Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (TV)
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
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Alternative Titles

English: Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
Synonyms: Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo, Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches
Japanese: 山田くんと7人の魔女


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 12, 2015 to Jun 28, 2015
Premiered: Spring 2015
Broadcast: Sundays at 23:30 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation, Crunchyroll
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, HaremHarem, MysteryMystery, RomanceRomance, SchoolSchool, ShounenShounen, SupernaturalSupernatural
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.761 (scored by 243826243,826 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #9422
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #187
Members: 436,156
Favorites: 2,945


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Jul 1, 2015
interception (All reviews)
In terms of an Honest review , This anime is pretty good , at first i thought it would be Alot of " Ecchi/Harem"Type of aspect in this anime Judging it based on the english translation which is Yamada-kun and the seven witches . However, that is not the case as this anime has real potential on how the characters are developing and how the story is progressing as the series goes by.

The negative thing about the anime is Body-swapping , Body-swapping in anime usually means one thing, and that’s fanservice. I’m not the world’s biggest fanservice devotee. Fanservice can devour an anime’s read more
Jul 3, 2015
FunkyNano (All reviews)
---The review contains spoilers---

Story: 4/10
So uh....basically there's this school right? and in that school there are witches...7 of them
and uh..they have powers...and they use those powers by kissing people..UH and there's this dude and he copies the powers of witches if he kisses them...but he doesn't know. BUT THEN he trips on the stairs...and accidentally falls on a girl and kisses her... AND THEN SHE IS A WITCH and her power is to swap bodies, so they swap bodies and he has a vajajay and she has a weenis, and then they switch back but start kissing lots to swap bodies and pretend to be read more
Jun 29, 2015
Rohasshiki (All reviews)
My first experience with Yamada-Kun to 7-nin no Majo was with the manga. Seeing it as one of the popular ones, and my favorite tags of comedy, school life and romance, I decided I would give it a whirl. Immediately hooked, I read about 50 chapters before stopping to go to sleep. However, after that, I was bogged down with school work and the like and I never got around to continuing it. I didn't have time for anime or manga at that point and went on about a 4 month break. However, recently the stars aligned and summer started and I had time to read more
Jun 28, 2015
Stark700 (All reviews)
Ever imagined being someone else? That idea may have come across your mind sometime in your life. No really, I’m sure almost everyone at least had that thought once in their lifetime. So what happens when there’s a case of body swapping and you become a person of the opposite gender? I think that would be very peculiar experience. Yamada-kun to 7-in no Majo (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches) operates under circumstances where two main characters changes their bodies and well, you can guess from here that all sort of drama comes rolling.

The series is adapted from the manga of the same name that runs read more
Jul 8, 2015
NarukamiKen (All reviews)
At first, i didn't have any interest to this anime. I was just picking some random spring anime to watch. I really didn't have any big hope for this anime. But surprisingly, it was pretty good.

Story : 8/10
Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo is a story about Ryuu Yamada, a second-year Suzaku High School student, who one day accidentally kiss a girl and later he finds out that he has Witch's power that is activated with a kiss. Beside Yamada, there are still other witches with various powers in the school to be encountered.

The story and the concept were kinda unique to me. As i went read more
Jun 28, 2015
stanet96 (All reviews)
When i first saw this anime i was very doubtful it would be good for two reasons:the description sounded like it would be boring though it did catch my eye haven't see an anime like this in a long while and i heard it was rushed.I heard like about 100 chapters worth of content was being crammed into 12 episodes which is absolutely ridiculous i thought there was no way it could be good however i was proven wrong from the first episode.Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo stands apart from the anime that have been coming out in recent seasons its not the best thing read more
Jul 8, 2015
lawlmartz (All reviews)
"All you wanted was a kiss, right?" - Yamada

Artwork and Animation: 7

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is LIDENFILMS' first solo anime production. From a cursory search, it seems they were also a 2nd on Arlsan Senki, also new this season. With that in mind, I have to say that this is a solid first outing for a new studio. The characters and backgrounds retain a consistent quality throughout, and while nothing was groundbreaking, it was very easy to watch. I never noticed any major dips in quality, and it moves fluidly.

Sound and Voice Acting: 9

The opening and ending themes are read more
Jun 28, 2015
BlurredVision18 (All reviews)
All my reviews are spoiler free aimed towards people who haven't seen the show.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches.

The best recipe for the most delicious cake, all you gotta do is give the time it needs to bake, but noooo, gotta have it now, turning up the heat doesn't make it bake faster, IT JUST BURNS!!!....

Story: Ryuu Yamada is known as a delinquent in his high school. One day, he accidentally falls from a flight of stairs onto Urara Shiraishi, the ace student of the school. Yamada wakes up to find that he has swapped bodies with her! The two try to reverse the read more
Jul 17, 2015
Druidclaw (All reviews)
I'm glad I watched it, and, despite the fact that I absolutely loved it, this is one of the few times I'll say I'm glad there wont be a second season. The reason for this is because it's perfect as it is and I could only see more as detracting from the whole. If you're looking for a lighthearted rom/com I strongly recommend watching this, in fact, if you haven't seen it already stop reading and go watch it, like right now...

Story 9/10: The main story line behind this anime is good but it's a harem rom-com and there's only so much you can expect read more
Nov 18, 2015
Tentology (All reviews)

You fap to Yuri shamelessly? You have diabetes because you overdose on Vanilla? You secretly worship Yaoi? You openly admit that you love all three? This anime basically is one-size-fits-all for everyone of all sexual orientations and preferences.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Bitches (you read that right), or Y7 for short, is a surprisingly good anime with an actual, plot-line, legit romance and some interesting characters. The premise isn’t unique, ground-breaking or interesting at first glance, but it’s all in the execution. Yep people, shits actually get done in here, shits that are relevant to the story. It’s a rom-com with an actual plot read more
Jul 25, 2015
Bvarnell89 (All reviews)
My original review: http://pokemaster12.blogspot.com/2015/07/yamada-kun-and-seven-witches_25.html

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches is probably one of my favorite anime of the previous season. Why? Well, it could be the fanservice. The fanservice they had was actually not as intrusive nor as obnoxious as some of the other anime to have come out recently. They had just enough that it was funny and flowed well with the story, but not enough that it destroyed the story itself. But then again, maybe it was the story that got me to love this anime.

Ryuu Yamada is a punk. He shows up at school late, sleeps in class, and doesn't do his homework. read more
Aug 9, 2015
BanjoTheBear (All reviews)
(This has been adapted from my blog/reddit thread. Spoilers ahead!)

I think it is safe to say that everyone has a wish they want fulfilled. Money, power, and fame are the common ones, as they seem to be the most wanted. But money, power, and fame are not everything. More often than not, what we need most is not a shiny new car or rabid fans but instead something a bit more universal. A shoulder to lean on, a friend to hang out with, or a partner to hug; one of the greatest aspects in life are the relationships we share with the people around us. read more
Jun 30, 2015
AustinSonic808 (All reviews)
Yamada and the seven witches is about a delinquent called Yamada but one day he's world change when fell down the stairs with smartest person in the school Shiraishi and next thing you know they switched bodies.

For starters I read the manga, Yamada and the seven witches they tried to stuff a story that is worthy 24 episode or more into 12 episodes.

The story has a great concept where a guy has to find the seven witches and in order to do that he has to kiss them. The story pacing felt rush to me they have a different arc each episode but read more
Jun 28, 2015
Joel-Baxter (All reviews)
Yamada-kun to 7-nin no majo aka Yamada and the 7 witches. i originally did not even notice this anime and wasn't gonna watch it i thought it was gonna be just meh and boy did i judge a book by its cover it was so under the radar for me that i consider it underrated also the best anime of the season in my personal opinion. If i had one major issue it would be the pacing it was a little fast.

Story- I would have liked the anime to be longer but it definitely got to everything it needed in terms of the 7 witches read more
Jun 29, 2015
PyraXadon (All reviews)
Powers are something that a lot of people wish to have in their lives. The ability to do all sorts of neat tricks beyond the capabilities of humans like fly, read minds, and fire laser beams from your eyes are something that everyone thinks of having at least once in their lives. But if you really got them, have you ever thought about the kind of impact they could have on your life? Here, a review of Yamada-kun and the seven witches, a show that features seven individuals with a similar predicament.

Story (7.00/10): The story of Yamada-kun (that's the shorthanded read more
Jun 28, 2015
piepie (All reviews)
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches was definitely one of the better anime of the Spring season. While the concept of supernatural elements in a school setting and body switching isn't exactly new, this series was able to pull them off in an entertaining and interesting way nonetheless.

Story: 7/10
The story revolves around the seemingly mean-spirited delinquent, Ryuu Yamada, and his complete polar opposite, Urara Shiraishi. The two students take an unexpected tumble down their school's stairs and end up kissing by accident, which causes them to magically switch bodies. When they discover that kissing is what triggers the strange phenomenon, another student discovers their little secret read more
Jul 3, 2015
SirBobalot (All reviews)
So this anime is probably a good depiction of every guy's dream. The main character (Yamada) is your average school delinquent who accidentally discovers that he could switch bodies with another person by the act of kissing them by the lips. Or so he thought..
He later discovers that there are 7 other people who have "powers" within the school, hence the name of the anime. I'll stop talking about the plot now, the rest is up to you to see for yourself.

I feel that there were some parts where you could see what was going to happen and the ending was very cliche (imo), however read more
Jul 4, 2015
2LongDidntReview (All reviews)
The anime felt very rushed compared to the manga. Everyone seems to instantly respond to every action, thus losing much of the impact and emotion between exchanges. Some of the manga parts seemed to be added in just because it was in the manga, except some of the preludes were completely skipped which made it seemed very forced. Overall, I didn't really like this adaptation as it felt more like a summary of the manga than an actual fully fleshed anime.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Story: 7
This comes from the fact that we seem to be missing a few chunks of the story here and there probably due to read more
Jun 28, 2015
SNaG21 (All reviews)
TL;DR: Rushed as f*ck.

No spoilers here.

Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches was one of the anime that I was dreading this season. Why? Because it was one-cour. The story arc that could be concluded with the manga as it is now is either over 80 chapters in or an original ending, and with the sweet spot of manga to anime adaptation being 2-3 chapters an episode, 80 could be a little too much in 24 episodes, even if filler is cut. Well, for better and for worse, Yamada-kun met and exceeded my expectations.

But let’s talk about the good stuff first.

Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches (which I read more
Jun 28, 2015
Somebody101 (All reviews)
Yamada, at first glance a thug and rude guy who's personality puts him apart from the rest of the school body, but as the anime progresses, starts to gain friends from all around.

Story: 8
Yamada goes to a school in which secretly has 7 "witches" who have various powers that are passed down from student to student. The story progresses as Yamada ends up searching for the witchs due to set circumstances influenced by the student council.

Art: 8
The art is some of the most vibrant art that I seen this season. Just by looking at the profile picture, you can tell right away that the characters read more