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Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo

Alternative Titles

English: Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon
Japanese: クロスアンジュ 天使と竜の輪舞〈ロンド〉


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 5, 2014 to Mar 29, 2015
Premiered: Fall 2014
Broadcast: Sundays at 01:30 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Sunrise
Source: Original
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.481 (scored by 52,644 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #17472
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #824
Members: 124,618
Favorites: 1,137


Similarities: -Both anime are developed by one studio, Sunrise -Both anime is story-based, and have many well-developed mecha fights -Both anime's MC's are of higher nobility, and are pretendents(heirs) to an Emperor title, but both have been stripped from their rights and privilegies by an enemy plot Differences: -CG(Code Geass) MC is male, while CA(Cross Ange) MC is female -In CA there is magic and magic users, while in CG there is no magic -In CA the world being attacked by mysterious aliens, while in CG the world itself is not in any danger and CG have political brawlings and faction vs faction warfare as the main plot twists. 
report Recommended by Jambatti
Long time after they both anime are seen plain names of warrior girls - Miria, Deneve, Galatea, Chris, Jill, Vivian - will resonate in your heart. 
report Recommended by GomenidAC
They both have the same amount of Yuri and action except one is a more serious anime while the other was more of an excchi based franchise. However, both exhibit the same warrior shoujo who fights for justice. 
report Recommended by Mugen900
Girls who are physically different from the rest of Humanity and are pawns in the hands of forces beyond their control (and, for some part, understanding) fight with (apparently) no better hope than that of a painless death. Healthy amount of fan service. Dark mood. Enemies coming from The Outside. However, Cross Ange is considerably darker and the scope is likely to be broader.  
report Recommended by GomenidAC
Both series are in war with 'aliens' (Cross Ange > DRAGON's, Suisei > Hideous) and fight against them with robots. The main characters also get in a total different environment then what they are used to and see a whole new world open up to them. 
report Recommended by l3eneath
These anime are about girls from influential families that loose everything after the betrayal of there brother. Both girls also suffer bad treatment because of the actions of their brother. And in order to gain what they have lost the have to fight with robots. The starts of the anime are very strong and leave a good impression. 
report Recommended by Aversa
Both are action anime which have a large main cast. Either cast are not playing the role of the "good guys", but are more about being those which society condemns, yet we still see the world from their point of view as the protagonists. Both anime have a lot of deaths, some of which revolve around the main cast. Both casts have battles against giant monsters. Both anime have elements of romance between the main characters. 
report Recommended by HandsomeMan
. Main character is in a mecha piloting squad . Main character is fighting against mysterious enemy creatures . Heavy romance between main character and another character . The people we thought we humans are actually the monsters and the monsters are the real humans . The people in charge (government) are not what they seem . There is a stigma of being different, I.E. parasites and normas 
report Recommended by Eliin
Aside from the clear aesthetic similarities due to director [[Mitsuo Fukuda]] being the creative producer of Cross Ange Both series feature two groups of humans with one heavily discriminating over the other. In SEED, the coordinators with their superior abilities are considered monsters by "Natural" humans because they are genetically engineered. In Cross Ange, on the other hand, most humans can use the power of Mana and discriminate and imprison those who are born without the ability to use Mana who are called Norma. From one point of view Norma are inferior from their inability to use Mana however this perception can be turned on its  read more 
report Recommended by Fortress_Maximus
The main characters life in a world that seems to be an utopia, filled with magic and without any strife. However slowly they discover the dark secrets of their world, which actually is filled with discrimination against those without magic. Both anime start slow but get really good later on. Cross Ange has mecha and fanservice (actually the main reason why I started watching this); Shinsekai Yori has shounen-ai; but both anime have much to make up for that. 
report Recommended by Khalan
Tragedy, harsh reality, and overcoming obstacles await the main character(s) in both Cross Ange and Kakumeiki Valvrave. If you enjoy watching character development when facing a reality check, then try the other. Plots are completely different. -If you have zero tolerance for fan-service, Cross Ange is NOT for you- 
report Recommended by SayonaraRai
Princess Ange and Princess Yona worlds turned upside down. Their kingdom back stabs them. Now on the run from them. Both princes hope to change and change the people around them. One series is a mecha anime by Sunrise. The other a fantasy/romance adventure series.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
+ Yuri element + A special unit whose members consist of woman only + Both anime featuring mechanical unit only can be ride by MC + Conflict between three fraction (Simulacran, Argentum, and Plumbum in Simoun) (DRAGONs, Norma, & Human-mana Empire in Cross Ange) 
report Recommended by Shunaria
Soldiers are created for war and must be willing to lay down their lives when the time arise. Expendability is a term that must not be questioned under any circumstances. Story and music-wise, neither series excels in a tolerable level but the amount of killing would leave people freaking out of their minds. Throughout this wrecked world, minor characters are seen falling way before any developments could be established. 'Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse' brings a world where conflict of interest results in the killing of innocence in order to achieve an objective. All sides share the same circle of neutrality while friendship is avoided in  read more 
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
In an almost seemingly peaceful city bounded by natural order lies a dark secret. The minds of the society has been poisoned which in turn leads to a bizarre belief that no everyone is equal. It just goes to show that an unfounded law supported by absurd theories may spread chaos in the long run. 'Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo' focuses on a naive human race where control is everything. It shows how fragile the human minds are when manipulated to discriminate their own kind. The human outcast are trained in slaughtering enemies that would threaten the existence of mankind, making it a three  read more 
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Directed by the great Fukuda, both are masterpieces of anime-saving level separated only by time. -Opening animation similarly features familiar scenes triggering memories of Gundam Seed but not quite the same. -Heavy utilization of caricatures in an attempt to portray discrimination, betrayal and jealousy, firmly believing they succeeded. -Features very expansive settings with endless possibilities yet somehow only focus on a tiny cast. -Main characters are logic-defying, utterly stubborn in whatever they do, spearheaded by extreme stupidity yet never learn anything which invokes audience empathy from their teenager days, adding a unique layer of depth to character writing -If you're ever confused, there's always a point of self-insertion in Jesus  read more 
report Recommended by AceLe
Similar art style. Both anime feature a female protagonist and use singing as a way to activate their powers.  
report Recommended by So-Intense
cross ange and code geass were both master pieces. except Ange is like the badass girl version while lelouch is the guy badass there's an outstanding plot for both of them, so if you don't really like me ha, it makes up for it they both have pathetically trash siblings who are ..oh wow so coincidently crippled both physically and psychologically. and that sibling for both is a girl younger sister, bound to a wheel chair. and they can actually walk in the end only to realize it was actually mental blocks preventing them. both are intelligent, logical and already stated above . badass they use their brains, and  read more 
report Recommended by ezlord
Both feature predominantly-female casts, mecha, lesbianism and sci-fi, and play around with elements of genres in which they belong and mix both tragedy and seriousness with camp and fanservice that make an enjoyable ride. 
report Recommended by Largo93
Separating the Haves from the Have-nots, that's the name of the game for both shows where the group goes to overthrow the corrupted establishment while being treated as "nothings". Both have their share of characters "flipflopping" from Good to Bad back to Good. Only difference is genre whether modern medieval vs apocalypse. 
report Recommended by OppaiSugoi
Both have their share of yuri action to mix in the mecha, also don't forget lots of skin showing on those scantily-clad uniforms! Only difference is whether you'd want to venture in darker territory in Ange vs "mahou shoujo" world of Vividred. 
report Recommended by OppaiSugoi
Incestuous, mommy issues-filled older brother prince betrays his own sister -who is the favorite of the family and has warrior tendencies- while destroying his own, aforementioned family, working in tandem with a mysterious female accomplice. Some penetration involved, as well. 
report Recommended by Largo93
What both these series have in common is an unforgettable soundtrack, a ton of material for yuri-shipping and the constant, breathtaking action. The protagonists Ange and Mai are similarly forced to grow stronger in order to cope with a harsh environment. Both series have a large and varied cast that'll make you get attached to at least a few characters. Both also have girls fighting either beasts or other girls. 
report Recommended by mimiiria
- Both are ecchi anime with explicit yuri plots/scenes. - Real yuri, without devices like the "true" male partner or futanari. - Cross Ange's plot/characterizations were more compelling while Sin's yuri was more centralized. - If you loved Sin you'll love Cross Ange, but if you loved Cross Ange you might want to check out Sin because you might like it too.  
report Recommended by vsingh1996
Both have large amounts of fanservice and a similar tone and main cast, and have major plot twists 
report Recommended by Aboar
At a private girl school, Myojo Accademy thirteen girls are transferred into the accademy`s Black Class. Of the thirteen students, twelve are assassins from various surroundings who are all tasked in assassinating the remaining one, Haru Ichinose. If they succeeed, they will be granted any wish they desire but they failed, they are expelled from the class. One of the executioner, Tokaku Akuma develops feeling for the latter which result in protecting her against the other assassins. 
report Recommended by Phantom21st
Both series deal with a minority group different from the rest of the society. In Elfen Lied, it is "diclonius" - a group of girls with special powers. And in Cross Ange, it is "norma" - again a bunch of girls but this time their difference lies in their lack of magical power that the rest of the society has. But in both cases, these girls are considered unequal to the rest and treated as less than humans. Both are considered a threat to the safery and well-being of the existing society, In Elfen Lied, Lucy has a split personality. Aside from her dangerous  read more 
report Recommended by karineyn
In both shows, the protagonist is backstabbed quite early on and does a total 180 in personality, where they find it hard to trust anybody, even having doubts in the ones that do grow close to them. It’s through the interactions with the minor characters in the settings that they try to establish a better perspective, but the looming unfairness of their world’s society keeps putting them in danger. Both shows have a rather heavy focus on the reality of discrimination and scumbaggery within human society, which in turn, can inadvertently make the antagonistic figures seem shallow when they really aren’t supposed to be deep individually. The  read more 
report Recommended by Ryuseishun
Same "girls-fighting-invaders" plot, but CrossAnge rode gundam-like-mechas, unlike the augmented transport in the StrikeWitches. 
report Recommended by shirou19
Both have female main characters being sent off to an island because society doesn't like their kind. Cross Ange has slight yuri and ecchi while Valkyrie Drive has much more. Both are action anime. 
report Recommended by BadSuns
Two princesses fallen from grace are forced to embark on a journey for their survival on or near their sixteenth birthday. During this adventure they will confront many facets of the nature of the world they live in and strive to come to terms with them. This will have a great impact on the nature of their plight. The two worlds presented share varying degrees of similarities in nature. Magic is an element with strong presence in Scrapped Princess but more subdued in Cross Ange, while Mecha is the main attraction for Cross Ange and a lot more subtle in Scrapped Princess. However the most similar  read more 
report Recommended by Mistywing
Protagonist of BB is the male version of the Cross Ange protagonist - they both live in a world where everyone can use some kind of energy that they cannot (quartz/mana) and they are branded because of that (un-sorcerer/norma). Additionally, in these anime we have golems/ragnamails which are basically the same, and the protagonist are gifted with the one that no one else can use. Other similarities include a lot of mecha, occasional drama, deceased family members & weak-becomes-strong kind of protagonist.  
report Recommended by MissTitannia
Similarity : + All main mecha pilot is womans + War between two sides De Metrio Empire vs Le Garite Empire (Rinne no Lagrange) Norma vs DRAGONs & Human-Mana Empire (Cross Ange) + Similar character, for example : Embyro (Cross Ange) & Lizamarie De Roschefall (Rinne no Lagrange) is THE CREATOR. I say "THE CREATOR" because main story/conflict/mecha unit/source power using in Rinne no Lagrange & Cross Ange is created by both them. + Some yuri element can be found in both anime too + Mecha design also similar : Para-mail & Vox is transformable mecha units. Both mecha units have Humanoid mode & Bird-like mode 
report Recommended by Shunaria
Both these shows make me laugh because I find their fanservice so ridiculous. In both cases, I'm pretty sure the creators intended the self-parody, which makes both great fun for anyone who can appreciate that kind of humor. (...not absolutely sure though, which is part of the fun.) For Manyuu Hikenchou, even the title falls into the ecchi silliness. If you'll forgive my (less than perfect) Japanese, I might translate Manyuu as "demon(ic) boob" and Hikenchou as "secret sword book". Think Jim Carey as the Riddler: "Was that over the top? I can never tell." Cross Ange also derives humor from its title, but in a  read more 
report Recommended by colonelpanic
both have the idea of friendship between women both involve fighting with song activated weapons, and this idea of music connecting people (and other stuff) both are train wrecks that turn out to be interesting 
report Recommended by I_Am_Awesome
Both shows happily take potshots at the industry, fans, and really anyone they feel like. Jinrui is more satirical, while Ange favors more straightforward parody. I think both can be very funny for viewers with the right sense of humor.  
report Recommended by colonelpanic
-similar traits- * Dragons / supernatural stuff * Mecha Battle Suites * Lots Of Girls * One Good Guy And they are both based on a school theme were there are only one gender allowed in theory with some exceptions..  
report Recommended by -HeXy-
Both shows feature high concentrations of fanservice and prominently include relationships, both friendly and otherwise, between humans and dragons, as well as several of the secrets being the state of their worlds. 
report Recommended by jgomezg
Both shows are fully selfaware and more of a parody of their respective times anime trends and tropes. Also, Hagen and Embryo are basically the same charackter. An over the top narcisist, who, if he whould act any hamier, whould be in the way to a butcher at the end of the show to be turned into delicious... well... ham. And the actual reason why they want to destroy the world is exacly the same. 
report Recommended by Walkampf
Both have airships that can transform into mechas, romance, and singing 
report Recommended by magic1king
Both have the same plot where the MC is very good and has the respect of his homies, also both have the same setting where science and magic where combined. Except Cross Ange may have that almost-hentai thing, while MKR was more whole some with some degree of violence of course. Persuasive argument: Watch it yourself and feel free to enjoy it or report my recommendation to a (Beep, Beep) mod to have it removed. if you guys think my recom sucks. 
report Recommended by Baddie007
Samurai Flamenco and Cross Ange are both full of plot twists, expected and unexpected. They give you a feel the next plot twist is just around the corner as soon as the current one progressed past the local climax. Due to the frequent use of plot twists, both give people a cheap feeling and a sense of the team is playing with audience's emotion and/or intelligence. While they are simply just doing story telling and do not have a big message or trying to teach you something, you may get caught off guard if you expect that side of viewing experience. I recommend them (I  read more 
report Recommended by aoyamamotoko
Both MCs have the same issue of being unable to manipulate mana, though the approach to this disability is much different.  
report Recommended by ASighofRelief
- Both are so full of powerful emotions and will leave you mentally drained by the end - CG mecha galore - Deep plot involving political tension - Characters developed to similar degrees - Dark and edgy plot, but with a good dose of humour - Action-packed fantasy adventure, great for watching with family and friends  
report Recommended by Lemon
There's some torture in Cross Ange but not as much as Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne. I'd say there's maybe around the same amount of Yuri sex scenes in both but Mnemosyne shows more with out censoring the sex scenes.  
report Recommended by Deknijff
Cross Ange is actually quite different from Macross F in its basic storyline, if you look past the obvious mecha and romance subplots, but the themes explored are similar. The idea that people are free to choose their own destiny, that people who we conceive of as different and as the enemy may be remarkably similar to us and that music can transcend boundaries are effectively used in both anime. Some of the characters are also similar. While I definitely preferred Ange, the male MC 'princess' of Macross also displays the characteristic stubbornness, ambition, recklessness and disregard for authority that I liked about Ange. Both  read more 
report Recommended by Sorghaghtani
Both anime story center around a group whose members consist of peoples who are rejected by society but in the end they were forced to protect and serve the public as a punishment for their status. In Psycho-pass there are called "latent criminal" In Cross ange there are called "norma" That type peoples, in fact, not dangerous. But for some conditions, rules, and laws cause them isolated from society. Another similarity, both anime MC consist of a group created from "rejected peoples" as I already mentioned earlier. Arzenal Team (Cross Ange) & Unit One of Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division (Psycho-pass) 
report Recommended by Shunaria
Okay if you want more mechs and girl pilots in revealing clothing after watching Cross Ange, check out Infinite Stratos, there's an abundance of it. Moreover, the main characters in both anime have a special hidden power, and only the MC can pilot a powerful mech. The MC in Infinite Stratos is a male, but both anime have a harem of women who idolize the MC. 
report Recommended by tojoubasara