the same JP voice actors, the same director and other people that worked on S&W? It makes good business sense. As an enlightened fellow pointed out in passing, Maoyuu started out on 2chan and - more than likely - panders to the wants of its target audience as much as it does because  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
They talk a lot and I mean A LOT in both. The chit-chat is funny, sometimes deep, and also very absorbing. Both have fantasy style setup. And of course brilliant couples :) 
report Recommended by edwassas
They are both set as a traveling adventure in old Europe. The relationship between the main 'couples' are very similar, especially in the way the female lead treats the male lead. Both have a fair share of comedy and drama, Gosick is more tragic though (unexpectedly, considering Spice and Wolf feels more mature overall).  
report Recommended by Takai
Even though these appear - superficially - to be totally different (furry love vs. elf love; trading/economics vs. intergalactic warfare), you'd have to blind AND somewhat stupid to watch these two and not link them. For starters, anyone watching at length will only be in it for the SLOWLY developing romance between a human and his nonhuman, can-live-for-100s-of-years life partner. A HUGE amount of time gets put into complicated subplots, for sure, but that's all decoration. What people want is for the leads to take their relationships forward beyond unsure friendship/lovers territory... which, of course, NEVER SODDING WELL HAPPENS since interest would fade once the  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Both animes are in a fantasy setting and dedicates it's time on growth of politics and power through manipulative means. You will not expect much action from neither of these titles, as the engaging dialogues will make up for the 'action'. The action is there, but it isn't dragged out more than necessary. You can also expect military and war will also involved in both these shows. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both are slow-paced, chill and dialogue-heavy anime and visits the same topics such as economics. If you're a fan of the economics and mercantile talks in Spice and Wolf, you will like this side of Bookworm Isekai. 
report Recommended by picture2x
Both very mellow. Both have supernatural elements. Both main male characters looks similar and act the same for the most partxD 
report Recommended by Bluesnow
They're both about economics and have light furry motifs, though that second part shouldn't put you off. 
report Recommended by NavyCherub
Both are about a male finding a goddess, only they take place in completely different eras. 
report Recommended by Em_Leingod
Slow-paced anime about travelling and encountering different cultures.  
report Recommended by Teddy
Hardcore fan of Spice&Wolf, I can't stop thinking of it when I watch Grimoire of Zero. There is the same feeling, the same ambience, a similar development between the two main characters. This is very interesting! I highly recommend watching Grimoire of Zero if you liked Spice&Wolf. 
report Recommended by Kaikko
Both series are heavily dialogue and character focused. Both have a very likable female protagonist who teases the male protagonist. The banter between the two main characters in both shows is pretty interesting to watch. The two series are also about different things but uses those things to bring two people together romantically. Spice and Wolf focuses on the life of being a merchant (fundamental economic theory), and Bakemonogatari focuses on the supernatural. Ultimately, it is the romance of the two shows that keeps things interesting.  
report Recommended by aulzon
I cant believe this hasn't been recommended yet. The fantasy genre, the feel, even the music are quite similar. Not to mention romance as a subplot in both.  
report Recommended by madman333888
something with the promise similar to that of the anime 
report Recommended by Leonalves
Both animes follow the relation between a human and a supernatural being. They're also both soft paced and leave a good felling afterwards. Both great to relax, smile and take a break from heavier animes. 
report Recommended by TheDeadServ
Spice and Wolf is the Death Note of romance anime. You have a similar plotting protagonist - not one who's out to rule the world, but rather the marketplace. If you enjoyed the "out-thinking my opponents" and "conceiving and executing a plan in the face of adversity" of Death Note, Spice and Wolf will give you more of the same. In addition, both have supernatural companions who have enhanced senses that help them in their plotting. Light, however, isn't in love with Ryuk =p 
report Recommended by adamskinner
Relationship between humans and fox-like spirits and the comedic moments the ensue. Both are heartfelt animes and both have action to keep the pace going as well as funny dialogue and good supporting characters. 
report Recommended by cherrypixie27
Both of them are well written stories about a man and a woman trying to live a peaceful life. I was searching something similiar to Spice And Wolf and surprisingly this one has very much in common. Shin no Nakama is lighter tho but it deosn't mean its just as any fantasy/isekai these days. There is in both some drama, romance and "working thing" (dunno how to describe it in English). I tell ya - if u enjoyed one of them you probably enjoy the other one. I higly recommend them both! 
report Recommended by Poloniavick
The relationship between the two main characters is similar. Both Holo and Taiga are unique tsundere-like characters that have a goal they want to accomplish(Holo returning to the North, Taiga getting Kitamura to like her) and relies on the male character(Lawerence in Spice and Wolf, Ryujii in Toradora) to get them there. In the beginning,their relationship begins on a rocky start, but as they face different challenges together and get to know each other, they start to depend on each other more and develop a close bond.  
report Recommended by DreamerofDreams1
Ookami to Koushinryou (Spice and Wolf) and Steins;Gate are similar in being both serious and humorous at times followed by the growing bond of relationships and the troubling events that follow. 
report Recommended by LovelyKatie-chan
The banter between the male/female leads is clever, witty, and realistic. If you liked this series for it's romance, drama, and slice of life elements, then you'll like this one as well. These are two of the best romances out there. Read the Light Novels if you enjoy them! 
report Recommended by duhu1148
The age it take's place in is almost the same. 
report Recommended by Luminie
While the overarching story, setting, genre and themes are quite different, the relationship and interaction between Haruhi and Kyon is very similar to that of Horo and Lawrence from Spice and Wolf. If you liked the character traits of the male and female lead of Haruhi, Spice and Wolf would be very enjoyable. (And even if you didn't, watch Spice and Wolf nonethelss since it's a fantastic show and needs more popularity.) 
report Recommended by BikeJones
They have a similar atmosphere. Both feature a medieval-ish setting and are lightly supernatural. They show traditions of different people. 
report Recommended by packet
Matsuri and Horo share the same playful yet mysterious attitude. The plots both involve a relationship between a supernatural being and a human. Sola's Nakahara Mai (Aono) also appears as a supporting character in Spice and Wolf. 
report Recommended by Telliamed
Holo has a very similar character to inuyasha because of the stuborness she has and because of the character herself. and reccomend the tv show to anyone who likes romance and a slight bit of politics  
report Recommended by Kodukana
There are a lot of differences between these two anime, the time, the feel, etc. but the characters relationships are similar in the romantic sense. Its a completely different story entirely, but if you liked the romantic comedy in Spice and Wolf, then Chobits is something you may want to consider watching. 
report Recommended by Hysvear
So there's this guy and his ladyfriend, and one of them is naked when the other finds them, and then there's a dozen or so episodes of them going around discussing stuff like the economy, laws, etc, and both are a lot better than this description makes them out to be. 
report Recommended by robfoster
An intelligent man (Lelouch for Code: Geass, and Lawrence for Spice and Wolf) meets an extraordinary woman (C.C. for the former, and Holo for the latter). Together they venture for their goals. If you like main characters that think of elaborate, well-though out plans, these anime are worth a watch. Although Spice and Wolf is leaning towards Romance. The main plot may differ by a lot, but the idea is somewhat similar if you look at it. Also, both Male MC's are voiced by the same VA, which makes it that much awesome.  
report Recommended by Leap250
These two anime may not have much in common in terms of plot but they have a really similar atmosphere. You know, that atmosphere where just watching it makes you feel calm and peaceful. Pretty great anime to watch if you just want to relax though they can have some heavy drama at times. 
report Recommended by Shazzea
Tricky, tough men meets mysterious supernatural woman in some unusual circumstances - their travel to the far north country begins - dangerous adventure ensues! Although Bahamut pace is far more dynamic and fantasy-filled, and character cast is far wider and freaky, than calm and realistic Wolf and Spice, the main feeling about Favaro and Amira very similar to Lawrence and Horo - in the way of relationship development and collaboration in solving troubles: by magic and fist in SnB, and with paper and money in WaS - but both with high amount of mind work. So, if you ever  read more 
report Recommended by surnev
They may not always share the familiarity with economics but both these shows take place in a fantasy setting. And from that setting will be mysteries and discoveries to be unraveled. The two main protagonists shares an unusual yet close relationship with one another. In their world, they discover many innovations and crosses paths with others through a type of journey. There are some animal symbolism and motifs throughout both series although Escha & Logy plays it mostly off as comedy. Spice and Wolf on the other hand has additional elements of romance. I recommend both fantasy series for those who are interested in a  read more 
report Recommended by Stark700
The theme of the incarnation of a goddess plays the lead heroine in both of these two anime(s). Although both stories take place in different settings, there are similarities involving the interactions between the main protagonist and heroine involving comedy, drama, and later romance. Both series also contain fantasy themes. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Wolf Children is the Spice & Wolf anime continuaton/epilogue/whatever we're never gonna get. As soon as I read the description, I KNEW: Madhouse had come to the rescue of Howo. Furries across the globe can now die happy, along with me... even though I'm not into animals; Howo aside. Without spoiling too much, let's just say Wolf Children goes in the general direction S&W EVENTUALLY does. Yes. The genders are reversed (DO NOT WANT MALE HOWO--NO!) from S&W's pairing but that matters not when the movie is about half wolf, half human children coming to terms with life. (What more could you ask for from an  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Right away I got the vibe of Spice and Wolf from this anime. Spice and Wolf seems to have the setting of a pioneering type, taking place before modern technology. In both anime, there is a small village to start out, and with the same direction they head to a capital city to do some trade or work. From the very start there is work and the world has its own currency system in which the characters are working to gain. From this work system, there is something beyond the little villages and the characters will see something more. Not only that, but the main characters find  read more 
report Recommended by chronofantasy
although not really similar in the plot, both titles revolve around romance between two people from entirely different worlds. both series have hardly any fanservice and a similar feel to them. 
report Recommended by suusuu
Both are heartwarming shows with supernatural elements that take place in a sort of medieval/feudal setting. The difference is that Utawarerumono has a lot of action, while Spice and Wolf is more about economics. 
report Recommended by robfoster
The journey of life to achive dreams - that's the main motive of both anime. Pair from "Spice and Wolf" had to fight with many difficulties when they were traveling, just like three "Samurai Champloo" heroes... but in quite different way. 
report Recommended by 2Pack
These two are rather misleading, to begin with. FAR more so in the case of Maria since the females dress like strippers (fits the 'heretic witches' angle + a succubus, but still...) and a great deal of emphasis is placed on the heroine's virginity; often comically so. In the case of Spice & Wolf, it was just the heroine - Howo - being naked when she was introduced that set off early furry alarms... before she proceeded to put on and not remove clothes. They do what few to no other anime do: introduce a fantasy (animal 'Gods' in S&W; witches in Maria) element, then  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
the main characters in both shows are wolf gods/godesses and they somehow have a pretty similar attitude. 
report Recommended by hellwyr
Both animes involve people from separate worlds how fall in love with each other. They face trials that can either strengthen their relationship or break it apart. 
report Recommended by spineslayer
These two are different from each other but both look very essence conparten some similarities such as that in a single chapter llegarte achieved in the depths of your soul and like the characters and ecenarios using them in short time periods are used but in spite all you manage to completely fall in love with them. 
report Recommended by Terri-Chan
Firstly both anime are slice of life anime which deals with daily acticities. Both anime are not exactly the romance anime but it can be considered as one. And the most important part of thier similarities is that there is no cliche in it and the in the entire run of anime there is no nonsense sub-plot and any of that bullshit. Both anime portrayed the matured side of "Love" or "Romance". Story of Spice and Wolf is more of a trading and marketing stuffs and story of Honey and Clover is more of college students getting to resolve and experiencing their first love and dealing  read more 
report Recommended by _Gliches_
Soft cozy fantasy with more of an emphasis on navigating business concerns such as client relations and networking. 
report Recommended by Melbot
Both Anime tell a story of how a mans life is taken for a spin after a certain female too overpowered for their world comes into it, because of this both MC's face a lot of dilemmas but benefit from happenings that occur from their relationship. 
report Recommended by Teniking
I can't believe I'm the first to see the similarities between Black Lagoon and Spice and Wolf. Both of these anime have romance. But it's not the kind of romance where it's out in the open. They showed hints of it throughout the series, more so in Spice and Wolf. Rock and Lawrence are two boring male protagonists who each have boring jobs. Rock used to work in the corporate world. While Lawrence works as a merchant. Holo and Revy are two bad-ass female protagonists in the series who suddenly entered the lives of those two boring men. Holo is a wise wolf deity, who used to be  read more 
report Recommended by Howlong
+ focus of trading and bargaining + aspect of towns and their economies + very realistic + a smart clever man with a girl companion who is skilled as well + traveling from place to place  
report Recommended by helloisabelle
They are similar in aspect that both are adventure anime in which the main 2 characters go from country/city to country/city, meeting new people on their journey. The biggest difference between the two is that Spice and Wolf also features a romantic plot between the main 2 characters. 
report Recommended by JokerDBlue
Both are set in the past and revolve around a human and an immortal being. Also both include a lot of talking about food. The soundtracks for both anime are similar. 
report Recommended by teramisu
Asobi is Highschool dxd meets Spice and Wolf. if you like ecchi comedy parodies, Asobi is a great choice. Conversely, if you enjoyed Eris but want to see what she could be like if she were a little more serious, Holo is exactly that. 
report Recommended by peKAY
Although the atmosphere and setting are hardly similar, both series start out with a male protagonist having a strange encounter with an eccentric girl, and having to live with, take care of, and overcome hardships with (or relating to) said girl throughout the anime. The girls in both series are both often called out for their differences by everyone else, and are highly revered for their unique qualities. 
report Recommended by Kaabii
Both romance anime, set in the past times, thus standing out from all high-school romance animes 
report Recommended by rdds234
Both have some similarities in the story and timeline. Both also have the same quest, Lag want to meet Gauche while Lawrence wants to deliver Holo to the north. Both also have some of Fairy Tail story. For art, they also have similarities. I feel both of them have same setting time. The different is, Ookami to koushinryou tell about how the life of a merchant, Tegamibachi tell about how the journey of Lag seeing. If you enjoy Ookami to Koushinryou, you may enjoy Tegamibachi too. 
report Recommended by jongskyid
If you're looking for a mature romance, both of them are good choices. You will find : - a lot of smart dialogues and cute teasing between the two main characters. - a slow developement that comes to a satisfying conclusion. - unforgettable main characters - a great art style and some very nice OP/ED 
report Recommended by Joachim_mal
After you watch Clannad you get a feeling in your heart almost like a hole that was left by Clannad and every one just keep on moving on and oblivious to what you just felt and you are in search of some thing to fill that gap. Spice and wolf slowly introduces its charters and lets you get to know them, it starts feels you have become submerged in the story like you have found something to fill that gap once more. you will laugh, you may cry, you may get mad. you will be happy you have walked with Kraft  read more 
report Recommended by sdfxcvgb
A man in his twenties encounters a deity by a chance. This deity takes a form of cute girl with fluffy ears and FLUFFY tail. This girl helps the man with his living and has a tendency to meddle in, but in a good, helpful way. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
These two series feature fictional worlds that are strongly reminiscent of real historical periods. I wouldn't consider them in the historical genre, but both give off an air of the past. The two main leads in each hold a different kind of power than usually found in fantasy: Lawrence and Holo with bartering skills and Edward and Alphonse with alchemy. By the end of both, however, these characters discover that everything isn't always equal in economics or alchemy and trying to trump the rules of money/trade and equivalent exchange have consequences. Both feature characters trying to "return" - Holo to her homeland after fading as  read more 
report Recommended by peacenotus
Both animes are about a supernatural girl that many fear, both of these female protagonist were alone for years until they met the male protagonist. Both main female are very wise,mischievous and both love to tease and flirt with the male protagonist. 
report Recommended by Jayage
If you like Holo's character you will most likely like Yuko and vice versa. Both shows showcase unique and compelling relationships, great characters, great dialogue, and complex themes. xxxHolic takes a generally darker tone, is more modern, and more fantastical than Spice and Wolf. Spice and Wolf more obviously positive. Both shows fill a similar place and if you like one, chances are you will like the other. Just keep in mind that both are unique. 
report Recommended by memotran
There's a lot in common. BOTH main characters have super powers; BOTH series occur during middle ages or the so called "medieval"; BOTH include the middle ages commerce and travelling between villages; BOTH have kind of a "dark" art/ambience; BOTH have that little "impossible" romance between a human and a non-human. 
report Recommended by Cinico
The aspect of liking someone who is or seems to be older than the other is a big similarity. However, one is more on drama and the other is more comedy. 
report Recommended by Kianeki18
Both shows have a slow relationship buildup with great characterization and dialogue between the leads. If you liked Tsuki ga Kirei but wanted a dash of economics (instead of school) and older protagonists, try out Spice and Wolf. 
report Recommended by PainfulAC
While spice and wolf isn't an isekai, both of these stories heavily deal with the economic structure and social structure of their worlds instead of intense battles or dramatic characters 
report Recommended by Dukino
Two shows that have almost nothing in common to a casual observer. But they are very similar emotionally. To me, they are both the anime equivalent of drinking a hot cup of tea, under a blanket, as you get snowed in. They are both very comfy, warm and oddly entrancing.  
report Recommended by Echeyakee
Both female protagonist is a goddess and both male protagonist is helping and protecting the female protagonist. The difference between these two anime is that it only they take place in completely different eras.  
report Recommended by bloody_Venus55
Both main characters in these two shows shares the same relationship. A unique girl who helps our main guy. Both couple are cute to watch. If you enjoyed "NHK" , I'm sure you will enjoy "spice and wolf" too, it has fantasy setting on it, and it's plus for enjoyment.  
report Recommended by Luuji222
If you have missed the chill adventure that spice and wof brought to anime, then your next watch should be Yuru Camp. I have time and time again have gone back to spice and wolf for the adventure they bring and Yuru Camp hits home with that feeling 
report Recommended by stuffyblade
Do you like to watch anime for big breasted women, Robot fights, Super human abilities? Well these don't have anything like that, well Bartender doesn't at least. If you liked Spice and Wolf for the extensive talk of being a merchant and how the economy works, then you will love Bartender! Bartender talks abut Philosophy and uses alcohol as a way to describe and emphasize on the reason some one drinks or is thinking the way they are, It is much set up like a play and it has a sort of elegance to it, along with the beautiful short but descriptive stories that  read more 
report Recommended by BPXXBLINKERS
Intriguing conversations, plots, tricks all over. The difference is Ookami to Koushinryou is having Merchant perspectives, while Tensai Ouji is using Authority, Royalty perspectives.  
report Recommended by Hasnaspatia
Both have a very likeable and clingy female who is obsessed with a very annoying and wimpy male lead. 
report Recommended by -Deleted-
If you loved the character interactions between two characters like Holo and Lawrence and aren't too fussed with watching anime that aren't focused on plot than Nodame Cantabile is a great choice. 
report Recommended by PullBacktheDoor
Well in Princess Mononoke There is some romance and in this there is also romance. The relation is a guy falling in loving with a wolf girl. Also something not so important but something i admired was both animes had giant wolves. 
report Recommended by Monjoex
Here we have two shows with one very big common theme. In each show, there is a character showing someone around a world which they aren't fully accustomed to. These two shows both have an air of seriousness mixed with light comedy that's just enough to make you laugh when needed and smile at the end of the episode. 
report Recommended by MadaChi
Spice and Wolf and Seirei no Moribito are both beautiful journeys in ancient lands (respectively Europe and Japan). Both are about the relationship between humans and greater powers like spirits, gods, Nature... and how humans slowly forget about them (possibly at their own detriment). Both are about the chance encounter between two characters from opposite worlds and how they come to respect and love each other. MAIN DIFFERENCE : Seirei no Moribito's main character is a mercenary who protects a prince. This series is thus one big adventure with one plot and many amazing fight scenes. Spice and Wolf's main character is not a fighter, he is a merchant.  read more 
report Recommended by Moihaha
After seeing the first 2 episodes of Re;Zero I was surprised at the fact I was enjoying it, and that it reminded me of something, one anime, a light novel adaptation to be precise. That being, of course, Spice and Wolf. Both Satella and Holo are great heroines who are written very well and don't fall into a particular archytype. Both of them are rather snarky towards the MC and their respective relations are well written. While the MCs are themselves rather different both of them are well rounded and likable. If you liked one you will probably enjoy the other.  
report Recommended by delloskill
if you liked one, the other is definitely worth a shot. they're both centered on romance and fantasy. bittersweet, but not without some humor. romeo x juliet may be a little more dramatic, but i'm sure that's a given. they leave you feeling warm and satisfied.  
report Recommended by jaimenofx
Both main protagonists have a supernatural companion who helps them in their journey. 
report Recommended by EyeSS
Both works happen in rich, and well established fantasy world, filled with interesting concepts and straying from the cliches. In both you can see quite the emotional connection of the main characters, while one of them is with much bigger lifespan, compared with the other, being a normal human being, and in both shows a large part of their focus is dedicated to this. 
report Recommended by Tyrraell
What does medieval-themed anime has in common with futuristic teenage show? The answer is simple: quality of art. Animation and music fits so well with the proposed setting that you will believe you actually traveled through time, be it forward or backwards. 
report Recommended by sagesan
Different settings and time periods, but both are shorter animes with great stories and characters, both are old fashioned, have romance, and just a similar mood. Spice and Wolf doesn't have as much action and no samurais but both will hook you. 
report Recommended by cherrypixie27
Despite the fact that Spice and Wolf is mostly oriented on romance, it has very similar main female characters. Definitely, Holo will remind a bit of both Lucy and Nyuu. 
report Recommended by Winndara
Both have mystical beings. Horo is high-classed so is corticarte 
report Recommended by Yuuki1Kaname
both are about wolf and dog people. both have a guy who finds a girl who has powers and must now fight. inukami is alot more funny though. very different characters 
report Recommended by tacohotman
Despite the difference in atmosphere, both stories feature a girl who attends to her master who is a merchant. Along the way, she also learns about his trade and develops a mutual understanding of one another. 
report Recommended by arsonal
Settings and plot in both anime have nothing in common, but for mystery element. However, the characters are really similar. Horo and Ryoko are powerful in their worlds, they both achieve the aims they have once set. Izumida and Lorence are their humble servants towards whom both heroines feel attraction. Both anime are slow in pace but it does not make them boring! 
report Recommended by Nikkicat
Spiral: Using detective skills to solve things. Spice and Wolf: Focuses on Cheating people out of money and Revenge (and you cant forget, getting Hora back to her homeland.) They may contrast in background information, but they are both animes that you can relate to real life. For example, Spiral: There are detectives solving crimes today. Spiral gives you the feel of a classic Shurlock Holmes movie. For example, Spice and Wolf: Everyday, people are cheated out of money and everyone wants to get revenge on someone. I believe that these animes both focus on the skills and emotions of human beings. And to me, u can't have  read more 
report Recommended by DarkRaven120
First they're both romance, but there is one big similarity between these two anime: the unspoken love between the main characters. It's like we know they have feelings for each other, why the fu*K can't they just say that to each other. So the tension is about the same and if u exclude the fantasy bit from Spice and wolf i think that if you liked one you con't not like the other :D 
report Recommended by P0llUT3R
Just look closer! They have a lot in common: 1. Alice and Horo both possess some incredile abilities. 2. Oz and Lawrence are both wise enough not to argue with their powerful patners. 3. They are always travelling or searching something. 4. Most likely they have to part with each other at the end of their way. 
report Recommended by Nikkicat
Very similar and beutiful atmosphere, similar characters and of course, the fact that both contains wolves who can transform into humans. 
report Recommended by SotN
They are both set in an older fictional European world. They both have a fantasy type of storyline. Both include a splash of romance. 
report Recommended by otaku_Life
Not Exactly Alike, but the idea of having a male and female work together and work to reach their goal both are also fantasy and drama. ~Bondocter~ 
report Recommended by AFKarma
Really similar atmospheres of drama and mystery, and of course, the fact that both revolve around wolves in human form. 
report Recommended by Jacut
Two best of friends who is of different race (humans and Niea as an alien/ Horo as a Wolf God). Both of these two tells the story of the "slice of life" adventure of the pair and then their friendship is tested by distance, real-life problems and money. :P  
report Recommended by cafekun
If you liked one, you should like the other. Although Hatenkou Yuugi is more of an action and Spice and Wolf is more serious, both are good fantasy series with quite similar feeling. And as for leads... I think that Horo and Rahzel are very alike in many aspects. 
report Recommended by Pandora
Both anime feature main character who travels a lot and who meets outworldly being (a goddess in one case and an alien in another). In both cases they are asked to be a guide, showing and expleining the world to their new companions.  
report Recommended by hajil
Both have fantasy type of setting. Include a girl that is traveling on a journey.  
report Recommended by otaku_Life
The art look similar, and it had same feeling in it. 
report Recommended by Nyyppa
Both the animes have action, but not over-the-top. Both animes have love and romance and deal with being confused about their feelings. Both are fantasy too. 
report Recommended by hanyou-chan
just switch the plot around a bit and,there you have allison and lillia 
report Recommended by akuma27
Both series have this calm, soothing atmosphere and take place in older Europe. There are many supernatural elements, including main heroines of both stories. Dantalian no Shoka is more action-packed with little horror here and there, while Spice and Wolf is actually calmer, with more focus on solving problems by persuading. 
report Recommended by VincentHarkonnen
Both have supernatural fox/wolf creatures in it and have an element of romance between the two main characters. Both Holo and Tomoe (the fox/wolf creatures) refer to the other character as a child and explain that they are from different worlds. Holo and Tomoe are also kind of arrogant and sometimes tend to be a little mean to the other character-their love-interest. The Differences: While Kamisama Hajimemashita takes place in modern-day Japan, Spice and Wolf takes place in an older setting. Also, Kamisama Hajimemashita is comedy, while Spice and Wolf is more serious.  
report Recommended by shouj0panda
Similarities: Both series have a similar arch structure, where in each arch the main characters travel to a new city. Both series also have an MC with a certain power that makes them undesirable by the villagers. In Sunday without God (Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi), Ai is a gravekeeper, one of the select few that can put the dead to rest. In Spice & Wolf (Ookami to Koushinryou), Holo is a wolf god who is perceived as a demon by the church. Differences: Spice & Wolf deals with the economics of each city. The show doesn't go into fantasy  read more 
report Recommended by FireFly1
Romance anime with economy on the side. While Spice and Wolf focuses more on romance and trading, Yuushibu focuses on comedy/ecchi and retail. 
report Recommended by yazio
They gave me the same sort of fluffy, happy, light feeling. If you liked Hotarubi no Mori e, you'll probably like Spice and Wolf (and vice versa). 
report Recommended by catalysst
Its like the grown up Allen Walker or the more more romantic version of the charater since this anime may indeed lack some "romance" still a freaken awsome anime. 
report Recommended by BloodyRage
Unlike the majority of the recommendations on MAL, this is going to be a one way recommendation only. After completing Code Geass R2, you may feel a void in your heart. What to watch now? I want to see more of Lelouch!! Well, worry not, fellow anime fans. Spice and Wolf will give you an alternate universe sequel in "Code Geass after story", with a few differences. Lelouch lost his geass power and turned into a merchant (with the same CV), and CC has been replaced with Karren's voice, and turned into a cute wolf girl? The two of them will continue the journey on their  read more 
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
in both the boy and girl meet by chance and the girl stays with the boy. Both of the girls are a majical creature(one is a mermaid the other is a wolf) and in both they fall in love. 
report Recommended by katlee8225
This is a somewhat weird recommendation since Spice & Wolf is rather lighthearted and funny though it does touch on more serious elements. While ef: Tale of Memories is more serious and melancholical. However they both feature some amount of romance (ef - alot, S&W - teasing which develops later) the reason I thought of this recommendation is that the relationship between Miyako and Hiro is the same sort of teasing relationship Lawrence and Holo have. The thing is that S&W is a pretty long light novel series so it develops slower than EF which is really short. Both series are very good though so  read more 
report Recommended by PawnDa
Heavily dialogue focused series between the main characters. It is not an exaggeration to say that the dialogue drives the story in both anime. Fortunately, the animation during characters' exchange of words is interesting as that it shifts between different objects, adding an unique visual appeal if one grows tired of the dialogue. In the end of each arc, though, the amount of intelligent dialogue would come off as rewarding, as the story always ends in a satisfying way. 
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
I believe that both of these anime have a similar feel about them in general and both of the main characters in Pumpkin Scissors and Spice and Wolf also contain a similar feeling. The art work also is similar in parts. Overall one reminded me of the other and I think that if you liked one chances are that you'll like the other. 
report Recommended by popapop2
Meet Lawrence reincarnated! The Private Eye with white hair looks the same, and I don't mean similar or alike, I mean totally, totally the same. I could swear it's him. The guy can be spotted about 5 mins into the show. Well, nothing else similar. 
report Recommended by a-naoto-fan
Although completely different in tone and setting, they are both are about a group of people(or just two people in Spice and Wolf) going on an adventure with a supernatural being(Orphen being a Sorcerer and Holo being a Wolf God) to complete a certain goal(In Orphen; to return Azalie to human form, in Spice and Wolf; to bring Holo back to her homeland). Along the way, they face many obstacles, which strengthen the bond between them, as they depend more and more on each other. Both have good-short-down to root action sequences(although their is a little more action in Orphen).Both are based off a series  read more 
report Recommended by DreamerofDreams1
Besides having very similar characters (Holo=Haruhi, Lawrence=Kyon), they have a similar feel and have both happy and very sad moments. 
report Recommended by PoweredByRamen
the stories might be completly different, but a supernatural being (also a girl) gets introduced with a regular guy doing his thing. 
report Recommended by supermegasonic
Though different at first, they still have a lot in common: they both have something to chew (fanservice and romance) and something to digest (economics in Wolf & Spice, politics and human psychology in KoiChoco). Learning through watching your favourite anime? Oh easy ^^ 
report Recommended by Arrvilja
An interesting take on an adventure series. Spice and Wolf derails from the normal action you see in a typical adventure shounen, kind of how FMA Brotherhood sets the bars for shonen. Rather than fighting, Spice and Wolf is all about economics as he travels around a beautiful Italy-like world. Plus, the interactions between the two mains, Holo and Craft, is probably the best romance I've seen in any series. 
report Recommended by sehui
Similar concept dealing with agriculture. You learn how things are processed. While in Spice and Wolf you learn about merchant trading and economical issues.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Spice and Wolf reminds me of Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu. In both cases there is a boy who meets girl. It is in the same time but in DNYND is magic involved. Both are good animes in which the two main characters fall in love with each other but not completely. Both are also adaptations from a novel. And the main characters in both anime have almost the same characteristic features. The drama and romance has almost the same impression. If you like one I really recommend you to watch the other. 
report Recommended by Yexel
Both girls in these two anime have to wear hats in order to hide their secret. Both are romantic anime with delicate love and lovely characters 
report Recommended by m0811
In both anime we see idyllic villages, towns and rural landscapes populated by relatively happy townsfolk whose life is spiced with a tint of gloomy melancholic mood that also encompasses the journey of Holo and her merchant partner across their travels, which is comparable to the military girls of Soranowoto stationed at the picturesque province of Helvetia far from the clutches of war whose only wish is to pursue a quiet, sometimes adventurous yet fulfilling life while mingling with the locals, giving us an opportunity to learn more about their culture and traditions as the story unfolds within each of the two series. 
report Recommended by HibiChika