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Alternative Titles

English: Noir
Japanese: ノワール


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2001 to Sep 28, 2001
Premiered: Spring 2001
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:15 (JST)
Licensors: ADV Films, Funimation
Studios: Bee Train
Source: Original
Genres: Action, Mystery, Drama
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.361 (scored by 29,963 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #22762
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1194
Members: 83,954
Favorites: 769


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Aug 16, 2007
YourMessageHere (All reviews)
There are a handful of things that truly stand out from their peers. Sometimes, just occasionally, a series manages to do everything perfectly, pull together all the strands that things before and since have tried and failed to do. Fullmetal Alchemist is one example from the fantasy field; Ghost in the Shell another among postcyberpunk sci-fi; Azumanga Daioh an example from slice-of-life comedy. And, among the fairly niche girls-with-guns proto-genre, Noir is another.

Noir isn't remarkable in its premise, in fact it's quite a patchwork of worn ideas; an amnesiac who is unsure whether her amazing combat abilities or complete lack of remorse read more
Jan 3, 2008
Master10K (All reviews)
Noir is another girls-with-guns anime with somewhat of an interesting plot about an ancient fate, however this is overshadowed by the slow development of the show and also the dull and lifeless action sequences.

Mireille Bouquet is a top class assassin and Kirika Yumura is a mysterious Japanese schoolgirl who woke up with no memory at all. This is an action anime about two female assassins, who happened to encounter each other by fate.

After the exciting action packed first episode, not much is explained about this show. Throughout the first half, all there is to go by are the subtle hints and surreal intro read more
Apr 29, 2009
TarnishedDream (All reviews)
I initially approached this anime tentatively, having heard mixed opinions on it. Well, I'm glad I gave it a chance.

Noir starts out pretty slowly, but episode by episode the plot picks up pace. The story revolves around two young women assassins, one with amnesia and the other with a troubled past, who together are journeying to find out more about their childhoods. Though I feel like it's a mixture of many plots I have seen before, somehow Noir seems to roll them all up and make it interesting all over again. Once the plot picked up pace it kept me engrossed, and I was on read more
Apr 19, 2013
Caraniel (All reviews)
An excellent, stylish anime but strangley lacking in blood considering the subject matter.

PLOT: Noir has a very well worked out plotline. The 1st half of the series is quite slow, episodic and ‘assassination of the week’ orientated, but this is necessary in order to properly flesh out the personalities of Mireille & Kirika and develop their relationship to a point were the viewer actually cares about these two assassins. The second half of the series is much quicker paced as Mireille & Kirika delve further into their connected pasts and become entangled with the shadowy organisation Les Soldats. Light viewing Noir is not, as the read more
Aug 25, 2008
Rampant (All reviews)
There are a multitude of things that mark an anime as particularly terrible. Bad music, medicore art, clumsy and slow reactions, clumsy and slow emotional reactions, a cumbersome plot, a repetitive plot, an immature plot, and cheap attempts at thrilling the viewer are all bad things that Noir accomplishes remarkably well! Not a single episode of this is 'filler' because every episode has the same clumsy plot execution and, at least in almost every episode, a bad shootout, and, sorry to spoil a bit, nearly every shootout involves one of the two messing up in some manner and barely getting saved, but not, of course, read more
Sep 20, 2015
ChucriBZ (All reviews)
Noir for those that don't know is an anime that conforms a trilogy but are not canon, dubbed ''Girls with Guns'' the other two are Madlax and El Cazador de la Bruja, like i stated they are not canon but for what i'm seeing their story and characters have similarities and are made by the same producers Bee Train, well lets see what Noir has to offer.

Noir starts like a mistery anime, with a confusing plot and story because it has around 14 eps. that are episodic, in which the protagonists Mireille and Kirika work together as professional killers and take jobs and they named read more
Aug 23, 2009
GeneralCox (All reviews)
Warning does contain Episode 1 spoilers

Story (3/10)

The initial premise of the story is actually very good, Kirika wakes up one day not knowing anything apart from a name - Noir, a pocket watch, a , and a school uniform and ID. Oh and a great skill in assassination. She contacts Mirelle, another assassin with whom she makes a pact to find out who this Noir is and what has been controlling their lives. Being a big fan of mafia and spy movies, the premise sounds great, but from an early stage I could feel this early promise slipping through some horrific sub-plots and plot gaps. read more
Feb 4, 2014
Zarashy (All reviews)
How often do we see an action anime that showcases the usage of literature in the plot, and where plot progression inherently relies on the literature used? And how often do we see an anime that has bloodless gunfights? Lost for words? Noir is one such anime.

The story starts with Mireille Bouquet; a renowned freelance assassin, coming into contact with Kirika Yumura, who knows nothing of her past due to amnesia. Except that she possesses the skills of an assassin and the word ‘Noir,’ which becomes their leading clue in the future. The reason for their encounter lies in the things they hold in common read more
Jun 1, 2010
CtrlAlexDelete (All reviews)
I wasnt originally going to write a review for this series as i really didnt enjoy it and i get wound up when other people write overly critical reviews of shows. But here i am and i hope someone will appreciate where i am coming from with this

For anyone who hasnt read the summary of this show its about 2 female assassins who are trying to discover more about their mysterious pasts, while being hunted by an underground society.

That sounded like the makings of a great plot to me, but unfortunately it didnt deliver. The plot was too slow to develop, read more
Jan 11, 2017
ktulu007 (All reviews)
Noir is an original Bee Train series written by Tsukimura Ryoe. It's also the first part of their “girls with guns” trilogy of unconnected anime that are thematically similar. Those of you who are familiar with my previous reviews may know Bee Train as one of the studios that did the main production for Murder Princess, Phantom Requiem & Shinrei Tantei Yakumo. All of which were pretty solid works earning 8, 8 & 7 from me, respectively. Let's see if Noir can continue that tradition of quality.


We open with a young lady, Mireille, receiving a strange email asking her to take a journey to the read more
Jan 16, 2010
Shathur (All reviews)
About the review:
Just like my recent review of Rurouni Kenshin: Ishinshishi e no Requiem, this review was written by me some time ago, i.e. before I was a member on MyAnimeList. Therefore, I have no score on Enjoyment and you wont find any section called Enjoyment in this review. I think you will do fine without it, though. ^^

Story 4/10

I'd like to use the expression "What kind of trickery is this?", but since it wouldn't be appropriate, I won't. I'm not really sure, though, why I decided to watch Noir. Somehow it attracted me, making me imagine a thrilling story about a skilled assassin read more
Jul 26, 2008
kerlyenai (All reviews)
First off, you must know that "Noir" deserves its name (Noir means black in French). It is a very dark story which only shows real glimmers of hope and sanity toward its very end. So if you intend to watch this, you had better be patient.
I have given an overall rating of 6/10 to this animated series because I am not much of a fan of bleak drama that is not quite sure whether it is realistic or symbolic. There are however quite a few things of worth in this anime so I would not discourage people from watching it.
I shall try, in this read more
May 24, 2010
Dozer (All reviews)
This is what ushered anime into the new millennium. Noir is the very first classic of the third millennia A.D., and as such is a very interesting specimen of times gone.

Now, I must stress that the score I gave it is not an accurate measure of Noir’s actual value. True, Noir is a must watch for anybody who loves japanese animation, but it achieves this by doing absolutely everything wrong. There is so much not right in Noir that calling everything bad in in out is almost as singular an experience as watching the series itself. And yet, it is perhaps exactly this absolutely wrong read more
Nov 9, 2009
Bishounen_Hunter (All reviews)
Noir is a fairly decent anime to watch, but nothing stellar, and therefore should be taken as the superficial “girls with guns” anime that it is. The story is centered around two young women with mysterious pasts tied to some secret mafia-type organization known as the Soldats. There is a great deal of violence in this series, expect lots of shootings, stabbings and poisonings but for all that,the action and scenes are surprisingly not gory and practically bloodless. This is but one of the many things I found peculiar with the series apart from the generic vanilla plot and the emotionally static characters.

~ Art
The read more
Jan 1, 2015
Mothmonsterman (All reviews)
"Noir" That is the name of the anime that you are reading the review of right now and you likely never seen this anime before and are looking up what other people thought of it in order to make a decision on whether or not this is the anime for you and to you I advise that I am only one person and this review is of my opinion that may be contrary to your own so keep that in mind and as for the people who have already seen this anime and are reading this, well you guys are just along for the ride.

The read more
Sep 17, 2008
alstore (All reviews)
looking for a great anime? well your search is over!!noir is the best anime i have seen,heard or even made up in my head!! i am not kidding!!the story follows threw with no second quessing. the art work in it my seem a little dated but i do not see that as a fault at all. the sound from the begging theme to the end is well done and not sound like it came from another anime.you will love each character in it as well!! my favorite is chole! she uses knives and has a steady head on her shoulders. i have never meet any read more
May 16, 2019
Fall (All reviews)
I enjoyed Noir. Enough to watch it three times, even. When I first saw Noir, my first thought was not "oh, so it's Trigun but darker and more violent." But, after seeing Trigun, this is the inevitable conclusion I have to draw.

Two badasses, one wearing weird clothing (a bright red jacket with more buttons than an elevator operating on 50 floors, and a school uniform), one wearing mildly appropriate clothing, who are good at shooting things stumble upon each other and end up working together to foil the big bad secret agency. The first half is made up of a bunch of episodic episodes read more
Sep 23, 2017
Kokosnuss_Palme (All reviews)
This special snowflake disappoints. Let us take a closer look why.

# In the interrogation room: Noir #

# # # PRO # # #

# Bob Ross like backgrounds
# Strong OST
# OP was like a female japanese version of james bond, thus pretty stylish
# Ending was decent

# # # CON # # #

# Weird gunbattles (enemies braindead, unauthentic, unspectacular for the most part)
# Very „dark“ themend anime with lots of kills, lots of gunbattles, but no blood...
# Weak characters
# Constant flashbacks that kill the enjoyment fast
# Overuse of OST till it becomes annoying
# Overall bleak


This anime is really bad and that in multiple ways.
Let´s start read more
Aug 22, 2017
Lost_Viking (All reviews)
If I could rate this show an 11, I would! Noir is my absolute favorite anime, and this is the 2nd time of me watching it at the time of writing this review.

Story: The Story starts out shrouded in mystery as Kirika and Mirelle unravel the secrets of a mysterious organization known as the "Soldats". As each episode progresses, more of the mystery and a prophecy involving two assassins both known as "Noir" becomes clearer. Lots of exciting plot twists. The story is very exciting to follow! 10/10

Art: The art is excellent by early 2000's standards and has aged well in my opinion. The backgrounds read more
Dec 28, 2007
oceanwind (All reviews)
In the end Noir does have some interesting elements, such as sound and art but the story and its presentation is lacking, which makes the anime less engrossing as it could have been.

The Good:
Interesting individual stories in the episodes as well as the european settings. As aforementioned the OST is fantastic. It's rare that an anime has so many good tracks in an OST. No fan service, which keeps the series on the reflective side as opposed to simply big boobed girls running around and killing tough big guys.

The bad:
While the story seems somewhat interesting - it's slow. For the 26 episodes its way too read more