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Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru

Alternative Titles

English: Yuki Yuna is a Hero
Synonyms: Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru, Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero, YuYuYu
Japanese: 結城友奈は勇者である


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 17, 2014 to Dec 26, 2014
Premiered: Fall 2014
Broadcast: Fridays at 02:19 (JST)
Licensors: Ponycan USA
Studios: Studio Gokumi
Source: Original
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.461 (scored by 33,004 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #17482
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #972
Members: 88,416
Favorites: 890


The same kind of spin on magical girls. Yuuki Yuuna is much more uneven when it comes to quality, but it has enough to give for someone looking for something Madoka-esque. 
report Recommended by Volbla
Both of them are dark magical girl animes where pure and innocent girls fight to defeat powerful enemies that can cause destruction in the world. The fighting takes place in an alternate dimension which can have affects on the real world if things go awry. 
report Recommended by Chdata
Let me make this connection. On the surface, it is tempting to recommend to a watcher of Yuuki Yuuna, a certain other magical girl anime. To me, however... I would like to skip the seemingly obvious and make the recommending connection to Neon Genesis Evangelion instead. When you boil away genre specifics, there is really a lot that YYwYdA and NGE have in common. Most obvious is the format - we have teenagers risking their lives, compelled to regularly defend a particular point in the city from attack by gigantic alien invaders. You have the Taisha and NERV serving as command & control, respectively. The  read more 
report Recommended by SayakaMagica
This is pretty similar in quite a lot of ways: - The way they transform - Magical Girls - Darkened core (have to see more to understand) - Light hearted in some areas Even though I have only watched one episode so far of Ikusei - this is just making me think of Yuuki Yuuna way too much. Similar in settings. Would recommend Yuuki.  
report Recommended by Canaan
Both have magical girls who deal with tragedy. They face enemies but unsure exactly why. Starts out happy but deteriorates into misfortune. Not your average Magical Girl genre show. 
report Recommended by Kosshi
Stories about a cheerful high school life of specific students clubs, with special condition. There's a mysterious gods that triggers the students' struggles to fight. Yuuki Yuuna was first opened with the mission to protect their God and world, while Angel Beats! was the opposite. Both has similar atmosphere of lighthearted, comedies, mysteries, and past dramas, but there's more bitter truth waiting for them as the stories progress... Both are directed by the same director, hence if you watch them closely, they have similarities in term of direction styles and comedies. If these 12 episodes aren't enough for you, both also have light novel and visual  read more 
report Recommended by toumei_
Well, on one hand, you have the really, really wonderful Yuuki Yuuna which gives the viewer a slow descent into a bit more than slice of life nonsense. On the other hand, you have WIXOSS, which takes your innocence, ties it up, and drowns it in a pool full of acid, replacing magical girls with card games, although it never really becomes the story that Yuuna ends up being..  
report Recommended by deagleee
These two magical girl shows follow similar tropes in execution, with monsters from an unknown place attacking and a group of roughly five girls are in the center of the action. The characters both have similar color palettes and they follow a general characterization based on the color they are representing. Honestly, I liked Yuuki Yuna a lot more than Vividred, but both are enjoyable if you like magical girl anime. 
report Recommended by Hamaneko
Both shows features a team of young girls fighting to protect their world, both have over the top battles and a heavy focus on teamwork. The lore of the two have many allusions and references to mythology, though Yuuki Yuuna focus only on Japanese mythology meanwhile Symphogear has a worldwide reach Hibiki and Yuuna are somewhat similar protagonists, both being hot blooded fist fighters full of willpower and heroism. Both also have a really close "best friend" who is constantly worried about their well being. Both shows have a really dark side to them, yet the themes of friendship and heroism are played straight. 
report Recommended by mcpw
Both include magical girls trying to save the world from evil. Many of the characters have similar characteristics; For example Hibiki (szs gx) and Yuuna both have powerful punches along with the sense of always wanting to protect people in a heroic way 
report Recommended by skiayly
A mix of cute slice of life and darker action/drama. 
report Recommended by noop_noob
Both include magical girls, with cute transformations, trying to save the world from evil. Many of the characters have similar characteristics; For example Hibiki (szs gx) and Yuuna both have powerful punches along with the sense of always wanting to protect people in a heroic way 
report Recommended by skiayly
Both are superhero anime that add a orginal twist to the superhero genre formula and both have great female leads 
report Recommended by sgods
a. Both It had Super Power b. Both has strong friendship c. Have Many nice Quotes... Sorry bad English :D 
report Recommended by Keyserjaya99
Very similar setting but with more girls... 
report Recommended by FrengkySinaga
They all have the same destiny, to become a magical girl and at some points of Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru, the characters don't want to be heroes anymore due to the fact that they lose abilities to use their bodies right, same with Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara (given that the title is: I don't want to be a magical girl). Going back to 'losing abilities' in Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru, it is evident in Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara that the characters don't have any special goals (aka having abilities for no reason), it makes sense that they're  read more 
report Recommended by chichiku
_Each day you feel like tomorrow is the end of the world. _Use your life source to gain power such pain in the ass but fuck it (the world is busted anyway). _Why are we still here? Just to suffer? 
report Recommended by kanag9x
-Action packed scenes. -The characters have a same super powers and combined. -Many hilarious/funny moments. -The main character has a same ability like the super punch in one hit. 
report Recommended by KurtDexter
Both feature vibrant colours and a mixture of slice-of-life and magical girl tropes. Both utilise external threats to drive the story and set the stage but are predominately focused on the friendships and internal conflicts within the main cast. Yuuki Yuuna is a much heavier show emotionally whereas Urahara is a lot more upbeat and artsy, but both have their fair share of drama.  
report Recommended by rawrXtina
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru and K-On! are both anime featuring 4, and later 5, girls, and involve a school club. While Yuuki Yuuna is more serious than K-On! and is a magical girl anime while K-On! is a music anime, they are both anime that tell the story of a group of girls growing closer. 
report Recommended by hyunjins
In both shows, young(ish) girls enter an alternate world, transform into magical girls, and fight enemies. 
report Recommended by Noodle070
Both involve a group of school club members who can transform into magical girls (+1 magical boy in Happy Seven) to fight off enemies. In Yuki Yuna is a Hero, they travel into a new world to fight enemies that threaten the world, while in Happy Seven, the team defeats demons that possess people. While the characters use their magical powers to fight, they also like to help others to better their lives. 
report Recommended by Noodle070
In both anime, people fight against gigantic abstract enemies that share the common characteristic of having unique abilities and a final "core" to destroy. In Yuuki Yuuna, they're Vertexes, and in Devil Survivor, they're Septentriones. There are ~9 Septentriones and 12 Vertexes total trying to bring destruction upon the world that must all be defeated. 
report Recommended by Chdata
Both of them start with a trope (Trapped in another world for Re:Zero, and Mahou Shojo for YuuYuu). However, because of deconstruction (the time loops in Re:Zero, and the "Madoka effect" in YuuYuu), the MC starts suffering lots of PTSD trying to overcome a almost impossible obstacle. Yuuki Yuuna ends on a high note since things start to get better. Re:Zero, I'm not so sure, we will have to see. 
report Recommended by beautifly92
Yuuki Yuuna and Kuga Yuuma has a similar attack pattern such as demonic hyper ultra punch, that can bring down one monster in one punch... Yuuki Yuuna and Kuga Yuuma cares for her/his best comerades both share the same justice role and save people from some creature both transform before fighting, and still unmasked even transformed (lol) I just hope for some male characters appear in Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru, then it would be compared~ 
report Recommended by Kouji_Akiyama13
Both anime have girls fighting an other worldly enemy, pastel pallet of animation, psychological/tragedy aspect, and a club dedicated to helping other people that the main cast are members of. Both Rinne and Yuuki Yuuna have a strong theme of helping people by being heroic and having a strong sense of courage.  
report Recommended by Balut
A dark show with girls fighting and lots of drama. 
report Recommended by teaknight
There are a lot of similarities in presentation between these two series. While YuYuYu is much darker and has more drama, both address the nature of the universe they're in, and address it in a very grand, yet simple way. They both do an excellent job of presenting situations with a contrast of silence and sound: a full sound-stage and no overuse of effects where unneeded. And they both have great soundtracks to boot! 
report Recommended by GenesisAria
Both animes are about innocent girls teaming up to fight a limited number overwhelmingly powerful enemies that require a lot of planning, strategy, effort, and risk to take down. Enemies tend to appear one at a time and each have their own "gimmick" that makes them sound almost impossible to kill, such as only being able to kill 3 enemies if you strike them all at the same time so they can't regenerate, or an enemy that's made of air and is impervious to most attacks. 
report Recommended by Chdata
There is a recurring theme of teenagers being forced to fight off constant invasions of "alien" forces. Both undergo a change in perspective halfway through the season. 
report Recommended by kvnstv1
Both shows start off as happy-go-lucky magical girl anime full of cheerful, moe, slice of life moments. However, as both shows progress, they get much darker, and you can see how the main characters suffer as a result of using their powers. Yuki Yuna is a Hero is more of a Magical Girl Warrior show, where the main characters transform to fight enemies that threaten their world, whereas Uta Kata is more about using magical powers to accomplish various tasks. Also, Uta Kata has romance in it, while Yuki Yuna is a Hero does not. 
report Recommended by Noodle070
A unique magical girl anime with plenty of action and character drama. 
report Recommended by ninryu
A group of cute ordinary middle school students have their lives changed forever when they find out they must "transform" and fight evil to save the world.  
report Recommended by 4kicks
-They both sound and look rather cute and light-hearted, but both series are rather dark and traumatizing -The difference is that Yuyuyu is a magical girl-like series, while Gakkou Gurashi (School Live) centers on zombie apocalypse -Both have a school club 
report Recommended by Markdoka
Both have intense interdimensional fights on a grand scale and have themes of combating the impossible 
report Recommended by iBlewupthemoon
Both anime involve a cheerful, female middle-schooler as the main character who does their best and wants to help everyone that they can. However, their normal lives are greatly changed in the first episode, and things start to become more intense and serious. The shows get darker, and the characters have to go through trauma and suffering, but they still try to do their best and help others. Yuuki Yuuna is a magical girl show, while Brigadoon has mecha-like action. 
report Recommended by Noodle070