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Alternative Titles

English: Shirobako
Synonyms: White Box


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 9, 2014 to Mar 26, 2015
Premiered: Fall 2014
Broadcast: Thursdays at 23:30 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: P.A. Works
Source: Original
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.421 (scored by 82,206 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #1612
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #325
Members: 249,735
Favorites: 5,018


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Mar 28, 2015
chesudesu (All reviews)
One phrase that would perfectly describe Shirobako is simply ingenious. Surprisingly, the series has cleverly put together a lot of elements into one stand-out show. Aside from being an exposition of how anime series are made, it also tells us a cute and charming story all while boasting a splendid cast of characters and vibrant, dynamic designs.

The art in Shirobako is lovely. Although vibrant and dynamic, it is never flashy nor exaggerating. It is clean-cut and simple but more than enough to bring the story into fruition and to distinguish one character from the other. The sound is also kept simple, evoking the right feeling read more
May 9, 2015
Veronin (All reviews)
Shirobako is a love letter to the anime industry. It doesn't glorify it or portray animators as hyper-talented geniuses, and many of the characters in the show admit they do not even understand why they're working in the industry. But there's something that keeps them passionate about what they do, even if it may not be the most respected form of media out there.

Shirobako is also a genuinely well-written and entertaining story in its own right. It's a highly informative and interesting look at what the process of creating anime is all about, but it is more than that, too. And it is also read more
Apr 23, 2015
Vene (All reviews)
~Multilingual review, English & Español: SHIROBAKO~

Hey... did you know?, in the Animation Industry an anime episode which is distributed to the production staff members prior to its official release is called "shirobako", litteraly "white box", that's because at time VHS tapes containing the episode were enclosed in white boxes and distributed, despite the fact that white enclosures are no longer used, the term still remains in use in the actual anime industry, thus the anime's title comes from that little particular, SHIROBAKO.

Simple but at the same time meaningful, a word which I was totally unaware of its background story, to tell the truth read more
Apr 4, 2015
Nishiyamo (All reviews)
Out of curiosity, I've been thinking a lot about how anime are made, but it is fairly hard to get insights into the practices of this particular industry. And then, Shirobako came around.

An anime about the creation process of an anime - or some kind of meta-animation or animeception - that is not only a daring approach to new age infotainment, but also an excellent opportunity for the creators to put in their passion associated with this kind of work, and to tell a realistic tale on the hardships that newbies in this industry are likely to encounter.

Shirobako managed to rank very high in my read more
Apr 8, 2015
DJNOSTYLE (All reviews)
I think it's common knowledge that two of the most important things in the world are doughnuts and anime. But when you combine those two things with well-written comedy, a plethora of memorable characters, and a realistic and interesting story, you receive something so great that it literally revives an entire genre of animation that has been becoming less and less creative as years go by. This mixture can be referred to as Shirobako, which can also go by the name of Watch This Show Because It Is Probably The Best Thing Ever. I'm not kidding. There's so much packed within the confines of this read more
Dec 28, 2014
Flawfinder (All reviews)
Yeah, I know Shirobako is going to go on for another cour. I saw the advertisement that promised to introduce more characters and more problems. Still, there's a reason this show isn't popular on Nano and it doesn't help that nobody wants to read the words of a man who hates their surprise-darling show of the year each week. As such, this will be the last I'm going to write about it, because after watching twelve episodes, I have to accept the fact that Shirobako (and PA Works stuff in general) is never going to appeal to me and move on to hating Ikuhara's new read more
Apr 3, 2015
BlobbertMcN (All reviews)
Every so often an anime comes around that, while certainly not perfect, fully deserves a 10/10 rating. There are anime which get their 10/10 rating by being masterful works which envelope your senses and bring you on an exciting journey - but then there are also anime which change your perception, and change the way you think about certain things, which make them equally deserving. Shirobako is the latter. When initially hearing about and watching the first few episodes of Shirobako I certainly expected to find it interesting and insightful, I never would have thought that it would change my perception on anime, and ultimately read more
Jan 12, 2018
Julius_Light (All reviews)
The majority of the adult life concerns itself with the professional career. Enjoy your job, you spend much of your serious thinking time there, it’s how you make your money and ultimately do really anything. It’s important. I’m sure we all want to be NEETs, ideally, but of course in today’s world that’s hard to do successfully. So we sacrifice time in the present for a sustainable calling. And when we do get that job, after some time we may think to ourselves: Why am I here? Why do I do this? How do this relate to my passions and dreams?

Such thoughts occupy Miyamori Aoi, read more
Mar 29, 2015
Harkov (All reviews)
There are many ideas the average viewer thinks about when they are asked what makes an anime work for them. Is it the driving narrative that help to construct the pieces of the story? Is it the lovable cast of characters that help drive the story to its own path? Is it the breathless, but invigorating and vibrant animation that help to bring it to life? Is it the overall palatable visual design that help to give the show its identity? Is it the mesmerizing voice acting and sound direction that help to make it memorable?

But what if it's a little more personal than that, read more
Apr 18, 2018
Rycluse (All reviews)
I don't know how accurate Shirobako is about the nuances of the anime industry, but what I do know is that it absolutely nails the heart of why creative pursuits are so challenging yet so rewarding.

There's a short but definitive list of the things that make Shirobako the absolute best.

1. This is an anime for and about adults. I don't mean this like it's super edgy extreme hardcore, I mean that despite its occasional goofiness, the show takes place in the working world and focuses on the struggles of its chosen line of work. The characters all have goals and challenges that relate to how read more
Mar 27, 2015
Stark700 (All reviews)
Ever wanted to know how anime is made? The magic behind the scenes is always something I’m sure almost any anime fan would want to know. Shirobako opens up that curtain of magic as it brings together a show that discusses about making anime. It’s almost a dream like come true for anyone who has a fascination in the art of crafting anime. Thanks to P.A Works, that fascination can now become a reality.

As an original show, it’s noticeable for the fact that it’s also a 2 cour that ran consecutively for 24 episodes. As the series is related to anime making themes, one might read more
Nov 24, 2017
Geddon616 (All reviews)
If you love anime and the process behind it this will come back to tell you again and again that you should watch it.

One of the many reasons is the story. Girls who want to make an anime together sounds something that can be cliche but the creators of this anime has made it original and fun. Its not one of those everything clicks at once and everyone is happy since everything goes well. No this anime fully brings out the process behind making an anime and not only that but the different sides of animation. Everything from drawing to voice actors. You cant read more
Nov 9, 2017
metropolis_1 (All reviews)
Before this review continues I want to thank all the staff who have successfully created masterpieces as good as shirobako. this anime teaches me the meaning of hard work and how to pursue a dream that must be started from zero. because surely I will try to get experience it too. thank you.

Story : 10
I must say that the story in this anime explains that making an anime is very difficult regardless it becomes a good anime or not. storyboards to be thought through and then professionally have to adapt and have to cooperate well with many related people who have a variety of good read more
Nov 14, 2018
astralkill00 (All reviews)
Feeling down?
Forgot about what life is all about?
Needs inspirations and aspirations?
This is for you!

It talks about 5 girls talking about their dreams as they compete with the hardships
they go through and overcoming it along the way. Also, other people helping them
along the way.

I give this a masterpiece score because the anime is so detailed, no broken animations,
no background music/landscape average, the flow of the story is consistent, the way the
story express its goals was way too fantastic that I have watched this in 2-3 days constantly.

This is an amazing story which is one of the possibilities in life that read more
Apr 24, 2015
Tozzy (All reviews)
Have any of these questions ever passed through your mind while watching anime? “Why did that last anime you watch have a dodgy scene of animation in the last episode?” “Why did the animation style start to seem to slacken off as the show progressed?” “Why on earth did the show choose to not stay closer to the source material?” If so then Shirobako – the anime about making anime - can provide reasons for you delivered in an entertaining and memorable package. This labour of love from P.A. Works is one of my favourite shows I’ve been lucky enough to watch of late. It’s read more
Apr 19, 2015
JulianImp (All reviews)
Shirobako is yet another series I watched on a whim and which ended up surprising me in a very good way.

While the first episode shows a bunch of high school girls who're part of an anime-making club, the show nearly immediately skips past that part of the characters' lives and instead treats us to a completely different setting instead, where we see them several years later as they're either already working professionally, or at least looking for a job. This alone was enough to catch my attention, since it avoided the overly done high school setting that so many series end up doing.

The main character read more
Mar 30, 2015
tukky12 (All reviews)
Shirobako is an anime about making anime. In this sense it feels very different to most shows you might have seen but different doesn't have to mean bad. At first I was a little sceptical about the show, after all, how exciting can an anime ABOUT anime be? Although at the same time, I was also a bit curious about what exactly would be in the show. If you've been watching anime for a while, then I really would recommend you take the chance, because the odds are that you won't regret it, it really helps you appreciate anime more. Even if you are relatively read more
Aug 21, 2016
GGSunshiners (All reviews)
Shirobako is a great and unique anime that tells the story that nobody elses try to made, its about the anime industry itself, how to make anime ? How many people are involve in it ? The intrique and the hectic situations that comes up from making anime. From that description alone, this anime could be the most boring anime or the most interesting anime, and i'm here to tell you that its the most interesting anime that i ever watched.

First thing first, the story isn't like your typical anime story telling, the characters dilemma, problem, happiness its all told from a realistic view point, read more
Jun 9, 2016
ItIsIDio (All reviews)
Shirobako is a good choice for you if you want to have a look into the anime industry but without events and characters seeming like they progress in a natural or realistic fashion, but still giving you somewhat of a decent insight into the industry regardless.

You see, Shirobako does do a good job at putting on the line some of the goals and aspirations the characters want to do, even if it's half corny and generic safe responses and the other half is mostly what would feel natural for someone that has entered into the industry making a decision that fits their original goal presented read more
May 9, 2015
PowerUpOrDie (All reviews)
'Bakuman' became a cult hit by giving manga fans a look inside the industry. If the manga about manga can do well, why not an anime about anime? Much like 'Bakuman', 'Shirobako' delivers a high level of enjoyment and information, but threadbare plot and character development keep it from being anything beyond a fun ride.


There is very little story to speak of, as what plot exists is there solely to deliver lessons about the anime industry or occasionally set-up a debate over some facet of it (such as 2D vs CGI animation, or the politics behind choosing a voice cast). There are occasional side-trips to read more