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Under the Dog

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Type: OVA
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Aug 1, 2016
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Studios: Kinema Citrus, Orange
Source: Original
Duration: 38 min.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 6.361 (scored by 17,612 users)
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Ranked: #66532
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Popularity: #1998
Members: 40,917
Favorites: 65


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Aug 1, 2016
KingKatsura (All reviews)
EXPLOSIONS. guns. EXPLOSIONS. tropes. EXPLOSIONS. unexplored characters and themes. EXPLOSIONS. Welcome to Michael Bay, the anime.

*explosions suddenly erupt in the background of this review*

Under the Dog is an aesthetically beautiful circlejerk of explosions and underdeveloped yet overtly heavy handed themes. Plainly put, this is a bad anime.

Story - 1/10. There is no cohesive story here. There is little to no narrative explanation to the premise, something that works very well in certain anime, but not in a 30 minute amalgam of explosions and blood. Without spoiling too much, Under the Dog tries to show you a heavy, dark story in the background of its read more
Aug 1, 2016
moodie (All reviews)
Wow Under The Dog was actually good, I'm impressed. I will say they did oversell it in kickstarter but hey thats how you sell a product and I'm not mad it is a solid 7/10.

Its more substance than style because I would say this is basically something a seasonal anime can accomplish with the animation. I guess its harder to sell a story that isn't otaku pandering. But hey who knows maybe they thought they could have done this independently. But seeing as this is with KC and Orange I'm glad they worked with a competent studio. The CG is your standard Orange quality CG. read more
Aug 1, 2016
ernietinkle (All reviews)
Under the Dog was very disappointing for how much the creators hyped it up. It's only 28 minutes long with very little substance, so my review will be brief.

Story: What story? We are just thrust into the setting with no clarification on what year it is or how the world became this way. This might work in other anime, but there is almost nothing here that pulls you in enough to even care. There's a bunch of random terms thrown around like "flowers", "the light of humanity", "pandoralization" etc that are never explained.

Art: The art was decent. Definitely nothing to impressed about though, read more
Aug 1, 2016
bread4breakfast (All reviews)
To preface this review, I did not contribute to the crowdfunding behind this OVA, nor have I heard very much about it prior to watching it.

Did it live up to the hype? Nah, probably not, but it was decent for what it was. What was it, you might ask? It was a gritty, action-packed twenty eight minute romp of an OVA. I can say that the voice acting was pretty on point, and I got really excited when characters who didn't hail from Japan actually spoke their native language properly rather than blurting out some half-assed Engrish. Character designs were pretty bland, and the color read more
Aug 1, 2016
HaiiroTama (All reviews)
It's frustrating when something gets a lot of support, especially financial support, and builds up everyone's expectations just to end up being a huge and shallow disappointment. I get that. But to me, it's a lot more frustrating to see what seems to be the majority of people miss the point and hate something that frankly doesn't deserve that level of hate. This is the case with Under the Dog.

First, let me briefly address the backstory of this OVA's development. To oversimplify things, Under the Dog was an idea from the 90's for a 26 episode anime that was never made. Certain people were read more
Aug 2, 2016
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)

*Sigh* All that hype behind edgy, pretentious garbage. I mean, many people put money into this Kickstarter project with high hopes for a badass 30 minute OVA, and I'm sure many of you out there are disappointed. It's the Mighty No.9 of anime, minus the delays and stuff. The point is, we spent money on a passion project that somehow felt unpolished in every way; enough passion to make a mini-action flick, but not enough passion to tighten and polish it, meaning that now, it's loose and rigid. You may be asking: "What the hell do you mean?" Well, let's find read more
Aug 2, 2016
ghstindashamploo (All reviews)
In Hana’s first face-to-face encounter with US military she is forced to shoot and kill a soldier. As the soldiers body slumps to the floor we are presented with a brief shot of her hands, still griping the gun, trembling violently. The orchestration quiets briefly. The heavy breathing and the poignant earnest in Hana’s voice as she yells at Shunichi to stay close to her communicates her distress. All of this happens over the course of a few seconds as she only has a moment to lament before pursuers force the pair to keep moving. This is what great storytelling looks like. This is character read more
Aug 1, 2016
Malarkey (All reviews)
Just remember, that when watching this, make sure not to make use of any higher brain functions otherwise you may be permanently effected.

Absolutely nothing in this entire movie makes any sense, even within the context of its own phlebotinum, which is barely existent in the first place.

The only things that I can even praise this movie on would be the explosions and use of English voice actors.

Although hilarious, the English lines were few and far between; and I can find explosions anywhere, anyway.

There is utterly nothing I got from this anime besides negative 33 minutes of my time that I will never get back. As read more
Aug 2, 2016
LordFabio (All reviews)
Alright I'm not going to waste time: I'm a backer of the original kick starter and I know this production was always a long shot to begin with. We paid our $20, $40, $60 in hopes of being able to say: "Look animation in Japan is fantastic, you just need a great set of minds behind it!" Did we get that? Nope. Not close.

Story: 2/10 I'm just going to say that there's too much jam packed into 20 minutes of nonsensical best guessing. This production was supposed to be a 1:30.00 length film, at minimum. However the kick starter did not make it read more
Aug 2, 2016
AR_Dragneel_ (All reviews)
finally I've got to watch this ova . it was soooo epic

the art were so great . I hope we get to see a sequel

to make it clear am a big fan of shooting and survival stuff this ova have combined between this two and that's what made me like it too much .

I've saw many people complain about the story saying " what story ? it was just explosions , blood and shooting'' come to think of it . there was many OVAs and animes like this at fisrt they don't explain anything but then when the anime gets read more
Aug 1, 2016
Blankslatenator (All reviews)
I have a military background and flat out enjoyed episode 0 of Under the Dog. It is not a stand alone Masterpiece, but as a Pilot episode, it does a lot per second, take a full length film and divide it by four. I highly recommend rewatching at least once in order to take in what is there.

Story- 8- For a 28 minute pilot episode this had a very good story for what it was trying to achieve. Its not a for a general audience and definitely does a way more niche spin than I thought it would. read more
Aug 17, 2016
Lord_Sinclair (All reviews)
Under the Dog is very good at what it tries to be, so long as the viewer also understands what Under the Dog is trying to be, which is a pilot show for something more.


For those unaware of the history behind this anime, Under the Dog was financed via a Kickstarter campaign, which is unusual, to say the least. After a couple years in development, Under the Dog was released as a single episode lasting just over 30 minutes in length. A sizeable number of fans and supporters were disgruntled with the final result as many had expected something more expansive.

However, many fans read more
Aug 12, 2016
PeasantChan (All reviews)
Just what is going on with Under the Dog?
In a nutshell, I think a lot of people have missed a pretty important memo.

Story time: In Seattle back in April of last year, some folks from the O-Network interviewed Jiro Ishii and Koji Morimoto, the writer and producer of Under the Dog, asking them about their upcoming OVA project. (reference below) Under the Dog was originally written back in 1996, and Ishii said he had intended it to be a 26 episode project. For the mid 90's, they thought the show was a little ahead of its time, so they tabled it for read more
Aug 1, 2016
Wieneru (All reviews)
I can't believe this. This was nothing like the show that was advertised when they started crowd funding. The scene from the trailer which isn't even in this was better than this entire film. how did this even get delayed it wasn't even that impressive. It doesn't have anything to do with "a world 5 years after a terrorist attack at the 2020 Olympics" Crowd funding is a way to fund projects that sponsors normally wouldn't back but this takes no risks. its super generic and has so much of what is popular this is a waste of people's money. There is no character in read more
Mar 20, 2018
seanmagicalweeb (All reviews)
When I started to watch this short show, I was sort of enjoying it, it felt very epic and very enjoyable to watch. The entire show is always trailing behind a mystery that is causing you to wonder what is going on. You would think they would explain all this at the end, but they didn't. Because of this we have a visually stunning show full of guns and explosions that makes absolutely no sense and that doesn't sound very good to me. If you don't care if a show makes sense and only want to see some epic explosions and visuals than this is read more
Aug 6, 2016
PavoKujaku (All reviews)
For a version with images: https://pavokujaku.wordpress.com/2016/08/06/under-the-dog-is-a-disaster/

The short film for Under the Dog, the successful Kickstarter campaign, finally came out 2 years of waiting. Was it worth the wait, and if you contributed to the crowd-funding initiative, was it worth the money? The answer is a definite no.

First off let’s talk about what most (maybe just many) people were excited for: good sakuga and all around nice visuals. These initiatives to fund small anime projects are to support the medium of animation first and foremost, with things like Anime Mirai, the Little Witch Academia 2 campaign, the Animator Dorms project, etc. This is because people love read more
Aug 4, 2016
404Fox (All reviews)
I imagine whoever wrote this, was inspired from something else. That in writing this, they took their favorite parts of that story, and rewrote it here. Think of watching the last 2 episodes of code geass without watching anything before that. That's what this is. The huge impact without any context or backstory. Even if one exists, you won't see it here. Lots of action and pretty lights.. but no story.
As another reviewer said: Michael bay: the anime

So story? none. It was almost cringy to watch, but alas, I kept hoping something, anything would be given an explanation. Even if it were the most out read more
Aug 31, 2016
Stryker96 (All reviews)
** Please watch the ONA before reading this review. Don't get biased by the reviewers **

I had high hopes for this and while the end result didn't meet the expectations, I wouldn't mind being a backer for a full lenght movie.
In my opinion the big mistake made by the creators is, indeed, relying solely on crowdfunding; nice concept, but very impractical.

but let's stop with the "what if" and review the actual ONA, starting with what I liked (be positive yay)

It is visually stunning, from the static art to the actual animation it's nearly flawless.
The character designs remind my of ufotable's (especially the ones for read more
Aug 1, 2016
AvotheNinja (All reviews)
I was pretty impressed with how this came out although it had a lot of different things from the trailer and was over-hyped. I wish I had known about the kick starter and had a credit card to back them up at the time.

This is my first review on one so please excuse any mistakes I do.

It must be mentioned that we are thrust right into the middle of it with not much explanation or exposition. I feel like this is because the OVA is supposed to be a pilot, and therefore it may get a season if it passes. However we do get some read more
Sep 1, 2016
MochiBalls (All reviews)
Did it live up to the trailer we were all shown?
Was it overhyped?

The OVA showed only one scene from the trailer and had none of its futuristic technology, the characters were generic and the main plot device (the Tokyo 2020 terrorist attack) isn't even mentioned in the entire 30 minutes the OVA had not even as some background exposition.
the high school setting is unnecessary and limits what could have been done

i am underwhelmed by this but had there been no hype for this show it might have gotten a pass, but it showed a promising trailer and was even endorsed some big read more